Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 12th October 1692.

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The Tryals being over, the Court gave Sentence as followeth:

Burnt in the Hand 20.

John Connyers, John Price, Elis. Askue, Elis. Stiddiard, Anne, Danbey, William Shavall, Charles Nourse, William Noble, James Whitbey, Daniel Payne, John Burnet, Kath. Arnett, Elenor Lowder, Jane Warner, Alice Webb, Mary Bowman, Mary Tisdale, Elis. Whiteing, Elis. Hooper, Anne Mills.

Persons received Sentence of Death 16.

Charles Putnam, Thomas Putnam, John Burrowes, Rich. Elis Mary Nicholas, M - F - , Henry Tankard Elis. Deale, Elis. Gardner, Mary Browne, Sarah Sheldon, John Browne, and Sarah Browne his Wife, Abraham Welch; Richard Blackford and Ruth Phillips who were Convicted for High-Treason in Clipping the Currant Coin of England, were ordered to be Executed with the rest that were Condemned this Sessions.

To be Whipt 5.

Thomas Harding, Elis. Hicks, alias Hickman, Elis. May, Hester Hodges, Mary Clever.

Elisabeth Gardner, Mary Browne, Sarah Sheldon, and Sarah Browne, pleading their Bellies, a Jury of Matrons were Impannelled, who gave in their Verdict, that they were all with Quick Child

Billidge Clayton, Fined 500 Mark, and to find Sureties for a Twelve Month.

George Knapier for uttering false Mony, fined 20 Marks, to find Sureties for his good behaviour for a Twelve Month; and to stand Committed till he Perform it.

Charles Nourse Indicted for Manslaughter gave Bail to appear next Sessions, being Respited now by value of a Pardon from the Queen.

Edward Jones for Breaking the House of Robert Fowler, was ordered to be brought to Guild Hall next Sessions, there to Answer the same.

John Hodston, for Marrying two Wives, was Bailed to appear next Sessions, Branding being remitted by her Majesty's Order &c.

Francis Moore, was Tryed for Clipping, with the two Putnan's; was ordered to find good Sureties for his Good Behaviour.

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