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8th December 1697
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London, Printed by J. D. for Andrew Bell, at the Cross-keys and Bible in Cornhill, and Sold by R. Baldwin at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-lane, 1697.

BOOKS printed, and sold by Andrew Bell at the Cross-keys and Bible in Cornhill, near Stocks-Market.

THE General History of England both Ecclesiastical and Civil, from the earliest Accounts of Time to the Reign of his present majesty King William III. Taken from the most Antient Records, Manuscripts and Historians. Containing the Lives of the Kings, and Memorials of the most Eminent Persons both in Church and State. With the Foundations of the Noted Monasteries and both the Universities. Vol. 1. By James Tyrcel Esq; Fol. Price 1 l.

A New History of Ecclesiastical Writers: Containing an Account of the Authors of the several Books of the Old and New Testament; and the Lives and Writings of the Primitive Fathers; An Abridgment and Catalogue of all their Works, &c. To which is added a compenditious History of the Councils, &c. Written in French by Lewis Ellies du Pin, Doctor of the Sorbon. In 7 Vol. Fol. Price 2 l. 5 s.

A Detection of the Court and State of England during the 4 last Reigns, and on the Interregnum; consisting of private Memoirs, &c. With Observations and Reflections; and an Appendix discovering the present State of the Nation. Wherein are many Secrets never before made publick; as also a more impartial Account of the Civil Wars in England than has yet been given. By Rog. Coke Esq; The 3d Edition very much corrected with an Alphabetical Table. Printed on a New Character, and a better Paper than the former Editions. Price 7 s.

An Abridgement of Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World, in 5 books. 1. From the Creation to Abraham. 2. From Abraham to the Destruction of the Temple of Solomon. 3. From the Destruction of Jerusalem to Philip of Macedon. 4. From Philip of Macedon to the Race of Antigonus. 5. From the establishment of Alexander until the Conquest of Asia and Macedon by the Romans. Wherein the particular Chapters are succinctly abridg'd according to his own Method, in the larger Volume. To which is added his Premonition to Princes. Price 5s. 6 d.

An essay concerning the power of the Magistrate, and the Rights of Mankind in Matters of Religion. With some Reasons in particular for the Dissenters not being oblig'd to take the Sacramental Test but in their own Churches, and for the General Naturalization. Together with a Postscript in answer to the Letter to a Convocation man. Price 2 s.

Joannis Clerici Ars[Text unreadable in original.], in qua ad Studia Linguarum Latiniae, Graecae, & Hebraicae via munitur; Veterumque emendandorum, & Spuriorum Scriptorum a Genuinis dignoscendorum ratio traditur. In 2 Vol. Price 5 s.

A Rational and Speedy Method of attaining to the Latin Tongue. In 2 parts. The First containing such Precepts as are common to all Languages. The Second which is more [Text unreadable in original.] to the Latin Tongue, The whole being fitted to the Leanest Capacites, not only those of riper Years, but any Child that can read English, may by this Method in a little time arrive at a greater degree of Knowledg than is usually attain'd after several years Drudgery in the common Road. Most Logical Terms being in this Treatise also explain'd, the Art of Reasoning may be perfectly learn'd without too much further trouble. By A. Lane M. A. Price 1 s.

The Art of Memory: A Treatise useful for all, especially such as are to speak in publick. By Marius D'Assigny B. D. Price 1 s.

Scotland's Sovereignty affected. Being a Dispute concerning Homage, against those who maintain that Scotland is a Fee Liege of England, and that the King of Scots owes Homage to the King of England. By Sir Tho. Craig. Translated from the Latin Manuscript, with a Preface containing a Confutation of that Homage said to be performed by Malcolm III. to Edward the Confessor, and published by Mr. Rymer. Price 5 s.

The Present State of England as to Coin and publick Charges. In 3 Parts. Treating of the Necessity of more Money, and of Ways and Means to procure it; of Raising its Value, against which the opposite Prejudices, as injurious to King, Parliament, and People, with Mr. Lock's chief Positions, are refuted by demonstrable Reason and Matter of Fact. By J. Hodges. Price 3 s. 6 d.

A Supplement to it. 4 d.

Short-hand yet shorter, or the Art of Short-writing advanced in a more swift, easy, regular, and natural Method than hitherto. By G. Ridpath. The 2d Edition. Price 1s.

A Discourse on the late Funds of the Million-Act, Lottery-Act, and Bank of England. By J. Briscoe. The 3d Edition, with Additions. Price 2 s.

Advice to the Young; or the Reasonableness and Advantages of an Early Conversion, in several Sermons on Eccles. 12. 1. Price 2. s.

---- The Groans of a Saint under the Burden of a mortal Body. A Sermon preach'd at the Funeral of Mr. John Belcher, late Minister of the Gospel, from Cor. 5. 4. Price 6 d.

--- Hymns in Commemoration of the Sufferings of our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, compos'd for the Celebration of his holy Supper. Price 6 d.

--- A Poem to the memory of Mr. Timothy Cruso, late Minister of the Gospel. Price 6 d. These 4 by Joseph Stennet.

Emblems by Fra. Quarles, with the Hieroglyphicks; all the Cuts being newly illuminated. Price 5 s.

The History of Genesis, illustrated with 40 Copper Plates. Price 1. s. 6 d.

Artamenes, or the Grand Cyrus, that famous Romance. In 10 Books. By Mons. De Saudary. English'd by F. G. Adorn'd with various Sculptures, Price 25 s.

Chamberlen's Midwifery, the third Edition. Price 4 s. Calf.

Rutherford's Letters. Price 3 s.

The Fulfilling of the Scriptures for confirming Believers, and convincing Atheists, with rare Histories of the Works of eminent Persons in the Church of God. The 3d. Edition. By Robert Fleming. Price 2 s.

An Exposition with practical Observations on the Book of Job: By Alexander Nisbet. Price 4 s. 6 d.

A Directory of Prayer, being a Commentary on the 20th Psalm. By R. Campel.

A Help to Prayer, or a Direction how to perform that holy Duty, that it may be well pleasing to God. With Prayers for Morning and Evening.

--- An Assize Sermon preached at St. Edmunsbury in Suffolk before the Right honourable the Lord Chief Justice Holt, and John Packe Esq; High Sheriff of the County, in March last.

--- A Sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable, Sir H. Edwin, Lord Mayor, and the Aldermen of London, Nov. 5. 1697. These 3 by Tho. Knaggs M. A. Chaplain to the Right Honourable Ford, Earl of Tankerville.

Gaging made easy.

The Providences of God towards this Nation in Introducing the True Religion, and then in the defence of that preserving the People in their Rights and liberties, while other Nations were ravish'd of theirs, as our Counsellors desig'd for us. The 2d Edition. By the late Slingsby Bethel Esq. Price 1 s.


There is now in Press, and will be speedily pulish'd, A complete History of Europe: Or, a View of the Affairs thereof, Civil and Military, from the beginning of the Treaty of Nimeguen, 1678, to the Conclusion of the Peace at Riswick, 1697. Wherein is included the Preliminaries and Articles of the former, the Infringements thereof, the History of the Confederacy, and the Revolution of England &c With a particular Relation of all the Actions by Sea and Land on both sides, and the several Steps that have been made in order to this General Peace, from the first Offers thereof after the Battel of La Hague, to the happy Conclusion. Wherein are divers Original Papers and Memoirs never before publish'd. Written by a Gentleman concern'd therein; and who kept an exact Journal of Affairs for above these 20 Years. With an Introduction, giving an Account of the World before the Treaty of Nimeguen, and all the Advances that have been made for the obtaining an Universal Monarchy. In 8o. Printed for John Harris and John Nicholson in Little-Britain; and Andr. Bell at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhil.

Whereas Ann Laurence (of middle Stature, about 24 Years old, of a very fresh Colour, has a King's Evil-mark in her right Arm below her elbow, is near Kinswoman to Mr. Alder at the blew Boar-Inn in Whitechappel, and kept the last Bartholomew and Southwark Fairs with Toys) went away from her Lodging at Mr. Machel's in Salmon Court on Bread-street Hill, October the 3d last, and took with her five pounds ten shillings and six pence; whosoever secures her that she may be brought to Justice, and gives Notice to M. Machel at the Post-boy Ale-house at the back gate of the General Post-Office, London, shall have ten shillings Reward.

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