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28th August 1700
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WE present a Printed Paper Intitaled, Mr. Charnocks Letter, wrote to a Friend after Condemnation, lately dispersed, to be a Traiterous and Viralent Libel, of most pernicious Consequence, tending to Alienate the Hearts of his Majesty's Subjects from their due Allegiance to their most Rightful and Lawful Soveraign King WILLIAM, the best of Princes. We also present a Poem called The Foreigners

WHeras there comes out generally the same Evening a false and scandalous Account of the Dying Criminals, this is to acquaint the World that no true Account can be given, but what is attested by the Ordinaries own Hand, and constantly Published by E. Mallet the next Day.

Whereas a Watch was lost the 13th of August, 1700 having a double Silver Case, the inward Case lined with Crimson-Sattin, the Makers Name Jasper Harmer, with a Silver-Brocaide Ribbon, upon a purple Ground; if sold or pawned to any Person, their Money shall be returned, or if stopped, a Guinea for their Care, upon delivery to Edward Paige, Surgeon, at the White-Hart in Ludgate street, over against Ludgate-Church.


W. Elmy, Professor of Physick and Operator, Famous for Relieving and Curing Deafness and Noise in the Ears in any, hath Practised almost 40 Years, still Liveth at the Bleu-Ball in Whalebone Court, the lower-end of Bartholomew lane, near the Royal-Exchange, London. He is ready upon any occasion of that Nature to serve such as apply to them. He doth challenge the whole World to perform the like Cures which he has done in Deafness. Beware of some who pretend the same.

I have Remedies ready prepared for the Preservation of the Hearing, in those who through some great defects in the Sounding Membraine, and other Impediments in the Auditory Passages, are not perfectly Curable; which Remedies preserve them from ever growing worse, and improves their Hearing to Old Age.

He bath likewise a most excellent Gargarisin or Mouth Water, which will make black or yallow Teeth as white as Ivory in a few times using; and it will certainly Cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums. The Glasses are of several Prices, with Directions.

THE most excellent Anti-Hectic LOZENGES, of a very pleasant Taste, and never made publick till now, being the Prescription of a very Eminent and Ancient Physician lately Deceased; which are a great Specifick for preventing Consumption, wonderfully Sweetning the whole Mass of Blood, and by their Noble Bilsamick Vertue restoring the decay of Nature, correcting the Acid Humour in the Stomach, commonly called the Heart-burn, proceeding from hard Indigestion, which arises from many Causes, but chiefly hard Drinking. They are a great Diuretick, and very prevalent against the Stone; they remove the Heat and Sharpness of Urine: And in fine, they are one of the best Medicines in the World to prevent Miscarriage.

Are sold at Mr. Bilingsly's shop, at the Printing-Press, under the Piazza's of the Royal Exchange Mr. Banbury Bookseller, in the lower Walk of the New Exchange in the Strand. Hannam's Toy Shop, at the Golden-Cup, on the North-side of St. Pauls, Mr. Lander's Tin-Shop in Fetterlane, and at Mr. Dancer, Bookseller, next St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street. Price one Shilling each Box.

B. Lilburn, that lately Lived on Ludgate-hill, next to the Kings Arms Tavern near Fleet-Bridge, now Lives at the Golden-Board, and Ball, near the Globe-Tavern, in little Moor-fields, near great Moor gate, up one Pair of Stairs. Who maketh and selleth, (and has done above 16 Years; the Water for taking away the Freckels Pimple, Worms, and Morphew in the Face: With Elixir Salutis, Balsimurn Vite, Tinctura Vitae. Waters and Ointments for the Eyes, and Ointments for fore Nipples; Ointments for the Rickets, Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Aches, Strains, &c. Powders, Dentrifices, Elixirs, Essences, Oils, Spirits, &c. both for Ornament, and Curing most Distempers incident to Humane Bodies; where you may have Advice as well as Medicines likewise Judgment upon Urine.

The Water for the Freckles, Pimples, &c. The Author has for some Years past, left with several for Sale; and now doth understand, they have been abused by Counterfeits; which to prevent for the future, doth desire those who have bought from them - and not found the Effects answer the Ends for which it is proposed, to acquaint her with it, and where they bought it - and likewise to take notice of the Seal, viz. The 3 Water-budgets, and B. L. on the top of the Seal. The Price of the half Pint-bottle 3 s.

A Most certain, safe and speedy Method of Curing the French-Disease without Fluxing, Danger or confinement, tho in the worst State and of some Year continuance is still Profest and Practiced by a Physician, at the Golden-hall, next door but one to Tom's Coffee house, in a Court adjoining to Ludgate. His Medicines may be conveyed to any part of the Kingdom, or to Sea, and there taken with Safety and Success. They Cure a Gonorrhaea, Running of the Rein or Clap, Pain, Heat, Scalding in making Water, &c. in a few Days: And very speedily take away all Aches or Pains in the Head, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, or Night-Pains; Sores or Ulcers in the Mouth or Throat; All Sorn and stubborn Scabs, or breaking out in any part of the Body; preserve the Palate and Bridge of the Nose; purifie the Blood; perfectly free the Body of the Remains of any Pox or Clap formerly ill Cured; and certainly prevent these Diseases it but in Danger.

They Cure with such Privacy, that those you are constant in Company with, shall not suspect it. His Pills, so much Fam'd for Curing this Disease, are 3 s. or 6 s. a Box with Directions.

THe Famous Issue-Plaister, prepared by a Chirurgeon, of a very Fragrant and Pleasant Scent, sticking without Rolling or Binding, spread upon Issue-Paper, and such a Quantity sold for 1 s. as will make eleven Dozen of Plaisters; may be had with Printed Directions how to dress your Issue, at Mr. Billingsly's at the Printing-Press, under the Piazza of the Royal Exchange Mr. Hannam's at the Golden-Cup, a Toyshop on the North-side of St. Paul's, Mr. Dancer's Bookseller next St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street, Mr. Smeaton's at the Hand and Pen against the May-Pole in the Strand, and Mrs. Michels, the first Toy Shop in Westminster-Hall.

Beware of one Garway a Fruiterer, who Connterfeits.

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