Ordinary's Account.
23rd April 1697
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A True Account of the Behaviour, Confession and last Dying Speeches of the Condemned Criminals, that were Executed at Tyburn on Friday the 23d of this Instant April, 1697.

On the Lords-Day, after the Condemnation of the Condemned Criminals; a Sermon was Preacht on this Text, Luke 22. 61, 62.

And the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter; and Peter remembred the word of the Lord, how he had said unto him, before the Cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.

And Peter went out and wept bitterly.

IN these Words you have several Doctrinal Observations which I shall treat on by way of Introduction to the last Verse.

Observe, that before Peter went out of the High-Priest's Hall, where he denied Christ, to consider of the vileness of his Sin; Christ turned himself to look on Peter: Observe the gracious Disposition of Christ, he did not so much care to vindicate himself from the Jews false Accusations, thereby to consult his own safety, as to recover Peter out of the Swounding Fits of his Faith. Christ is very Compassionate toward Backsliding Souls, when they Sin out of infirmity rather then any Deliberate purpose; yet, Peter melted not into Tears till Christ lookt on him.

Observe, That the very first Reflections on Sin, spring from Preventing Grace. We can soon harden our Hearts in Sinning, but we cannot soften them in the least Degree, unless Christ join the Power of his Divine Spirit with his pittiful look, to Mollify and Affect the Heart with the Sense of Sinning.

Thirdly, Peter Mourned not till he remembred Christ's Words, which warned him that he would deny Christ. The word of God is mighty in Power, to work on Sinners Hearts, when set home by the Authority of Christs Spirit, altho' it failed to keep them close to their Duty through forgetfulness or want of intensive Consideration.

Bless the Lord if he read you a Lecture of Repentance in the troublesome Convictions of your Consciences; no doubt Peter did thus, for when he heard any Cock crow he wept bitterly for the denial of his Lord; yet merrily to shed Tears for Sinning, is not essentialy necessary to Demonstrate the sincerity of Repentance. Tears shed by the Facility of a natural Constitution, are no Proof of such a degree of Sorrow in the Heart, which attend the forming of the new Creature in Christ. Judas in his sorrowing for betraying Christ, sought to work off the horrour of his Conscience, yet had no sincere Desire to get his Heart changed: But St. Peters Tears did flow from the Spring of a contrite Heart, whither Sinners shed Tears more or less, if the Heart be in the Work of Godly Sorrow, this Intitles them to the promises of Comfort. If any Man shall pretend that he never denied Christ as Peter did, and therefore need not mourn with any bitterness of Spirit; let me ask such a Man, whither he never did Imprison any Truth of Christ in Unrighteousness of Life; is not this to exceed the Jews in Cruelty, when wilful Sinners presume to dig new and deep Wounds in Christs Heart, by the indulgence of any Lust?

I shall proceed to Treat of St. Peters Preparation for his Repentance in his going out of the High-Priest's Hall, that he might better consider the greatness of his Sin. Observe that Solitariness affords great Advantages for godly Sorrow to vent its self in a free Current, without Obstruction in privacy; is no Diversion whereby to remit a Soul humbling Disposition for sinning. It is very Observable that when Christ raised Jairus's Daughter to Life, he first call out all the Minstrels, who did allay the Grief of her Friends, or Scoffingly avouched that she was not to be recovered to Life. The Sinner who is dead Spiritualy, cannot be quickned to the Life of Grace, till he stand up from the Dead; till he quit his merry Companions in Sinning, that Christ may give him the Light of Life. Jocund and Sensual Associates will derid the very buddings of Repentance in the Self-abasing Convictions of the Sinner; they will study and strive to stop up those Spiritual Springs of Godly Sorrow, as soon as they are digged.

While I commend Privacy for Godly Grief to vent it self with more freedom; I do not intend to excuse all publick Declarations of Godly Sorrow: For in case of publick Scandals, there must be a visible Acknowledgment of grief for offending the Community of Christians; also bold Exemplarities in Sinning is prevented from spreading, while others behold the Pangs and Agonies of Conscience in their Repenting Associates; yet Secret Mourning is least exposed to Pride. Christ encouraged his modest Spouse to Mourn as a Dove silently, in the Cliffs of some Rock: Her Countenance when Furrowed with Wrinckles, by plenty of Tears, was most Beautifully pleasing to Christ; Penitential broken Hearted Sighs and Groans, are the most Powerful Rhetorick to Conciliate Christ's favour. Repentant Tears are a most Beautiful Rainbow, the Comforting sign that God will not drown such a Soul in the Deluge of his Wrath, He will disdain to speak Peace to an Impenitent Sinner: He will not give such a good look, but will frown them into the Regions of Eternal Darkness.

The conclusion was thus Directed to the Condemned.

Suffer me to make some Scrutiny into the Nature of your Repentance: Is it Voluntary, and not extorted out of present Passionateness of Spirit, for contracting publick Shame and Punishment? Do not your Tears dry up, upon the notice of a Reprieve? And your Lusts take deeper Rooting? Doth your Sorrow contract your Heart in Lusting after Worldly Vanities? And enlarge them in seeking after the Vniversal change of your corrupt Nature? Doth your Mourning sigh the Old Man your Lusts grown up into a Customary Familiarity, Into a speedy Consumption? do you rend in peices with delight the whole Body of Sin? And to make sure, that being mortified, it shall no more revive in the Love and Indulgence of any Lust.

A true Penitent will not so easily be Reconciled to a good Opinion of himself, as God is ready to Pardon him upon the least budding of a tender Sense in Sinning; yet, How hath Sin spread its Infection in you? To the very Vitals of Modesty: Your Souls Leprosy is in a manner deadly and Incurable; for when one Sin hath seemingly been healed, a worse hath broken out, yea, took deeper rooting in the Love of it. Have you not hardned your Hearts against the loudest Call of God, that you would Repent and Turn to him by the amendment of your Lives? How many sad warnings have been set before you, of Adjuging Sinners to a suddam Ignominious Death? And yet you have not dreaded such examples of Justice bleeding every Sessions before your Eyes. Do not persist to put quite to silence the Convictions and Checks of your Conscience, least God resolve that these shall never more warn you or reprove you.

Do not Condemn your selves to an utter dispairing of God's Mercy for an indulged Iniquity: 'tis reported that the Crowing of a Cock strikes terrour into the Lions Heart. Real Penitents quite discourage Satan from Tempting them to renewed Acts of Sinning, by being always in their Watch to preserve their Integrity; this you have lost, yet strive to recover it by Repentance; let your Consciences continually beat a very shrill Alarum, to mind you of Death, that you may duely be prepared for it. Consider that the Seasons of Grace and Salvation are short and very uncertain; do not therefore slumber on a Bed of Security in Sinning. Awake Sinner from thy Impenitent State, stand up from the Dead, quit the Company of all Sinful Associates, so shall Christ give thee the light of Spiritual Life and Comfort: Watch for Christs appearing to Judgment, so shall you receive the abundant Reward of Joy and Blessedness, for sowing in Tears in the Valley of this World. Such who watch in a due frame of Heart for their being Summoned by Death to Christs Judgment-seat, shall receive it as a grateful Invitation into the Mansions of Eternal Rest. So shall such feast on the Divinest Pleasures, on the Sensations of Gods Love and Favour, which shall overflow without any Stint or Abatement through all the Ages of Eternity.

I proceed to give an Account of the Behaviour and Confessions of the Condemned Criminals.

1. Laurence Wilkinson, Condemned for Coining false Money, aged 35 Years, born in Lancashire; he was the Son of a Farmer in that County, but was disobedient to his Father, and Married against his consent. He kept a Victualing-house at the sign of Adam and Eve in West-smith-field, he staid there not above one Year. He did not deny that at times he put off bad Money. He seemed Penitent.

II. Walter Harding, Condemned for Coining Counterfeit Mony, aged 40 Years. He was born on the edge of Herefordshire. He was a Silver-Smith in Coleman-street. He

did not utterly deny the Crime, but confes that he did put of bad Money among some which was good. He acknowleged that he had in a great measure offended God, and had continued in a bad Course of Life, for which God now justly brought the Sentence of Death upon him; but said, that he often pray'd that God would make use of this distress to bring him to Repentance. He said, that it is grief to him that he is among the common Criminals, and cannot have any privacy to be more serious and settled in his Thoughts of God, and to prepare with more freedom of Mind for his Death.

III. Richard Gates, Condemned for Robbery on the Highway aged 24 Years. He was born in Gloucestershire. He said that this was the first Crime which he Committed; and believes if he may be spared, he would mend his Life. But he prepares for his Death.

IV. John Allen, Condemned for Robbing on the Highway and a Burglary, aged 26 Years. He was born in Southwark; was Apprentice to a Weaver , but being not willing to take pains in that Employment. He ran away from his Master, and fell into Thieving Company. That he had led a Sinful Life, in breaking the Sabbath; yea, that he was guilty of all sorts of Sinning, Murder only excepted. But now he said, that it grieved him for offending God, and that he is no more sorrowful for his vicious Courses. He said, that altho' he did not shed Tears, yet he hoped that he was Penitent, and doth what he can to fit himself for Death.

V. Hannibal Roscarrit, Condemned for Murthering his Wife. He was born in Bodmin Town in Cornwal. After his being bred up at School, he said, that he lived with a Gentleman in Devonshire for the space of Seven Years, but leaving that Service , he lifted himself a Land Soldier , under King William for eight Years past. He said, that he was Wounded, and made thereby unfit for any farther Employment; whereupon he obtained the Favour of being a Pensioner to the King. He denied that he had been guilty of any Robbing; yet confet that he had broke the Sabbath; that he had several times Swore and Cursed, and been excessive in Drinking. I Inquired of him what was the occasion of Killing his wife. He said, that he did not bear her any Grudge, for she did accompany him into Flanders, and employed her self there, in washing the Officers Linnen. That they had lived Peaceably together. But said, that his Brain being inflamed by excessive drinking Brandy, he was not in his Senses when his Wife was killed; but he bore her no Malice, for she was a loving Wife. I endeavoured to Convince him, that his former ill course of Life, of which he was insensible, had exposed him to this Barbarous Crime. He said that he remembred not, when, or how it was done. The truth is, he was not so sensible of it as he ought to have been, but lessened the Fact.

VI. Zippora Ireland, Condemned for the Murthering of her Child. She was born in Bristol. She wept. I asked her whether she was guilty of the Crime. She assured me that she would reveal the whole Truth. She said, that she had good Education in Bristol; but being of a rambling Temper, she was desirous to come to London, that she might see the Fashions of this City. That when she came hither, she brought with her Money to maintain her; but being acquainted with a Seaman, she Married him. He soon left her to go to Sea, and made no provision for her in his Absence. She did not deny that she was delivered of a Child, but confest that she did not in the time of its Birth call any Persons to her assistance That she did endeavour to conceal the Birth of the Child; but had no Design to kill it. She said that being unskilful, and in much Torment, she might unwillingly Occasion the Childs Death, but she laid no violent Hand on it. She wept and said, that this untimly Death on my selfe is just from God, for offending him in many Passages of my Life, for it hath not been according to the good Education given me, and against my knowledg in better things.

VII. Sarrah Morris, Condemned for willfull Murder Aged 0 Years, she was born in Drury-lane, and hath been (she said) in Prison two Years. She said, that when she was Condemned to dye, she pretended she was wiht Child, and so was Reprieved; and now is called to her former Judgment. Her Employment was in clensing Gold and Silver Lace; but she was addicted to keep bad Men Company, and had led an ill Life. But now she begs of God to work in her Repentance for all her Sins, that Death may not be terrible to her.

The other Condemned Persons, viz. Thomas Archurch, for Tresaon, Joseph Higginbottom, for High way Robbing, William Molton, for High-way Robbing, Richard Parsons, for a Burglary, John Spires, for a Burglary, Were stubborn and Insensible.

On Friday the 23d of April, John Allen, Walter Harding, John Alderidge, Laurence Wilkinson, Thomas Achurch, John Spires, Ingell Green, Richard Parsons, Sarah Morris, Diana Cox, were Convey'd to Tyburn, were being tied up, Walter Harden, Confessed his Fact, and said, that his Wife was no ways concerned with him in the Fact, for which he suffered, and seemed Penitent. John Allen, speak but little, praying inwardly to himself. John Aldridge lamented his Condition, saying he died in Peace and Charity with all Men; he owned the Fact, and forgave them that Swore against him, he declared that he was heartily sorry for having wrongfully accused on Gabriel Harris a Stationer of Gloucester, and begged that he would forgive him. Laurence Waikinson, declared that he was Guilty of the Fact for which he suffered; saying he was born of good Parents, who gave him good Education; but he falling into the Company of leud Women, and such who followed the Pernicious Trade of Coining, brought him to this untimely end. Thomas Achurch, speak little, only saying that he trusted in the Merrits of our Saviour Jes Christ. John Spires, desired that all good People would pray for him, and said, Oh! Lord soften my Heart, I am a great Sinner, and have been Guilty of all manner of Sins except Murther; Oh! Lord have Mercy upon me, I have spent 25 Years in Wickedness, and have lived but five Days to thy Glory: I do desire all that I have wronged, to forgive me, for I am not able to make Restitution. I declare I was formerly Indicted for Stealing two Silver Tankards, the one a double one, from Mr. Cob in Covent-Garden, and the other from Mr. Humphreys in King-street; and as I am a dying Man, I know nothing of them. He confessed the Fact, and said that he stood at the Door when the Robbery was commited, but was never in the House, and had a small share in the Booty. Ingell Green, being a Dutch Man, praied in his own Tongue. Richard Parsons owned that he died a Roman-Catholick ; but praied after his manner. Sarah Morris Confessed her Fact, and lamented her Condition. Diana Cox Confessed the Fact, declaring that there was two more in the Robbery besides herself; she wept sadly. Mr. Ordinary prayed with them, and Sung a Penitential Psalm. They were turn'd off.

This is all the Account that I can give of this Sessions.

Sam. Smith, Ordinary .

Dated April th 23.


THIS is to give notice, That Mrs. Norridge; removed from the Pewterers over against the New-Exchange, to the Linnen-Drapers in the new Buildings over against Hungerford-Market in the Strand; who hath an infallible Powder for the Stone and Gravel in the Kidnies, Stone and Strangury, and Stone Colick, which was left her by her Father Dr. Duncan. One Dose of this Powder generally Cures a Fit of the Stone, but if it be worse than usual, or the Party weak, it may require two: It is Sealed up with her Coat of Arms, in 10 s. Doses for those of full Age, and in 5 s. for those of younger Years. She hath also another Powder that certainly dissolves the Stone in the Bladder and Kidnies, and brings it away by degrees. Any Person may experience this with taking of two Doses, which they may Purchase for 10 s. Therefore she advises those that are troubled with the Stone, to have it by them at Home or Abroad, that it may be ready to serve them upon occasion.

It may also be had at Mrs. Billinsley's, at the Printing-Press under the Royal-Exchange, Mrs. Howkins in George-yard Lombard-street, Booksellers London, at the Grecian Coffee-House in Cony-street, and at Mr. Henry Baines's in York City, at Mr. Ashworths Bookseller in Durham, Mr. Englands in the Side, Mr. Headlems Coffee-House on Sand-hill, and Mrs. Bensons Coffee-House in the Big-Market; all in New-Castle, Mr. Welch Embroiderer in Dublin Ireland, Will's Coffee-House in Sun-lane, Reading, Mr. Fulk's Coffee-House in Salisbury, Mr. Clark Bookseller in Winchester, and at Mr. Eldrige's Butcher in Windsor.

She is likewise very expert in Cleaning the Teeth, and setting in Artificial Teeth, and Cureth the Tooth-Ache.

She hath also an excellent Water for Sore and Weak Eyes; and Cures the Evil in the Eyes from the Birth altho' it be of along standing or any Inflamation gotten by Cold or Weping it is Sealed up in 12 d. and half Crown Bottles.

LOst from Captain Serjant of the First Regiment of Foot Guards, on the 30th of March at the Parade at Whitehall, a Brown Lurching Bitch, her Ears being cropt close, lost about two Inches of her Tail, a small White Speck on each Shoulder, a Black Nose, a White Breast, having lately been Scalded thereon; whoever brings her to Mr. Edward Paige Surgeon , in Goat Court on Ludgate-Hill, shall be Rewarded

LONDON, Printed for E. Mallet, in Nevil's-Court in Fetter-lane, 1697

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