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Date of Documents: Sept. 1791 - 1834

Document Type and Location: Criminal Registers, National Archives, HO 26

Description:Lists of prisoners accused of felonies and misdemeanours in Newgate Prison. Information on felons generally includes description (height, hair and eye colour, complexion, occupation); place of birth; age; from what place received (i.e. another prison) and by whom committed; offence; where and when tried and before which judge; sentence; date executed, transported, respited, pardoned or discharged; to whom delivered; and remarks (such as that the sentence was respited). Volumes are missing for Sept. 1795 to Sept. 1796 and Sept. 1798 to Sept. 1800.

Date of Documents: Feb. 1817-1834

Document Type and Location: Registers of prisoners in Newgate Prison, National Archives, PCOM 2/191-203

Description: Lists of prisoners in Newgate prison who were tried at the Old Bailey, entered in loosely chronological order by date of trial. Contains information about age; appearance (height, complexion, make, hair, eyes, visage); occupation; place of birth; when brought into custody and by whom committed; offence; date of trial and before which judge; verdict; sentence; whether previously in custody and if so for what offence and how disposed of; whether executed, respited or pardoned with the date; when and how discharged (whether delivered, removed, died in prison, or otherwise); and (occasionally) general observations concerning character.

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  1. John Shepherd, March 1829.
    Trials: t18290115-127
    Name, Date of Document and Offence: John Shepherd, 1829 Mar.
    Document Type and Location: information, London Metropolitan Archives, MJ/SP/1829/04/030.
    Description: Richard Pindar, William Mitcherson, John Shepherd, James Davis, James Humphries and Thomas Bennett, are accused of a riot and assaulting John Cook, high constable, of Isleworth and Joseph Manlove, constable