Ordinary's Account, 19th March 1701.
Reference Number: OA17010319

The ORDINARY of NEWGATE his Account of the Behaviour, Confessions, and Dying-Speeches of the Condemn'd Criminals, that were Executed at Tyburn, on Wednesday, March the 19th. 1700/1701.

ON Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 5, 6, 7 and 8th instant; the Persons hereafter mention'd, being brought to their Trials at Justice. Hall in the Old-Bailey, were convicted, and by their Jury found Guilty of the several Crimes they were respectively charg'd with.

On the Lord's Day, being the 9th, I preach'd to them (both in the Morning and Afternoon) upon these Words in Ezekiel 18. 4. - The Soul that Sinneth it shall die. From which (first paraphrastically explain'd) I took occasion to discourse my Auditory upon these three Heads.

1st The dreadful Punishments which shall be inflicted on obstinate and impenitent Sinners after this Life.

2d The gracious Rewards that God will give to the Righteous, and such as by true Repentance, shall have made their Peace with Him, before they are taken out of this World.

3d and last, - The certainty of both these, viz. the Punishments and Rewards, which Men shall receive in the Life to come.

The Two former of which, I dispatch'd in the Morning: And in the Afternoon proceeding to the Third, shew'd them;

1st The Certainty of the Punishments; and then

2dly, That of the Rewards, of another World.

And so shut-up this whole Matter with a suitable Exhortation and Application.

On Monday the 10th, these poor unfortunate Wretches having received Sentence of Death, I went to them in the Condemn'd Hold, that Evening, and continu'd all the Week to visit them twice every Day, both there and in the Chappel; where I found them always desirous of my Prayers, and well dispos'd to receive my Instructions.

On the Lord's Day, the 16th (the Day the Dead-Warrant was sign'd) I preach'd to them again, viz. In the Morning upon these Words, Acts 3. 19. - Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your Sins may be blottedout, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Which having briefly expounded to them, I then discoursed them therefrom upon the seasonable Subject of Repentance: Shewing them,

1st What true Repentance is. And,

2dly, What are the just Motives to it, and the blessed Fruits of it.

And in the Afternoon, upon this Text, Hebr. 9. 27. - It is appointed unto Men once to die; but after this the Judgment. From which Words I drew (and discoursed upon) these 3 Propositions.

1st That this Life is the only time which is allotted to us to prepare our selves for Eternity. - And therefore,

2dly, When Death has once given the determining stroke, and put a final Period to this mortal Life; our Day of Grace is at an end, and we are beyond the possibility of available Repentance.

3dly, - That as a necessary Consequence of both these; Judgment will seize on us immediately upon our departing out of this World; and as Death once finds us, it will for ever leave us: For according as we are then prepared, we shall (as soon as we are dead) be translated into an immutable, an unalterable and Eternal State, either of Weal or Wo.

After I had enlarg'd upon these Propositions, I sum'd-up all in a pressing Exhortation to Repentance. And herein I labour'd to exercise them daily, as in my preceding, so in my succeeding Visits to them. And in my constant attendance on them, in order to the preparing them to make a happy End, by stirring up themselves to a sincere and entire Love to God, and by making all the Satisfaction, and doing all the good they could to Men, I had opportunity to receive from them the respective Declarations and Confessions following.

1. William Davis, alias Sims, Condemn'd for Felony and breaking open the House of Mr. John Reeve. He said he was about 40 Years of Age, born in London, and had for some Years past, kept the Spring-Garden in Southwark. He acknowledg'd he had been a great Sinner, having (by his Education) had greater opptunities than many others, to have known the ways of God, but had neglected them; and to his other Transgressions, added this, of breaking the Sabbath-Day; which had justly brought upon him the Punishment he is now to suffer. He confess'd the Crime of which he was convicted; and this he did with Expressions of Grief for his having offended God and wrong'd his Neighbour; and earnestly begged Pardon of both.

II. Lawrence Levins, Condemn'd for Robbing on the High-way. He said he was about 31 Years old, born in Stepney Parish, and was bred up to the Sea ; and his last Service there, which was about 9 Months since, was in a Hoy employ'd in fetching Timber from Gosport . He readily confess'd the Crime for which he was to die, and seem'd to be penitent, and truly sorrowful both for that and whatever else he had done amiss.

III. Thomas Williamson, alias Willison. Condemn'd for the same Fact with Levins, and for Burglary. He said that Williamson was his right Name. He told me he was about 29 Years of Age, born at Stradgwell in Suffolk, and that his ordinary Employment was to carry Pedlers Ware about the Country , and had, for these 3 Months last past, liv'd in Stepney Parish. He acknowledged he had been a great Offender, a Breaker of God's Laws and his Holy Sabbaths, and confessed the Crimes for which he was condemn'd; begging Pardon of God for all the Sins and miscarriages of his past Life, and of Men for all the Wrongs he had done them. He added, that he would rather die than live; for now he found his Heart wholly wean'd from this World, and strongly bent upon Heaven.

IV. Edward Shaw, Condemn'd for the same Robbery with the two last mention'd, viz. Levins and Williamson. He said he was about 26 Years of Age, born in Yorkshire, and had been Apprentice to a Joyner at Hull. Afterwards coming up to London, about some 4 or 5 Years ago, he listed himself a Soldier , and being then discharg'd, kept a Victualling-House in Gravel-lane at Wapping. I found he had been pretty well instructed in the Principles of Religion, but not liv'd accordingly. He confess'd he was guilty of the Fact which had now brought him to his untimely End. He said he heartily repented of all the Sins he had committed, which were many, and begg'd Pardon for them; hoping to find Mercy with God, through the alone Merits and Intercession of JESUS CHRIST.

V. John Thomas, Condemn'd for Felony and Burglary. He said he was about 27 Years old, born in a little Village near Cracow in Water-Poland, a Hatter by Trade, and own'd himself a Lutheran by Profession: But in truth I found him to have had no Religion at all; but lived, by his own Confession, in all manner of lewdness, profaneness and debauchery; which had at last brought him under this just Condemnation. Thus he acknowledg'd the guilt lying upon him, but seem'd very indifferent for the removing of it by Repentance. And so unconcern'd he was about a future State, that he said, he cared not a Pin what became of him in the other World; for he supposed that there, he could not fare worse than in this. I endeavour'd to inform his Judgment, and prepare his Mind better; as also did three Reverend Pastors of the German and Danish Churches, namely, Mr. Etzard, Mr. Brinch, and Mr. Crusius, who visited him also, but at first could not get any Satisfactory account from him, nor work any good upon him, and all of them, as well as my self, were in some despair of his Conversion. But when Death was making its closer approaches to him; then he seem'd a little to relent, and to have his hard heart somewhat broken. But here I must leave him now for a while, and proceed to give the World an account, which, I thank God, is not so dismal, of his Companion in this Fact.

VI. Thomas Jones, Condemned for the same Felony and Burglary with the forementioned John Thomas. He said, he was about 30 Years of Age, born at Killingworth in Warwickshire, a Taylor by Trade; and that he came up to London about the latter end of October last, and lodged in a House in Drury-lane. He, with grief, confessed he had much neglected the Holy Duty of Religion; and

from thence had been drawn to the Commission of many Sins, and this in particular for which he was to die. He seem'd indeed to be very penitent, and hartily begg'd pardon of God and all he had wrong'd, or any ways offended: Adding that he greatly hop'd for Mercy, through the infinite Merits and prevailing Mediation of his Saviour; in whom alone he reposed his Trust, and by whom alone he hoped to be saved. This and the foregoing John Thomas put me in Mind of the two Thieves upon the Cross, who were both of them under the same Condemnation; and the one a great Penitent; the other a harden'd Sinner.

VII. Richard Humphreys, also Condemn'd for Felony and Burglary. He said he was about 18 Years of Age, born in Fleet-street, London, and a Seaman by his Profession; but was sometimes also otherwise employ'd: For he being in Jamaica, whither he went in the Prudence, a Merchant Ship, about two Years ago, he lookt after some Negroes committed to his Charge there, till he return'd into England; which he did in the Richard and Sarah, another Merchant Man, about 5 or 6 Months since; during which time he was unemploy'd; but said he intended to have gone to Sea again. He ingenuosly own'd he had been a great Offender; but now heartily repented of all his Sins and hoped that God, for Christ's sake, would forgive him, and shew his great Mercy to him. He likewise begg'd Pardon of them he had offended, and professed he died in Charity with all the World.

VIII. Jacob Lainiz, alias Mac�, Condemn'd for Counterfeiting the Current Coin of this Kingdom. This was the same that was Indicted by the Name of Philip Lianis. He said he was about Fourscore Years of Age, born in the City of Amsterdam, and a Lapidary by Trade. He did not understand English; but Dutch and French he could speak very well. I pressing him several times to confess the Crime for which he was to die, he always affirmed he was not guilty of it; saying, that he lived with, and was as a Servant to his Son Philip Mac�, who being committed for the same Fact, died in Newgate a little before this Sessions; That he was not privy to all his Son's Affairs, and knew nothing of his Coining false Money. This is what he said, and persisted in it to the last; and in the Eve before the Execution Day, viz. about 9 a Clock, he died in the Prison, being very old and very weak.

IX. Mary Cook, Condemn'd for the Murther of her Bastard Child. She denied she ever did any such thing, and was loath to give any account of her self, and of her Life and Conversation. But upon my pressing her to it, she at last said she was about 25 years of Age, born at Cardiff in Glamorganshire, liv'd in Monmouthshire about 10 Years, and 10 Years here in the Parish of St. Giles in Fields, and was a Servant-Maid . She told me she was born and brought up in the Protestant Religion; but had since embrac'd, and would now die in the Romish Communion . Yet (upon my arguing with her) she own'd it was much better and safer for her Salvation to rely upon the alone Merits and Mediation of Christ, than to depend upon any thing of her own, or the Prayers and Intercession of the Virgin Mary, or any other Saints.

This being the Day that the foremention'd Persons were to be executed, I administred the Holy Communion to such of them, namely William Sims, Lawrence Levins, Edward Shaw, Thomas Jones and Richard Humphreys, as I found earnestly desirous, and fitly prepar'd to receive it. Afterwards they were all carried, in three several Carts, to Tyburn; where I met them, and did my last Ministerial Office to them. They all seem'd very Penitent, and even the Polander, John Thomas, who said his Heart was now melted through the Love of Christ, whom he had never known before, but now embrac'd by Faith. Mr. Crusius was with him, and assisted him to the last. As for the rest ( Mary Cook excepted) having before confess'd their Crimes, and expressed great Sorrow for them, they had not much to say, when they came to this Place; only they recommended their Souls to God, and desired the People to pray for them, and take Warning by them; declaring that Idleness, Drunkenness, Swearing, profaning of the Lord's Day, and other Sins attending a lewd Life, had brought them to this shameful and untimely End. They were, as I said before, all of them very Penitent, at least they appeared to be, and I hope they were really so. And if herein any of them exceeded the rest, I think they were Edward Shaw and Richard Humphreys, the former of whom declar'd now to me, upon the Word of a Dying Man, as he had done before, that whereas he was by some Persons charged with the Adulterous Sin of having married two Wives, he had but one. Mary Cook deny'd with her last breath, that she ever murther'd her Infant. She declared she died in the Romish Faith , and shew'd great Repentance. And she, and all of them, did again ask Pardon of God, and all they had wrong'd, and said they dy'd in Charity with all the World. I pray'd over them, and Sung a Penitential Psalm with them, who very heartily joyned with me herein; and having earnestly recommended them all, and every Soul of them to the Mercy of our good God, I took my last leave of them. They had some time allow'd them for their private Devotions, and while they were calling upon God for Mercy, the Cart drew away, and they were turn'd off.

Thomas Browne, alias Castle, and Joseph Trickey, with 4 Women, who were found with quick Child, viz. Elizabeth Talbot, Deborah Smith, Ann Weaver, and Mary Dyer, alias Mac�, being also under Sentence of Condemnation, are repriv'd. They all own to have, by their former Lives, grately offended God, and now seem to be very sorry for it, and promise amendment of Life. God grant they may faithfully keep their Promise; and so, avoid Temporal and Eternal Punishment, and obtain Mercy and all Happiness, both in this World and in the next.

This is the true Account of the Persons here nam'd, which is given by

Mar. 19. 1700.

Paul Lorrain, Ordinary .


Robert Witledge, Bookbinder , at the Bible in Creedlane within Ludgate, sells all manner of Bibles, Common Prayers, and other Books, very well Bound and Cheap.

THese are to give notice that the Society of Gentlemen who undertake to Buy and sell Estates, procure Money on Security, Sollicite all sorts of Business, also to make an Interest to invest Persons in Employments, several being now to be disposed of in Town and Country, most for Life, for particulars refer to the Bills) do now keep their Office in Lincolns-Inn New Square, the corner Stair-Case, next the Stamp-Office, Number [7] the farthest Door on the Right-hand, in the said Stair Case, where attendance is given, by Mr. Preston Agent of the said Office every Day.

B. Lilburn, that formerly Lived on Ludgate-hill, next to the Kings-Arms Tavern near Fleet-Bridge, and lately near great Moor-gate. Now Lives at the Golden-Board, and Ball in the Old-Baily. Who maketh and selleth, (and has done near 20 Years) the Water for taking away the Freckels, Pimple, Worms, Morphew, and red Marks of the Small-pox inthe Face: With Elixir Salutis, Balsamum Vitae, Tinctura Vitae. Waters and Ointments for the Eyes, and Ointments for sore Nipples; Piles, Rickets, Swellings, Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Aches, and Strains, &c. Powders, Dentrifices, Elixirs, Essences, Oils, Spirits, &c. both for Ornament, and Curing all Diseases incident to Humane Bodies; but more especially relating to the Female Sex, for whom you may have a safe and easie Cure. (without confinement or hindrance of Business) for the Venereal Distemper, likewise Judgment upon Urine.

London. Printed for E. Mallet, at the Hat and Hawk in Bride-Lane, 1700.

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