Ordinary's Account.
28th May 1714
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THE Ordinary of NEWGATE HIS ACCOUNT OF The Behaviour, Confessions, and Last Speeches of the Malefactors that were Executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 28th of May, 1714.

AT the Sessions held at Justice-Hall in the Old baily, on Thursday the 13th, and Friday the 14th of May, 1714, Nine Persons, viz. Seven Men and Two Women that were Try'd for, and found Guilty of several Capital Crimes, receiv'd Sentence of Death accordingly. But one of the Women being Pregnant, and the other, with Four of the Men, having obtain'd HER MAJESTY's Gracious Reprieve (which I wish they may duly improve) Three only are now order'd for Execution.

While they lay under this Condemnation, I constantly visited them; having them brought up (twice every Day) to the Chapel of Newgate, where I pray'd with them, and instructed them in the Word of GOD, of which they were very ignorant before, tho' most of them could read well. I endeavour'd to make them sensible of the heinousness of their Offences, and of the absolute Necessity of Faith and Repentance, in order to their obtaining Pardon and Salvation through CHRIST.

On Whitsunday, the 16th instant, I preach'd to them and others there present, both in the Morning and Afternoon, upon Joh. 15. 26. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me.

As I had, on the Lord's Day before, begun to discourse on these Words, so on this I further enlarg'd upon them; prosecuting the same Subject (as proper for the Day) and shewing, that in the Text, we have,

I. An Account (in general) of the Sacred Trinity, viz.

1. The Father, from whom the Holy Spirit proceeds.

2. The Son, who sends the Holy Spirit from the Father.

3. The Holy Spirit, who emanates and proceeds eternally from both the Father and the Son.

In the Name of which Three Persons, (who are Coessential and Coeternal, and One only GOD) the Apostles were, and all their Successors, the Ministers of CHRIST are, commanded to Baptize.

II. A Description (in particular) of the Third Person, viz. the Holy Ghost: Wherein we may observe,

1. His Name of Comforter.

2. The Act of His Coming.

3. His being Sent, viz. 1st, By the Son, 2dly, From the Father, 3dly, Unto the Apostles and their Followers.

4. His Character, which is a Spirit, or rather, The Spirit; yea, The Spirit of Truth.

5. His Procession, as from the Father, so likewise from the Son.

6. and lastly, His Testimony of CHRIST.

Having enlarg'd upon these, and shew'd; That this Doctrine of the Blessed TRINITY is a great Mystery, which (though beyond our Apprehension, yet) we are bound to believe upon the Revelation we have of it, both in this Text, and other Scriptures; I then made it appear, How we ought to live the Life of Holy Faith, Love, and Fear; and in this Disposition humbly serve and adore our Good GOD, who is so Great, so Excellent, and so Incomprehensible: How we ought to grieve and repent when we have offended that Glorious and Happy BEING, that is both able and willing to make us all glorious and happy with Him, if we do sincerely endeavour to deny all Ungodly, and Worldly Lusts, and live Soberly, Righteously, and Godly in this present World, - &c. as the Apostle exhorts, Tit. 2. 12. This Duty I inforc'd (particularly) upon the Condemn'd Persons: To whom,

On Trinity-Sunday, the 23d instant, I preach'd again (both in the Morning and Afternoon) upon part of the Gospel for the Day, viz. St. John 3. 3. JESUS answer'd, and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a Man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

From these Words, first explain'd in general, with their Context, I then endeavour'd to shew in particular,

I. What it is to be born again.

II. What is here meant by the Kingdom of GOD, and the Seeing of it.

III. How much it concerns every one to labour after Regeneration, or the New Birth, mention'd in the Text; because, without it, it is impossible to see the Kingdom of GOD, i. e. To be admitted into His Kingdom of Grace in this World, and to the blessed Enjoyment of His Kingdom of Glory in the next.

IV. How an old Habit of Sin, to which unthinking Carnal Men insensibly arrive by degrees, is directly opposite to this New Birth, and consequently a perfect Hindrance to the Attainment both of the Kingdom of Grace here, and the Kingdom of Glory hereafter.

V. ult. What effectual means Men may, and ought to use for their being Renew'd and Born again, so as to be enabl'd to recover themselves out of those Sins into which they have unhappily fallen, and by such Recovery escape the dreadful Punishment they had deserv'd, and regain both the Favour of GOD they had forfeited, and His Kingdom of Grace and Glory, which they had lost.

Having enlarg'd upon all these Heads and Particulars, I concluded at this, as at other times before, with such pressing Exhortations to the Condemn'd Persons, as I thought most conducive to the begetting in them a true Sense and sincere Repentance of their Sins; together with a Spirit of Love to GOD, and their Neighbour, and a due Concern for their own Souls. Thus I endeavour'd to perswade them to redeem the Time they had mispent, and to call upon GOD for Grace, by the Power of which they might recover themselves, and be brought out of their Spiritual Death, and made alive to GOD; that so their Temporal Death in this World (which was approaching) might be a happy Passage to their Eternal Life in that to come.

When I had them under Examination in private, such of them as are now appointed for Execution, gave me the respective Accounts of themselves, which follow.

1. Andrew Harper, Convicted and Condemn'd upon four Indictments, for several Robberies by him committed on the QUEEN's Highway near Kensington; viz. for taking 8 s. in Money from Mr. Michael Biddulph, and 14 s. from Mr. Francis Woodhouse, with other Money, and half a Guinea from other Passengers, in the Cirencester-Stage-Coach, on the 1st of March last, about six a-Clock in the Morning: Also, for stopping the Gloucester-Coach about the same Place and Time, and taking 40 s. in Money from Mr. William Lloyd, and 20 s. and a Watch from Mr. George Cook, who were in that Coach; and not contented with the Silver, &c. he had taken from these Gentlemen, he demanded Gold also; presenting a Pistol to them to hasten their Compliance with his Desire: Upon which Mr. Lloyd gave him two Half-Guinea's. The Day before he was apprehended, he robb'd a Gentleman on Horseback of a Silver-Watch, near Tyburn; and presently after, another Gentleman in a Coach, from whom he took some Money, near the Park-gate. He said, he was about 29 Years of Age, born in Old-street, in the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate. At first he deny'd the Facts for which he was Condemn'd; but afterwards he own'd both his Guilt of them, and the Justice of his Sentence; and withal acknowledg'd, that he had been a very great Offender, who, besides the Sins he had actually committed himself, had brought others into his own wicked Ways, and some of them to Justice afterwards, by turning Evidence against them, for having committed some Felonies and Burglaries with him; who thereupon receiv'd Sentence of Death, and accordingly Four of them were Executed about three or four Sessions ago. He further said, That he was bred up a Sailor , and had us'd the Seas for 16 Years together, and serv'd on Board the Cambridge, Exeter, Swiftsure, and other Men of War; and, That about 18 Months ago, being discharg'd from that Service, he then began to give a mighty Latitude to his vicious Inclinations; which prov'd his own and others Ruin, and was now Matter of great Grief to him: But nothing (he said) griev'd him more, than his taking four Men's Lives away, by the Evidence he gave against them at the Old baily, in December last; because he did it, tho' with no Injustice to them, yet without any regard

to Justice, or any the least Intention then, either of leaving off his own Wicked Ways, or reclaiming other Sinners from theirs. He said, he was sorry he had done so wickedly, and begg'd GOD's Pardon and theirs, whom he had offended; and declar'd, that he dy'd in Charity with all Mankind.

NB. The Persons that were Condemn'd upon this Harper's Evidence, on the 14th of December 1713, and who accordingly suffer'd Death on the 23d of that Month, were James Goswell, Thomas Hudson, Giles Spencer, and Richard Latin.

2. Roderick Awdry, Condemn'd for stealing Plate to the Value of above 20 l. out of Mr. Thomas Gibson's House, on the 19th of April last. He said, he was under the Age of 16 Years, born in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, and confess'd, That tho' he was so Young, yet he had been a great Offender, having committed several Robberies of the same nature with this he now lay under Condemnation for; which he acknowledg'd he had, by his own Folly, brought upon himself, and justly deserv'd: That the Causes of his betaking himself to such ill Courses, as he had done, were his Father's Dying when he was very Young, and his being brought up to no Trade, and turn'd out of Doors, unprovided for, by a Father-in-Law, as soon as his Mother had marry'd again, which was not very long after his own Father dy'd: That being thus turn'd into the wide World, he was then to seek what Course to take, and what shift to make to get a Livelihood; and that which seem'd to him the readiest, was to steal and pilfer. Which wicked Trade he began with robbing of Orchards, and then proceeded to greater Thefts; insomuch that he sometimes stole Plate to such a quantity at once, as amounted to above 400 l. The principal Robberies, which he told me he had committed (all of them in the Day-time, and within the space of 3 or 4 Years last past) were these, viz.

1. He stole Three Silver Spoons out of a House in a Place pav'd with large Stones, over-against St. James's Street, about 3 or 4 Years ago.

2. Eight Silver Spoons out of a House in that Street, about the same time.

3. A great quantity of Plate, out of a House in Hoxton Square, about the same time: Which Plate he sold at an Under-rate, for 15 l.

4. A rich flower'd Silk Gown and Petticoat, trim'd with Orice Lace, out of a House in Golden Square, about 3 Years since.

5. Two Silver Salvers, Casters, Spoons, &c. out of a House in Prescot-street, near Goodman's Fields, about the same time.

6. A Silver Tankard, 6 or 7 Tea-spoons, a pair of Silver Buckles, 18 Guineas, one broad Piece of Gold, 2 Crown-Pieces, - &c. out of a House at Chelsea, about that time.

7. A Silver Pint pot, and other Plate, out of another House there, not long after the last-mention'd Robbery.

8. A Silver Salver out of a House at Stepney, about 3 Years ago

9. A Silver Coffee-holder (as he call'd it) out of a House in Well-Close-Square, near Ragg-Fair, about the same time.

10. Three Silver Spoons, out of a House in Ormond-street, near Lambs-Conduit, 2 Years and a half ago.

11. A small Silver Watch, out of another House in the same Street, about a fortnight after.

12. A Silver Tankard, a Silver Salver, and 2 Silver Spoons, out of a House at Black-wall, 2 Years ago.

13. A Silver Salver out of a House at Mile-end, about the same time.

14. Two Silver Plates, 2 Candlesticks, and other Plate, out of a House at Bednal-Green, about that time also.

15. Two guilt Spoons, a Silver Punch-Ladle, a Silver Salver, 2 small Silver Candlesticks, 2 Silver Plates, 3 Silver Castors, and 4 Silver Salts, out of another House in the same Place, and about the same time.

16. A Silver Tea-pot, a Silver Coffee-pot, and a Stand, out of another House in the same Place, and near the same time also.

17. A Silver Cup, out of a House in Scotland-Yard, about the same time.

18. Two Silver Salvers, a Silver Tankard, and other Plate, out of the Lady Edwin's House in Gerard-street, 2 Years ago.

19. Five Silver Salvers, a Silver Caudle-Cup, and other Plate of great Value, out of a House in the Navy-Office, near Tower-hill, 2 Years ago; which Plate he sold for 36 l. being (as he told me) much less than the real Value of it.

20. A Silver Cup, out of a House in Well-Close-Square, about 2 Years ago.

21. Two Silver Salvers, several Spoons, Forks, and other Plate of great Value, out of Esquire Butler's House in Kensington Square, 2 Years ago. Part of which Plate was taken from him; and the rest (which was worth 50 l. as he told me) he presently dispos'd of.

22. A Silver Tankard, a Silver Salver, and other Plate, out of a Lawyer's House in Castle-Yard, Holbourn, about 2 Years ago.

23. A Silver Snuff-box, and 3 Silver Tea-spoons, out of a House at Chelsea, about 6 Months ago.

24. A Silver Tankard, out of a House at Stepney, 4 Months since.

25. Three Silver Spoons, and a Silver Sauce-pan, out of a House in Well-Close-Square, about 2 Months ago.

After he had discover'd so many Robberies, and said he had committed more, I desir'd he would recollect himself about them, and let me know what they were. Upon which he added these that follow, which I shall here set down in the Order he deliver'd them to me.

1. He told me, he stole 2 Silver Pint Pots, a Silver Castor, and 6 Silver Spoons, out of a House in St. James's Square, 6 Months ago.

2. A Holland Shirt, a pair of Holland Sheets, 12 Neckcloths, 2 pair of black Silk Stockings, and 2 pair of woven Stockings, all in a Box, which he took out of a House, near the Royal-Exchange, about 6 or 7 Months ago.

3. Two Silver Spoons out of a House in Lambs-Conduit-street, 3 Years ago.

4. A Silver Tumbler, out of a House in an Alley, near that Place, about 2 Years ago.

5. A Marrow-Spoon, several other Spoons, and other Plate, out of a House on Tower-hill, 2 Years ago.

6. A Silver Canister, and 2 Silver Salts out of a House at Hampstead, about 3 Years ago.

7. Some Money and Cloaths (to the Value of 30 l.) in a Box that was ty'd before a Coach, standing at the Corner of Gray's-Inn-Lane in Holbourn, about that time.

8. A Box full of Shoes and Clogs in Cheapside, about 8 Weeks since.

9. A Silver Salver, some Spoons, &c. out of a House in Piccadilly, about 3 Years ago.

10. A white Wig, 3 Silver Spoons, a Silver Salver, and a Silver Tankard, out of a House in Goodman's Fields, about 6 or 7 Weeks ago. But he said, that the Tankard and Salver (which he had pack'd up) he was forc'd to leave behind him, to save himself, with the other Things he had stoln.

11. A Silver Coffee-pot and Coffee-holder, out of a House in Great Lincolns-Inn-Fields, in Holbourn-row , about 3 Years since.

12. A Parcel of Plate, and a long white Wig, out of an another House there, and about the same time.

13. A Silver-Cup, some Silver-Salts, and other Plate, out of a French Gentleman's House in a Cross Street near Marlborough-street, towards Tyburn-Road, about three Years ago: Which Fact he was then try'd for, and acquitted of, for want of sufficient Proof.

To these Robberies he said he might add a great many more, if he could remember all he had committed, but they were now out of his Memory.

In all which Robberies, he told me, none of the Servants or Neighbours of the Houses he thus robb'd, nor any other Persons whatsoever were concern'd: But only such, as were notorious Receivers of Stoln Goods, and known Thieves, prompted him thereto, and assisted him therein. And to all this he added, That what he had formerly sworn of Mr. Johnson's having bought the Lady Edwin's Plate, was utterly false; and he begg'd his Pardon a thousand times for the Wrong he had thus done him: Which he likewise did of all the Persons (who were many) he had any ways injur'd; wishing he could make them amends; but it was not in his power to do it otherwise, than as he pray'd GOD to forgive him his Sins, so in like manner he pray'd that He would bless them.

N.B. He was several times committed to Newgate, and once to the Prison in the Marshalsea: He was twice sent to the Bridewell in Turtle-fields, Westminster, thrice Burnt in the Hand, and thrice order'd to the Bridewell in Clerkenwell; and

no sooner was he sent to those Houses of Correction, but he presently broke out, and return'd to his wicked Trade; adding Whoredom, Adultery, and all manner of Lewdness to his Thefts and Robberies. This is what he told me himself; who was not sparing, but very free (and did not seem to be at all asham'd) to discover the many ill things he had done; which far exceed whatever I heard other Thieves of his Age ever arriv'd at. I hope, none for the future will be so unhappy, as to lead such a wicked Life, and by it come to such a shameful Death.

3. William White, concern'd with the above-nam'd Roderick Awdry in the Robbery committed in the House of Mr. Gibson. He said, he was about 20 Years of Age, born in the Parish of St. Sepulchre, but liv'd (for the most part of his Life) in that of St. Giles in the Fields: That he being but Young when his Father dy'd, he liv'd with an Uncle of his, who kept a Victnalling-house at Pancras; and then went to Sea , and serv'd two Years alternately on Board the Cruiser and the Triumph, two Men of War. He own'd, That he was guilty of the Fact for which he was Condemn'd, but said, it was his first, and persisted a good while in that Assertion; the falseness of which, having discover'd, I plainly told him of it, and then made him confess, that he had committed several Thefts before; That he had been Burnt in the Hand once, and once Whipt, and escap'd Justice often; and, besides all this, was once Condemn'd to Die, and obtain'd the QUEEN's Pardon, which he pleaded at the Old-baily in August last, under the Name of William Ward, by which Name he was first Condemn'd, and now own'd it to be his right Name.

Roderick Awdry, before-mention'd, was (as I found him) but little acquainted with any thing that was good, and could read very little; but this William Ward, not at all; and was so ignorant, that he did not know (as he told me) what was meant by Sin. Upon which I endeavour'd to make him understand what it was, and what were the dismal Consequences of it; which could not be prevented, but by Unfeign'd Repentance, and Amendment of Life. This I daily instructed both him and the rest in, and earnestly exhorted them all to a constant Practice of; but whether this had its due Effect upon this young Man's dull Mind and harden'd Heart, I will not here determine, but only say, that I observ'd him shed some Tears, implore GOD's Mercy, and beg Pardon of those he had wrong'd.

NB. The first time this William White alias Ward receiv'd Sentence of Death, was on the 10th of July 1713, for having stoln 60 Yards of worsted Drugget, value 4 l. out of the Shop of Mr. John Edwards, on the 13th of June before.

At the Place of Execution, whither they were carry'd, all Three, in a Cart this day, I attended them for the last time; and after my usual Exhortations and Prayers, singing of Penitential Psalms, and rehearsing of the Apostles Creed, I left them to their private Devotions, for which they had some time allotted them. Then the Cart drew away, and so they were turn'd off; they all the while calling upon GOD to have Mercy upon them; to pardon their Sins, and save their Souls.

This is all the Account to be given of them, by me,

PAUL LORRAIN, Ordinary .

Note, If any be (as I hear some Persons are) offended at such Advertisements as they may meet with, and do not like, in these Papers, I must plainly tell them, that therein they do me great Injustice; for I have nothing to do with whatever comes in after my Name, -

Friday, May 28. 1714.

This Day is Publish'd, in a Pocket Volume,

MEmoirs of the Lives, Intreagues, and Comical Adventures of the most famous Gamesters, and celebrated Shapers in the Reigns of K. Charles the 2d, K. James the 2d, K. William, and Q. Anne, wherein is contain'd the secret History of Gaming, in discovering all the most sharping Tricks and Cheats us'd at Picquet, Glerk, Lantaloe, Bankafalet, Bassit, Primerl, Cribbige, Verquere, Ticktack, and all the English, French, Spanish, and Dutch Games, play'd with Cards, Dice, or Tables. The Whole calculated for the Meridians of London, Bath, Tunbridge, and the Groom-Porters, and may serve for all other Places in Great Britain. Sold by J. Brown, without Temple-bar, and F. Burleigh, in Amen-Corner.

A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any Itching Humour in a few Days, without necessity of Purging, or the dangerous use of Mercury, as will be attested by several Persons of sufficient Credit, pr. 1 s. 6 d. the Bottle. Prepar'd by A. Downing, Chymist, at the Golden-ball and Crown in Hand-Alley without Bishopsgate. Also a curious Preparation for the Teeth and Gums, which fasten loose Teeth, cures the Scurvy in them, and prevents their rotting, price 2 s. A Remedy for the Tooth-ach, the most general for giving effectual Ease of any yet known, price 1 s. Likewise the true Essential Spirits of Scurvy-grass, Purging and Plain, and the Spirits of Ground Ivy, at 8 d. a Bottle.

May the 8th.

LEft, lost, or mislaid, A small Bundle of Books in brown Paper, containing two in Paste-board; with a Manuscript, stitch'd in three Parcels, entitul'd, The great Folly and Unreasonableness of Atheism and Irreligion expos'd to public View, in two Discourses, by Tho. Parsons, M. A. Rector of Suckley near Worcester. Whoever brings it to John Morphew, near Stationers-hall, shall have 5 Shillings Reward.

This Day is Publish'd, The Third Edition of a Conference on the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, between his Grace the Duke of Buckingham and Father Fitzgerald, an Irish Jesuit, whom K. James, II. sent in the time of his Sickness in Yorkshire, to convert him to the Romish Religion. Printed for Ferd. Burleigh in Amen-Corner, and A. Dod at the Peacock without Temple-bar. Price 4 d.

London Printed, and are to be Sold by J. Morphew, near Stationers-hall.

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