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10th July 1734
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Monday (July 1.) was publish'd, Price 6 d.

(Beautifully printed on a fine Dutch Paper)



For JUNE, 1734. To be continued Monthly. Containing,

1. Proceedings and Debates in the last Session of Parliament, viz. On the Motion for an Address; about the Letters and Instructions relating to the Treaty of Seville; on the Motion for calling for the Instructions to his Majesty's Minister in Poland; about Applications on the Druggists Petition, &c. 2. Protests of the Scotch Peers. 3. A View of the Weekly Essays and Politicks, from the Craftsman, Fog, Grub-street Journal, Weekly Miscellany, Universal Spectator, &c. 4. Poetical Pieces, mostly Originals. 5. Domestick Occurrences, viz. Promotions, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military; Marriages Births and Deaths, Bankrupts, Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament, &c. 6 Foreign Affairs. 7. Prices of Goods, Grain, Stocks, Monthy Bill of Mortality. 8. Table of Contents.

To which is added,

A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets with their Prices.


Printed for J. Wilford, behind the Chapter-house, near St. Paul's Church-yard, and sold by most Booksellers both of Town and Country.

Where may be had any former Months.

In the Press, and speedily will be publish'd,

(Compar'd with the Return Books, carefully corrected and improv'd, with the Addition of some introductory Observations on each Parliament)

A New Parliamentary Register: Being Exact LISTS of 1. The Lords Spiritual and Temporal. 2. The Counties, Cities, and Burghs in Alphabetical Order, and under each their Representatives from the Year 1660, to the present Year 1734. containing 20 Parliaments, and including the present. With a Blank Margin for registering succeeding Parliaments.

Printed by E. Cave, at St. John's-Gate.

Where may be be had,

An exact LIST of the LORDS SPIRITUAL and TEMPORAL: also of the Members of the H. of COMMONS, as now elected; with the Places of their usual Abode in Town, and divers necessary Distinctions, viz. New and old Members, Voters for and against the Hessian Troops, &c. Together with the Names of the Members in the last Parliament, not in this: also a curious Table of the Bishops. Price 6 d.

A Speedy Cure for the ITCH.

At the Crown and Ball in George's Court, in St. John's-Lane, near Hicks's-Hall, is Sold,

A WATER which perfectly cures the ITCH, or Itching Humours in any Part of the Body, having no offensive Scent; and has been approved by many Years Experience. Price 1 s. 6 d. a Bottle, with Directions. Prepared by A. Downing Chymist.

At the same PLACE may be had.

The true Essence or Spirits of Pcurvy-Grass, both Purging and Plain, most excellent in all Degrees of the Scurvy, at 8 d. a Bottle. And the great Elixir of Life, called Daffey's Elixir, truly prepared from the best Ingredients, very useful in all Families. Price 2 s. 6 d. the Half-Pint.

Dr. Newman's famous Anti venereal Pill.

Which to the Surprize of all that takes it, Cures all degrees and Symptoms of the Venereal Disease, whether of long Continuance, or fresh Contracted; it speedily removes all Pains in the Head, Arms, or Legs; takes off the Heat of Urine, Soreness, Running, Cordee, and Inflammation of the Parts; without an Hour's Confinement; Nay, if you are broke out in Scabs, Blotches, Carbuncles, having Nodes, Tumours, Buboes, Shankers, Pocky-warts, Phymoses, Paraphymoses, Ulcers in the Mouth, Nose, Throat or Palate, in a few days you will be well; there o four are sufficient in any gentle fresh Infection; But in worse Cases, or when the Distemper is in the Blood, a few more is requir'd for a Cure. There is but one in a Dose, the Bigness of a Pea, and pleasant to take; sold at so easy a Price as only two Shillings Each. I have likewise an Electuary which may be taken by the weakest Constitution, or Nicest Palate with delight. It instantly cures all Diseases of the Brest and Lungs; as Coughs, Colds, Wheezings, Asthma's, Shortness of breath, Consumptions; restores lost Appetite, purifies the Blood, and procures a good Complexion; and a strong vigorous Habit of Body, enlivening the Faculties and strengthening the Brain; and by that means helps the Memory; sold at only two Shillings and Six-pence the Gallypot; with Directions, and, an Infallible Medicine for the Ague. Attendance is given every Day by the Author at his House, at the Blue-Bal in Hand-Court, almost over against Great-Turnstile Holborn.

Note, I have a sweet scented Ointment which perfectly Cures the Itch, or Itchy Breakings out. Advice Gratis

St. Ann's, Black-Friars, July 17, 1734.

This is to forewarn all Persons from trusting ISABEL, the Wife of Troilas Excell, Printer; she having elop'd from her Husband.

N. B. This is her third Elopement.

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