Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 31st May 1693.

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Whereas in the Trial of Ann Spadings alias Parker, alias Abigail, alias Hall , the last Sessions, it was said in the Paper, That she had a Husband; and that the Child she was Indicted for the Murther of was not a Bastard Child, is to make manifest, That it was proved in Court that the said Child was a Bastard Child, she having no Husband at that time the Child was Born, nor for some years before.

The Presentment of the Grand Inquest for the City of London at the Session.

Against John Shepherd at the Shepherd Tavern in Cheapside for keeping a disorderly House.

Against Mary Lowes in St. Mary Ax, for the like offence.

Against the Butchers in Stocks-market, for killing their small meat there.

Against the Singers and Sellers of Ballads about the Street of London and Liberties hereof

Against all Lotteries and Unlawful Gaming houses in and about London.

Against all Taverns and Alehouses that entertain Persons on the Lord's Day, and that keep their Doors open on that Day.

The Trials being over the Court proceeded to give Sentence as follows:

Received Sentence of Death, 16.

Thomas Granger, Isabella Clark, Ann Harris, Esther King, John Webb, Richard Merrick, Morris Moor, Richard Whitworth, William Clement, William Nixon, Thomas Kent, John Barker, Joseph Stitch, John Randall, John Dudley, and William Anderton.

Isabella Clark, Ann Harris, and Esther King, Respited after Judgement.

Burnt in the Hand, 17.

Ann Forster, Mary Stephens, Mary Underwood, J - B -, Elizabeth Starr alias Osborn, Joseph Sarner, John earl, Mary Allen, Mary Pead, Mary Harris, Ann Bayley, Mary May, Elizabeth Cox, Elizabeth Adams, Susanna Phillips, B - C-, John Jennings, former Convict.

To be Whipt

Morris Morris, Maudlin Bevell, Elizabeth Miller, Thomas Whitworth, and Prudence Sanders.

Ordered into Their Majesties Service

John Hudson, William Brathwait, Ambrose Whaley, John Evans, Andrew Evans, John Bowman, Deveraux Beasant, Bryant Lamb, Thomas Paddison,, a former Convict.

To be Transported 1.

Thomas Hudson

Thomas Carter and Ralph Nichols Respited from Burning by Vertue of Her Majesties Letter, but to remain in Prison half a Year.

Fined John Abbot 100l. and to find Sureties for his good Behaviour for a Twelvemonth.

Richard Hurt Fined 100l. and to find Sureties for a Twelvemonth, and to remain in Prison till they perform it.

Alice Randall Fined 20l. and Elizabeth Ely 20l. and to find Sureties for their good Behaviour for a Twelve month, and to remain in Prison till they pay the Money.

Bridget Laytus Fined 200l. and to stand in the Pillory on Monday the 12th of June at the May-pole in the Strand, and on the Friday following at Charing-Cross, and to find Sureties for a Twelve month.

The Trial of William Canning and several others, for publishing King James's Declaration are put off till next Sessions.

The next Ensuing Sessions was order'd to begin at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, on Thursday the 13th of July next, by 7 a Clock in the Morning.

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