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15th January 1707
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Sir Robert Bedingfeld, Kt. Lord Mayor.

Books Printed for Charles Brome, at the West-end of St. Pauls.

Lestranges Alliance of Divine offices, Folio.

Dr. Comber on the Common Prayer. Folio

-on the Church Catechism. 8vo

-Christians best Exercise. 4vo

-Daily frequenting the Common Prayer. 8vo

Heylin on the Creed. Folio

Bp. Taylors Life of Christ. Folio

- Holy, Living and Dying. 8vo

-Golden Grove. 120

Bp Rens Exposition on the Church Catechism. 8vo

-Directions for Prayer. 8vo Stitcht pr. 2d.

-3 Hymns. Sticht 2d.

-Manual of Prayers for Winebester Scholars. 120

Blomes History of the Bible. 410

Bp Wilkins Real Character. Folio

-Natural Religion. 8vo


Whereas in the last Sessions book, page 2. first Column, it is put M. B. was indicted for privately stealing five Dollars from Robert Russel, &c. The said M. B. must be Mary Bowers was indicted, &c. which is desired may be corrected.

At the Three Black-birds in the Great Minories, near Aldgate.

Is sold a Never-failing Ointment, that cures the Gout, tho the Party be reduced to Crutches, and that in 2 or 3 days time, having been found true by Experience, to the great Ease and Comfort of many; it also cures Rheumatick Pains. Likewise a certain and infallible Cure for the Tooth Ach, without Drawing, and that so effectually, that the Pain will never return; and not only so, but makes Teeth as white as Ivory, and fastens those that are loose to Admiration.

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