Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 7.2, 26 June 2016), February 1687 (16870223).

Old Bailey Proceedings, 23rd February 1687.

THE PROCEEDINGS ON THE King's Commissions of the PEACE,

And Oyer and Terminer, and Goal Delivery of Newgate, held for the City of London and County of Middlesex, at Justice Hall in the OLD-BAYLY, The 23th. 24th. and 25th of February. 1687.

And in the 3d. Year of His Majesties Reign.

THE Sessions of Peace, Oyer and Terminer, and Goal-Delivery of Newgate; Held at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bayly on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 23th. 24th. and 25th. Days of February 1687. Before the Right Honourable Sir John Peaks Kt. Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir John Holt Kt. Recorder of the aforesaid City, with others of His Majesties Justices of the Peace, for London and Middlesex.

The Jurors were as follow,

London Jury.

Edward Shrawley

John Han ,

Christopher Rapier

John Endarsby

Edward Short

Thomas Gardner

Paul Darby

Samuel Cornwork

Francis Cayde

Timothy Terrill

John Revet

George Westray .

Middlesex Jury.

John Huynes

Christopher Chambers

William Hembrick

Peter Rudg

George Clisby

William Wheatly

John Gaunt

John Haistings

Nathaniel Chandler

Richard Thornton

John Cooper

William Coodrin

The Proceedings were as follow

Richard Cole and William Jennings , having an Indictment prefer'd against them, for stealing a silver Tankard, value 5 l. from Thomas Woodhouse , of the Parish of St. Leanords Forster , on the 15th of February last; upon their being Arraigned, pleaded both guilty to the said Indictment.

[Branding. See summary.]

John Miller , was Tryed for stealing one Periwig, one Cloath Coat, one pair of Holland Sleives, and one Holland Shirt, valued as 3 l. from John Gardner of the Parish of St. Dunstans in the West , on the 5th. day of February : The Evidence against him was Gardner and others, who deposed, that the Prisoner under pretence of his Lodging being taken up, procured to lye with Gardner, as having been formerly his intimate Acquaintance, by which means he had an opportunity to take away the Cloaths, and departed early in the Morning, yet soon after was found with them on his Back; but he pleaded in his own defence, that it was rather by mistake, than any intent to steal the Apparel, or that presuming on the Familliarity he had with the Prosecutor; he insinuated that he did at most but borrow them, with an intent to restore them and it moreover appearing, that he had left part of his own Cloaths in their stead, he was Acquitted .

Richard Owen , was Tryed upon an Indictment of Felony, in Feloniously taking out of the house of Stephen Nightingall , of the Parish of St. Buttolphs without Bishopsgate , seven Peuter Dishes, value 29 s. and twelve Peuter Plates, value 15 s. on the 1st. of February . The Evidence against him was Mr. Nightingall and his Servant Maid the first deposing that the Peuter (to his knowledge) was in his Kitchen over Night, and the next Morning it was Missing; And the Latter gave Evidence that by her Consent the Prisoner had hid himself in her Masters Cellar, under a pretence of securing him from the Fury of his own Master, and that when she came to look for him the next Morning, she found him and the Peuter gone; the Cellar Door to the Street being likewise left open; but it appearing that the Maid had absented her self and no other proof but [Text unreadable in original.] of what she attested he was acquitted .

Jonathan Cooper , was Tryed for stealing one Diamond Ring, value 10 l. two Gold Rings, value 16 s. two silver Chains, value 10 s. one silver Spoon, value 4 s. one silver Bodkin, value 1 s. 6 d. and one silver Box, value 8 s. from William Smith , of the Parish of St. Bottolphs without Bishopsgate , on the 5th. of February ; The Evidence against him was Smith and others, by whom it appeared, that he and his Wife being abroad, and having only a little Boy at home, a man, supposed to be Cooper, came directly into the Kitchen and took away a Nest of Drawers, wherein the things specified were, and withall left a stick behind him, which was attested to be the Prisoners, and that he was seen hankering thereabout, under pretence of buying Meat; but by reason the strongest stress of the Evidence lay upon the Childs discribing him, and none of the things found about him, nor in any place where he had disposed of them he was found not guilty .

Ann Fletcher , was Tryed upon two Indictments, first for stealing from Daniel Wright , of the Parish of St. Bottolph without Aldersgate right pair of Flaxen Sheets, value 40 s. on the 4th of February ; which Felony upon her being apprehended; as it appeared by the Evidence she had Confessed, and that going by her direction, they were found where she had sold them; nor did she make any defence for her self in Court, but in a manner confirmed her former Confession.

Secondly, she was Tryed upon an Indictment of Felony, for stealing one Holland Sheet, value 7 s. from Henry Seal of the Parish of St. Giles's Cripplegate , on the 4th of February . The chief Evidence was Seal's Wife, who deposed she had Confessed her stealing them, and that by her direction the place of Sale was found, so that having nothing material to offer in her own defence, she was found guilty upon both Indictments.

[No punishment. See summary.]

Thomas Griffith , took his Tryal for stealing a silver Cup, value 4 l. on the 10th. of February , being the proper Plate of the Masters and Fellows of Baliol Colledge in Oxford . The Evidence against him were Thomas Sherin , Matthew Rutter , and others, by whose Testimony it appeared, that being apprehended in the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields, upon his attempting to Sell another piece of Plate that was found about him, and known by the Inscription and Arms of the Colledge and Doner, upon Notice of which, one of the Fellows of the Colledge came up and testified as much in Court, nor did the Prisoner deny but that he had it near that Colledge, but alledged it was given him by a strange man to sell or otherwise to dispose of it; but not being capable of producing the party, or giving any satisfactory accounts of himself, he was found guilty of the Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Jonathan Gibbons of St. James's Westminster , was Tryed for stealing six Pound Weight of Iron, value 6 d. one Leather Chair, value 6 d. and three Silk Curtains, value 5 s. the proper Goods of John Kennet , on the 16th of February . The principal Evidence was Kennet's Wife, who deposed that she missing her things and going in search of them found the Barr of Iron (which she knew by one of them being a Frying Pan Handle to be those she lost) at one Whites a Brother; where the Prisoner had disposed of them and being desired by the Broker to be content, in Gibbons came again he had promised which accordingly he did, the next Morning with Nine Streaks or Rods of Iron was by the Broker apprehended and she sent for, so that the proof being plain, and he having nothing to plead in his defence, but that he had the Iron of a man he fortunately met byupon Bridge, in part of a Bond of 4 l. he pretended was owing by the said party to himself, and he being not able to give any good account of himself, he was found guilty .

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

John Longstaff , of the Parish of Stepney , was Tryed for entering the house of Samuel Wild about Nine of the Clock in the Evening, and taking thence two Scarfs, value 6 s. one Hood, value 8 d. two Yards of Ribond, value 9 d. half a Yard of Alamode Silk, value 1 s, 6 d. one Muzling Cravat, value 1 s. and three Pinners, value 6 d. The Evidence against him was Mr. Wild, who deposed that he found him up one pair of Stairs, and that two others who were in the house at that time made their escapes, and that in the place where he was seized, the Cravat, three Pinners and the Hood were droped; against this his Plea was, that hearing the out cry of Thieves, he came running to see what the matter was, and that by a mistake in the hurry and consternation he had been seized, pretending over and above to excuse his being that way at such a time of Night, that his Mother had sent him of an Errand; but being known in Court to be an Old Thief, though but a Young man, he was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Margaret Torrel , Martha White , and Elizabeth Bill , of White Chappel , were Tryed upon an Indictment of High-Treason, laid the 10th. of February, for Clipping, Defacing, and otherwise Deminishing the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, viz. Twenty pieces of Silver, properly called King Charles the First a Half Crowns, and Ten other pieces, called King Charles the First's Shillings, with Sheers and other Instruments . The principal Evidence against them, was one Elenor Pride , who deposed that she living with Torrel as a Lodger, had seen her then Clip, File, and Rub, Coined pieces of Silver, and that it was a Custome with Torrel, to give two and twenty Shillings of little Money for twenty of large Money, and that upon receiving her into the knowledge of this affair, she had sworn her upon a Bible to Secresie, and that she had observed Bill, Rub clipd Coin, and carry out Money when Clipped to change: it was further proved, that upon the search of Torrels house, that Sheers, Clippings, and Clipped Money was found, which the Prisoner endeavoured to hide and prevent from being discovered; so that the the Fact appearing plain against Margaret Torrel and Martha White , and they having little or nothing to offer in their own defence, but that Pride had impeached them to save her own Life, the Jury found them guilty of the High-Treason, but acquitted Bill; the Evidence not being possitive as to her Clipping, &c.

[Torrel: Death. See summary.]

[White: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

Elizabeth Barly of White-Chappel , was Tryed likewise upon an Indictment of High-Treason, for that she on the 13th. of January last, had Clipped, Filed, and Deminished, divers pieces of Current Coin, viz. Three Half Crowns Seven Shillings, and one Sixpence of King Charles the First ; against whom it appearing upon Tryal, that she had been seen to Rub Clipped Money to bring it smooth, and make it look as if it had not been newly done, as also that it had been her custome, to change away broad Money to Clippers for little Money, at three or four Shillings advantage in the Pound, and that she had been seen to Clip one sixpence; she was found guilty of the Treason as laid in the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

John English , and Jane his Wife , were Tryed for Clipping Ten Half Crowns, and Twenty Shillings, of King Charles the First , in the Parish of Stepney . Against the latter of which, it appearing that she had been used to Rub Clip'd Silver, and to put away large Money to one Elizabeth Mathews , a notorious Clipper now fled, for 3 s. advantage in the Pound, and that she had been seen to carry her money in order to have it Clip'd, besides signs and tokens of Clipping, and Clip'd money found about her, she was found guilty , but the former, viz. John English her Husband was Acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

William Reeves of White-Chappel , was in like manner Indicted for Clipping on the 1st. of February , seven Half Crowns ten Shillings, and two Sixpences , upon whose Tryal it appeared, he had owned at the house of one Andrews a Victualar in Rosemary Lane, to Elenor Pride , that he had Clip'd money, and sold the Clip'd Silver for 4 s. 10 d. an Ounce, and that when search was made for him, he had not only endeavoured to fly, but that Clipped and Suspitious money was found about him, yet he pleading Ignorance as to the former part of his charge, and excusing his flight with the pretence of fearing an Arrest, in consideration he was ingaged with his Brother for a Sum of money, and that the money that was found about him he had received for Hogs; the Jury acquitted him.

Thomas Nuthall , and Elizabeth his Wife , were Indicted and Tryed for High-Misdemeanour, to uttering Clip'd money and bringing broad Money to Elizabeth Barly , Elizabeth Mathews , and others, and receiving for it, the advantage of 3 s. in the Pound of Clip'd money, or 23 s. Clip'd for 20 s. Broad ; but they utterly denying it, and the Evidence not being very possitive against them, they were acquitted .

Esther Mathews and Ann Grantham , were Indicted for the like offence as that foregoing Couple, viz. for Misdemeanour in changing Broad money for Clipped, for gain sake, receiving in that [Text unreadable in original.] or four shillings in the Pound advantage . The principal Evidence against them was Elenor Pride , who deposed they had changed money with Elizabeth Mathews , especially Esther Mathews, and that Ann Grantham had changed money with herself by small parcels at a time, for which, there was an allowance proportionably; but the former utterly denying what was laid to her charge, and the latter alledged that she never changed but one Half Crown with the Witness, and that then she had eighteen penny worth of Farthings, and indeed, no considerable Sums appearing to have passed between them, or any other to that intent or purpose, they were acquitted .

Richard Hide , was Tryed for entering the house of Mary Upter , of St. James's Westminster , on the 20th. of February , between six and seven of the Clock in the Evening , the Witness against him were Upter and her Maid; who deposing that they surprising him in the house before he had the opportunity of stealing any thing, he leaped out of the Casement of the Window, which he had opened for his enterance by taking out a Quarry of the Glass, yet the Maid seized upon him in the Street, and caused him to be secured. His Plea against this was, that they were mistaken in the man, catching him as he was going about business by the house, so that upon the matter by reason nothing was taken or removed, and the Indictment as it was layed, not amounting to a Felony, he was acquitted .

Richard Townsend , Thomas Small and John Clark , were Arraigned upon two Indictments laid for Felony: The first for stealing Fifty Marble Stones, value 30 s. the Goods of John Steel of St. Ann Westminster , on the 20th. of January last.

The Second for stealing forty Marble Stones, value 30 s. properly the Goods of Sir William Booth , Kt. of the same Parish, Townsend pleaded guilty to both the Indictments; but Small and Clark puting themselves upon the Jury for their Tryal; it appeared by the Witness, that they had only attempted to take them from off the Ground where they were laid down with Mortar, and thereupon the Court adjudging it but a Trespass, and that they could not be found guilty upon the Indictment for Felony; they extended their favour so far to Townsend, as to suffer him to retract his Plea, who with the rest, putting himself upon the Jury a fresh, was with them acquitted of that Indictment.

Nathaniel Sawyer , Carrier of C. was Tryed upon an Indictment of Misdemeanour, for uttering false mony knowingly , which appeared upon Evidence to be Counterfeit Mill'd money that had passed through divers hands, and supposed to be received of him; but his Credit and Honest Reputation being attested by divers persons of Eminent Quality: The Jury giving in their Verdict, without going from the Bar acquitted him.

Philip Stains , and Ann Wilks , of the Parish of St. Brides , were indicted for Robbing the House of Brian Jordan , on the 24th. of January last, and taking thence a flowered Silk Gown, a Crape Gown, and 3 Petty-coats, value 10 l. to which, Stains upon his Arraignment pleaded Guilty , and it plainly appearing upon Tryal, Ann Wilks had confessed the Robbery, with the manner of her committing it, she was found Guilty .

[Stains: Branding. See summary.]

[Wilks: No punishment. See summary.]

John Carpenter , and Nathaniel Brooks, alias Pen , were indicted for Robbing the House of Fredrick Cassibon , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , on the 5th. of Feb. and taking thence 4 dozen of Damask Napkins, several parcels of Child-bed Linnen, Pillows, Lace, Sheets, and other Goods, to the value of 10 l. to which, upon his Arraignment, Brook's pleaded Guilty , and Carpenter putting himself upon Tryal, it was proved that the Goods were found in his Custody, at the Goat in Mere Lane, and he having nothing material to offer in his own defence, was found Guilty .

He was likewise Tryed upon two other Indictments, for Robbing Giles Deny , and Edward Ireland , of the Parish of St. Giles Cripplegate , of Linnen, Wearing Apparrel, and other Things, to the value of 20 l. which at the same time as the former being taken in his Custody, and he not being able to give any Account how he came by them, the Jury brought him in Guilty ; Brooks having before confessed the Indictments upon his Arraignment.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Mary Turbith , was Tryed for stealing 2 Gold Rings, value 25 s. & a Jacobus piece of Gold from Henry Moss of the Parish of St. Christopher's in Cornhill , on the 25th. of January last. Upon her Tryal it appeared by Moss, that she had confessed the Felony which she had committed during her living with him in the nature of a Servant , and it being again put to her in Court, she there made a repetition of her former Confession, and was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Joseph Wilson , and George Clinton , were Tryed for Robbing of William Parker , of St. Mary Colechurch , of a Bag, value 2 d. 6 Guineas, and 15 l. in Silver , on the 3d of Feb. The Evidence was Mr. Parker and others, upon whose testimony, it appeared that Wilson had confessed he held the Candle, whilst Clinton with an Iron instrument broke open the Chest and took out the Mony, promising him a proportionable share; but no other Evidence, ring against Clinton but Wilson's confession, he was Acquitted , and Wilson found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Jane Grey , of White-chappel , was Tryed for Clipping and Deminishing the current Coin of this Kingdom, on the 5th. of December , viz. 6 K. Charles the 1st. half Crowns, 8 Charles the 1st. Shillings, and 5 Sixpences of the like Coin . The Evidence against her was Ellenor Pride , who deposed, that she had often seen her rub Clipp'd Mony, to make it smooth and passable, and that she had changed Broad Mony for Clipp'd Mony, having the Allowance of 24 s. for 20 s. but neither of these amounting to Clipping, as laid in the Indictment, She was Acquitted .

Christian Shaw , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , was Tryed as Accessary with Ann Fletcher , who stands convicted of stealing a Holland Sheet, an Amber Necklace, 5 Gold Rings, and a broad piece of Gold , from Henry Seal , on the 4th. of Feb. but upon Tryal there being no other Evidence against her, than what Fletcher had confessed, viz. that she had sold her the Rings and the piece of Gold, and that proving insufficient she was Acquitted .

Jane Hamilton of the Parish of Stepney , was Tryed for Clipping and Deminishing the Currant Coin of this Kingdom, on the 20th. of January last, viz. Seven King Charles the First Half Crowns, and ten Shillings, and Sixpence of the like Coin . The Witness against her was Ellenor Pride , who gave Evidence that she had seen her with Margaret Torrel lately Convicted, and that she had brought her large money, and took Clipped money with the advantage, and that she was sure she had seen her bring thirty or forty Shillings, and that she had likewise seen her rub money to make it look Old; but she bringing Testimony of her way of living by her Labour and Industry for a Lively hood, was acquitted .

Ann Edmunds of White-Chappel , was Tryed for a Trespass, in exchanging large money for that which was Clipped , on the 10th. of January last, against whom Elenor Pride gave Testimony, that she had seen her bring broad mony to Elizabeth Mathews her sister, and that she had received for it the usual advantage, and that she had seen her rub money to make it pass Currant, and that sometimes she changed 10 s. and sometimes more at a time; but the Prisoner alledging her innocency, and making many protestations to the contrary, was acquitted .

Mary Willloghby , was Tryed upon the same account as the former, viz. For changing broad money for that which was Clipped ; but there being no possitive Evidence against her, she was acquitted .

Martha Ashlock of White-Chappel , was Tryed for changing on the 10th. of November last, broad money for that which was Clipped . The Evidence was Elenor Pride , who deposed that she knew her bring money on that account to Elizabeth Mathews ; but she bringing persons to testifie that she was a Labouring Woman and got her living by Washing , &c. she was acquitted .

Thomas Frail , was Tryed for melting Clippings to the quantity of Twenty Ounces of Silver , on the 15th. of February , and upon Tryal it being plainly proved against him, that he had melted Clippings to such a quantity, and other quantities at divers times, as well in Coveton Fields , as Well-Close , and that he was put in trust by one Fryer, now in the Marshalsea for Clipping: the Jury found him guilty of the Trespass.

[Fine. See summary.]

Roger Harrington , Joseph Hicks , T - H - Humphrey Line , and Gilbert Thomas of St. Giles's in the Fields , were Tryed for Murthering Edward Ryon by giving him one Mortal Wound on the Right part of the Head, and of the breadth of two Inches, and the depth of one Inch, on the 1st. of February , of which he languished till the 6th. Upon the Tryal, it appeared that Harrington, Hicks, and H - had dragged the deceased out of his house in Milford-Lane, under pretence of a General Warrant to seize upon Suspicious persons; and after some delay, by the advice of one Henry Pope since fled, carried him to the Prison-house of Gilbert Thomas in Lukeners Lane , in the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields, where by the order of Gilbert Thomas he was received by Line; and there beaten by Harrington and his Accomplices, then continuing several days chained to the Flour without sustenance, he dyed on the 6th. of February, upon which Proof, though they sought by many Excuses to evade it: Harrington, H - and Hicks were found guilty of wilful Murther, and the other two acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

J - M - was Tryed for Ravishing, and carnally knowing against her will and consent; Mary Twine , in the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , on the 2d. of February , but it appearing upon Tryal it was done by her free consent, she being Seventeen Years of Age, he was acquitted .

Mary King was Tryed for stealing two Shirts, value 9 s. one Smock, value 4 s. and a Blew Apron, value 1 s. from Edmund Hall of Uxbridge ; on the 15th. of January last: The proof against her, was that she had pawned one of the Shirts for 8 d. at an Neighbouring Ale-house; whereupon she was found guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

Charles Unwin of Stepney , was Tryed for stealing a double Flaxen Clout, value 4 d. from Richard Lewin , on the 14th. of February , which upon Tryal, Lewin's Daughter deposed he took off the Line; but he alledging he found it on the Ground in a Thorow-Fare place, and the value being very small he was acquitted .

John Butter of Hampstead , was Tryed for breaking the house of Sam. Parker in the Night time, on the 6th. of De. and stealing a Clock, value 6 l. with Curtains, Vallains, and other Goods to the value of 10 l. against whom it appeared upon Tryal, that he had sold them with others of his Accomplices to a Broker, and received his part of the money; whereupon not being able to give any good account of himself, he was found guilty of the Felony but not of the Burglary .

[Branding. See summary.]

Timothy Beton of Hendon in the County of Middlesex, was Tryed upon two Indictments, for stealing 44 Cocks and Hens, and Ten Geese and Ganders , on the 20th. of February the proper Goods of Thomas Trunk , Sen. and Thomas Trunk , Jun. John Vincent and Richard Swift . Also upon a third Indictment, for stealing a Gelding value 20 s. from Mary Mathews of the said Parish; with which Gelding and Goods, it appearing he was taken on Clarkenwell Green, and having nothing material to offer for himself, he was found guilty of the three Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

John Johns , was Tryed for breaking the house of Robert Pedworth of St. Andrews Holbourn , on the 17th. of February , and taking thence five Yards of Bays, four Yards and a half of Cloath, three pair of Cloath Breeches, Pettycoats of Crape and Silk, with other things of considerable value ; which upon Tryal appeared to be found in the hands of Marmaduke Bell , who produced one Margaret Scot of whom he bought them, and she charged the Prisoner as the party who brought them to her, but he denying that ever he had them; and no other Evidence produced to prove it, he was acquitted .

Agnes Clarkson , was Tryed for entering the house of Mary Selwin in the Parish of St. Clements Danes in the Night time, and stealing three Holland Sleeves, one Smock, one Looking Glass, one Silver Spoon and two Candlesticks, to the value of 25 s. Upon Tryal it appeared by Selwin that she seized on her in the house and that the Goods at that time were removed: but she pretending she had been at a Womans Labour, and finding the Window open came in to affright the Prosecutor, who had for some time past been her Landlady; so that nothing being lost, and the Prosecutor her self giving a good Caracter of her, she was acquitted .

Edward Brooks of St. Margaret Westminster , was Tryed upon two Indictments; First, for stealing one Coat, one Silver Box, two Rings and a silver Seal , from Brian Scot .

Secondly for stealing one Beaver Hat and 6 s. in money , from Daniel Winsor : Upon Tryal it appeared, that Brooks and other his Accomplices coming to the Hill Tavern in Westminster , and calling for a Bottle of Wine, took the opportunity to step up into the upper Rooms, and braking open divers Trunks, took thence the Goods mentioned; but soon after the Prisoner being seized in attempting another Robery in Holbourn, the Coat and Hat was found upon him, which he alledged he bought of a Woman in the Street; but not being able to prove it, nor give any good account of himself, he was found Guilty of the Felony.

[Transportation. See summary.]

Richard Obeham , was Indicted and Arraigned for stealing 4 s. from Thomas Gillham , on the 15th. of February ; but puting himself for his Tryal upon the Jury, and no Evidence appearing against him he was acquitted .

Samuel Bushel , of the Parish of St. Leanords Shoreditch , was Tryed for entering the House of Catherine Stepwell , Widow , on the 6th. of Feb. about 3 in the Afternoon, when She and her Family were abroad, and stealing thence 12 Cambrick Handkerchiefs, value 13 s. 2 Laced Coifs, value 10 s. a Laced Handkerchief, value 5 s. a Cap with Bone Lace, value 5 s. a Drugget pair of Curtains and Vallance, value 3 l. 10 s. with other Things of value , part of which Goods, being found in his Custody, and he looked upon as a pilfring Fellow, not able to give any good Account of himself, was found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

William Bellenger , of St. James Clarkenwell , was indicted for stealing a Bag, value 2 d. and 16 l. and 2 d. in Monys , from Samuell Osbourn , on the 16th. of Feb. The Witness was the Prosecutor and others, who gave in Evidence, that soon after the Robbery, the Prisoner was pursued, and a great part of the Mony found about him, known to be the Prosecutors by the bag, in which he had some remarkable piece, upon which he had confessed the Robbery, and giving but a slender Account of himself, was found Guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

Joseph Wyat , of St. Butolphs, without Aldgate , was Tryed for stealing 2 Feather Beds, 2 Bolsters a Chopping knife, a pair of Scales and a Iron Beats, together with a half hundred Weight, a Skreen and Rug , from Thomas Waight , on the 7th. of January last; but upon Tryal it appeared, what he removed them by the Order of Waight's Wife, who was found to be an ill Woman; he was Acquitted of the indictment, and the Prosecutor ordered to prefer an Indictment for a Trespass against him, at Hicks-Hall.

Ann Edwards , Millinor Cary , William Savage , and Elizabeth Dudley , the latter as Accessary to the former, were Tryedfor stealing, a Silver Beaker, value 10 s. a Silver Tumbler, value 20 s. 3 Silver Spoons, value 15 s. from Robert Tisdale , of St. Paul's Shadwell , on the 17th. of Feb. against whom it appeared, that Edwards and Cary coming to visit the Servant Maid of the Prosecutor, under pretence of helping her to Seower, in the Night time carryed away the Plate, and that the 2 Spoons had been found in the Pocket of Millinor Gary, in the company of Ann Edwards ; and further, that they had confessed they delivered the Plate to Savage to deliver to Dudley; but no other Evidence appearing against the two latter , the two former were only found Guilty .

[No punishment. See summary.]

William Carter , was Tryed for entering the House of Edward Quant , in St. Martins in the Fields , on the 2d. of Feb. between 7 and 8 of the Clock in the Evening, and taking thence 2 Sarsnet Hoods, 2 other Hoods, 2 yards of Point Lace, a Crape Gown, a Petty-coat, and other Goods : The Evidence against him was, that a Man being discovered in the Parlour, leaped out of the Window and fled, and being pursued, the Prisoner was taken near to the Place where the Things were dropped, but he alledging, his Innocence, and the Witness not being positive that he was the Man, only that the party that had fled had white Stockings, on, he was Acquitted .

Peter Minchin , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for entering the House of James Boyer , and taking thence a Duel Box, value 12 d. but upon his Tryal nothing being given in Evidence against him, more than that he came to ask for a Party that lodged there abouts, he was Acquitted .

Richard Edwards , William Donn , and William Banister , were Tryed for stealing wearing Apparrel, as Gowns, Pettycoates, Gold and Silver Lace, to the value of 10 l. from Ellenor Johnson , of St. Martins in the Fields , the 22d. of January , by forcing, or otherwise opening the Lock, in the Night time : and upon Tryal it appearing they had sold the Goods to a Spaniard in St. Giles's, and each of them received their Dividend of Mony, they were found Guilty of the Felony but not of the Burglary .

[Branding. See summary.]

D - C - and Thomas Davis , were Tryed for Robbing a Gentleman in Chancery-Lane , of 16 l. and a Desk. The proof was that the Study was broken open by the opportunity of taking down the Window, and the Desk with the Mony taken thence the Desk being the next Morning found in Lincolns-Inn-Fields , i'th new Buildings, with many Writings of concernment in it, but the Mony gone, yet not long after D - C - being upon suspicion committed to the Compter confessed the Robbery, and declared how, and in what manner he and his Confederate, who was soon after taken, committed it: So that making but a slender defence for themselves, D - C - was found Guilty of the Felony and Burglary, but the proof being not so positive, against Davis, he was found Guilty of the Felony only .

[ D - C -: Death. See summary.]

[Davis: Branding. See summary.]

George Mackfenne , being brought upon his Tryal for stealing Goods to a Small value , was upon plain proof, and he not being able to deny the fact, found Guilty to the value of 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

There was another found guilty of Manslaughter; and the grand Jury returned ignorance on another.

The Tryals ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgement of Death upon 9 viz.

Timothy Beaton , D - C - Roger Harrington , Joseph Hicks, T - H - Margaret Torrel , Martha White , Elizabeth Barly , and Jane English : The Woman to be Burnt.

Reprieved before Judgement, 4 viz.

Ann Fletcher , Millinor Cary, Ann Edwards , and Ann Wilks .

Burnt in the Hand 12. viz.

Richard Cole , William Jennings , William Bellinger , John Butter , Thomas Davis , Joseph Wilson , Phillip Stains, Mary Turbith, William Banister, Richard Edwards , William Donne, and another.

Ordered for Transportation 4. viz.

Thomas Griffith , John Carpenter , Nath. Brooks and Edw. Brooks.

Sentenced to be Whip'd 4. viz.

John Longstaff , Samuel Bushel , Mary King , and John Mackfenne.

Jonathan Gibbons who was found guilty of a Petty Larcenary, had his Punishment changed into a Weeks imprisonment.

Thomas Frail , was Fined 30 l. and to continue in Prison till it be payed.

Margaret Torrel and Martha White pleaded their Bellys, but upon inquiry, only the latter was found quick with Child.