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24th October 1787
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RESPECTFULLY returns his most grateful Thanks to his Employers and Pupils, for the Preference they have thought proper to give to his Mode of teaching and writing SHORT-HAND, which he flatters himself is at once as concise and correct as any other System; he continues teaching in four Hours, by four Lessons, the whole necessary instructions in this much approved Art. He also takes Trials and Arguments with the utmost Care, which are copied so expeditiously as to be sent home the same Evening, if required.

Mr. HODGSON (without the smallest Imputation on the Systems of his Cotemporaries, whose Merits he chearfully acknowledges) pledges himself to take nothing for his Transcripts, if any Gentleman who solicits a cause, or the Counsel whose Arguments he professes to take, are not compleatly satisfied with his Performances.

No. 35, Chancery-lane.

A new Edition (being the third) of HODGSON's TREATISE ON SHORT-HAND, being a sufficient Instructor of itself, is just reprinted, and Mr. Hodgson in order to accommodate all sorts of Purchasers, has reduced the Price to Eighteen pence only; also his new Publication, entitled,

"SHORT-HAND CONTRACTIONS, adaped to every System of

"Short-Hand; to which are added, a Comparative Table of Short-Hand Alphabets,

"and two Extracts by way of Specimen, with two Copper-plates annexed," Price only 2 s. 6 d. are sold by J. Walmsley, Chancery-lane, and also by Bladon, Matthews, Egerton, Fourdrinier, and all the Booksellers:

Letters (post paid) from Purchasers of either of his Books, directed to Mr. Hodgson, No. 35, Chancery-Lane, will receive immediate Answers.

N. B. The Trials which have been much enquired after, Mr. Hodgson has reprinted for the Accommodation of his Customers, and are as follow: - The remarkable trial of John Graham and his Wife for forgery. - Charlotte Goodall and John Edmonds for robbing Mrs. Fortescue at Tottenham. - Francis Gray for the murder of Mr. Hurd. Dr. Daniel M'Ginnis for the murder of Mr. Hardy. - William Wynne Ryland for forgery. - Nicholson, Ward, Shaw, Murray, O'Brien, and others, for the murder of Nicholas Casson, at the Hustings at Govent-Garden. - Richard Corbett , (a youth) for setting fire to his master's house. - Colonel Gosmo Gordon for the murder of Frederick Thomas , Esq; in a duel. - Henry Morgan for the murder of Mr. Linton. - Porter Rideout , for the murder of Moses Lazarus , Duke's Place. - Captain Kenith Mackenzie , for the murder of Kenith Murray Mackenie , at Fort Morea, in Africa. - Thomas Wood and George Brown for robbing Thomas Davenport . - Geo. Ollive , (a youth) for setting fire to the house of his master Mr. Parsloe, in St. James's-street. - Martin Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor , (brother and sister) both executed for burglary - Also the remarable trials of Messrs. Goodridge's and Evans, for forgery - and of John Hogan , (the black), for the murder of Ann Hunt ; with many others too tedious to enumerate.

Mr. Hodgson has just bound up a compleat Set of Sessions Papers, for the last sixteen Years, which he will dispose of; or any person wishing to see any particular Trial, may have an Inspection of the same, or take a Copy of it, at the usual Prices.

Just Published a new Edition of the Trial of Andrew Robinson Bowes , Esq; and several others for a Conspiracy against the Rt. Hon. the Countess of Strathmore, Price 3 s. 6 d. taken in Short-hand by Mr. HODGSON.

The Monthly Review for August last, thus notices the above Trial

"The Reviewer

"is much obliged to Mr. Hodgson for making his Title Page so full and circumstantial

"that it requires nothing to be added, except our acknowledgment of the

"care and accuracy, with which he appears to have given this Trial to the Public."

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