Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
31st August 1687
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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment, &c.

The Persons Burnt in the Hand, 9. &c. were viz.

Robert Robinson ,

William Smith ,

S - r

David Davis alias Williams,

John Lyon ,

George Stochwell .

Francis Read ,

William Wright ,

John Urwin .

Order'd to be Transported 1, viz.

Joseph Uting .

The Persons that Received Sentence of Death were 13, viz.

George Ogleby ,

J - C -

Samuel Kidwell ,

Thomas Garret alias Knowles,

William Edwards ,

Mary Benson ,

Charles Hews ,

John Stafford ,

T - C -

Thomas Littleford ,

Peter Minchal ,

Philip Staines ,

Mary King ,

and M - R - who had incur'd the like Penalty, was repreived before Judgment.

Sentenced to be Whip'd as Pettilarcenary, 7, viz.

Giles Berns ,

Thomas Mathews ,

Robert Brown ,

Roger Clark ,

Robert Andrews ,

William Lacton,

Ruth Barnes ,

The Women that received Sentence of Death pleaded their Bellys, but upon the Enquiry of a Jury of Women Impannel'd for that purpose only Mary King was found quick with Child.

The Persons Sentenced as Ryoters, were 8, viz.

John Moor ,

Richard Baston ,

Jonas Kendrick ,

Simon Williams ,

Obadia Bows,

Elias Jones ,

John Springham

William Wild .

These being found Guilty of a Ryot, where Sentenced to be Whip'd from Holbourn Bars to Griffith's House, where it was first Committed, to pay five Marks each, as a Fine to the King. To be put to hard Labour in the House of Correction for the space of three Months, and to find Sureties for their good Behaviour during the Twelve-Month, but Mr. Recorder was pleased to say, he would suspend the Execution of the Sentence, till the Kings pleasure was known in relation thereto.

Thomas Griffith , upon being refused the Bench of his Clergy, as having already incur'd the Penalty of Manslaughter, produced a Pardon for the former Offence, and moved by Counsel that it might be allowed in Bar; but it being a matter of great Moment, the Court suspended his Sentence and consult to consider of it till the next Sessions,

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