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2nd June 1715
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For the Good of the Publick.

Whereas several Gentlewoman and others of that Sex in this Kingdom have contracted an evil Habit of Body, wherein the vicious Humours, at first dispersed through the whole come at length to be lodg'd in one Part or another, and many times (for Causes too long to be here mentioned) are thrown down upon the Womb, occasioning a dangerous Weakness in that Part, which being neglected, at last cures cancerous , and often proves fatal. I sure the Diabetes when given over by all other Persons. This is to acquaint all such as may have occasion , that a speedy Relief is to be had from an experienced Midwife, dwelling now at the Queens Arms, a Goldsmith's Shop, near Exeter Change in the strand, who perform'd a Cure upon a Lady at the Bath, after she was given over by Physicians; and since has cured several Gentlewomen and others in the City and Suburbs of London.

The Royal Ointment for the Gent and Rheumatism ;

BY Recourse to this, and applying it to the Parts aggrieved, the Cause is removed, and immediate Ease given in the most ecquisite Pains, altho' reduc'd to Crutches, as will be attested by both Sexes of the Nobility and Gentry who have experienc'd its wonderful Success. Likewise a certain safe and perfect Cure for the Tooth-ach, that gives Ease the Moment it is applied, without Drawing, and so effectually, that the Pain will never return again; It likewise fastens those that are loose to Admiration, and preserves the Teeth from Rotting or Decaying: To be had next door but one to the Sign of the Cock, near the Dog Tavern in Bow-Lane, turning down by Bow Church in Cheapside.

At the Sign of the Cheshire Cheese, a Tin-Shop in Walbrook, near Stocks-market,

LIveth a Gentlewoman, the Daughter of an eminent Physician, who practis'd in London upwards of 40 Years. She hath an Ointment call'd the Royal Ointment for the Gout, and Rheumatick Pains, and of great Ease and Comfort to both Sexes, at Home and Abroad, as hath been experienc'd by many who have carry'd it with them into foreign Parts; and is therefore of excellent Use for all Travellers. Thus is the Cure compleated; as is well known to several of the Nobility and Gentry who have experienc'd it, and are ready to testify the Truth of its wonderful Success.

She has also a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth-ach, without Drawing, and so effectually, that the Pain will never return again; and not only so, but makes the Teeth as white as Ivory; and fastens those that are loose to Admiration. Her Hours are from 8 in Morning till 12, and from 2 till 6.

THE same Gentlewoman hath a most incomparable Wash to beautify the Face, which far excels all that are extant, as abundance of the greatest Quality have found by Experience, to their great Satisfaction. It takes our all manner of Wrinkles, Freckles, Pimples, Redness, Morphew , Sun-burn, Yellowness caus'd by mercurial poisonous Washes; it also plumps and softens the Skin, making it as smooth and tender as a sucking Child's; the Young it keeps always so, and the Old it makes appear Fair and Young to Admiration: It has nothing of Paint in it, neither doth any Person know the Secret; you may have from half a Crown to five Pounds the Bottle. You may have Pomatums , White-Pots, the like not to be compar'd with; also a Powder for the Teeth, which makes them as white as Snow. She hath a most excellent Secret to prevent Hair from falling, causing it to grow where-ever it is wanting ; she alters Red or Grey Hair to a delicate Light or Dark Brown, which will never change; she shapes the Eye-brows, and makes them Beautiful; she hath a delicate Paste to whiten the Hands, and a Red Pomatum to colour the Lips, and prevents their chopping in Winter. She hath a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth-ach, without drawing, that the Pain will not return.

BOOKS printed for Andrew Bell , at the Cross Keys and Bible in Cornhill.

THE 8 Volumes of the Arabian Nights Entertainment Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories, told by the Sultaness of the Indias , to divert the Sultan from the Execution of a bloody Vow he had made to Marry a Lady even Day, and have her cut off next Morning, to avenge himself for the Disloyalty of his first Sultaness, &c. Pr. 11 s. The diverting Works of the Countess D'Anois, Author of the Ladies Travels into Spain; to which is added the Tales of the Fairys, illustrated with Cuts, pr. 6 s. A General History of Dreams. In Two Parts. pr. 2 s. 6 d. The History of Genesis . A Book very proper for instructing Youth in reading. With Forty Cuts. pr. 1 s. The Art of Memory. A very proper for those that speak in publick. pr. 1 s. Lines British and Foreign; being a Collection of all the Great Men that dy'd in the Years 1711 and 12. pr. 10 s.

Printed for SAMUEL CROUCH, at the Corner of Pope's-head Ally in Cornhill; And Sold by J. Baker, at the Black Boy in Pater-master-row . (Price 2 d.)

Advertisements are taken in by John Humfreys, Printer, in Bartholworn-lane , behind the R. Exchanges .

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