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15th January 1700
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W. Elmy, Professor of Physick, and Operator, of known Integrity, Liveth at the Blue-Ball in Whalebone-Court, at the lower-end of Bartholomew-lane, by the Royal-Exchange.

WHO most safely and expeditiously Cures Deafness and Noise in Ears, in any, of what Age soever, if curable, and at first sight, by Inspection resolves the Patient if so or not, as most eminent Persons of Quality can testify.

I have Remedies ready prepared for the Preservation of Hearing in those who through some great Defects in the Sounding Membrane, and other Impediments in the Auditory Passages, are not perfectly curable; which Remedies preserves them from ever growing worse, and improves their Hearing in Old Age. I could menton Hundreds of Patients that I have Cured, and make no doubt but this famous City is satisfied in the Ability and Care of yours, W. Elmy.

Likewise he infallibly cures the French Diseale and Clap, and all other its numorous Attendants, which oftentimes are the products of other grievous and lasting Diseases, to the utter ruin of many, besides frequently untimely Death, procured by them through grand Abuses, committed by the Irregular and Base Methods and Medicinee of Foolish and Unskilful Pretenders.

His Pills only prepared for the French Disease and Running of the Reins, may be had in Boxes of several Prices, with other Venereal Arcanaes, as occasion requires. Price from 1 s. 6 d. to 3 s. and from 3 s. to 6 s. the Box, Smith Directions. These Pills are free from any Mercury, and proper in all Diseases where Purging is requisite.

He hath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth-water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory in a few times using; and it will certainly Cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums. The Glasses are of several Prices, with Directions.

*** That you may not mistake, my Sign is the Blue-Ball.

The above said Pills and Gargarism may be had of J: Mayes, Printer and Stationer, next door to the Castle-Tavern in Fleet-street.

A New way of Glass-Clipping, performed without Fire, Lamp, or Mouth Suction, invented by F, HAWKSBEE' only, in Giltspur-street, just without Newgate, who now for the Publick Good selleth the Engine, Glasses, Scarrifying Flems, and all other Appurtenances that compleat its Practice; which is so easie, that upon sight of the manner of the Operation, any Person is capable of performing it. He hath Glasses that will Cup a whole Finger or Toe at once, besides others larger and smaller, that can be useful any other way several Glasses being to be applied at a time where there is occasion, and but one small Engine required in the use of them all; the Suction to be continued to any degree, as the Operator shall find necessary. Attendance is daily given at the place aforesaid, to shew the manner of the Operation to any Phisitian or Surgeon that shall desire it, it being now practised, by several of the most eminent Surgeons both of this City and Kingdom. Any Surgeon living in the Country, and is desirous to have an Engine, and sett of Glasses, shall be furnished with Directions in Writing how to order them, and whatsoever else is necessary to be known in relation to the Practise of them.

AT the farthest House on the Left-hand, in Blew-Ball Court, in Salisbury Court Fleet-street, (being the first Court on the Left-hand, over against Saisbury-Square, Persons may have all manner of Business depending before the Council. Lords Commissioners of his Majestys Treasury Admiralty, and Navy Office, &c. Out in the Law, Causes depending in the High-Court of Chancery, Courts of Kings-Bench Common-Pleas, Exchequer, &c. Speedily and Faithfully Sollicited. Persons may here be Furnished with what Sums they please on good Mortgages. Any who have Estates Houses. Grounds. Rents. &c. to Sell, if the Titles are indisputable, and they will deal on reasonable Terms, may here be recommended to able Purchasers. I likewise make an Interest to invest Gentlemen and others, in Employments suitable to their several Qualities and Capacities. I have now Places both in City and Country to dispose of, from 1200 to 50 l. a Year: Many for Life; Qualifications for most, required only to Write a legible Hand: Most of the great ones, but small Attendance, and may be manag'd by Deputies: For the particulars, I refer to my Bills, published in most Coffee-houses: Or any Gentleman may be furnish'd with them at my House Gratis.

WHereas Mr. Edmond Searle, lately deceased, was so famous at curing all forts of Deasness, this is therefore to Adverise all Persons that Graves Overton, his only Servant, lives at the Hand and Ear in Pye Corner, alias Gilt-spur-street, near Newgate, where he performs the same Cures by his Masters secret Method There being now, none of his Masters Family living but himself, that performs the said Cure.

THe Famous Issue-Plaister prepared by a Chirurgeon, of a very Fragrant and Pleasant Scent, sticking without Rolling or Binding, spread upon Issue-Paper, and such a Quantity sold for 1 s. as will make 11 dozen of Plaisters, may be had with Printed Directions how to dress your Issue, at Mr. Billingsly's Shop, at the Printing-Press under the Piazza of the Royal Exchange Mr. Dancer's Bookseller next St. Difnstan's Church in Fleet street. Mr. Hannam's at the Golden Cup, a Toy-Shop on the North side of St. Paul's, Mr, Smeaton's at the Hand and Pen against the May-Pole in the Strand, and at Mrs Thornton's the first Toy Shop in Westminster-Hall. To prevent Connterfiets my Coat of Arms is upon the Paper. The Plaister Roll'd up viz. A Lyon Passant between three Starrs Index. beware of the Garways Fruiterer who Counterfiets,

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