Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 10th October 1683.

Reference Number: s16831010a-1
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This Sessions Eighteen Persons received Sentence of Death, viz. Edward Williams , Charles Dod , Sidny Vandelo, Hugh Jones , Charles Roberts , John Smith , Jonathan Parsons , William Williams , Christopher Moore , John Knight , John Paybody , Thomas Edmonds , Elizabeth Greens , Mary Phelps , Charles Temple , John Quarles , Charles Rutler , and Elizabeth Hair; The last Two for High-Treason, for Clipping the lawful Coyn of this Kingdom. Francis Eglestone was Reprieved before Judgment.

There were Burnt in the Hand John Thomson , Thomas Atkins , Peter Crown , John Green, and two others, John Piser being Reprieved before Burning.

Ordered to be Transported, R. Valour, Sam. Mathews , Wil. Smith, and Humph. Hygins.

Six were Sentenced to be Whipt, viz. Thomas Wade , Robert Delevert , John Peech , Elizabeth Berry , Frances Taylor , and Elizabeth Vincent .

James Rothwell having refused to take the Oath of Allegiance, and thereunto pleaded Guilty, was awarded Imprisonment, during his Majesties pleasure, and to have his Goods, Chattels, &c. seized to the use of the King.

William Clark , for speaking Seditious Words against the Government, was fined a hundred Marks, sentenced to stand in the Pillory in Clare-Market, and to find Sureties for his good behaviour.

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