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17th May 1716
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The London new Method and Art of Teaching Children to spell and Read; so as they may, without the Help of any other books, read the Bible In less than Twelve Months Note, This Way of Teaching approved by Most School-Masters as the best. Price Bound 6d. with great allowanced to those who sell or give them away. Arithmetic made easie, according to the New Method now taught ans practis'd in London. Wherein the Rules of that necessary Art are briefly explain'd and illustrated with such Examples, as may suit the meanest Capacity, if they desire to learn it. To which is added a succinct Treatise of decimal Fractions, with compleat Tables, Rules and Examples demonstrating the same. The like not extant in any other Treatise of this Nature. By John Copelayd, Writing-Master. The 2d Edition, Price 1 s. The Pen's Dexterity. On the Ingenious and useful Art of writing Short-Hand. Containing Twenty Copper Plates of all the letters, Characters and Contractions used therein. With Rules and Directions explaining the same to the meanest Capacity. By Jeremiah Rich . Pr.1 s. Maximum in Minimo: Or, Mr. Jer. Rich's Pen's Dexterity compleated, Being the planest and easiest Method of Writing Short-Hand. To which are added. The Terms of the Law complear in Characters at length, Never done till now. By Samuel Botley . The whole curiously engrav'd on Thirty Copper Plates. Pr.1 s.6 d. All Four printed for and sold by Edmund Parker , at the Bible and Crown in Lombard-Street, near Stocks-Market.

BOOKS printed for Andrew Bell , at the Cross Keys and Bible in Cornhill.

THE Second Volume of the History of the most Remarkable Tryals in Great Britain and Ireland in Capital Cases; in which is the Tryal of Sir Walter Rileigh, the Earl of Somerset and his Lady, K. Charl's the First, Ec. Price 6 s. Where may be had the First Volume, pr.6 s. The diverting Works of the Counters of D'Anois, Author of the Ladies Travels into Spain: Containing,1st, The Memoirs of her Own Life; 2dly, All her Spanish Novels and Histories; 3dly, Her Letters; 4thly, The Tales of the Fairies: In three Parts, illustrated with Cuts. pr.6 s. Fourteen Sermons by his Grace Sir William Daws, Lord Archbishop of York. pr.1 s.6 d. stitch'd 2 s. bound. Prayers and Meditations Before, At, and After the Sacrament, by Mons. Drellingcourt, Author of the Christian's Consolation against the Fear of Death. pr.6 d. stich'd 9 d. bound. The Rules of the Water-side, or the general Practice of the Customs, pr.2 s. The Arabian Nights Entertainments; consisting of 1001 Stories told by the Sultaness of the Indies to divert the Sultan from the Execution of a bloody Vow he had made, to marry a Lady every Day; and have her cut off next Morning, in 8 Volumes pr.11 s. The Proceedings against the Rebels in the West, for taking Arms under the D. of Monmouth; tried before the Lord Chief Justice Jefferies, &c. with a compleat List of all the Persons that suffer'd. pr.1 s. A General History of Dreams and Visions, in two Parts pr.2 s.6 d. The History of Genesis; containing the Lives of the Patriarchs; with 40 Cuts. pr.1 s. The Art of Memory, a Treatise very proper for those that are to speak in Publick, pr.1 s.

DAVID POVEY, removed from Hatton Garden near to Exeter-Exchange in the Strand, London, Operator for the Teeth, who had the Honour to clean her late, Majesty's Teeth; he sells a pleasant Dentrifice, being the same that King Charles II constantly used. It makes the Teeth as white as Ivory, and preserves them from decaying, destroying the Scarvy. He hath a Cephalick which certainly cures the Tooth-Art in a Minute's Time, beyond any person in England. If the Teeth are rotten, or uneven, and full of Holes or black Specks, he will make them smooth even sound, and white, so that no Person shall distinguish where the Defect has been. He sets in Artificial Teeth so easie, near, and firm, that they need not be removed for seven Years; and they may eat with them as well as with their former, and cannot be distinguished from their natural ones. He sells a pleasant Water, that prevents any Rottenness from seizing the Teeth, takes all Pains and Imposthumes, Cankers or Swellings out of the Gums, and fastens loose Teeth, which several Persons of Quality and others know to be true. I have sold all that is printed here to most of the Kings, Queens, Princes, Nobility and Gentry in England, since King Charles II. dy'd and before.

For the Good of the Publick.

WHereas several Gentlewomen and others of that Sex in this Kingdom, have contracted an evil Habit of Body, wherein the vicious Humours at first dispers'd thro' the Whole, come at length to be lodg'd in one Part or another, and many times, for Causes too long to be here mentioned are thrown down upon the Womb, occasioning a dangerous. Weakness in one Part, which being neglected, at last turns Cancerous, and often proves Fatal. I cure the Diabetes when given over by all other Persons. This is to acquaint all may have occasion, that a Speedy Relief is to be had from an Experienc'd Midwife, dwelling at the Sign of the Queen's Arms, a Gold Smith's Shop, near Exeter Exchange in the Strand, who perform'd a Cure upon a Lady at the Bath after she was given over by the Physicians, and since has Cured several Gentlewomen and others in the City and Suburbs of London. I should not have put my self in Publick Print, but to satisfy the Afflicted where they may, have speedy Relief after they are given over by all other Persons .

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