Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 14th April 1686.

Reference Number: s16860414-1
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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as follows.

Order'd to be Transported Two, viz.

William Cole , and Richard Higison .

Burnt in the Hand Seven, viz.

Edward Hubbord , William Hall, Sarah Hill, Margaret Stephenson , Thomas Goodwin Samuel Lee , and Charles Charick , who was Convicted the last Sessions, for stealing One Hundred Forty Pound Weight of Silk, to the value of Eight Pound.

Divers were Acquitted, by Virtue of His Majestys Most Gracious Pardon with out having their Tryals, and Three laid claim thereto after Conviction, viz. Benjamin Edwards , for Manslaughter, Charles Condril , and William Savage for Felony.

The Right Honourable the Earl of Stam ford was likewise discharged by His Majesties Most Gracious Pardon.

Received Sentence of Death Five, viz.

Peter Lary , John Toy , Elizabeth Church-hill, John Crofis , John Steers , Rebeckab Rose.

But Elizabeth Churchill , and Rebeckah Rose pleading their Bellys, a Jury of Matrons were Empaneled to make search thereof, who brought their Virdict in, in the affirmative, whereupon, they were ordered to remain in Custody till the were delivered.

The Judgement of Thomas Wall for runing from his Colours, was defered till the next Sessions.

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