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7th September 1722
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A D V E R T I S E M E N T, A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any Itching Harbour, in a few Days, without necessity of Purging, or the dangerous Use of Mercury Price 1s. 6d. is only prepared and sold by A. Downing Chymist at the Crown and Bull, in Grange Court in St. Johns Lane by Hick-Hall, near West Smithfield. Where also may be had, the best spirits of Scurvy by Wholesale or Resale at d. a Bottle. A most effectual Remedy for the vile lene pain in the Teeth, Price . Also a most excellent Remedy for preserving the Teeth, and clearing them from the Scurvy.

A D V E R T I S E M E N T S.

Just publish'd the Second Edition of

THE Life and Actions of LEWIS DOMINIQUE C A R T O U C H E, the famous French Robber, who was broken alive upon the Wheel at Paris, the 24th of November last. Giving an Account of his education in the College of Jesuits, and the Pranks he play'd there, of the several robberies he committed alone, and of his turning Thief takes; how after several and various escapes, he put himself at the head of a Gang, which desy'd the publick Justice of France above Seven Years; with a particular relation how he was apprehended, and the manner of his Execution. Also an account of his bold and undaunted Behaviour under Confinement, and upon the Scaffold. The whole being a Series of Adventures and Incidents, remarkable, entertaining and full of variety. Translated from the Original just arriv'd from France. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick Lane. Where may be had, CARIOUCHE or the ROBBERS, a Comedy. As it was Acted many Times with great Applause at Paris. By Monsieur Le Grand, Commedian to the King. Translated from the French. Price 1 s.

Just publish'd the Second Edition of

A full and compleat History of the Lives, Robberies, and Murders, of all the most Notorious Highwaymen, that have been in England, Scotland, France and Ireland, from the Region of William the Conqueror, to this present Year 1722. Beginning with Thomas Dun , Robin Hood , Little John, Sir John Falstaff , Capt. Hind, the Golden Futtret, Nevissen, Whithney, and above an hundred more. Also giving a more full account, than any yet publish'd, of the Robberies committed by Benjamin Child , John Hawkin , and George Sympton . who were all three Executed for robbing the Bistol Mail. Concluding with the Life and Robberies of the famous Cartouche in France: And also the Robberies and remarkable Actions of John Malinari and James Canik lastly Executed for Robbery of William Young . Esq. in his Chair. The whole being faithfully collected out of the best Accounts, Records, Trials, Ordinairies Accounts, and Manuscripts, and written regularly as the Facts were committed. by J. W. Printed for M. , the Black B London Bridge, and sold by J. Roberts in Westwork-lane.

BOOKS Printed for John Wyatt at the R O S E in St. Pauls Church-yard.

I. Tables (commonly called Sir Isaac Newton 's) for Renewing and Purchasing of the Leates of Cash and Churches and Colleges, the 1 d. Edition.

II. The Works of the Right Reverend Ezekiel Hopkins , D D containing an Exposition on the Commandments and Lords Prayer, and his Sermons in Folio, the 3d Edition.

III. D. John Edwards Body of Divinity, 2 Vol. Folio.

IV. M. Newcombs Cathetical course of Sermons for the whole Yearin 2. Vols, the 3d Edition.

V. D. William Cleggets Thirty Three Discourses newly publish'd, in 2. Vols.

VI. Dr. Luca's Three Sermons on Death, Judgment, a Future Repentance, Despair &c. the 3 Edition.

VII. Mr. Pyres Paraphrase on the Acts of the Epistles being a complete Sermon

VIII. Mr. Pyres Paraphrase on the Five Books of Moses, in 2. Vols.

IX. Sacres, Or the holy History, giving an exact and comprehendsive account of the Faiths and Flaws of the Church of England, the 2nd Edition, adorn'd with many curious Cutts, engrav'd by M.Brown.

X. Mr. Brooges

XII. Dr.Barry's Short Discourses before the Queen &c.

Youth's Introduction to Trade and Business: Containing I. Tables of the most useful Clerk like Contradictons of Words, A Collection of English Words, alike in Sound, but different in Signification, with proper Direction, how to direct to Persons of Elevated Rank, and in Office, It, Acquittances, and Promissory Notes diversify'd, and adapted in such Circumstances to occur in Real . III. Variety of Bills of Parcels and Bills on Back Debts, to enter the learner in the Methods of Commerce and to make him ready at Comparison, IV. Bills of Exchange, with Directions necessary for the right Understanding and Management of Remittance, several vendors for Goods, Letters of Credit, Invoyces, and other Market like Examples. V. Authentik Forms of such Law Precedent, as are most frequently to be sent with, in the Course of Traffick. VI. A Collection of Questions, in exemplify the Common Rules of Arithmetick and to reduce them to Practice. by M. Clave, School-Master in Solo Square, London. With whom Youths may board and be trained for business. Printed for Edward Symon , at the Corner of Popes-Mead Alley, in Cornhill.

Just Publish'd the Sixth Edition, (with Additions and Amendments ) of

A Rational and Useful Account of the Veneral Disease. With Observations on the Nature, Symptoms and Cure, and the bad consequences that attend by ill Management, with proper Admonition, recommended as a Friendly Information to all Persons who do, or may, labour under this Misfortune. Also a Enquiry , and other Methods of Cure. To which are added, on the PRACTICAL SCHEME, the Method and Medicines therein explored, and the gross imperfection justly dispelled. With an Account of Specifiks, the Vile and Abuse of the and how it covers and a , By JOSEPH CLAM M .D

Printed for, and sold by G. against the Royal Exchange, W. Moore without Temple Bar, C. , T.Harris on London-Bridge J Belper against Hatton Garden in Holbourn and by the Author at the Golden Bell and Lamp in Bow in Church yard, Cheap-side. Price 1s.

A useful Advertisement, for any Persons who shall have the misfortune of losing any Bank Notes, Sword Blade Notes, Goldsmiths or other Notes for Money, or any Diamonds, Jewels, Rings, Plate, Watches, & c.

Upon Application to the Beadle of the Goldsmiths Company at Goldsmiths Hall in Foster Lane, you may have Warnings printed and delivered, in three Hours time, at all the Goldsmiths, Jewellers, Brokers, and Watchmakers Shops, within the Bills of Mortality; to prevent and forbid the taking such Notes in payment, and desiring them to stop and detain such Goods. The Printer and Messengers always attending to dispatch the same. The Charge thereof if delivered to Goldsmiths only is 11 s. 8 d. if to Jewellers, Brokers, and Watchmakers is 1 l. 3 s. 4 d. It having been found by long Experience to be the readiest method for recovering Notes or Goods lost.

N.B. That all Goldsmiths, Watchmakers, Ec. are oblig'd to enter their Names and places of abode in the Assay Office at Goldsmiths Hall; whereby the Beadle and Messengers of that Company and no others can give so speedy notice as aforesaid.

Just publish'd

An intire System of Arithmetic: or Arithmetic in all the Paris. Contains Vulgar, Decimal, Duodecimal, Sagedecimal tables, Political, Logarithmetical, Linear, Instrumental, Algebracial with the Arithmetic of Negatives and Approximation, or Converging Series. The Whole intermix'd with Rules New cpoius and useful neatly accounted for in the Preface. The Arithmetik rendered more plain and easie than hath been done, by attractive Rules and Examples, Literaly and Numericaly, in a method new solving Equations, Simple, Quadratic, Cubic, Ec. several ways. And in the proper Places of this Work and an accurate Table of Logarithms, 10 000 000 and Rules to those to 100000000 and natural Numbers to such Logarithms, with the full use of the Table in Multiplication, Division, Tribulation, Evolution, and in of all Cases of Compound Interest, of which there are 24 Large and Exquisite Tables ( and one for the valuation of Church or College Leates of Land) also of hole of Simple Interest and Division with exact methods of finding the Latter and the present of Money for Day. also ample Definitions and Explanations of Numbers, Qualities, and Terms. used in all areas of Arithmetic Alphabetical Order, rendering the whole more Intelligible and the easier Learned, With an Appendix, following the configuration of more Specifics and Slides, than any books wrote purposly on this Subject ever Finished. This Transcribe for and Novelty of Matter and Method, far exceeding the most perfect Arithmetic Exam. N. for all who want in a no time, and with little study, acquire a compleat knowledge of Numbers and Species or would make any consideral Progress in the Mathematick By Edward Hutton Genr . Printed for G Strahan at the Golden Ball, outside the Royal Exchange in Cornhill.

This Day is Publish'd (neatly Printed, Dedicated to the College of Physicians, and Company of Surgeons, and recommended by many of them.)

The most sure Experimented Method of Curing the Veneral Distemper,in all its various Appearances and Consequences. With the proper Remedies for every occasion there if prescribed; as the same are Approved, and at this day concerned, by all the Eminent Physicians and Surgeons in Europe. Prefigatory to which, the Nature. Kinds and Seat of the Disease are unfolded, and the facts of Generation, in both Sexes, liable to Veneral Injuries, D. f. rub'd. The whole being an Experience of everything that has been materially and authentically wrote by all Authors of our own and other Nations upon this Subject. Considered for the use of Country Practioner, and all Young Physicians and Surgeons as likewise for the wife of patients to know whereby they are or have been rightly managed in those Cures. By a regular Surgeon, who at Home and Abroad, made this Branch of the Profession has chief Practice for above 10 years. The Second Edition, with many useful Additions, and valuable Prescriptions, among which are the Generative Drops prepar'd for King Charles and King James II and the late Dr Walls fam'd Injection, as also that most noble and noted Medicine of the Author so rendered the whole Body and Person weakened and abused by the Disease over Purging &c. Strengthner, never till now made publick, for the Receipt of which he was offered 1500 Pistoles, by a Physician in France. Printed for an 1 s. by Tho Crouch Bookseller, at the near Cheapside, 1722. Price bound 2s. 6d. NB. A Thousand of the First Edition of this Book without the Receipts, or other Additions, were sold off a few Years since, in less than six Weeks time, and had then been Printed again, but that some Affairs call'd the Author Abroad.

Just Publish'd

The Tryal and Conviction of Patrick Hurly , of Monaghon in the Country of Clare Gent . Before the Court of Kings Bench in Ireland, on Two several Indictments. The one for Perjury in swearing falsely that he was robbed to the value of Twelve Hundred and One Pounds Nine Shillings. The other for a Conspiracy to cheat the Popish Inhabitants of the Country of Clare, of the said amount, by colour of an Act of Parliament, an Act for the better suppressing Tories, Robbers, Highwaymen &c. Printed for J. Robberts in Warwick Lane. (Price 1 s. 6 d.)

Where may be had.

I. Of The Laws of CHANGE, or a Method of Calculation of the Hundreds of , Plenty demonstrated, and supplied as Games to use. Which may be extended to the most intricate case of Crimes Imaginable. The Third Edition, Price 1 s.

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