Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 7.2, 26 June 2016), Ordinary of Newgate's Account, March 1700 (OA17000301).

Ordinary's Account, 1st March 1700.

A full and true Account, of the Behaviours, Confessions, and last Dying Speeches, of the Condemn'd Criminals, that were Executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 1st. of March, 1700.

JOseph Moody, aged 29 Years, Condemned for Burglary, was a Brasier by Trade, but being impatient of the Yoke of Servitude, grew Head-strong, and so letting loose the Reins to his roving and boundless Appetite, following the bewitching Blandishments of sensual Delights, this soon Shipwrackt his Fortune, and reduc'd him to the lowest ebb of Adversity, from whence to disengage himself, he launcht out into a new Ocean of Troubles, following several unlawful ways of Living, which for some time he concealed; but meeting unfortunately with some wicked Persons, that had Consumed their Substance with Gaming and Riotous living, he was by them seduc'd to Steal privately from Persons several things, and at last to Break a House: This pernicious way of living he followed for some time, till at length, his Conscience, whose soft Whispers he had so often drown'd with the Noise of riotous Excesses, began to Allarm him with the Fears of a Future State, and those eternal Miseries, that await all such Impenitent and Obstinate Sinners as he was: This gained thus much of him, to make a stand, and to cease a while from the violent Pursuit of his sinful ways, to Consider what he had got by all his wicked and unjust Dealings; what a certain and dreadful Danger he run? How sad and dismal his Reckoning must one Day be? How vain and transitory the Pleasures of Sin were, and how sore and lasting its Punishments; and that it was yet possible for him, thorough Gods Grace to escape them: These Thoughts did beget in him some Resolutions of Repentance and Amendment of Life; so true is it, that Vice oweth its quiet Possession of Mens Minds, to their Stupidity, Carelesness, and Inconsideration, Reigning undisturbedly, only in Ignorant, Secure, and Unthinking Spirits, but strait loseth all its Force and Power, when once Men begin to look about them and bethink themselves what they are a doing, and whither they are going. For some time (as he said) he kept those good Purposes, and to avoid his bad Company, went to Sea , and remained some time in the East-Indies; but returning to his Native Country, he was so Bewitched with the alluring Sollicitations of evil Men, that he fell into the same Snare again, committed this Burglary, notwithstanding all his Vows and Resolutions to the contrary; for which he seemed to be very much Concerned, lamenting his Condition with a Floud of Tears, and made several Promises to reform his evil ways, if he could escape Suffering for them at this time. He was put in Mind, of the Reasons he had to suspect the Sincerity of these good Purposes, and to remember that vast Difference that there is, between things as they are only represented to us by our Fancies, and when they become actually and sensibly present to us; to which he reply'd, that he hop'd God would for Christ's Sake, not despise his weak Resolutions, but enable him by his Grace to keep them: Humbly beseeching him not to forsake him in this time of his greatest need of Comfort, but that he would be Graciously pleased to be found of him, at the Hour of Death and Day of Judgment, that God of Mercy and Love, which in himself he always is. I hope he was a true Penitent.

John Hudson, 31 Years old, Convicted for the same, was a Farmer , and lived very well, laying out a considerable Sum of Money, in improving a certain Farm which he Rented of a Gentleman; but afterwards, an unhappy Difference arising between them, he was told, that his Landlord was a Minor, when he Signed the Leases, and was resolved, now, to Cancel all the Obligations he was under to perform his Part; upon this, he commenced a Suit against the Gentleman, which proved his Ruin; for having spent his Substance, he was reduc'd to very low and pressing Circumstances, which prevail'd with him at length to commit this Fact, which he confest, was not the first he was Guilty of; he having for some time followed that detestable way of Living, notwithstanding he was frequently sollicited by the Tears and Intreaties of his Relations, to bid Adieu to such wicked and unlawful Practices, to be no longer imposed on by Bad Company, but to betake himself to some honest way of Living; to all which good and wholesome Advice, he turned a deaf Ear, being wedded so much to his wicked Accomplices, that nothing, he thought, could divorce him from them but Death. However, the Miseries of a Prison altered his Sentiments, being at a distance from his old Companions in Sin, he became very uneasy, being disturbed with the Sense of his Guilt, he began to reflect on his past Life, to see what is the Fruits of all his past Follies, and consider the end of these things: this made him Pensive and Melancholy, and Frighted him into Thoughts of Repentance, which he hopes is now improved to a true and sincere one. His Folly and obstinacy in not listening to the good Counsel of his Relations, he very much lamented, beseeching God to help him, (being removed from the Conversation of the World) to descend more seriously into his own Heart, that he might search and try his ways, and most earnestly Repent of all those vitious Liberties he had formerly taken, that so his Heart might be

toucht with such a deep Sense of his vilenesses, that the many Offences he had been guilty of against God, his Neighbours and himself, might be very grievous unto him; that the sad Circumstances he was in, might be turned (through the Riches of Gods Grace) into an happy occasion of Converting his Soul, perfecting his Repentance, and promoting his Salvation. He seemed very much affected with the Thoughts of a Future State.

Henry Andrews, alias Anderson, 30. Years old, Condemned for two Robberies on the Highway, confest, that he was Guilty of both, as also of a Burglary in Southwark, where they got 120 Guineas, and 40l in Silver, besides Plate. His Life was very Irregular, addicted to Swearing, Drinking, &c. He was an old Offender, having for a considerable time followed such evil Practices, though his Friends earnestly and frequently entreated him, to bid Adieu to such detestable ways, and persue those things which would conduce to his present as well as eternal Peace: But he was inexorable; bad Company having such Influence on him, as to prevail with him to commit those Actions which now seemed odious and abominable in his Sight.

Alexander Johnson, Convicted for Burglary, by Trade a Sadler , and as he said, Workt very hard for his Living; would not own that he was Guilty of this Crime, or of any other of the like nature. He was very attentive to good Advice, and behaved himself like a Christian sensible of his Condition.

On Friday the 1st. of March, 1700. these two Persons were conveyed from Newgate to Tyburn in a Cart. Henry Andrews, and Joseph Moody, who being tyed up, Henry Andrews; confest, that he was Guilty of several Robberies on the High-way, that he was also one of those who Robbed Mr. Shard's House in Horsley-Down, which he said, was effected after this manner. Robert Thompson, a Neighbour of Mr. Shards, was the Person who first proposed the doing it, and encouraged him to be concern'd, which at first he refused, but being daily importuned by him, tho' he often told him of the inevitable Danger that attended such a dangerous undertaking: He was so unhappy as to be seduc'd by him, Thompson telling him, how easily it might be done, Thompson, (as he said, employed one Barnes to give them notice when Mr. Shard and his Family were gone to Church, as also how to enter the House, which Directions they followed, and so he, Andrews, with one Oliver Sergeant and Morgan, entred the House, and carryed off a considerable Sum of Money, with one Silver Tankard and Cup; Thompson and Barnes, he protested, were not with them, when they entred the House, but Barnes, (as he said) received his Share of the Money, and they also sent Thompson his Part, but whether the latter received it or not, he knows not: He protested, that if Thompson had not daily desired him to be concerned, he would have had no Hand in it. He desired all Persons to take Warning by his untimely End, that by Gods Judgments executed on him a Sinner in this World, they may learn to fear and avoid those which shall be Eternal in that which is to come.

Joseph Moody owned his Crime, as also another Burglary which he Committed. He desired all Persons to avoid bad Company, which brought him to his Ruin; as also not to indulge themselves in any willful vicious Practices, for that one Sin being allowed of, will open an inlet to a great many others, which without a sincere Repentance will prove the ruin of both Body and Soul for ever. He beseech'd God very earnestly to wash him thorowly from his Iniquity, and cleanse him from his Sins, in that Fountain opened for Sin and for Uncleaness, the precious Blood of the Immaculate Lamb of God slain to take away the Sins of the World, that so having had all his Shame and Sorrow and evil Things in this Life, he might hereafter awake to Joy and Happiness in that which is to come He recommended his poor Wife and Children to the Providence of the Almighty God, and as he said, died in Charity with all Men.

Then they had time allowed them for private Prayer; and then the Cart drew away, they were turned off.

This is all the Account I can give of this Sessions.

Dated March 1, 1700.

John Allen, Ordinary .


B. Lilburn, that lately Lived on Ludgate-hill, next to the Kings-Arms Tavern near Fleet-Bridge, now Lives at the Golden-Board, and Ball, near the Globe-Tavern, in little Moor-fields, near great Moor-gate, up one Pair of Stairs. Who maketh and selleth, (and has done above 16 Years) the Water for taking away the Freckels, Pimples, Worms, and Morphew in the Face: With Elixir Salutis, Balsamum Vitae, Tinctura Vitae, Waters and Ointments for the Eyes, and Ointments for sore Nipples; Ointments for the Ricketts, Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Aches, Strains, &c. Powders, Dentrifices, Elixirs, Essences, Oils, Spirits, &c. both for Ornament, and Curing most Distempers incident to Humane Bodies; where you may have Advice as well as Medicines, likewise Judgment upon Urines

WHereas Mr. Edmond Searle, lately deceased, was so famous at curing all sorts of Deafness, this is therefore to Advertise all Persons that Graves Overton, his only Servant , lives at the Hand and Ear in Pye Corner, alias Gilt-spur-street, near Newgate, where he performs the same Cures by his Masters secret Method. There being now, none of his Masters Family living but himself, that performs the said Cure.

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