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Date of Documents: 1788 - 1834

Document Type and Location: Censuses of convicts in Australia, National Archives, HO 10

Description: Volumes listing settlers and convicts in New South Wales and Tasmania. Organised according to first letter of surname, these provide information on where and when the original trial took place, the date of arrival in Australia, the ship they came in, the master of the ship's name, the period for which they were transported, how they were disposed of once they arrived in Australia (what sort of work, unless they were married women), whether the term of servitude had expired, and whether they were still resident in the colony. Some volumes provide additional information including age, religion, residence, and information about landholding and the number of animals kept.

Date of Documents: 1787 - 1834

Document Type and Location: Convict transportation registers, National Archives, HO 11/1-9

Description: Persons transported as criminals to New South Wales and Tasmania, listed by ship, specifying the term for which each person was transported, the date and place of the conviction, and the month the ship sailed.

Date of Documents: Sept. 1791 - 1834

Document Type and Location: Criminal Registers, National Archives, HO 26

Description:Lists of prisoners accused of felonies and misdemeanours in Newgate Prison. Information on felons generally includes description (height, hair and eye colour, complexion, occupation); place of birth; age; from what place received (i.e. another prison) and by whom committed; offence; where and when tried and before which judge; sentence; date executed, transported, respited, pardoned or discharged; to whom delivered; and remarks (such as that the sentence was respited). Volumes are missing for Sept. 1795 to Sept. 1796 and Sept. 1798 to Sept. 1800.

Date of Documents: 1805 - 1834

Document Type and Location: Convict prison hulks: registers and letter books, National Archives, HO 9/1-9

Description: Indexes of prisoners kept on the hulks, with information about their behaviour provided by gaolers. The prisoners are also listed according to where they had been received from (a prison or another hulk), with information including age, offence, where and when convicted, sentence, and where and when discharged (often in Australia).

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