Susan Brockway, Mary Gardner, Theft > pocketpicking, 27th August 1725.

Reference Number: t17250827-2
Offence: Theft > pocketpicking
Verdict: Not Guilty
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Susan Brockway and Mary Gardner , were indicted for privately stealing three Broad Pieces of Gold, from Joseph Richmond , on the 6th of July last.

Joseph Richmond thus depos'd: About Nine o'Clock on Sunday Night, the Prisoners pickt me up upon London-Bridge. I went with them to the Cross-Key Tavern upon Fish-street-Hill , and there we staid about an Hour. I agreed to give them a Crown apiece, to - to - , not to do them over, but for them to strip naked, and show me some Tricks. And to satisfy them that I had Money enough to be as good as my Word, I took three Broad Pieces and three Shillings out of my Pocket.

Brockway said, as how she supposed it was not right Gold, and so she took a Piece to look upon it, whereas she said it was very good, and gave it me again; and by and by she snatches all the Money out of my Hand, and put into her Bosom, and said, You shall never see it again. I'll keep it, to learn you more Wit;, that another time you may know an honest Woman a Whore; and then Gardner ran round the Table to her, with a Design, as I supposed, to take the Money from her; but I kept my Eye upon them all the while as well as I could, and rang the Bell; and when the Drawer came in, I sent him for a Constable.

The Drawer thus deposed: This Man and the Prisoners coming to our House, I shew'd them into a Ground Room, opposite to the Bar; where they had three Pints of Mountain: After which, upon hearing the Bell, I stept in, and Brockway presently threw down three Shillings, and said, There is your Money, Drawer; but the Man said, he was robbed, and desired me to fetch a Constable, which I did.

The Maid deposed, that she undress'd the two Women, and search'd them in every Part, but - but found no Money about them. The Prisoners then made their Defence: This Man took us to the Tavern, and offered us a Crown apiece to strip ourselves naked, and stew him Postures. He gave Mary Gardner Money to fetch a Penny-worth of Rods, for him to whip us a-cross the Room, and make us good Girls; and then for us to whip him to make him a good Boy: But we told him it was neither a proper Time nor Place for any such thing, for it was Sunday Night, and others might over-look us in the Room we were in, tho' the Curtains were drawn. He bid us look to it; for it should be worse for us, if we would not do as he would have us; and so he called the Drawer, and said, we had got his Money. The Jury acquitted them.

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