Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 14th January 1686.

Reference Number: s16860114-1
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The Persons Burnt in the Hand were.

John Convers , Roger Seldon, Thomas Barnard , David Barton , James Clayton , Patrick Mack-Donniel , John Mathews James Lundy , Alice Hayns , Elizabeth Andrews , and Edw. Reyon .

To be Transported,

Thomas Drew , and Isaac Smith .

The Persons that Received Sentence of Death were,

John Pain , John Dyks , Thomas Broughton , and Sarah Walker alias Worrel.

To be Whip'd,

Edward Thomas , John Barkam , John Meechin , Margard Wright, Elizabeth Berry , William Ward , Daniel Flower .

The Persons Fined, were

William Hartly 40 Marks, and to find Sureties for a Twelvemonth: Mary Gardener Fined 20 s.

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