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28th August 1730
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To all Masters of Ships, Country-Shopkeepers, &c. this public Notice is given.

THAT WILLIAM DICEY , in Conjunction with Mr. BENJAMIN OKELL (to whom a Royal Patent is granted) THOMAS COBB , (in Right of ELIZABETH his Wife, late Widow of Mr. CLUER) and ROBERT RAIKES, continue, and jointly carry on the preparing and vending, both Wholesale and Retail, that excellent Medicine call'd, Dr. BATEMAN's PECTORAL DROPS, at their Warehouse against the South Door of Bow Church, at the farther End of the Church-Yard from Cheapside, London; at which Place (and no other in the City of London) Retailers may be furnish'd, with good Allowance for Profit, by directing for or sending to WIL LIAM DICEY or THOMAS COBB and Company, at the Warehouse aforesaid.

N. B. These DROPS carry off the most violent Fever, if taken in Time, and is the best of Remedies for those that are afflicted with the present Distempers, viz. Coughs, Colds, intermitting Fevers, &c.

It gives present Ease in the most racking Pains of the Gout and Rheumatism, they have brought away Gravel and Stones almost as big as Horse Beans from divers Persons, and have restored Thousands of poor Infants to their Strength and Liveliness, that have been reduced to meer Skeletons. They never fail giving Ease in the most violent Pains of the Body and Limbs, and all the Ailments of the Breast, and is the best of Medicines in all manner of Consumptions.

Sold at One Shilling per Bottle, in which is contained three Doses. At the same Place you may have Gratis, a Book of Certificates, in which you'll find more Cures than can be produc'd from any one Medicine, since the first Use of Physick.

Lately Publish'd,

THE Magazine of Architecture, Perspective, and Sculpture: In Five Parts.

Part the First, Geometrical, Practical, and useful Problems, for the describing the Circles, Ovals, Arches, Groyns (regular or rampant) and Polygons, the Mouldings made use of in Architecture; the Hand-rail to Stair-Cases; the wreath'd Columns; Ionic (Capital Antient and Modern) Volutes; and to Flute Columns and Pilasters.

Part the Second, Plain and easy Directions, for the Construction of the five Orders of Architecture, with their Imposts and Arches, Plans, Elevations and Profiles, (accurately describ'd by Feet, Inches and Parts; likewise by the customary Measure of Modules and Minutes) Frontispieces and Windows; Ornaments for Mouldings, Capitals and Freezes; Fretts and Flowers; enrich'd Pedestals for Statues; Compartiments for Domes, Soffites of Arches and Pavements; of the Proportion and Cieling of Rooms, and Designs of Obelisks.

Part the Third, On the Disposition and Regularity of Stair-Cases; with several necessary Improvements, wherein the Symetry requir'd is preserv'd in the Steps and Half-paces, &c. also in the ranging Ballisters and Ornaments.

Part the Fourth, A most easy and expedious Method to delineate in Perspective; all Designs relating to Architecture, after a new Manner, wholly free from the Confusion of Occult Lines.

Part the Fifth, The Parts of Human Body describ'd, with the Nature of Motion reduc'd to Geometrical Rules; to which is added, a Collection of the most beautiful antique Statues, with their Parts describ'd, as measur'd from the Originals.

Engraven on Ninety-six Copper Plates, by Benjamin Cole . To which is annex'd, An Alphabetical Explanation of the Terms made use of in Architecture. Collected from the most approv'd Authors, both Antient and Modern; particularly, Palladio, Scamozzi, and Vignola, and made a Work of general Use for Gentlemen, Architects, Sculptors, Painters, Workmen, and all Persons concern'd in Building. By Edward Oakley , Architect, M. M. Printed by A. Campbell, for the Author (over-against Tom's Coffee-House) in St. Martin's-Lane; and B. Creake, at the Bible in Jermyn-Street, near St. James's Church.

Books just printed for, and sold by Joseph Marshall , at the Bible in Newgate Street.

LA Plum Volante. Of the Art of Short-hand improved. Being the most Swift, Regular, and Easy Method of Shorthand-writing yet Extant. Composed after Fifty Years Practice and Improvement of the said Art, by the Observation of other methods and intent Study of it. The Fifth Edition, with Actions of the Terms of the Law, and much amended, By William Mason . Price 2 s. 6 d.

The Life and Miraculous Convertion from Popery. &c. of Joseph Perry , in Three Parts: 1. The Glory of Divine Grace. 2. The Protection of Divine Providence. 3. In the Goodness of God Manifested. The Second Edition. Written by himself. Price 1 s.

Divine Poems (by way of Paraphrase) on the Ten Commandments. In Twelve Parts: Illustrated with Twelve Copper-Plates. The Second Edition. By George Wither , Esq; Price 1 s.

Heaven begun here on Earth; O, A Help to young Persons. under their first Convictions, and Closure with the Lord's Christ. Being a help to Backsliders, under the Hidings of God's Face for Decays in Spirituals: And a help to strong Christians, who can, through Grace, read their Evidences for Heaven. Contained in Three Dialogues between a Minister, and a private Christian. Price bound 11 s. Calf 2 s. 6 d.

Military Discipline. The Word of Command, and Directions for Exercising the Musket and Bayonet, and the Carbine, Pistols and Sword, as they are performed by the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Horse and Foot Guards. By W. B. Gent. The Second Edition. Price bound 1 s.

Onania examined and detected: or, the Ignorance, Error, Impertinence, and Contradiction of a Book, call'd Onania, discovered and exposed. Wherein also is consider'd, the Differences and sundry Degrees of Self-Pollution in both Sexes. By Philo-Castitatis. The Second Edition. Price stitch'd 1 s. 6 d.

The Singing Master's Guide to his Scholars: With the Psalms according to the Old and New Translations; the Old on one side, and the New on the other. By several Hands, viz. Sternhold and Hopkins, Barton, Patrick, Tate and Brady. Milbourne and Sandys. Contriv'd for Common Use: With the Tunes in Two Parts. By Daniel Warner , of Ewelm in Oxfordshire, Singing-Master. Price bound 2 s. 6 d.

The Christian's hidden Life. A Funeral Sermon, occasioned by the Death of the late Rev. and Learned Mr. John Nesbirt , who departed this Life October the 22d, 1727, in the 67th Year of his Age Preached October the 29th. By John Hurrion. Price 6 d.

A Whip for the Quack: or, some Remarks on M - N's Supplement to his Onania. With a full Answer and Consutation of his boasted-of, and long-promised curious Piece from Sckmeider, and of all their Arguments for the Seed's return into the Blood after its Secretion. By Matthew Rothos , Price stitch'd 1 s. 6 d.

A further Guide to Parish Clarks: or, any other religiously and devoutly desposed to make Use of these Instructions. Being contriv'd for common Use, by Daniel Warner of Ewlem in Oxfordshire, Singing-Master. Price 6 d.

The Art of Spelling, Containing, 1. A, B, C , for Children, consisting of Alphabets and Syllables, with short Rules and Examples of dividing Words. 2. Rules for true Spelling, Reading, and Writing of English, by way of Question and Answer. 3. Two Tables of the most useful Words, whose Spelling or Sense, they be mistaken. Also Christian Names, &c. By J. P. M. A. The fifth Edition with Additions. Price 9 d.

A short and practical Discourse upon the Holy Fast of Lent. By J. Marshall, L. L. D. The Second Edition. Price bound 1 s.

The Greatness of the Soul, and the Unspeakableness of the Loss thereof; with the Causes of the Losing it first preached in Pinners-Hall, and now enlarged, and published for good. By John Bunyan . The 2d. Edition. Price bound 1 s. Also at the said Shop is to be Sold to all Stationers and School-Masters in London and Country, Pieces for Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide, &c. by wholesale and retale, curiously engraved on Copper-plates. 1. King George the II. Jerusalem. 3. The Temple of Solomon. 4. Geometry. 5 Adam and Eve in the Garden. 6. Haman hanged. 7. Hunting-Piece. 8. Grammar and Writing-School. 9. Christ's Burial. 10. The Lord Mayor's Show. 11. Moses in the Ark of Bull rushes. 12. History of Tobit. 13 Christ's Ascension. 14. The seven Sciences. 15 Dorastis and Fawnia. 16 History of Judith and Holosernis. 17 The four Evangelists. 18 Stool-Ball. 19 Joseph flying into Egypt. 20 Crucifications And many others in whole Sheets and half Sheets: Likewise, you may have an Elegiac Poem in Commemoration of his late Most Sacred Majesty K. George, engraven, Price 6 d. Also Gospel Mystery Emblematically illultrated, engraven on a large Copper-plate, Price 6 d.

A water that perfectly cures the Itching Humour in any Part of the Body, in a Short Time, having no offensive Scent: Prepared and Sold only by A. Downing, Chymist, at the Crown and Ball in George-Court in St. John's-Lane near Hicks's-Hall. Price 1 s. 6 d. a Bottle. Also the true Essence or Spirits of Scurvy-Grass, both Purging and Plain, most Excellent for all Degrees of the Scurvy, at 8 d. a Bottle. And the great Elixir of Life, called Dasty's Elixir, truly prepared, so very useful in all Families in the greatest Exigencies. Price 2 s. 6 d. the Half-pint

Just Publish'd

Spiritual Songs for Children, or Poems on several Subjects and Occasions. By Mr. Wright: London Printed and sold by Joseph Marshal at the Bible in Newgate Street. Price Bound Six pence.

Where may be had just Publish'd, Price Six pence. Light in a Candlestick to all that are in the House: Or, the Impartial Churchman; Containing the Celebrated Discourses on the 30th of January, of the Right Reverend the Bishop of Bristol, before the House of Lords, of the Reverend Dr. Croxall, before the House of Commons; and of the Reverend Dr. Trapp, before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen. Wherein, with a just Praise of their Merits, Respect to their Characters, and Deference to the Church; their Matter, Method, Explanations of, and Deductions from Scripture are observ'd, especially as to Dr. Trapp's Notion of visiting the Sins of the Fathers on the Children. With Readings in the Hebrew, Chaldee, Arabick, and Volgate, noted: and to take in what is most remarkable on this Head, a Reflection on a Principle of the Right Reverend the Bishop of Sarum, and the Dispute of Milton and Salmasins, Mr. Milbourn and Mr. Bradbury: With a Rule to judge and apply all Sermons on that deplorable Occasion. By J. Henley, M. A. Founder of the Oratory.

This Day is Published, The Third Edition with Additions, of

A PRACTICAL TREATISE; Or, Second Thoughts on the Consequences of the Venereal Disease, in Three Parts, viz. I. On the Simple Gonorrhoea, Gleets, and other Weaknesses, whether from Venereal Embraces, Self-pollution, improperly called Onanism, or Natural Imbecillity. II. On the Virulent Gonorrhoea, or Clap. III. On the Venereal Lues; or Grand Pox. Wherein are plainly show'd the exact Degrees of Difference; with their Signs, Symptoms, Prognosticks, and Cures in all Cases, their Beginnings, Progress, and fatal Periods, when neglected or unskilfully managed; and how their absolute Cure, without Violence or Injury, is compleated. With proper and effectual Remedies, in their several Stages, prescribed and recommanded therein. With some Remarks on that proposterous way of Venery with Machines. &c. and a plain Discovery of the Dangers (tho' little expected) which attend that vile practice. Also many other useful Discoveries relating to Infections in both Sexes, not before taken Notice of. To which is annexed, a Vindication of the practice of Salivating, &c. The Whole fitted, as well for the Advantage of Patients as young Practitioners. By JOSEPH CAM . M. D. London, Printed for the Author; and sold at his House, in Bow-Church-Yard; also by G. Strahan in Cornhill; E. Midwinter in St. Paul's Church-Yard; W. Mears without Temple-Bar; C. King in Westminster-Hall; and J. Hodges on London-Bridge. Price stitch'd 2 s. bound 2 s. 6 d.

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