Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 6th April 1687.

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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment of Death upon a Eleven Persons viz.

Elizabeth Clark , Catharine Jones and Elizabeth Creed to be Burnt. Robert Brewer , John Sawyer , John Sharland , William Grant , Richard Cane , Thomas Arnold , Ann Trabern , and Robert Parret to be Hangd.

Ann Bushel , was Reprived before Judgment.

And Elizabeth Jones , Pleading she was with Child, it was found in Negative.

Nine Person were Burnt in the Hand viz.

Richard, Hide, Charles Congreen , Thomas Savage , Edward Franklin , John Bamford , William Harman , William Stevens , John Doble and Mary Peirce .

Ordered for Transportation Three viz.

Francis Low , William Grifith , and Thomas Cozens.

Sentenced to be Whip'd Nine viz.

Henry Henly , Catharine Austin , Mary Burton , Ann Potly , Jone Thackery, John Andrews , John Wood , Martha Tanner , and Dorothy Cooper , Jane Wiggans who was found guilty of a Petelercenary, had the penalty changed into a days Imprisonment; and Ann Swain who had incur'd the like penalty was set a side before sentance.

Fin'd Six viz.

John Nelson , and John Chuttle Fin'd 20 Marks each of them, and to stand in the Pillory before the Exchange.

Thomas Carter , Thomas Freeman , and Isaac York Fin'd 20 s. a peice and Henry Henly 1 s.

Joseph Cooly found guilty of a Felony, beg'd the benefit of his Majesties most Gracious Pardon, and in consideration the Fact was committed before the Exhibition thereof, had it alow'd him.

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