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4th May 1698
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BOOKS printed and sold by Andrew Bell at the Cross-keys and Bible in Cornhill, near Stocks-Market.

THE General History of England both Ecclesiastical and Civil, from the earliest Accounts of Lime to the Reign of his present Majesty King William III. Taken from the most Antient Records, Manuscripts and Historians. Containing the Lives of the Kings, and Memorials of the most Eminent Persons both in Church and State. Vol. 1. By James Tyrrel Esq; Fol. Price 1 l.

A Detection of the Court and State of England during the 4 last Reigns, and the Interregnum. By R. Coke Esq; Price 7 s.

An Abridgment of Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World, in 5 Books. Price 5 s.

Gauging and Measuring made Easie: being a brief Compendium of Measuring of Surfaces and Solids after a more concise and intelligible Manner than commonly practised.

A compleat History of Europe: Or, a View of the Affairs thereof, Civil and Military, from the beginning of the Treaty of Nimeguen, 1676, to the Conclusion of the Peace at Reswick, 1697. Price 6 s.

An Essay concerning the Power of the Magistrate, and the Rights of Mankind in Matters of Religion. With some Reasons in particular for the Diffenters not being oblig'd to take the Sacramental Test but in their own Churches, and for a General Naturalization. Together with a Postscript in answer to the Letter to a Convocation-man. Price 2 s.

A Rational and Speedy Method of attaining to the Latin Tongue. In 2 parts. The First containing such Precepts as are common to all Languages. The Second what is more peculiar to the Latin Tongue. By A. Lane M. A. Price 1 s.

The Art of Memory: A Treatise useful for all, especially such as are to speak in publick. By Marius D'Assigny B. D. Price 1 s.

Short-hand yet shorter; or the Art of Short-writing advanced in a more swift, easy, regular, and natural Method than bitherto. By G. Ridpath. The 2d Edition. Price 1 s.

The Diseases of Women with Child, and in Child-bed, as also the best means of helping them in natural and unnatural: abors. With Remedies for the Indispositions of new-born Babes. With divers fair Figures in Copper A Work more perfect than any extant in English, and necessary for Chirurgeons and Midwives. Translated by Dr. Chamberlen. Price in Calf, 4 s.

Rutherford's Letters. Price 3 s.

The Fulfilling of the Scriptures. By Robert Fleming. Price 2 s.

The Providences of God towards this Nation in introducing the True Religion. The 2d Edition. By the late Slingsby Bethel Esq; Price 1 s.

An Essay concerning a Vacuum; wherein is endeavoured to be demonstrated, that a Vacuum Interspersum runs through the World, and is more or less in all Bodies. By a Lover of the Corpuscular Philosophy. Price 6 d.

The Militia Reform'd; or an easy Scheme of Furnishing England with a constant Land-force, capable to prevent or to subdue any Foreign Power; and to maintain perpetual Quiet at Home, without endangering the Publick Liberty. Price 1 s.

A Letter to a Member of Parliament, shewing that a Restraint on the Press is absolutely inconsistent with the Protestant Religion, and dangerous to the Liberties of the Nation.

The Grounds and Occasions of the Controversy toaching the Unity of God, &c. The Methods by which it has been manag'd, and the Means to compose it. With some Remarks on the late Mr. THOMAS FIRMIN and other Unitarians. By a Divine of the Church of England. Printed for E. Whitlock near Stationers-hall. Price 1 s.


W. Elmy, Professor of Physick and Operator, of known Integrity, liveth at the Blue Ball in Whalebone-Court, at the lower End of Bartholomew-lane, by the Royal Exchange.

WHO most safely and expeditiously cross Deafness and Noise in the Ears in any, of what Age soever, (if curable) and at first sight, by Inspection, resolves the Patient if so or not, as most eminent Persons of quality can testify

I have Remedies ready Prepared for the Preservation of the Hearing, in those who though some great Defects in the Sounding Membrare, and other Impediments in the Auditors Passages are not perfectly Curable; which Remedies preserves them from ever growing worse, and improves their Hearing to old Age.

I could mention hundred of Patients that I have cured, but I have omitted 'em, and make no doubt but it is Famous City is sufficiently satisfied in the Ability and Care of yours,

W. Elmy.

There are some in a Counterfeit way pretend the same.

He bath likewise a Pill which cleanseth the Blood from all Impurities, infallibly curing the Scurvy. It cures the Head-Ach to Admiration, taking away Vapours offer five to the Brain. It creates a good Stomach and Digestion: Takes away sharpness of Urine and cleanseth the Reins, and being a certain and present Remedy for the Gout. It cures all Joynt-Pains, resists Fevers and Surfeits, and preserves the Body in perfect health. He hath Boxes of several Prices, according as Necessity requires, with Directions from 1 s. 6 d. to 3 s. and from 3 s. to 6 s.

He hath also an Expeditious way in curing all Pains in the Teeth, without drawing them. He bath likewise a most excellent Gargarism or Mouth-water, which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory in a few times using, and it will certainly cure the Scurvy, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth, and Gums. The Glasses are of several Prices, with Directions.

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