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Date of Documents: 1788-1819

Document Type and Location: Censuses of convicts in Australia, Public Record Office, HO 10/1, 2

Description: Volumes listing settlers and convicts in New South Wales and Tasmania. Organised according to first letter of surname, these provide information on the date of arrival, the ship they came in, the master of the ship’s name, where and when the trial took place, the period for which transported, how they were disposed of once they arrived in Australia (what sort of work, or married), and whether they were still resident in the colony. HO 10/1 contains men and HO 10/2 contains women.

Date of Documents: 1787

Document Type and Location: Lists of convicts embarked, Public Record Office, HO 10/6, 7

Description: Lists of convicts embarked for New South Wales in 1787, copied from a list kept by the contractor. Placed mostly in alphabetical order, the following information is given: name, where convicted, crime, date of conviction, term of transportation, on board what ship, casualty (indicates if they died on the voyage). HO 10/6 and HO 10/7 are almost identical, except that the crime information is not supplied in HO 10/6.

Date of Documents: 1787-1809

Document Type and Location: Convict transportation registers, Public Record Office, HO 11/1

Description: Persons transported as criminals to New South Wales, listed by ship, specifying the term for which each person was transported, the date and place of the conviction, and the month the ship sailed.

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