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16th October 1723
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Just published, the Sixth Edition (with many Additions and Amendments) of

A Rational and Useful Account of the Venerual Disease. with Observations on the Nature, Symptoms and Care, and the bad Consequences that attend by ill Management; with proper Admouitions; recommended as a Friendly Instruction to all Persons who do, or may, labour under this Misfortune. Also, A short Inquiry into Old Gleets, and other Weaknesses; and the Reason why they are so seldom cured: With the Authur's Method of Cure. To which are added, Some Hints on the Practical Scheme, the Methods and Medicines therein exposed, and the gross Impositions justify detected: With an Account of Specifies, the Use and Abuse of the Name, and How it covers Ignorance and a Cheat. By Joseph Cam , M.D. Printed for, and sold by G. Strahan, against the Royal Exchange, W. Means without Temple-Bar, C.King in Westminster-Hall, T. Norris on London Bridge, J. Backer against Hatton-Garden in Holbourn; and by the Author, at the Golden Ball and Lamp in Bow Church Yard, Cheapside. Price 1 s.

A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any Itching Humour, in a few Days, without Necessity of Purging, or the dangerous Use of Mercury, Price 1 s. 6 d. only is prepared and sold, by A. Downing, Chymist, at the Crown and Ball, in George Court, in St. John's Lane, by Hick's-Hall, near West-Smithfield. Where also may be had, the best Spirits of Scurvy-Grass, by Wholesale or Retale, at 8 d. a Bottle. A most effectual Remedy for the violent Pain in the Teeth, Price 1 s. Also a most excellent Remedy for the Teeth, and clearing them from the Scurvy.

A Full and Compleat History of the Lives, Robberies, and Murders of all the most notorious Highwaymen that have been in England, Scotland, France and Ireland, from the Reign of William the Conqueror, to this present Year 1722. beginning with Thomas Dun , Robin Hood and Little John, Sir John Flalstaff , Capt.Hind, the Golden Farmer, Nevison, Whitney, and above a Hundred more: also giving a more full Account than any yet published, of the Robberies committed by Benjamin Child , John Hawkins , and George Sympson , who were all Three executed for Robbing the Bristol Mail; concluding with the Life and Robberies of the famous Cartouche in France: And also the Robberies and remarkable Actions of John Malhoni , and James Carrick , lately executed for robbing William Young , Esq; in his Chair. The whole being faithfully collected out of the best Histories, Records, Trials, Ordinaries Accounts, and Manuscripts, and written regularly as the Facts were committed. By J.W. The Second Edition. Price 1 s. bound in Ship, and 1 s. 6 d. Calf. Where may be had also, The Life and most Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crosoe , of York, Mariner. The whole Three Volumes done into One, with Cuts. Price 2 s. 6 d. Both printed for M. Hotham, at the Black Boy on London Bridge.

Youth's Introduction to Trade and Business: Containing, I. Tables of the most usual Clerk-like Contractions of Words: A Collection of English Words, alike in Sound, but different in Signification; with proper Directions, how to address to Persons of elevated Rank and those in Office. II. Acquittances and Promissory Notes diversify'd, and adapted to such Circumstances as occur in real Business. III. Vanety of Bills of Parcels, and Bills on Book Debts, to enter the Learner in the Manner and Methods of Commerce, and to make him ready at Computation. IV. Bills of Exchange, with Directions necessary for the right Understanding and Management of Remittances; several Orders for Goods, Letters of Credit, Invoyces, and other Merchant-like Examples. V. Authentick Forms of such Law-Precedents as are most frequently to be met with, in the Courle of Traffick. VI. A Collection of Questions to exemplisy the common Rules of Arithmetick, and to reduce them to Practice. For the Use of Schools. Done upon the Plan of the late Col.Ayre's Effect. By M. Clare, School-Master in Soho Square, London. Printed for Edward Symon , at the Corner of Pope's Head Alley, in Cornhill.

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