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11th January 1712
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All Melancholy, Hysterical and Hypochondriacal Distempers, which variously affect the Mind, with strange Fears, and disposal Apprehensions; Paintings and Sinkings of it Spirits, great Hurries, Restlessness and Disquietment. (little understood, and seldom cured by any common Means) also Pain, and Giddiness of the Head, Risings to the Throat, Sick-fits, Tremblings. Oppressions of the Heart. or any other Disorders caus'd by Vapours, are successfully cured (with God's Blessing) by a Physician well experienc'd therein, and of more than 20 Years Practice in those deplorable Cases; who also cures all kinds of Fits, tho' strange and violent, of curable, which he information sight of these Water. Living next door to Shadwell Coffee-House in Upper-Shadwell, near London; where those that have occasion, and live remote, may direct their Letters, and they shall be speedily answer'd, as attended on , if desired.

Ldisworth's Record Ink Powder, is made and sold at the Golden Ball in Cannon-street, London. Each Six-Penny Paper of 3 Ounces makes a Pint of the best Ink. or Quart, as by Directions, sealed up, (the same in proposition, for greater Quantities.) Sold by the Stationers, Booksellers, and Haberdashers, in the chiefest Cities and Towns in Great-Britain and Ireland.

An Account of the late Conversion of Mr. John Barville , alias Barton, from Popery to the Reformed Church of England; with the Form of his solemn Abjuration of the Romish Religion. Written by himself. To which are added, a Letter of the Revetend Dr. Kennett, Dean of Peterborough, to the said Mr. Barville, upon occasion of his being reconciled to the Church of England. And also the Forms of Renouncing Popery, made by some other late Converts.

Satyrical Reflections on Clubs; in 29 Chapters, viz. 1. Of Clubs in general. 2. The Vertuoso's Club. 3. The Knights of the Golden Fleece. 4. The No-Nose Club. 5. The Man-killing Club. 6. The Surly Club. 7. The Atheistical-Club 8. The Club of Ugly-Faces. 9. Of the Split-Farthing Club. 10. The Club of Broken Shop-keepers. 11. The Man-Hunters Club. 12. The Yorkshire Club. 13. The Mock-Heroes Club. 14. The Beauxe Club. 15. The Wrangling, of Hussel Parthing Club. 16. The Quack's Club: Or, the Physical Society. 17. The Weekly Dancing Club: Or, the Buttock-Ball in St. Giles's. 18. The Bird-Fanciers Club; and of their Annual Feast. 19. The Lying Club; and how it came to be establish'd. 20. The Scatter-Wit Club. 21. The Florists Club. 22. Buh Weden's Cellar Club. 23. The Mollies Club. 24. The Bawds initiating Club. 25. Sam. Scot 's Smoaking Club. 26. The Thieves Club. 27. The Small-Coal Man's Musick Club. 28. The Kit-Cat Club. 29. The Beef-Stake Club. By the Author of the London-Spy. Vol. IV.

Politics: In Select Discourses of Monsieur Bolzac, which he call'd his Aristippus, or Wise Scholar. Done into English by Basil Kennett , Fellow of C. C. C. Oxford ; now Chapter in a British Factory abroad. To which are added, An Advertisement of the Translation, and an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author.

Sacramental Exercises: Or, The Christian's Employment Before, At, and After the Lord's Supper. To which is added, A Discourse of Hearing; being a Farewell-Sermon Preach'd in Lime-Street, Sept. 29, 1706. By Jabex Barle.

All Printed for J. Phillips, next Door to the Fleece. Tavern in Cornhill.

Printed by John Humfreys in Bartholomew-lane, behind the Royal-Exchange, (where Advertisements are taken in) for JOHN PHILLIPS at the Black Bull in Cornhill; And sold by A. Buldwin in Warwick-lane. Price 2 d.

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