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15th January 1692
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*** The Notorious Imposter: Or, The History of the Life of William Norell, alias Bowyer, some time of Banbury, Chyrurgeon, who lately personated Humphrey Wickham of Swackley in the County of Oxford, Esq; at a Baker's House in the Strand, where he died the 3d of January 1691. Together with an Authentick Copy of his Will, taken out of the Prerogative-Court, and the manner of his Funeral in St. Clements Church yard.

There is also in the Press, A second Part thereof, compleating the History of his Life, Cheats, &c. with some further passages relating to his Sickness and Death (not mentioned in the former Part.) Dedicated to his Executors. Both printed for Abel Roper at the Mitre near Templebar.

*** The Experienc'd Farrier: Or, A compleat Treaties of Horsemanship: in Two Books, Physical and Chyrurgical. Fitted to the use, not only of Gentlemen, but of all Farriers, Grooms, Jockeys, and Breeders of Horses; with Directions for the choice of all Stallions and Mires, their Shapes and Colours; as also Instructions for Paring and Shooing all manner of Hoofs, shewing where in that Curiosity doth consist; with the Virtue of both Simple and Compound, appertaining to Farrying, and where you may buy them; with a large Alphabethical lable of most Simples, for the Cure of all inward and outward Diseases. The second Edition much enlarged, with many new Receipts of excellent Use and Value, never published before in any Author. By. R. Gent. Printed for Whirwood at the Angel and Bible in Little-britain; At which place you may have Ready Money for any Parcel or Library of Books.

*** Dr. Salmon's and FAMILY PILLS and FAMILY POWDER; Those so Famously known throughout England for the Curable Diseases, as Scurvey, Gout, Dropsey, Worms, &c. Made and Prepared by the Author himself, at his House at the Blew Ball by the Ditch-side near Holbourn-Bridge, London. The Family Pills and Family Powder, are both fitted for the Care of the same Diseases; but the Pills work more gently, the Powder more strongly, yet both very safely, and may be given to old or young whether Man, Woman, or Child, given in a fit Dose. They that cannot swallow the pills, may take the powder, or they who like not the Powder, may take the Pills, they both being Universal Purgers. These Famous Family Pills and Family Powder, are eminent for the Cure, not only of the aforenamed diseases, but also of Agues, Green Sickness, Catarrsh, Head-act, Lethargy, Rheuming Eyes, Stinking-Breath, Want of Appetite, Illness of stomach, Stuffing at Stomach, Vomiting, Fluxes, Foulness of Stomach, Hard-drinking, Sea-Sickness, Urine stopt, Barrenness, Soiatica, Numbness, French-Pox, Gonerrbei, Swellings, Lameness, Prin in any part, Pushes, Wheals, Botches, Scahs, lich, Tetarrs, Ring-worms, Morphew, Leprosie, Marge, Salt-humours, All breaking-out, Running-Sores, Old Ulcers, Fistulas, Jaundice, Kings-evil, Worms, &c.

Price of the Pills, 9 d. a Box; of the Powder 6 d. a Paper.

*** These are to give Notice to all Persons for the Benefit of the Publick. That W. Elmy Professor of Physick, and Operator of known Integrity, and above 24 Years Practice; Liveth at the Blew-Ball in Whale-Bone-Court, at the lower End of Bartholomew-Lane, by the Royal-Exchange.

WHo most safely and expeditiously cures Deafness and Newse in the Ears, in any of what Age soever (if Curable) and at first light by inspection resolves the Patient, if so or not as must Eminent Person of Quality in this City can Testifie.

He hath likewise a Sovereign Pill, which Insallibly Cures all Pains in the Head, whether old or newly Contracted; Speedily taking away all Swimmings and Giddiness, preventing the dangerous Consequence of Apoplectical Fits; Preserves the Sight, and takes away all Accidents offending the Eyes, strengthens the Memory, and disburdens the Brain of all offensive Humors, thereby rendering the Understanding more clear and vigorous.

He bath likewise an expeditions way in Curing all Pains in the Teeth without drawing.

He bath likewise a most Excellent Gargarism or Month-Water which will make black or yellow Teeth as white as Ivory in few times using; and it will certainly Cure the Scurvey, and all other Diseases incident to the Mouth, Teeth and Gums with Directions.

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