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30th June 1714
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THE History of Nonconformity, containing the Grounds thereof, with an Account of the Ministers &c who were ejected after the Restoration of K. Charles II. their Apology for themselves and their Adherents; their Treatment in the Reign of King Charles and King James, and after the Revolution; and the Continuation of their History, to the passing of the Bill against Occasional Conformity in 1715, in 2 Volumes. By Edmund Calamy, D. D. Price 14 Shillings. Printed for John Lawrence, at the Angel in the Poultry.

This is to certifie, that my Child being violently afflicted with Pain and other Disorders, by the hard Breeding of Teeth, that famous Remedy prepared for those Cases by Mr. Perronet Surgeon, was used with so much Success, that I cannot attribute the happy Preservation of my Child's Life, next under God, but to the Use of that excellent Medicine. Witness my Hand, William Clarke, at the White Peruke in Great Queen-street, by Lincolns-Inn-Fields, Peruke Maker. This Medicine is sold at 2s. 6d. per Vial, by the Author Mr. Perronet aforesaid, at the Surgeons Arms, against the End of Dyot Street in St. Giles's in the Fields, and by Mr. Alcross, at the Blue-Coat-Boy against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill; at which Places may be had Sir Kenelm Digby's Apoplectick Powder, or Snuff, which effectually cures all Pains, Vapours, Dizziness, Heaviness, Impostumes, Stoppages and Drowsiness of the Head, Defluxion of Rheum, upon the Eyes, Loss of Smell, and Thickness of Hearing. Price 1 s. 6 d.

For the good of the Publick.

Whereas several Gentlewomen, and others of that Sex, in this Kingdom, have contracted an evil Habit of Body, wherein the vicious Humours at first dispers'd thro' the whole, come at length to be lodg'd in one part or another, and many times, for Causes too long here to be mention'd, are thrown down on the Womb, occasioning a dangerous Weakness in that part, which being neglected, at last turns Cancerous, and often proves fatal. This is to acquaint all such as may have occasion, that a certain and speedy Relief is to be had from an experienc'd Midwife; dwelling now at the Sign of the

Queen's Arms over-against Exeter Change in the Strand, who lately perform'd a wonderful Cure upon a Lady at the Bath, after she was given over by Physicians, and has since cur'd several Gentlewomen and other in the City and Suburbs of London.

THE Gentlewoman who practised Physick in Distempers incident to her own Sex in Wine-Office Court, and Hind-Court, being now returned to England, This is to give Notice to those Ladies who have lamented her Absence, by reason of the poisonous Mercurials, and Bismuth Powder (a Preparation made up with Aqua-Fortis) sold at Chymists, Apothecaries, and Powder-Shops, they have been forced to make use of for want of her excellent Preparations, that she now is to be spoken with at the Golden Hart and Golden Ball, next Door to Mr. Ridout, Surgeon, in Salisbury-Court, Fleet-street; where they may by furnished with her Cosmeticks for the Face, prepar'd by her own Hand, which take away infallibly all Redness, Pimples, Freckles, Morphew, Scurf, &c. She likewise prepares the Bavarian Red Liquor, which gives a pleasant Blushing Colour to those that are of a pale Complexion, which is so natural, that the nicest Scrutiner cannot dinstinguish; and gives her Advice in Physck, as formerly, to her own Sex, who thro' Modesty cannot relate their Disorders to a Male Physician.

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