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24th February 1697
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Some Books Printed for B. Aylmer, at the Three Pigeons in Cornhil.

THE Works of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, containing Fifty four Sermons and Discourses on Several Occasions; together with the Rule of Faith, Being all that were published by his Grace himself, and now collected into one Volume: To which is added, an Alphabetical Table of the Principal Matters. Price 20 s.

Six Sermons; viz. Of Stedfastness in Religion. Of Family Religion. Of Education of Children. Of the Advantages of an Early Piety. By his Grace, John, late Archbishop of Canterbury. In 120. price 18 d.

A Persuasive to frequent Communion in the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; Also by his Grace, John, late Archbishop of Canterbury. in 120. Bound 6 d. or Stitch'd in 8vo. 3 d. or something Cheaper to those that are so Charitable to give away Numbers.

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old Testament and the New; with Annotations, and very exact Parallel Scriptures. To which is Annex'd the Harmony of the Gospels; as also the Reduction of the Jewish Weights, Coins and Measures, to our English Standards. And a Table of the Premises in Scripture. By Samuel Clark, Minister of the Gospel. Printed in Folio on a very Fair Letter; the like never before in one Volume. To which is newly added a very Exact and Useful Concordance. Price 30 Shill.

The Works of the Learned Isaac Barrow D. D. late Master of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge. Published by the Reverend Dr. Tillotson, late Archbishop of Canterbury. The Third Volume. Containing Forty five Sermons, upon several Occasions, compleating his English Works.

A Brief Exposition of the Apostles Creed, by the Learned Dr. Isaac Barrow, late Master of Trinity College in Cambridge; (Never before printed, being very different from his Volume of Sermons on it:) to which is added, his Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, &c. Printed for B. Aylmer. In 8 vo. Price 4 s. 6 d.

Practical Discourses upon the Consideration of our Latter End, and the Danger and Mischief of Delaying Repentance. By Dr. Isaac Barrow, in 8 vo. Price 18 d.

The Four Last Things, viz. Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell: Practically Considered and Applied. By W. Bates, D. D. in 120. Price 2 s.

Sermons of the Forgiveness of Sins. On Psalm 130. v. 4. Also by Dr. Bates. Price 18 d.

The Cure of Distractions in Attending upon God. In several Sermons. By Nathanael Vincent, M. A. In 8vo. Price 2 s.

Also several Sermons against the Love of the World. By N. Vincent. In 120. Price 12 d.

Also his Sermon at the Funeral of Mr. Lawrence. 6 d.

Enchiridion Medicum: Or, A Manual of Physick. Being a Compendium of the whole Art. In 3 Parts. viz. I. Of Diseases of the Head. II. Of Diseases of the Breast. III. Of the Diseases of the Belly. Wherein is briefly shewed; 1. The Names. 2. The Derivation. 3. The Causes. 4. The Signs. 5. The Prognosticks. And 6. A Rational Method of Cure. Comprehending the substance of the more approved Authors both Ancient and Modern. Published for the Benefit of all Persons, being fitted to the meanest Capacity. By Robert Johnson, Med. Professor. Price 2 s. 6 d.

A Brief Concordance to the Holy Bible, of the most usual and useful Places which one may have occasion to seek for: In a new Method. By Samuel Clark. M.A. Price 2 s.

The Great Concern: Or, A serious Warning to a timely and thorough Preparation for Death; with Helps and Directions thereunto. By Edward Pearse. Recommended as proper to be given at Funerals, Price 1 s.

A Warning to Clippers, Coiners, and Highwaymen, being the Dying Speeches of Two Penitent Criminals; Daniel Chapman for Clipping, and David Tanner for Robbing on the Highway, who were Executed at Glecester, the 19th of August 1696. Price 2 d.

The Advice of a Father: Or Counsel to a Child; Directing him how to demean himself in the most important Passages of this Life. By E C. Gent. In 12 s. Price 12 d.

A Conference with an Anabaptist. By Dr. Assheton of Beckenham in Kent. Price 12 d.

A Theological Discourse of Last Wills and Testaments. Also by Dr. Assheton. Price 12 d.

Several small Books against Debauchery, Profaneness, Blasphemy, Cursing and Swearing, &c. By Dr. Assheton. Price 2 d. each, and something cheaper to them that give away Numbers.

A Discourse concerning a Death-Bed Repentance. By William Assheton, D. D. Price 6 d.

A Familiar Guide to the Right and Profitable Receiving of the Lord's Supper: Wherein also the Way and Method of our Salvation is briefly and plainly declared. By T. Dorrington. Price 12 d.

The Natural Method of Teaching Latin, being the Accidence in Questions and Answers explained, amended, abridged, and fitted to the Capacity and Use of the Lowest Form. Into which is inserted a Vocabulary of English and Latin Words under each Part of Speech: Also Sententic Pueriles, English and Latin, consisting of the same Words put in plain Sentences under every Syntactick Rule. By Samuel Hoadly, Teacher of a School in Hackney, in 8 vo. Price 10 d.

Mr. Flamsteed's Correct Tide-Table, shewing the true times of the High Water at London-Bridge, every Day in the Year, 1697. Price 2 d.

A Sermon preached before the Lord Mayor at St. Mary-le-Bow, on the 5th of November, 1696. On Rom. 3.8. By Samuel Bradford, Rector of the said Church.

You that do want a Cure and Physician need.

If that you come betimes, you may be cur'd with speed He liveth at the Blew Ball in Whale bone Court, at the Lower-end of Bartholomew-Lane, by the Royal Exchange.

WHO infallibly cures the French Disease and Claps, and all other its numerous Attendants, which oftentimes are the product of other grievous and lasting Diseases, to the utter ruin of many, besides frequently untimely Death, procured by them through grand Abuses, committed by the irregular and base Methods and Medicines of foolish and unskilful Pretenders.

These are therefore to Advertise all Persons who are afflicted with the Disease abovesaid, to repair to him, for he performeth the true and perfect Cure thereof, without hindrance of business, and with all desireable and imaginable speed and secrefie.

His Pills only prepared for the French Disease and the Running of the Reins, may be had in Boxes of several Prices, with other Venereal Arcanaes, as occasion requires. Price from 1 s. 6 d. to 3 s. and from 3 s. to 6 s. the Box, with Directions. These Pills are free from Mercury, and proper in all Diseases where Purging is requisite.

His Diet Drink cleanses the Reins, provokes Urine, and abates the sharp pains or stoppage of Urine in the Running of the Reins, Price 2 s. the Bottle.

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