Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
17th July 1690
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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth,

Burnt in the Hand Four.

Richard Meeres . William Cock . Rebekah Cook . Sarah Thompson .

To be Transported Two.

Christopher Jones , alias Rothery, who was the Discoverer that Robbed Mr. Baker of St. Mary le Bone. And William Wilson .

To be Whipt Three.

Ann Deane . David Williams . And John Harris .

Received Sentence of Death Eleven.

Mary Cary . Andrew Ellingburgh . Martin Tashter . Sarah Taylor James Kerby . Robert Foster . Henry Smith . Thomas Read . John Carter . William Bew . And Charles Baker , alias Beckworth.

Mary Cary , and Sarah Taylor , were both Respited after Judgement.

RICHARD BALDWIN , who was Committed by the Secretary of State, for Misprision of High-Treason, was Ordered to Remain.

John Humphreys , who was found guilty of Manslaughter for Killing Esq; Beresford, was discharged without undergoing the Penalty of a Brand, by Vertue of an Order from the Queens Majesty to the Court. Giving in Bail to Appear next Sessions.

John Addison, for Counterfeiting a Note to Receive Twenty Shillings of the Commissioners appointed to dispose of the Charity Money given for the Relief of the poor Protestants that were driven out of Ireland, was discharged without paying any Fine, or Fees, he being a very Poor, Sick and Lame, Creature, almost in comparison like unto a Skeleton.

One William Frowd was called up to the Bar, and Accused for Speaking Treasonable Words, viz. for saying, That King James was coming from Ireland with Forty Thousand French Men, and that he would be here, and then we should have a Brush for it, and see then who and who was together, or Words to that effect, was Ordered to Remain.

Oliver Platt , was accused likewise for saying, That he would Assist King James in his Return into England again, with the last drop of his Blood: Was Ordered to Remain.

George Larkin , the Printer, who formerly lived at the Swan and Two Necks without Bishops-gate, but since removed to Charing-Cross, was Accused for Printing a Book Entituled, A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sarum, in Answer to his Lordships Pastoral Letter; for which he was Ordered to be Remanded to Newgate, but not without a very severe and sharp Repremand from the Court, telling him, That they would Inspect very narrowly into such a Crime, and that he must not think to put Tricks upon the Government; or to that effect.

Francis Jones was called up, for suspition of dispersing of Letters that came from King James in Ireland, and of giving him Intelligence of Affairs here in England; but no Prosecution appearing against him, he was discharged.

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