Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
7th December 1692
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William Canning , was called to answer for that he was suspected to have printed the late King James's Declaration, and entred into a Recognizance to appear next Sessions, to answer the charge that shall be brought against him. &c.

On Saturday the 10th instant, The Right Honourable Charles Lord Banbury, was brought into Court, who was committed lately for killing of one Capt. Dawson; he pleaded his Right of Peerage by his Patent which was openly Read in Court, after which he moved for Bail; but was told it could not be granted, and the matter was referred till next Sessions.

The Gentlmen of the Grand Jury for the City of London, did this Sessions bring in a Presentment into Court, which was openly Read; the Contents of which were to this effect.

THAT whereas divers good wholesome Laws and Orders have been lately made in this City, for the strict Observation of the Lords-Day and for the Restriction of all such as offend in that case: yet notwithstanding several Persons in and about the City and Subburbs of the same, do still persist and go on in the Violation and Contempt of the same, by way of prophaning of the Lord Day, to the displeasure and dishonour of Almighty God, the discouraging of Vertue, and the increase of Vice and Wickedness; and to the disparagement of this Honourable City, &c. Therefore they did humbly entreat this Honourble Court, to take severe notice of the same, and to put the Laws in due Execution against;

First, All such as sit Tipling and Drinking in Taverns and Ale-houses on the Lords Day.

Secondly, Against all those who will not be Reformed, but do Sell Drink in Silver Tankards; because it occasions great trouble to this Honourable Court, by reason that so many Offenders in that kind are committed to Prison for stealing the same.

Thirdly, Against all Pedlars and Hawkers, or such as sit Selling of Fruit, &c. in the streets on the Sabbath-Day. To the intent that all such as offend herein may be brought to condign punishment, &c.

Anne Merriweather , was Arraigned upon an Indictment of High Treason, for printing the late King James's Declaration, unto which she pleaded not guilty, and was ordered to remain a Prisoner till next Sessions, to answer the same.

The Trials being over, the Court gave Sentence as followeth:

Burnt in the Hand. 20.

John Glendon, Thomas Allen, Thomas Catlin, Anne Ducker, Parnel Brandon, Anne Brown, Anne Ray, Anne Jenkins, Elizabeth Greene, Elizabeth Cary Senior, Elizabeth Cary Junior, Elizabeth Knott, Edward Ayers, Edward Prick, John Bunworth, John Gold, Lawrence Fell, George Seagor, Anne Wythe, Alice Chamberlain, a former convict. R. - J. was Respited from the Burning till further Order

To be Whipt. 2.

Mary Clever, Elizabeth Young.

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 21.

Richard Star, Edward Sympson, Phillip Davies, James Greene, Mary Williams, Elizabeth Harris, alias Oliver George Wood, John Neale, Robert Marshall the Blind man, Daniel Jones, Ambrose Holland, Eikana Smewin, Thomas Harding, Robert Wright, Elizabeth Pepper Elizabeth Morgan, Sarah Chandlor, Mary Bampford, Elinor Jones, Phillip Maguire a former convict, and Henry Tankard, for killing Mr. Burton

Grace Sympson respited before Judgment.

To be Transported.

Elizabeth Starr.

Robert Earle, and Patrick Gilbert, to be sent into Their Majesties Service, and respited from the Penalty due to them for a Petty Larcenary.

Elizabeth Gibson delivered of a Child since her Arraignment. John Adderton, for Assaulting and Wounding Ralph Springall, Fin'd 40 l. And for running one Remington through the Arms, Fin'd 20 l. and to find Sureties for his good Behaviour for 12 Months, and to rest in custody till all be performed.

Mary William, Elizabeth Harris, alias Oliver, Elizabeth Pepper, Elizabeth Morgan, Elinor Jones, pleaded their Bellies, a Jury of Matrons were sworn to enquire and found them all quick with child. Sarah Chandlor, and Mary Bamford, an old Woman, said they were with child, but were not found so.

Clippers and Coiners left to be tried next Sessions.

Richard Cox, Richard Tapping, Mary Cartwright, Anne Matthews, Edward Jeavon, Katherine Jeavon, William Turner, William Baily, and Bethia Evans.

John Stafford, who was tried with Ambrose Holland, and acquitted, was ordered to remain, there being further suspicion upon him.

Benjamin Kallow, was ordered to be sent to Kent Affizes, for a Robbery on the High-way, committed upon the Honourable Sir Thomas Janson Baronet, near Tunbridge, in company of Whitney and other High-way-men.

Thomas Blackford, Brother to William Blackford, lately executed for Clipping, was ordered to go to Sea in the Service of the King and Queen.

Daniel Brett, and Giles Wilcox, were continued upon their former Recognizance.

Adam Banks Travers'd his Indictment.

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