Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 31st August 1692.

Robert Ingram for coming out of France into England, was Discharged by Proclamation, there being no Evidence against him.

Daniel Doatey , for Suspicion of being a Clipper; was discharged.

WHEREAS, at several Sessions of the Peace in Guild-Hall, London, several Orders have been made upon several Court-days last past, That no Victualler, or Ale-House-keeper, whatsoever, either in the City or Suburbs of London, shall Sell Drink in Silver Tankards, and they have not Obeyed the same: And there having been several Persons found Guilty this Sessions, for stealing the same. It is now strictly Ordered and Commanded, by the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, That no Person keeping any Publick House will sell Drink in any Silver Tankard or Tankards, upon Peril of their Licenses being taken from them, &c.

The Tryals being over, the Court gave sentence as followeth:

Burnt in the Hand.

John Ferguson, Philip William, Mich. Hall, John Noble, James Browne, Judith Rolph, Mary Stoakes, alias Adams, Anne White, Kath Worden, Martha Knight, mary Edwards, Anne Halsted, Anne Herring, B - J - John Lewis, John Turner, Rich Blundervill, Henry Blagrave, Joanna Harris, V - J - Anne Roberts, Phenix Wannerton, Kath. Morris, Margaret Ray, Mary Clark, a former Convict.

Persons received Sentence of Death

Thomas Noon, Francis Turner, F - J - Abraham Turner, William Carter, G - C - Thomas Martin, Susannah Martin, John Basdell, John Harris, Jonathan Sheldon, Thomas Drury, George Holmes.

Margaret Smith, alias Pledwell, was Respited after Judgment; and William Warrington, was Respited before Judgement.

To be Whipt, 4

Jane Reynolds, Elizabeth Pynes, Mary Holmes, and Jane Steward.

Susannah Martin pleading her Belly, a Jury of Matrons were Impannelled, who gave their Verdict, that she was Quick with Child.

John Delamot alias Delabowre, for a Cheat, was ordered to stand in the Pillory on Wednesday next, at the May-pole in the Strand; and on the Friday following at Charing-Cross, and to pay Four Nobles as as a Fine, and to find good Sureties for his good behaviour, and to stand Committed till it be performed.

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