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<hi rend="largeCaps">CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NOTTAGE, MAYOR. FOURTH SESSION</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">A star</hi> (*)
<hi rend="italic">denotes that prisoners have been previously in custody—two stars</hi> (**)
<hi rend="italic">that they have been more than once in custody—a dagger</hi> (†)
<hi rend="italic">that they are known to be the associates of bad characters—the figures after the name in the indictment denote the prisoner's age.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">LONDON AND MIDDLESEX CASES</hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, February</hi> 2
<hi rend="italic">nd</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Recorder.</hi> </p>
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<persName id="def1-240-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-240-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-240-18850202" type="age" value="42"/>
<interp inst="def1-240-18850202" type="surname" value="EVELYN"/>
<interp inst="def1-240-18850202" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY EVELYN</hi> (42)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-240-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-240-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-240-18850202" type="age" value="55"/>
<interp inst="def2-240-18850202" type="surname" value="KYLE"/>
<interp inst="def2-240-18850202" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN KYLE</hi> (55)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-240-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-240-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-240-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing six pieces of Italian cloth, the property of
<persName id="t18850202-name-3" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-3" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-3" type="surname" value="HARVEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-3" type="given" value="MONTAGU"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-240-offence-1 t18850202-name-3"/>Montagu Halford</persName> and others.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts</hi> for receiving the same, to which</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">KYLE</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-240-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-240-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-240-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GOODRICH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GRAIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">defended Evelyn.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-4" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-4" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-4" type="surname" value="OLDHAMPSTEAD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-4" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM OLDHAMPSTEAD</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). Prior to 17th December I received instructions from Hyams and Sons, tailors in Cannon Street, in consequence of which I watched their premises at 1 o'clock with Bryant—we saw Kyle leave and go to Evelyn's, 5, Cloth Fair, Smithfield, about 12 minutes' walk off, a small woollen and trimming shop, with windows back and front, so that you can see light through—just inside the passage on the left-hand side of the door is the shop, and looking down the shop on the right side in the back corner is a little office—any one in the office could not be observed from the street—Kyle went into the office, and I could not see what he was doing—he stayed 15 minutes the first day, and then came out and returned to Messrs. Hyams's—on the same day at 6 o'clock he went again to No. 5, Cloth Fair, and into the back office, where he stayed about 15 minutes—on the 18th I watched the premises again—Kyle went at 1 o'clock to No. 5, went into the small office, and stopped five minutes—at 6 o'clock on that day he met Evelyn and they had a conversation right opposite Evelyn's shop, and I saw something pass from him to Evelyn, and I heard Evelyn say, "We must both be careful, good night"—I passed them a third time that afternoon—on 19th December I again watched the premises at 1 and 6 o'clock, and Kyle went to 5, Cloth Fair to the back of the shop out of sight, remained a short time, and came out—the same thing happened on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 29th, and Bryant observed it on the 30th and 31st—on 1st January I was watching, and stopped Kyle after he left the warehouse and had some conversation with him, took from his pocket two pieces of Italian cloth, and left him with Osborne, who took him to</p>
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<p>the station, and I then went to Evelyn's premises in Cloth Fair, called him outside, and told him we were police-officers, that we had got a person in custody named Kyle for robbing his employers, Messrs. Hyams and Co.—Hardy and Osborne were with me—I said, "He has made a statement that he has brought the Italian cloth here to you, and you have received it every day; have you any now?"—he said at first "No," and then paused a minute, "No, I don't think I have," and then he went inside to see—before doing so I said, "Do you know where he is employed?"—he said, "Yes, at Messrs. Hyams's in Cannon Street"—I said, "We shall have to go inside and see if you have anything"—I went inside with Hardy and Osborne and Evelyn, and the latter handed me two pieces of Italian cloth, which he said he had bought from Kyle on the previous evening—I said Kyle had made a statement that he had been bringing the whole of it there, all that he had stolen, which was twice a day—Evelyn said he acknowledged that he had received it, but that he did not steal it—he was taken to the station and formally charged—I searched the premises—there was a small roll of cloth and several short pieces in the window, and a number of large parcels round the shop, which we found to contain waste paper, dummy parcels—I also found one or two bills and one or two invoices which had been paid—that was all there—when charged at the station he only said that he had received the goods, but that he did not know they were stolen—the next morning at the station I showed Kyle in Evelyn's presence the two pieces of cloth—Kyle said he had taken them to him the night previous, and Evelyn said, "Yes, it is quite right"—Kyle said, "I have taken it all to Evelyn, and Evelyn knows how I got it."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Several little short pieces of cloth were in the window exposed for sale, so that any one could see them from the street—about 3 1/2 to 4 yards long—I do not know that Kyle carries on a business himself—he lives in a private house—the firm are Jews, and shut up on Saturdays—Kyle is not a Jew—I have heard the prosecution say he does business at his own house on a Saturday—the stuff I saw in the window was woollen, not like this Italian cloth: it was about the same length as this—the little place at the back is under the staircase; it is his office where he makes out his invoices, I should judge—it is lighted from the shop; the partition is not up to the top—any person in the street who stopped and looked could see him going into the office—I do not suppose Evelyn knew I was there—a dozen people could stand in the office—Evelyn said, "I send my traveller out to sell it"—a man came into the shop while we were there, and he alluded to him as his traveller—he said he sold the cloth to small tailors—the traveller brought a bag in with him; I did not see at the time if there was anything in that, I took nothing out of it—I did not say at the Mansion House that I saw the traveller take two pieces of cloth out of it—I did not hear the prisoner say he gave so much per yard for the cloth, I understood him to say 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a piece—I did not take the conversation down—I am prepared to say that I did not hear him say "per yard."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> It was not Saturday when I watched Kyle go to Evelyn's, and he was going from Hyams's premises, not his own.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-5" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-5" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-5" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-5" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BROWN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman 628</hi>). On the 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, and up to 30th and 31st December, twice a day, at 1 and 6 o'clock, in company with the last witness, I watched Hyams and</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020003"/>
<p>Co.'s premises, and saw the prisoner leave them and enter Evelyn's shop, where he remained a short while and left—I corroborate Oldhampstead's evidence.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I was never in the office, and cannot say how long it is. WILLIAM OSBORNE (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). On 1st January I was with Old-hampstead, and arrested Kyle on a charge of larceny of cloth from Hyams and Co.'s, of Cannon Street—he handed me these two pieces of cloth—I was present next morning when Evelyn was brought up and shown the cloth in Kyle's presence—Oldhampstead said that Kyle had made a statement about being concerned with Evelyn—Kyle said, "Oh yes, I have been taking this cloth from my employer since last August almost daily, Evelyn has had it all, and knows where I got it"—I searched Evelyn, and found on him County Court and judgment summonses.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-6" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-6" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-6" type="surname" value="HARDY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-6" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM HARDY.</persName> </hi> I live at 46, Lorne Road, Finsbury Park, and am manager to Messrs. Hyams and Co. at 69, Cannon Street—Kyle was in their employment about 11 months—his wages were about 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a day—he worked on the top floor of the warehouse—there is a recess round the top floor where the goods are kept—he used to keep his coat and hat in the recess, and worked alone in a corner—I have identified these pieces of Italian cloth as my employers'—pieces of this description would be regularly served out to Kyle for lining the garments he was at work upon, and he would cut from the roll what he wanted—he was not allowed to remove any of it from the premises—in consequence of information I instructed Oldhampstead to watch Kyle on 17th December and following days, and on 1st January went to Thames Police-station and found Kyle in custody—he made a statement to me—subsequently Evelyn was brought, there—I went to Evelyn's premises in Cloth Fair with Oldhampstead and Osborne, and saw there two pieces of Italian cloth, which I identified as Messrs. Hyams's property—I think the total value of all this cloth is 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. or 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—there are various qualities, it varies from 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. to 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a yard.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> The price depends on the length—the average price of pieces 45 yards long would be 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d.;</hi> this piece would be 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—we have similar articles in our warehouse—there is no mark of ours on this—it may be made for every house in the trade; Italian cloth is a common article—these cloths would be about 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a yard; there is no fixed price for a remnant—remnants are valuable to us, we can use them up—they would be valuable to small tailors—I don't know anything about small tailors; we sell nothing to them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-7" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-7" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-7" type="surname" value="CAKEBREAD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-7" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES CAKEBREAD.</persName> </hi> I am in the employ of Hyams and Co., Cannon Street; I buy the trimmings—Kyle was their cutter at 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a day—in the course of business pieces of Italian cloth would be handed out to him, and he would cut off as much as he required for the garment and leave the rest in the piece—he worked on bespoke goods—he would not be allowed to remove any piece of Italian cloth from the premises.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witnesses for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-8" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-8" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-8" type="surname" value="BANKS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-8" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT BANKS.</persName> </hi> I have been in business for myself as a wholesale warehouseman for the last nine years—I have known Evelyn for about 20 years; for about 12 years as a tradesman—I have done business with him—he is a piece-broker and trimming-seller; he buys pieces over the counter, remnants and odds and ends, from time to time, and sells to small tailors—as a rule, tailors are allowed to make up their own stuff</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020004"/>
<p>after hours for orders they have got hold of, and if with Jews they work for themselves on the sixth day and Sunday as well, many of them—I have sold Evelyn Italian cloth, and he owes me money now for some—a piece is 52 to 55 yards—I have sold him half-pieces and remnants, and all manner of lengths—I have been to his shop scores of times on busi
<lb/>ness—I have seen Kyle bring remnants in and sell them to Evelyn before me—I saw nothing of going in a back closet, or anything of the kind—I should be glad to produce this Italian cloth for 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. a yard in the piece—the length of a remnant is everything in regard to its price—I should think for these pieces, 3 or 3 1/4 yards long, Evelyn should have paid 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. or 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. a yard—it did not excite my suspicion seeing Kyle there—I saw nothing more than an ordinary sale going on.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I am a tailor's warehouseman—I have no record of what Evelyn owes me—I keep books—I make out an invoice when I sell goods, and give a receipt for any money—I saw Kyle at Evelyn's about the beginning of December selling odds and ends of Italian cloth—he left something in the shop—sometimes I saw him paid and sometimes not—when Evelyn was not at home Kyle left them—I was there at 3, or 4. or 12, and at 1 and 6—I did not know Kyle was a tailor at Hyams's, it might perhaps have startled me if I had.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">J. LUPTON.</hi> I am a manufacturer in the City, and have known Evelyn about eight years—I have purchased remnants of woollen cloth from him; he is a dealer in all kinds of remnants, including Italian cloth—I had dealt at the shop before Evelyn took it—it was the same class of shop then, where they buy and sell cloth over the counter; that has been a recognised business for 30 years, the length of my experience in London—I have seen Kyle transacting business with Evelyn in his shop; there was no concealment—I believe there were two or three policemen lodging in Evelyn's house at the same time.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I am Evelyn's bail—when I saw Kyle in the shop I did not know he was a tailor at Hyams's.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-9" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-9" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-9" type="surname" value="FELL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-9" type="given" value="ROBERT FLEMING"/>ROBERT FLEMING FELL.</persName> </hi> I am a woollen agent—I was in the shop when the detectives came—Evelyn came in, and three men followed and insisted on seeing the stock—it was expos✗ed to them; it was ranged up and down the shop on shelves—they opened the goods and insisted on seeing the invoices, several of which were shown to them, and they found nothing in the place to excite suspicion—after searching the town tra
<lb/>veller came in, Mercer, with a leather bag, which they wished to see—he opened it in Evelyn's presence—it contained two remnants of Italian cloth, which Hardy swore were Mr. Hyams's property—in the meantime a Mr. Aaron was endeavouring to sell Evelyn some goods from samples he had, and the police insisted on taking Aaron into custody, saying his goods had been stolen from the Government Stores, as they had the broad arrow on them, and they asked Evelyn to go to Snow Hill Station as a witness against Aaron, not as a prisoner—Aaron's explanation was afterwards found correct, and he was discharged and Evelyn was locked up—Evelyn invited the police to look in everyplace; he said "I have been here ten years and have had nothing against me before."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> The bailiffs were not in possession of the shop at this time; they had been the week previously, and had gone out—the police searched the premises and found nothing—there were brown paper parcels there and pattern books; I do not know of any ledgers there—he</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020005"/>
<p>produced some invoices—I am not aware he found any County Court summonses; there may have been some.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-10" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-10" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-10" type="surname" value="MERCER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-10" type="given" value="THOMAS HENRY"/>THOMAS HENRY MERCER.</persName> </hi> I have been employed by the prisoner for two years as traveller—I have taken out remnants of cloth of this descrip
<lb/>tion and gone round to small tailors—I have been in the woollen trade a great many years—I came in with a bag in my hand when the police were at the shop—Evelyn said "Have you anything in the bag?"—I said "Yes"—he took the bag up and placed it on the counter, and threw out what there was before the police—then Hardy said he could swear to it, that it belonged to his master—the police asked me where I sold the things and I told them the names and addresses of my customers as far as I could remember—I said my usual selling price for this was 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Evelyn kept no books, it was a ready-money trade—I took many goods out, and brought back the goods or money—Evelyn handed me the goods and told me the price, and I sold it to other tailors—Evelyn bought, I only sold.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EVELYN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">received a good character.</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-240-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-240-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-240-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">Recommended to mercy by the Jury and prosecutor on account of his character.—
<rs id="t18850202-240-punishment-1" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-240-punishment-1" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-240-punishment-1" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-240-18850202 t18850202-240-punishment-1"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-240-18850202 t18850202-240-punishment-1"/>Six Months' Hard labour each</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-241">
<interp inst="t18850202-241" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-241" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-241-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-241-18850202 t18850202-241-offence-1 t18850202-241-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-241-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-241-18850202 t18850202-241-offence-1 t18850202-241-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-241-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-241-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-241-18850202" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def1-241-18850202" type="surname" value="LEBE"/>
<interp inst="def1-241-18850202" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES LEBE</hi> (23)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-241-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-241-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-241-18850202" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def2-241-18850202" type="surname" value="MURRAY"/>
<interp inst="def2-241-18850202" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FREDERICK MURRAY</hi> (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-241-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-241-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-241-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>, Burglary in the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18850202-name-13" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-13" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-13" type="surname" value="FULSHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-13" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-241-offence-1 t18850202-name-13"/>James Fulsham</persName> and stealing tobacco-pouches, other goods, and 15
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., his money.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SAUNDERS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-14" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-14" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-14" type="surname" value="FOLSHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-14" type="given" value="FRANCIS"/>FRANCIS FOLSHAM.</persName> </hi> I am assistant to James Fulsham, tobacconist, of 97, Lupus Street—on 12th January, about 11 pm., I fastened up the shop and went to bed, leaving everything safe below—I was called up by the police at 6 a.m., and found the side and front shop doors wide open; they had been closed the night before—the boxes and things, in the shop were all in confusion; thimbles, button-hooks, and lots of things were on the floor, and about 15
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. had been taken out of two boxes, and button-hooks, tobacco-pouches, and boxes of hairpins and other goods—these (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) are some of the things taken—I do not know either of the prisoners.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross examined by Lebe.</hi> We have goods like these—these have no private mark on them—I don't know if shops in the neighbourhood sell goods like these—these are not all the goods we lost.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-15" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-15" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-15" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-15" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM SMITH</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman D 492</hi>). On 13th January, at 5.50, I was on duty in Lupus Street, and found the door of 97 open—I looked inside the shop, and found it all in disorder, and called up Miss Fulsham—the door had been forced open; the bottom bolt looked as if it had been forced off from the outside—I know neither of the prisoners.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-16" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-16" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-16" type="surname" value="FIELD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-16" type="given" value="PHILIP"/>PHILIP FIELD</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Inspector D</hi>). On 13th January, about 1.15, I was in Cambridge Street, Pimlico, on duty, and saw the two prisoners there together going towards Lupus Street—they looked me and I them full in the face—they turned the corner and I lost sight of them—at 6 a.m. I received information and went to 97, Lupus Street, where I found the street-door had apparently been forced from the outside—on the morning of the 15th the prisoners were brought to Rochester Row Station, and I recognised them as the men I had seen on the morning of the 13th—they were changed then with loitering, and afterwards with breaking into Mr. Fulsham's house—they said nothing.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020006"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Lebe.</hi> I asked you no questions.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Murray.</hi> I met you under a lamp, and you both looked me full in the face, and I noticed small blotches on your face—I mentioned that when you were brought in, and that you were the two two men I had seen on the Monday night.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-17" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-17" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-17" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-17" type="given" value="DANIEL"/>DANIEL BROWN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Sergeant B</hi>). On 15th January I went to 54, Paradise Street, Lambeth an address given by Lebe—I searched the back room on the ground floor, and there found these nine tobacco-pouches, six knives, two tobacco-boxes, and two fusee-boxes—I showed them to Lebe on the morning of the 22nd—he made no answer then—I went to 80, Cobourg Buildings, Westminster, the address given by Murray, the same day—I found nothing there—I found some keys on him, which he said belonged to the house-door; they did not fit it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Lebe.</hi> The room door at your place was open—I found the property in a box with a lot of paint-pots—I found no tobacco or cigarettes, nor money there, only the property produced—your land-lady said you kept very late hours and came home early in the morning, and that she did not know what you did for a living—she did not say you had a policeman to call you at 5 o'clock in the morning.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-18" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-18" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-18" type="surname" value="ROCKINGHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-18" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN ROCKINGHAM</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman B</hi> 81). On 15th January, about 1.30 a.m., I saw the prisoners in the Vauxhall Bridge Road, in a doorway, and took them into custody for loitering—I had seen them together for three-quarters of an hour—I took them to the station.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoners' Statements before the Magistrate. Lebe says:</hi>"All I can say is, I was at home by 1 o'clock on this night, at Paradise Street. I went out at 9 o'clock next morning to look for employment, and as I was walking along the waterside I found the articles in a garden, in a white rag, the same as now. I took them home and came out again. These things were lying on the table when my wife came in and asked me what I was going to do with them; I said 'Put them in a box with the pots, there might be an owner for them.' I left them in the box."
<hi rend="italic">Murray says:</hi>"I was in bed on Monday, the 12th, from between 12.30 to a quarter to 8 next morning. I never saw the things before I saw them produced."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witnesses for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-19" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-19" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-19" type="surname" value="LEBE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-19" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES LEBE. </persName> </hi> I am Lebe's father—I am a house-painter and decorator, of 15, Bird Street, Vauxhall—my son does not live with me—on Saturday night, the 12th, at midnight, he left me and said he was going home—I don't know if he did—he lives at 62, Paradise Street, I think.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-20" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-20" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-20" type="surname" value="MURRAY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-20" type="given" value="ANN"/>ANN MURRAY. </persName> </hi> I am Murray's mother—he lives with me and his father—on Monday, 12th January, he went out in the afternoon, and came home again to tea, and went out about 5 or 6 o'clock, and I saw no more of him till 12.30 or 12.45; I had just gone to bed, but he came into my room to fetch the lamp to go to his own room with—I always leave it burning for him—I was awake; I know the time by the public-house opposite; he came in just as it was closing.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I said at the police-court I heard him come in, but I say now I saw him; he came and took the lamp—I first heard of the charge when the officers came to my house on Thursday the 16th—I could not recollect till they had gone what time he had come in on the Tuesday—on the Sunday, I think, he came in about 11.30; on the Satur
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020007"/>
<p>he was in to supper with me at 12 o'clock, just after the house was closed.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> He borrowed sixpence of me on the Tuesday evening.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Lebe, in his defence, stated that he had picked up the things by the waterside and put them in the box in case somebody should own them. Murray said that he first saw the property at Rochester Row, and that the only evidence against him was that of the inspector, who said he had seen him that night.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-241-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-241-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-241-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-242">
<interp inst="t18850202-242" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-242" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-242-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-242-18850202 t18850202-242-offence-1 t18850202-242-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-242-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-242-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-242-18850202" type="age" value="31"/>
<interp inst="def1-242-18850202" type="surname" value="FINN"/>
<interp inst="def1-242-18850202" type="given" value="MORRIS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MORRIS FINN</hi> (31)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-242-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-242-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-242-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery with violence on
<persName id="t18850202-name-22" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-22" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-22" type="surname" value="ROWES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-22" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-242-offence-1 t18850202-name-22"/>Charles Rowes</persName>, and stealing a purse and 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 13
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and 12 pawn-tickets, his property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GILL</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-23" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-23" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-23" type="surname" value="ROWES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-23" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES ROWES. </persName> </hi> I am a carpenter, of 60, College Place—on the 26th of December, about 8.10, I went into the Hospital public-house in the Pimlico Road, just opposite the College, and had a pint of beer, which Mr. Judge served me with—the prisoner and two women were in the same compartment, and no other men—they went out just before me—when I got outside I was pinned by two men from behind, and pulled back down on the pavement—a man, not the prisoner, got me by the throat, and stuck both hands into my throat so that I could not halloa or say anything, and one of the women pinned my legs—the prisoner, who I can swear to, tore my trousers down the leg, and tore my pocket clean out when I put my left hand to protect my pocket—I clasped his wrists when I found my purse was gone—the two women were holding on to me—I could not halloa—I saw my purse in the prisoner's hand, and tried to hold him—he put his feet on my wrist and nearly broke it—I was obliged to let him go—I followed him about 100 yards to where there were six or seven more men—there was a light where this occurred; you can see plainly—I afterwards went to Cottage Road station, made a com
<lb/>plaint, and gave a description of a man—I received information and went to the station on the Tuesday after the 26th, and identified the prisoner from six or seven men—I went straight to him; I knew him at once—in this pocket I had two sovereigns, a half-sovereign, a half-crown, a florin, and some pawn-tickets—I had been paid 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. on Christmas Eve at Her Majesty's Theatre, where I had been working.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> You were sitting in front of the fire at the public-house with the women—you were not turning an organ; the bar was not full of people—they took my evidence at Cottage Row—I was not drunk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-24" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-24" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-24" type="surname" value="WILSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-24" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS WILSON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective B</hi>). I received information of this robbery on the 27th, and got a description of a man—I made inquiries, and on the night of 30th December went to 61, Carpenter Street, Battersea—the prisoner came into the house from the back yard; when he saw me he said "Good evening, Mr. Wilson, do you want me?"—I said "I do"—Sergeant Scott, who was with me, told the prisoner the charge was being concerned with other men and two women in stealing a purse containing 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. in gold and 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. silver and some pawn-tickets from a man named Charles Rowes in the Pimlico Road on the night of the 26th—he said "I am innocent, I was at home early that night; I left Mr. Judge's house about 6 o'clock, and arrived home about 7 o'clock; I was in Judge's when he gave us six pots of beer; an old College man brought his organ in, and I turned the handle; we had more beer; I left there</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020008"/>
<p>about 6 o'clock, and got home at 7 o'clock"—at the station when charged he said "I am quite innocent of it; I was in the tap house; I went in there about 11 o'clock; I stopped there till 6 p.m.; I came straight home, me and my wife"—Mr. Judge's is the tap house.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have known you for some years; you have only been charged with drunkenness once or twice—that is all I know about you.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-25" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-25" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-25" type="surname" value="JUDGE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-25" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>SAMUEL JUDGE. </persName> </hi> I am landlord of the Hospital Tavern, Pimlico Road—on Friday night, 26th December, I saw the prosecutor in my house, and served him—the prisoner was in the same compartment—I cannot say if a woman was with him; I am not certain—I believe his wife was there during the evening, I am not certain if at the same time—I do not know what time the prosecutor left.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner, in his statement before the Magistrate and in his defence, asserted his innocence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-242-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-242-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-242-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-243">
<interp inst="t18850202-243" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-243" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-243-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-243-18850202 t18850202-243-offence-1 t18850202-243-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-243-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-243-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-243-18850202" type="age" value="19"/>
<interp inst="def1-243-18850202" type="surname" value="LEMKE"/>
<interp inst="def1-243-18850202" type="given" value="FRANZ"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FRANZ LEMKE</hi> (19)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-243-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-243-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-243-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-243-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-243-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-243-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi> to forging and uttering warrants for the payment of 20
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.,20
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and 5
<hi rend="italic">l.</hi> </rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-243-punishment-2" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-243-punishment-2" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-243-punishment-2" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-243-18850202 t18850202-243-punishment-2"/>Twelve Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-244">
<interp inst="t18850202-244" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-244" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-244-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-244-18850202 t18850202-244-offence-1 t18850202-244-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-244-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-244-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-244-18850202" type="age" value="29"/>
<interp inst="def1-244-18850202" type="surname" value="GOULDSTONE"/>
<interp inst="def1-244-18850202" type="given" value="FREDERICK ALBERT"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FREDERICK ALBERT GOULDSTONE</hi> (29)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-244-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-244-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-244-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/> to embezz
<lb/>ling the sums of 320
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and 415
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., the moneys of
<persName id="t18850202-name-28" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-28" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-28" type="surname" value="FINLAY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-28" type="given" value="JOHN RICHARD"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-244-offence-1 t18850202-name-28"/>John Richard Finlay</persName> and another, his masters;
<hi rend="italic">also</hi> to wilfully and with intent to defraud omitting certain particulars from his masters' books.</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-244-punishment-3" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-244-punishment-3" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-244-punishment-3" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-244-18850202 t18850202-244-punishment-3"/>Six Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-244-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-244-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-244-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]</rs> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-245">
<interp inst="t18850202-245" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-245" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-245-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-245-18850202 t18850202-245-offence-1 t18850202-245-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-245-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-245-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-245-18850202" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def1-245-18850202" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-245-18850202" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES SMITH</hi> (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-245-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-245-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-245-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/> to breaking and entering
<placeName id="t18850202-geo-1">
<interp inst="t18850202-geo-1" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-245-offence-1 t18850202-geo-1"/>St. Thomas's Mission Church</placeName> with intent to steal therein;
<hi rend="italic">also</hi> to breaking and entering the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18850202-name-30" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-30" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-30" type="surname" value="DEARDEN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-30" type="given" value="ORMEROD"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-245-offence-1 t18850202-name-30"/>Ormerod Dearden</persName>, and stealing therein a watch, other articles, and 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">d.; also</hi> to breaking and enter
<lb/>ing the
<placeName id="t18850202-geo-2">
<interp inst="t18850202-geo-2" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-245-offence-1 t18850202-geo-2"/>North Finchley Baptist Chapel</placeName>, and stealing a clock and other goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-31" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-31" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-31" type="surname" value="WILKES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-31" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-245-offence-1 t18850202-name-31"/>Charles Wilkes</persName> and others, the trustees, after a conviction of felony in October, 1883, in the name of
<persName id="t18850202-name-32">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-32" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-32" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-32" type="given" value="JOHN"/>John Smith</persName>.—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-245-punishment-4" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-245-punishment-4" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-245-punishment-4" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-245-18850202 t18850202-245-punishment-4"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-245-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-245-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-245-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]</rs> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, February</hi> 2
<hi rend="italic">nd</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-246">
<interp inst="t18850202-246" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-246" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-246-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-246-18850202 t18850202-246-offence-1 t18850202-246-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-246-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-246-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-246-18850202" type="age" value="39"/>
<interp inst="def1-246-18850202" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="def1-246-18850202" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES BROWN</hi> (39)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-246-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-246-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-246-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-246-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-246-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-246-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>** to unlawfully possess
<lb/>ing a mould for coining.—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-246-punishment-5" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-246-punishment-5" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-246-punishment-5" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-246-18850202 t18850202-246-punishment-5"/>Eight Years' Penal Servitude, to commence at the expiration of his former sentence often years' penal servitude</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-247">
<interp inst="t18850202-247" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-247" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-247-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-247-18850202 t18850202-247-offence-1 t18850202-247-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-247-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-247-18850202 t18850202-247-offence-1 t18850202-247-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-247-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-247-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-247-18850202" type="age" value="28"/>
<interp inst="def1-247-18850202" type="surname" value="JOHNSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-247-18850202" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM JOHNSON</hi> (28)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-247-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-247-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-247-18850202" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def2-247-18850202" type="surname" value="FLYNN"/>
<interp inst="def2-247-18850202" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EDWARD FLYNN</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-247-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-247-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-247-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Un
<lb/>lawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. CRAUFURD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CRANSTOUN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-36" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-36" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-36" type="surname" value="KING"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-36" type="given" value="SARAH EMMA"/>SARAH EMMA KING. </persName> </hi> I live with my husband at 1, Warwick Place, ✗Ealing—I know the prisoners by sight—on 2nd January Flynn, the one with crutches, came in and asked for twopennyworth of corned beef—I said that I did not sell it—he said "I will take a piece of cheese"—I served him; he gave me a shilling—I put it in the till, where there were no other shillings, and gave him a sixpence and 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in coppers—about 10 minutes afterwards Johnson came in for some cough drops, which came to 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I rolled them up in a piece of an old almanack—he gave me this shilling, and I gave him a sixpence and 5 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I took the shilling to my husband, who went out and followed the prisoners—I afterwards handed the two shillings to Detective Clany.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-37" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-37" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-37" type="surname" value="KING"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-37" type="given" value="FREDERICK WILLIAM"/>FREDERICK WILLIAM KING. </persName> </hi> On 2nd January, about 7 p.m., my wife</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020009"/>
<p>brought me this shilling—I found it was bad, and partly bent it with my teeth—I kept it in my hand, went out, and met both the prisoners in the road, about 100 yards from my place—they stopped me and asked me to come—I followed them and saw Johnson go into Mrs. Stephens's shop—Flynn went straight across Ealing Common to Acton—when Johnson came out I went in and spoke to Mrs. Stephens, who showed me this bad shilling—I followed Johnson towards Acton; he overtook Flynn—I met a gentleman in a trap and got him to take me to the police-station—we went close behind the prisoners—I gave information to Cluny and we followed them to the London station, where Cluny took them—Johnson said "I might have come into your place and passed the shilling, but if it is bad I must have had it given to me."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-38" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-38" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-38" type="surname" value="STEPHENS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-38" type="given" value="MARY"/>MARY STEPHENS. </persName> </hi> My husband lives at 16, St. Matthew's Road, Ealing—we keep a general shop—on Friday evening, 2nd January, Flynn came in for twopenny worth of cheese; he gave me this shilling—I gave him a sixpence and 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and put it in the till, where there was no other shilling—I went into my back room and heard somebody talking in the shop about a quarter of an hour afterwards; it was Mr. King, and my stepdaughter produced another shilling which she had received, and showed Mr. King, who bent it in my presence—I marked both coins and gave them to Detective Cluny.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-39" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-39" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-39" type="surname" value="STEPHENS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-39" type="given" value="ELIZA"/>ELIZA STEPHENS. </persName> </hi> I am the stepdaughter of last witness—on 2nd February, about 8 p.m., I was serving in the shop; Johnson came in for a pennyworth of cough-drops, and gave me a shilling—I gave him elevenpence in coppers, and put the shillings into the till, where there were two half-crowns and one or two shillings—Johnson went out—Mr. King came in, and in consequence of what he said I looked in the till and found the shilling which I had taken from Johnson was bad—I knew it because I had left it on the top of the other money—I gave it to Mr. King; this is it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-40" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-40" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-40" type="surname" value="CLUNY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-40" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>SAMUEL CLUNY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective Officer X</hi>). On January 2nd, about 7.30 p.m., Mr. King pointed out the two prisoners to me—I followed them with Miller to High Street, Acton—they went into the London and North-Western Railway Station, and Johnson was about to take a ticket—I took hold of them and told them I should take them for uttering a counterfeit shilling to Mr. King—I took them into the waiting-room, and on Johnson found 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in good silver, 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in bronze, a halfpenny-worth of sweets, and twopennyworth of cheese—he said to Mr. King "I recollect going into your shop, but if I passed that shilling some one must have given it to me"—Flynn said "Hold your tongue"—I took them in a cab to Ealing station—the inspector asked their names, which they gave, but when he asked their addresses they each said "I have not any."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-41" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-41" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-41" type="surname" value="MILLER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-41" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM MILLER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Sergeant X</hi> 242). I took Flynn and told him the charge; he made no answer—I found on him a good sixpence, four-pence, two thimbles, a pocket-book, and a penny packet of stationery.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-42" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-42" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-42" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-42" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM T. WEBSTER. </persName> </hi> I am Examiner of Coins to the Mint—these shillings are both bad, and from different moulds—these two from Stephens are bad, and from the same mould; neither of these is from the mould of this uttered to King.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoners' Statements before the Magistrate. Flynn says:</hi>"I picked the money up and was not aware it was bad. I was seeking employment</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020010"/>
<p>at the time, and in the evening I used the money to get some supper. I never knew Johnson before."
<hi rend="italic">Johnson says:</hi> "I met Flynn in Ealing and asked him for a match; I told him I was going to Brentford. He gave me a shilling or two of his money; I did not know whether it was bad or not. I never saw this chap before in my life."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-247-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-247-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-247-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-247-punishment-6" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-247-punishment-6" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-247-punishment-6" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-247-18850202 t18850202-247-punishment-6"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-247-18850202 t18850202-247-punishment-6"/>Twelve Months' Hard Labour each</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-248">
<interp inst="t18850202-248" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-248" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-248-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-248-18850202 t18850202-248-offence-1 t18850202-248-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-248-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-248-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-248-18850202" type="age" value="30"/>
<interp inst="def1-248-18850202" type="surname" value="SHEPHERD"/>
<interp inst="def1-248-18850202" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS SHEPHERD</hi> (30)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-248-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-248-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-248-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. CRAUFURD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">LLOYD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-44" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-44" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-44" type="surname" value="RENDLE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-44" type="given" value="ELEANOR"/>ELEANOR RENDLE. </persName> </hi> I keep the Eleanor beerhouse, South Hornsey—on 7th January, about 5.30, the prisoner came in for half a pint of ale and put down a half-sovereign—I said, "Have you any loose change?"—he said "No"—I gave the half-sovereign to the potman—he went out, came back in two minutes, and gave me the change, and I then gave the prisoner two florins, five single shillings, a sixpence, and 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—Mr. Smith, my manager, was present—the prisoner then pulled out a shilling from another pocket, laid it on the counter, and asked me to change it—he said, "Give me sixpence for sixpenny worth of coppers, please"—I then recognised him as having given me a bad shilling four months ago—Mr. Smith said, "Yes, I'll give you change, this is some of your old games," and took it up and bit it in two pieces, nearly in half; it fell on the counter, and one half was nearly rolled up—the prisoner picked them up and put his hand to his mouth—I said, "Don't swallow those pieces"—he said, "I am trying the rest of my money, I will go across the road and tell them of it"—Mr. Smith said, "No, I'll go," and jumped over the counter—the prisoner made a rush for the door, but it was bolted—he said, "I am not going to mess about here," and rushed at the other door and did a
<hi rend="italic">bolt.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> I can swear that the shilling which will be produced is not the one Mr. Smith broke—your shilling was broken in two and rolled up—a good shilling would not break like that—the shilling Mr. Smith brought laid flat, and this one was rolled up—it was early in October that you gave me the first shilling—I do not remember your calling early in December and my giving you a tea-kettle to mend and paying you 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I had a kettle mended, but you did not do it—I have seen the man who mended it since—he must have been a friend of yours, for I saw his wife with your wife, and that is how you know about the kettle—you never did any work for me whatever—the first shilling you gave me was burnt about a fortnight ago, and I have a witness who saw me burn it—when you came the second time I said to Mr. Smith, "That man has passed a bad shilling, you had better give him change"—I was too artful to give you change that time—the shilling I gave you was good—I did not know till I was at the police-court that you had sent a shilling out of the House of Detention—Mr. Smith did not break a good shilling, he knows them too well.</p>
<hi rend="italic">By the</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT. </hi> Mr. Smith put the pieces on the counter, and the prisoner picked them up, put them towards his mouth, turned his back to me, and I did not see them again—I knew that the half-sovereign was good, but I would not give him change because I recognised him—I thought I would send for it so that I should have a witness.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-45" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-45" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-45" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-45" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM SMITH. </persName> </hi> I am Mrs. Rendle's manager—on 17th January,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020011"/>
<p>about 5.30, I came home and saw the Prisoner there—the Potman had gone out for change—he came back and gave it to Mrs.Rendle, and I saw her give it to the prisoner—I noticed that it was all good—the prisoner put his hand to his left trousers pocket, and then to his right, while the change was lying on the counter—I saw something in the palm of his hand—he picked up the change, dropping a shilling and asked for a sixpence and sixpenny worth of coppers—I put the shilling to my teeth and broke it in half easily, and one half doubled up—I placed them on the counter and said, "This is your old game"—he said, "I'll go over and tell them of it," and made for the door—I said, "You need not trouble, I'll go," and jumped over the counter and stopped him—I saw him putting his hand to his mouth, and Mrs.Rendle said, "Don't swallow those pieces"—he said, "I am not swallowing them, I am trying the other money to see if it is good"—he made for the door, but it was bolted—I stopped him, and sent the potman for a policeman—he was gone so long that I went outside myself, and while I was outside the prisoner stepped behind me and went down the court—I followed him with a constable, who took him—he gave his address, 2, Sandford Lane, Stoke Newington, and began to run, but I kept him in sight till I gave him in charge—the pieces of a shilling produced are not the pieces I broke—I have tried to break them with my teeth and could not—the one I broke was very soft and gritty, and these pieces are hard and not gritty-this piece has been stained.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Part of the one I broke was turned over double—I should not have sworn that this was the same if this had been a bad one—I go by the way it is broken, and swear this is not the one—I threw the shilling on the counter to show you the pieces, and you did not give me the chance of keeping them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-46" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-46" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-46" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-46" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES SMITH</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman N</hi> 648). Mr.Smith gave the prisoner into my custody about 100 yards from Mrs. Rendle's—he was running, and Mr. Smith had stopped him and told me in his hearing that he believed he had swallowed a shilling—he said "I never swallowed any shilling, I never had any bad money on me"—I took him to the station—Mr.Smith said that he had broken the prisoner's shilling in half, as near as possible, and one half bent up—the prisoner said it was not bad money that he put on the counter, and denied having any broken coin or bad money—I found on him two florins, five shillings, a sixpence and a half crown—the inspector asked him if he had swallowed any money; he said that he had not, and that he had no place of aboae; but afterwards he said he lived at 2, Stamford Lane, that is not correct—the inspector at Clerkenwell Prison gave to me this broken shilling—I said to the prisoner "How did you come to swallow this shilling?"—he said "I was rather excited when I swallowed it"—I said "Do you mean to say that shilling has been in you ever since?"—he said "Yes."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> You did not resist when I took you—I took no bad money from you—I did not know that the broken shilling was good when the inspector gave it to me at Clerkenwell, not till I opened the envelope before the Magistrate—I did not say to you "This is a good shilling; you might as well have spoken the truth at first."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-47" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-47" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-47" type="surname" value="ENGLAND"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-47" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM ENGLAND</persName> </hi>. I am Warder at the House of Detention—on the 20th of January I was called to the prisoner's cell—he rang his bell about 6.30 p.m. and said that he had saved his motion, and this was what he</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020012"/>
<p>found in it, producing the largest part of a shilling he said he was charged with uttering—he afterwards produced the other bit from the soil—I told him to wash them, which he did, and I afterwards took them from him—these are the same pieces—they were, I believe, sent to the Clerkenwell Police-court—he found the second piece while I was standing in the cell.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-48" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-48" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-48" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-48" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. These are the pieces of a good shilling; a bad coin can ho broken with the teeth, and I have heard of a good one being broken so, but it requires great leverage—this coin may have been wrenched—it is a jagged break—I cannot say whether it could have been broken with the teeth, but it is so perfectly flat that I doubt it being in the teeth at all.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> It would be possible to break it with the teeth if it had a flaw in it, but this shilling has no flaw.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner in his statement before the Magistrate and in his defence said that the shilling he gave Mrs. Rendle was one of those which she gave to him, and that when the manager broke it he picked up the pieces and swallowed them being over excited, and that the shilling which passed from him was the same, which was the reason he called attention to it.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-248-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-248-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-248-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.
<hi rend="italic">He then</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>**
<hi rend="italic">to a conviction of a like offence at this Court in January, 1881, in the name of Charles Newton.—
<rs id="t18850202-248-punishment-7" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-248-punishment-7" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-248-punishment-7" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-248-18850202 t18850202-248-punishment-7"/>Five Years Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, February</hi> 3
<hi rend="italic">rd,</hi> 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr.Recorder.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-249">
<interp inst="t18850202-249" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-249" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-249-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-249-18850202 t18850202-249-offence-1 t18850202-249-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-249-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-249-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-249-18850202" type="age" value="35"/>
<interp inst="def1-249-18850202" type="surname" value="MOODIE"/>
<interp inst="def1-249-18850202" type="given" value="EDWARD JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EDWARD JOHN MOODIE</hi> (35)</persName>, was indicted
<rs id="t18850202-249-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-249-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-249-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="assault"/> for a common assault on
<persName id="t18850202-name-50" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-50" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-50" type="surname" value="WILKINSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-50" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-249-offence-1 t18850202-name-50"/>Alfred Wilkinson</persName>.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts,</hi> for using violence to him and intimidating him, in order to compel him not to work at his trade.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts,</hi> for watching and besetting the house where he was employed, in order to intimidate him and others.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-51" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-51" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-51" type="surname" value="WRIGHT"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-51" type="given" value="WILDEY"/>MR. WILDEY WRIGHT</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. HOPWOOD</hi> Q.C.,
<hi rend="italic">with</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-52" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-52" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-52" type="surname" value="WILKINSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-52" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED WILKINSON</persName> </hi>. I am a compositor in the employ of Messr. Abraham Kingdon and Co., printers and publishers, 52, Little Moorfields—last Friday week, 22nd Jan, about 2 o'clock in the day, I was in the street, going into Mr.Kingdon's premises—I saw the prisoner at the corner of Moortields, at the side of Mr.Kingdon's premises—I spoke to him first, and asked if he was the man that sent me away to Manchester two years ago—he said he was—I told him that ho had sent me away under false pretences—we had a few words—he said ho would get me a memorandum—he paid I could please myself whether I went in or not, and I went in to work at Messrs. Kingdon's—I came out again about 4 o'clock and went into the Bull and Bell public-house just by, about 20 yards off—I waited there about 20 minutes, then the prisoner and several more came in—he said I had better get out—I said I had as much right as he to stay there, it was, a publi bar—ho said if I didn't get out he would dash my brains out—after that I went out—later on in the evening, a little after 7 o'clock, I went into the public-house again; the prisoner came in, he repeated the same language, that he would dash my brains out if I didn't get out—he said he was not fool enough to do it himself, he might get three months for it but he would get some one else to do it for him—he left the house</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020013"/>
<p>for a short time then, and returned in about half an hour—he said "Are you here still? if you don't get out I shall do what I said, I shall dash your brains out"—he took me by the shoulders with both his hands, pushed me out of the door, and hit me on the side of the head with his fist and knocked my hat off; it was a pretty keen blow—upon that I went across the road into Messrs. Kingdon's premises, and just before I went in somebody hit me behind; I can't say whether it was he or not, he was shouting out at the time—I was knocked down, I got up and ran into Messrs. Kingdon's premises—I saw Mr. Abraham Kingdon and he came out into the street with me shortly afterwards—I saw the prisoner two or three yards from the premises in custody of a policeman—at the station he called me a scoundrel and all that sort of thing, and he called Mr.Kingdon a thief, and said he would ruin his business.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> When I saw him in custody I was asked if he was the man that had assaulted me, I said "Yes"—Mr. Kingdon brought me out of the hat shop, where I had been to buy a new hat—when I accused the prisoner of being the man who had sent me to Manchester under false pretences there was pretty strong language on both sides—he said I might please myself about going to Kingdon's; he didn't exactly inter
<lb/>fere with my going there; he said I should regret my going, and I did go and worked for a couple of hours; I then asked leave to go and get my pay from my former employer—I had got my money in the morning, but I said that in order to go out into the Bull and Bell—I was not aware there was any strike taking place, nor was I when I went to Manchester—I got 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and my fare paid—that was with respect to Messrs. Head and Mark's—there was not a similar case with regard to Morley's—I am not a
<hi rend="italic">loafer,</hi> I am a workman—I went away at Waterlow's, but I never got anything there—I told the men I was a machine-minder, and they said they had telegraphed to Manchester and found it wasn't true—I wasn't expelled from the Society, I left and tore my card up; they told me to he off and I did walk off—Mark's case was some little time after that—I told the manager at Kingdon's that I didn't feel comfortable, and he said I had had too much
<hi rend="italic">Perkins;</hi> I said I might have had—it was after that I went into the Bull and Bell—the row didn't begin then—they didn't complain to the landlord about me—I went for a policeman to save any trouble—I was trying to get away—I wasn't drunk, far from being drunk—I don't admit that I had had too much
<hi rend="italic">Perkins,</hi> I wasn't quite
<hi rend="italic">compos</hi>—I stayed there for about an hour and a half waiting for a friend to come in named Young; he came in with the prisoner and several more—when the prisoner said he would dash my brains out I did not say "You had better try," I said "Don't be a fool"—I didn't fancy he could do it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I had not been a member of the London Society; they gave me a card to go away to Manchester, and told me I should be recognised by the Manchester Society, but I was not—this was the first day I had been employed at Kingdon's—there was a dispute at Head and Mark's, something similar to what has taken place now—there were people waiting outside Head and Mark's—there was a row there, and the prisoner was waiting outside and a number of others as well—I was not drunk on this day, I understood perfectly well what was going on—I</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020014"/>
<p>was in a state of fear when I was struck by him; there was a number of others besides him, Society hands.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-53" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-53" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-53" type="surname" value="BISH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-53" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH BISH</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Edwin Bish, a book-folder, 3l Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell—last Friday evening, about 8.30 I was in Messrs. Kingdon's warehouse—I heard a slight tapping at the window; I have always described it as a slight tapping—I did not say a violent tapping—I saw Wilkinson come running in without his hat; he was in an excited state—1 didn't see any marks on him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He seemed as if he had had some liquor; he was excited.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-54" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-54" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-54" type="surname" value="KINGDON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-54" type="given" value="ABRAHAM"/>ABRAHAM KINGDON</persName> </hi>. I am in partnership with Charles William Cook as printers and publishers, 52, Little Moorfields—on Wednesday, 21st January, I discharged eight or nine men—we usually employ about 40 hands, including apprentices, machine minders, and boys—I discharged all the Society men; the prisoner amongst others—we advertised for non-society men to fill the vacancies—we got some, Wilkinson amongst them—he commenced to work for us—on Friday afternoon, January 23rd, I noticed men outside the premises during the day accosting the men who applied for work—I constantly saw the prisoner and his companions—I saw him constantly in the course of the Thursday and Friday walking up and down in the front of the place—every man who came in was laid hold of; he entered into conversation with the men, and also with Mr. Ball, the editor of a trade newspaper—I generally leave the premises at 5.30 or 6 o'clock; on this Friday afternoon I stayed later—I saw the prisoner in front of our place during the evening—about 8.30 I heard a noise out
<lb/>side, and Wilkinson rushed in without his hat rather excited followed by two women, who said he had been knocked down and badly served—I went out with him in a few minutes; I went to buy him a hat—the police were quite aware of what was going on, and they had the prisoner—I asked Wilkinson to point out the man who had assaulted him, and he pointed out the prisoner—he held up his clenched fist, and said to me "If that policeman wasn't here I would blacken your b——eye"—he also said he would have his eye on me, and see that I lost my business—I went to the station, when the prisoner was there in custody, and he called me a thief and a scoundrel, and made use of repeated threats—he said again he would have his eye on me, and that I would lose my business; he repeated that again and again.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I only remember his working for me recently—he said he worked for me some time ago, but I don't remember him—I never endeavoured to induce him to go to America or Madagascar; nothing of the sort—I never was in Cape Town—I believe, as a rule, the Society is fair—I belonged to it at one time in 1867, 1868, and 1869—I left it in 1872—I left England to go to Madagascar—I did not try to get several men to go with me; none at all—I had employment to go to there—I didn't want hands there—I went there for the Society of Friends—I didn't ask anybody to go—I went outside with Wilkinson about three or four minutes after he came in—a policeman was outside; he was talking to the prisoner—he made a threat to me before I gave him in custody, in presence of the policeman—I did not know that he was then in custody—I gave him in custody on his making such a threat to me; Wilkinson was there at the time—I gave the men notice because they refused my</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020015"/>
<p>terms, which was to get things done on the piece—I wanted to make a change and they would not agree.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-55" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-55" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-55" type="surname" value="KIDNER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-55" type="given" value="ERNEST"/>ERNEST KIDNER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 163). Last Friday week, about 8 o'clock in the evening, I was on duty in Finsbury Pavement—I saw Mr.Kingdon in the street; he came to me, and said he wished to give a man in custody for assaulting one of his
<hi rend="italic">employes</hi>—I went with him, but the man was not to be found—about two or three minutes afterwards the prisoner appeared, and Mr. Kingdon said "That is the man I wish to give in custody"—as soon as he was taken in custody he commenced to use very violent and threatening language both to Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Kingdon—he said to Mr. Kingdon that he would smash all his face in if I had not been there—he did not do anything with his hands at that time to my knowledge; he was threatening Wilkinson in the same manner—he said he would do for him, and that he would smash his b——face in if I was not there—Mr.Kingdon said he would also charge him with intimi
<lb/>dation—the prisoner said "lam here picketing, and I glory in the fact"—I took him to the station; he was very violent there, and used very violent and threatening language to Mr. Kingdon, Wilkinson, and myself; it was a repetition of what he had said before—he was so violent that he had to be removed from the dock while the charge was being taken—he said he would ruin Mr. Kingdon and his business.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He was very angry, and he was very much under the influence of drink—I saw Wilkinson when he came to the station—I should say he was not drunk; he was excited, but certainly not drunk—I did not see the assault—the public-house is in Ropemaker Street, opposite Mr.Kingdon's; you can see the one place from the other when you are outside; it is only about 40 yards off.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-56" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-56" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-56" type="surname" value="JOLLY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-56" type="given" value="HENKY WILLIAM"/>HENKY WILLIAM JOLLY</persName> </hi>. I am a compositor, and live at 80, Gloucester Boad, Peckham—on Friday, the 23rd of January, I was in Messrs. Kingdon's employ—I was not then a member of the Union, I am now—I am not receiving pay from the Union on this day I was waiting outside Kingdon's warehouse about 2 o'clock for the purpose of going in to work—I saw the prisoner there—he came up to me in the usual way of things, and asked me whether I had had my card—I said "What is that to do with you?"—he said "It is something to do with me"—he said "This man will only play with you and make a convenience of you"—I said "How do you know that?"—he said "I know he will, you had better take up your card"—I said "I don't know; what can you do if I take up my card?"—he said "I will pay you your day's work and give you a free card"—I said "Will you?"—he said "Yes"—I crossed the road and said "Man to man, is to be the business"—he said "I can't guarantee you will get your day's pay"—I said "Then I can't have anything to do with you; I will go to my day's work"—that finished it up for about three hours—about 5.30 he came up to me as before and said, "This man is only going to make a convenience of you, he will pay just what he likes, 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., that will be the
<hi rend="italic">per</hi>," that is per hour—I said "Oh, don't you believe that"—he said "Well, how are you going to get it?"—I said "The same as other people; the same as I have had to get my money before."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I didn't hear him use any threats or any violence, not the slightest; on the contrary, I saw him raise his hat to Mr.Kingdon three times in the most respectful manner.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020016"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-57" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-57" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-57" type="surname" value="TARR"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-57" type="given" value="CHARLES JOHN"/>CHARLES JOHN TARR</persName> </hi>. I am apprentice to Messrs. Kingdon—on the Thursday and Friday about 10 days ago I saw the prisoner outside the premises—I didn't count how many times; I saw him several times; he was simply walking up and down outside—I didn't see him speak to anybody—he spoke to me once; he requested me to go upstairs and speak to a gentleman that had just gone up, and tell him to come down and speak to him—I don't know who the gentleman was, he was a compositor.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He didn't frighten mo at all; I didn't see anything to frighten me—he was behaving himself all right.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.HOPWOOD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">submitted that the evidence did not support the allegation of "besetting" and that although he could not deny the assault upon Wilkinson, il was a more personal matter, quite unconnected with the trade dispute
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi> also urged that the prosecution were bound to elect upon which count they would proceed.</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE RECORDER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">left the case to the Jury.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-249-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-249-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-249-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">of a common assault.—
<rs id="t18850202-249-punishment-8" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-249-punishment-8" type="punishmentCategory" value="miscPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-249-punishment-8" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sureties"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-249-18850202 t18850202-249-punishment-8"/>To enter into his own recognisance in 20l. to keep the peace.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, February</hi> 3
<hi rend="italic">rd</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr.Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-250">
<interp inst="t18850202-250" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-250" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-250-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-250-18850202 t18850202-250-offence-1 t18850202-250-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-250-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-250-18850202" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-250-18850202" type="age" value="58"/>
<interp inst="def1-250-18850202" type="surname" value="FIFIELD"/>
<interp inst="def1-250-18850202" type="given" value="SUSAN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SUSAN FIFIELD</hi> (58)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-250-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-250-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-250-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. LLOYD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-59" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-59" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-59" type="surname" value="BICKNELL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-59" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM BICKNELL</persName> </hi>. I am a butcher, of 36, Exmouth Street, Clerken-well—on the 3rd of January, about 10 a.m., I served the prisoner with a quarter of pound of suet, which came to 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—she put down a shilling—I put it into the tester, and it broke in two pieces—I did not use much force—I gave the pieces back to her, and told her it was bad—she said it was a shocking thing; it was given to her husband for a Christmas-box, and she was blind—she then gave me some coppers out of her handkerchief—she had about a shillingsworth tied up iu it—she said that was her landlady's money; and she must pay for it out of that—I spoke to Mr. West about this the same day—I was in Mr.Macklin's shop on the evening of the 14th of January, and made a communication to him—I saw the prisoner there, and said to her in his hearing, "You gave me a bad shilling about a fortnight ago"—she said "Yes, I know it was,"</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-60" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-60" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-60" type="surname" value="WEST"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-60" type="given" value="ENOCH"/>ENOCH WEST</persName> </hi>. I am a baker, of 16, Tysoe Street, Clerkenwell—Mr. Bicknell made a communication to me last month, to the best of my knowledge, on the first Saturday in the new year—a few days previous to that I served the prisoner with a half-quartern of bread, price 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—she put down a bad florin—I picked it up and felt it was bad—it felt greasy, and different to a good one—I said "Are you aware this is a bad coin?"—she said "No"—I said "It is a bad one, and if I were you I should take it back to where I got it from as quickly as possible, and get it exchanged for a good one"—she said she had received it as alms—she said nothing about a Christmas-box.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM MACKLIN</hi>. I am a corn-dealer, of 61, Exmouth Street, Clerkenwell—between 7 and 8 o'clock on the 14th of September the prisoner and another woman came in—the prisoner asked for half a pint of pearl barley—she first asked if I had any Nevill's bread—I said "No," and I then served her with the barley, which came to 1 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—she put down this counterfeit shilling, and I gave her a 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and 4 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change—the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020017"/>
<p>moment she was gone I tested it and found it was bad—I sent my daughter after her, who brought her back—I said "What do you mean by giving me this coin?"—she said "What have I done?"—I said "You know well what you have done"—Mr. Bicknell then came in and said "That woman tendered me a bad coin eight or nine days since"—I sent for a constable, and she was given in custody with the coin—I have heard Mr. Bicknell's evidence, and agree with it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-61" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-61" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-61" type="surname" value="COLLINS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-61" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES COLLINS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman G</hi> 474). On 14th January I was called to Mr.Macklin's shop—the prisoner was in the shop, and Mr.Macklin charged her with uttering this counterfeit shilling (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>)—she said she did not know it was bad, it was given to her husband for a Christmas box—she was searched afterwards; nothing was found on her.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-62" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-62" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-62" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-62" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. This shilling is bad—a good shilling would not break easily—I have heard what the witness said about the florin feeling greasy; that is owing to the amount of pewter in it—a good coin would feel smooth owing to the circulation—it is also much lighter.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner's Statement before the Magistrate.</hi> "The shilling I handed to Mr.Bicknell and the florin I passed to Mr.Weat were both good coins."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-250-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-250-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-250-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.
<hi rend="italic">She was further charged with a conviction of feloniously uttering counterfeit coin in September,</hi> 1871.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-63" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-63" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-63" type="surname" value="SPENCER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-63" type="given" value="EMMA"/>EMMA SPENCER</persName> </hi>. I am female warder at Millbank Prison—I produce a certificate.
<hi rend="italic"> (This certified the conviction of Caroline Williams at this Court on 18th September, 1871, of feloniously uttering counterfeit coin, and her sentence to two years1 imprisonment.</hi>) She was under my charge at the City Prison, Holloway—I saw her daily—the prisoner is the person—after she came out of prison the Chaplain sent her to Nottingham to her brother's—I saw her off.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GUILTY</hi>.**—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-250-punishment-9" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-250-punishment-9" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-250-punishment-9" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-250-18850202 t18850202-250-punishment-9"/>Five Years Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-251">
<interp inst="t18850202-251" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-251" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-251-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-251-18850202 t18850202-251-offence-1 t18850202-251-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-251-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-251-18850202 t18850202-251-offence-1 t18850202-251-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-251-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-251-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-251-18850202" type="age" value="30"/>
<interp inst="def1-251-18850202" type="surname" value="COLE"/>
<interp inst="def1-251-18850202" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE COLE</hi> (30)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-251-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-251-18850202" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def2-251-18850202" type="age" value="34"/>
<interp inst="def2-251-18850202" type="surname" value="DAVIS"/>
<interp inst="def2-251-18850202" type="given" value="ROSE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ROSE DAVIS</hi> (34)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-251-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-251-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-251-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. LLOYD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-66" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-66" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-66" type="surname" value="PALLET"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-66" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH PALLET</persName> </hi>. I am barmaid at the Fountain Tavern, Minories—on 10th January, about 10.30 p.m., I served Cole with a pint of ale, price 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—he tendered a sixpence—I told him it was bad—I tried it with my teeth, and they sank into it—he said it was not bad, and he then tendered a good shilling, and I gave him the change—I threw the sixpence on the counter, and he picked it up—about five minutes after
<lb/>wards Davis came in—she took no notice of Cole—he said it was very hard to lose the sixpence, he had to work for it—Davis said, "It is very easy for the critics to be deceived sometimes," and took the sixpence and looked at it—I bent it again with my hand and said, "There now, is that bad?"—she said, "Yes, it is bad," and said to Cole, "If you wanted 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. I will give you one"—he said that he did not want it—she paid 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. for her drink, and they went out together—we close at 11 o'clock—Mr. Glover is the manager of our house, and also of the Three Nuns public-house—for the purpose of taking my cash I went to the Three Nuns about 11.10—it took me about three minutes to go there—I saw Davis there, and recognised her as the woman who had been with Cole at our house—after that I saw Cole—upon seeing him I said in their presence to Mr. Glover that he was the same man as had</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020018"/>
<p>attempted to pass a bad sixpence at my house—I am sure he was the same man.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-67" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-67" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-67" type="surname" value="LOVERIDGE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-67" type="given" value="HENRIETTA"/>HENRIETTA LOVERIDGE</persName> </hi>. I am a barmaid at the Three Nuns, Aldgate—on the evening of 12th January the prisoners came in together—Cole called for half a quartern of rum, which came to 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I served him, and he gave me a sixpence—I put it in the till and gave him 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change—soon after he asked for a penny worth of tobacco—I served him, and be gave me another sixpence—I put it in my mouth, bent it, and gave it to Miss Debenham, another barmaid, aud sent for Mr.Glover—I then went to the till and found three sixpences there, one of which was bad—no one else had been to the till—there were other coins in the till, but the bad sixpence was on the top—Cole was the last one I served.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Cole.</hi> You did not say that you were a dealer in Petticoat Lane, and sold a pair of trousers, and was paid with that sixpence.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-68" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-68" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-68" type="surname" value="DEBENHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-68" type="given" value="JANE"/>JANE DEBENHAM</persName> </hi>. I am a barmaid at the Three Nuns—Miss Loveridge gave me these two bad sixpences on the night of 12th January—I went to Mr.Glover's office and gave them to him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Davis.</hi> You asked me for a piece of lemon to put in your rum.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-69" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-69" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-69" type="surname" value="GLOVER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-69" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM GLOVER</persName> </hi>. I am manager to Samuel East, proprietor of the Three Nuns Hotel, Aldgate—near 11.10 p.m. on 12th January Miss Debenham handed me two sixpences at my office—the prisoners were not present—I went into the bar; I saw the two prisoners there—I said to Cole, "These sixpences have been handed to me, they are bad, you passed them over the bar, have you any more about you?"—he said "No"—I said, "Can you tell me where you got them?" and he then appeared to be half drunk—I kept him in conversation and sent for a constable—when Plumbridge arrived Davis ran away—I followed her with one of my men, and caught her, and brought her back into the bar, and I charged her with being in company with Cole, aud I charged him with uttering the bad sixpence—while I was talking to the prisoners Miss Pallet came in and said, "That woman has been in my bar with a man, and the man tried to pass a bad sixpence"—they made no reply to that; I do not know if they heard that, I could have heard it if I had been in their place—they were then taken to the station, where Davis said that her name was Cole, I think.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Cole.</hi> Davis said at the police-station that your name was Smith—I made a mistake just now—you were not drunk in reality—I did not hear you say anything about being a dealer in Petticoat Lane.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-70" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-70" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-70" type="surname" value="PLUMBRIDGE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-70" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED PLUMBRIDGE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 971). About 11.15 p.m.on 12th January I was called to the Three Nuns; the two prisoneis were at the bar, and Mr. Glover handed me two sixpences (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>)—Davis was brought out to the door—they were both very violent, and I was obliged to get assistance to take them into custody—Cole threw himself on the ground and struck me, and we were obliged to carry him to the station—I should not say he was drunk—we were obliged to take his boots off and handcuff him—at the station I found on him threehalfpence and a penny
<lb/>worth of tobacco.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-71" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-71" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-71" type="surname" value="JONES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-71" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES JONES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman</hi>). I was on duty on 12th January about 11.15 p.m., and Mr.Glover gave Davis into my custody—the prisoners were</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020019"/>
<p>both very violent, and used very bad language—Cole's boots had to be taken off and he was handcuffed—Davis said at the station "It is a nice thing for me, I only went in to have a drink with that man."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-72" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-72" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-72" type="surname" value="DEACON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-72" type="given" value="RUTH"/>RUTH DEACON</persName> </hi>. I am female searcher at Bishopsgate Street Station—I searched Davis—I found on her 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., five shillings in coppers, a sixpence, and a threepenny piece.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-73" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-73" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-73" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-73" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. These two sixpences are bad.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoners' Statements before the Magistrate. Cole says:</hi> "I am innocent of knowing the coins were bad."
<hi rend="italic">Davis says:</hi> "I am very sorry, I know nothing of the man."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-251-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-251-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-251-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.
<hi rend="largeCaps">COLE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-251-punishment-10" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-251-punishment-10" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-251-punishment-10" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-251-18850202 t18850202-251-punishment-10"/>Twelve Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="largeCaps">DAVIS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-251-punishment-11" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-251-punishment-11" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-251-punishment-11" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-251-18850202 t18850202-251-punishment-11"/>Three Days' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-252">
<interp inst="t18850202-252" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-252" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-252-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-252-18850202 t18850202-252-offence-1 t18850202-252-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-252-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-252-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-252-18850202" type="age" value="40"/>
<interp inst="def1-252-18850202" type="surname" value="ALLPRESS"/>
<interp inst="def1-252-18850202" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY ALLPRESS</hi> (40)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-252-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-252-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-252-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing a watch of
<persName id="t18850202-name-75" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-75" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-75" type="surname" value="FREEMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-75" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-252-offence-1 t18850202-name-75"/>James Freeman</persName> from, his person.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.MUIR</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. PURCELL</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-76" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-76" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-76" type="surname" value="FREEMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-76" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES FREEMAN</persName> </hi>. I am a bookbinder, of 2, Playhouse Yard—on 30th August, about 3 p.m., I was at Snow Hill railway-station with my son—a train came in, I opened a carriage-door, and my son went in first—I was about to follow him, but was hustled by one man on my right, one on my left, and one behind—I looked behind and found a person I did not know had got hold of a man named Florence, who has been convicted—I found my guard dangling and missed my gold watch, worth 15
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I never saw the prisoner till I was at Guildhall.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> This was at the darkest part of a very dark station—there was not a great crowd.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-77" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-77" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-77" type="surname" value="RACKLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-77" type="given" value="JAMES HENRY"/>JAMES HENRY RACKLEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). On August 30th, at 3 p.m., I was with Cross on Snow Hill, and saw Mr.Freeman and his son followed by four men who I know by sight well—the prisoner is one of them—they went on to the platform, and two men named Florence and Holt were there; the prisoner pushed Florence against Mr. reeman and Florence took Mr. freeman's watch chain, and with his other hand took the watch off the chain—I seized him, and Mr.Freeman said "That man has got my watch"—I was struggling with Florence and the other man when the prisoner, who was behind Florence, ran and jumped into a second-class carriage—the other man got away from me and jumped in front of the engine and ran up the tunnel—Holt went up the stairs and Cross took him—Florence and Holt were charged, convicted, and sentenced to seven years' penal servitude.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> The prisoner was with the others on Snow Hill, who were all within four feet of each other; he was behind Florence—I after
<lb/>wards saw him sitting in the station and said to the inspector "What is that man here for? I want him"—he was by himself—I had not the slightest idea he was there.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> The prisoner and Florence were talking together—the prisoner's description was circulated and he answers to it—they all turned round once or twice.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-78" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-78" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-78" type="surname" value="CROSS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-78" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM CROSS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). I was with Rackley outside Snow Hill Station, and saw the prosecutor followed by the prisoner, who I knew by sight, and three others—I lost sight of the prisoner when he went into the station behind the prosecutor—I did not go in then, but I</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020020"/>
<p>went in afterwards, and met another man coming out with Holt, who was chewing the railway ticket he had just bought—he has been convicted.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I had an equal opportunity of seeing the faces of all four—I afterwards saw the prisoner in the House of Detention exercising with about 50 others—he was not placed with others of his height and complexion.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-79" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-79" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-79" type="surname" value="ALLCOCK"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-79" type="given" value="ALBERT"/>ALBERT ALLCOCK</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective Police Sergeant Y</hi>). I received a communica
<lb/>tion from Cross, and on the 12th, between 2 and 3 p.m., I saw the prisoner, who I knew by sight, and told him I should take him in custody and he would be charged with three others with stealing a gold watch from a gentleman on the Underground Railway—he said "I don't know any
<lb/>thing about it"—I took him to the Snow Hill Station, where he was charged.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He was not put into a cell till after he wag charged.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner's Statement before the Magistrate.</hi> "I am innocent, I was not there at the time they say."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-80" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-80" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-80" type="surname" value="RACKLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-80" type="given" value="JAMES HENRY"/>JAMES HENRY RACKLEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined</hi>). I let the men get their tickets, they then went downstairs to go over the line and I got amon them—I saw them from the first—the only man behind me was Holt.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-252-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-252-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-252-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.
<hi rend="italic">He then</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>**
<hi rend="italic">to a conviction at this Court in April, 1880, in the name of
<persName id="t18850202-name-81">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-81" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-81" type="surname" value="JOHNSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-81" type="given" value="HENRY"/>Henry Johnson</persName>.—
<rs id="t18850202-252-punishment-12" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-252-punishment-12" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-252-punishment-12" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-252-18850202 t18850202-252-punishment-12"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FOURTH COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, February</hi> 3
<hi rend="italic">rd</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Robert Malcolm Kerr Esq.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-253">
<interp inst="t18850202-253" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-253" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-253-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-253-18850202 t18850202-253-offence-1 t18850202-253-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-253-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-253-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-253-18850202" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-253-18850202" type="surname" value="MOLONEY"/>
<interp inst="def1-253-18850202" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN MOLONEY</hi> (32)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-253-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-253-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-253-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, Feloniously forging and uttering a warrant and request for the delivery of a banker's cheque-book.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.FRANCIS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-83" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-83" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-83" type="surname" value="CLARK"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-83" type="given" value="FREDERICK WILLIAM"/>FREDERICK WILLIAM CLARK</persName> </hi>. I am cashier at the Greenwich Branch of the London and County Bank—on 23rd December this order for 50 cheques, signed W.Neave, was presented to me—I gave a book of 50 cheques, numbered 69526 to 69575, to the person presenting the order—Mr. Neave has an account there—this cheque, dated January 16th, and signed Smith and Co., is out of that book—the signature of the order is a very good imitation.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I am not certain whether I gave it to man, woman, or child.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-84" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-84" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-84" type="surname" value="NEAVE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-84" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM NEAVE</persName> </hi>. I am a bootmaker—about 12 months ago I pur
<lb/>chased a business from the prisoner, and in the course of the business gave him a cheque—this order for 50 cheques is not signed by me or by my authority—it is as much like my signature as they could get it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> It was before Christmas, 1883, you got a cheque from me—I don't swear this signature is in your writing; it is not mine, I know—I have some of your writing here—I am not sufficient judge to say if that is similar—I carry on my business by cheques—you are not the only person in 14 months I have paid cheques to—I never did busi
<lb/>ness with anybody named Bennett, or any such name—I never saw the forms in your possession.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-85" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-85" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-85" type="surname" value="MOLONEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-85" type="given" value="ANNIE"/>ANNIE MOLONEY</persName> </hi>. The prisoner is my father—I remember his giving me a piece of paper to take to the bank—I did so, and the gentleman at the bank gave me a book for it—I gave the book to him outside the bank.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020021"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-86" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-86" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-86" type="surname" value="TURNER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-86" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT TURNER.</persName> </hi> I am a licensed viotualler's assistant in the Old Kent Road—on 16th January this cheque was presented by Annie Moloney to the head barman, who brought it to me—I looked at it, thought it suspicious, and sent the potman to No. 329, Old Kent Road, to see if it was right—the potman went out, and subsequently we were not satisfied and gave her over to the police.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-87" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-87" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-87" type="surname" value="MITCHELL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-87" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN MITCHELL</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective City</hi>). On 21st January I went with a policeman to 5, Russell Court, St. George's-in-the-East—in a back room on the first floor I saw the prisoner—I said "We are police officers; I believe your name is John Moloney, and that you are the father of a little girl now being detained in St. George's Workhouse for uttering a fictitious cheque in the Old Kent Road"—he said "I am not her father"—I said "Do you mean to say you are not her father?"—he said "I am"—I said "Last night your little girl told us that you, on the 23rd December, gave her a piece of paper to take to the bank at Greenwich, and that a gentleman there gave her a cheque-book to hand to you, you being outside"—he said "That is true; I am in a mess"—I said "I shall charge you with forging and uttering a request for a cheque-book of 50 cheques on the London and County Bank, Greenwich"—he said "I formerly had an account at the London and County Bank, Stratford; I have been in great distress, and I took the request out of one of my old cheque-books."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-88" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-88" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-88" type="surname" value="LENCHBURY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-88" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH LENCHBURY</persName> </hi>. When searching for the cheque-book the prisoner said it was in the possession of another man, we should have it to-morrow.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner in his defence asserted that the child had been put up to her statement by the police officers, who 'had given her sweets and oakes and money, and threatened to send her abroad if she did not state what they told her to.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-253-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-253-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-253-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">It was stated that the prisoner had obtained goods and</hi> 40
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 50
<hi rend="italic">l. from the Stratford branch of the bank by means of fictitious cheques.—
<rs id="t18850202-253-punishment-13" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-253-punishment-13" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-253-punishment-13" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-253-18850202 t18850202-253-punishment-13"/>Two Years' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-254">
<interp inst="t18850202-254" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-254" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-254-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-254-18850202 t18850202-254-offence-1 t18850202-254-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-254-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-254-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-254-18850202" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def1-254-18850202" type="surname" value="DARCY"/>
<interp inst="def1-254-18850202" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FREDERICK DARCY</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-254-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-254-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-254-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery with violence on
<persName id="t18850202-name-90" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-90" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-90" type="surname" value="CROSS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-90" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-254-offence-1 t18850202-name-90"/>Edward Cross</persName>, and stealing a watch, his property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WILMOTT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-91" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-91" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-91" type="surname" value="CROSS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-91" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>EDWARD CROSS.</persName> </hi> I am a decorator, of 139, Manor Street, Clopham—about12.30 a.m. on 22nd January I was in Gray's Inn Road—my coat was open, showing my watch chain—the prisoner and other men assaulted me—the prisoner grabbed me with one hand, and snatched my watch out of my pocket with the other, while the others abused me, kicking me—I was struck on the head, I think, with something other than a fist; it seemed very hard—the prisoner hurt me most—I cried out "Police," and a constable came up and took the prisoner—he gave me back my watch.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> I had had a glass; I knew what I was doing.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I suffered afterwards—this thumb was struck on the joint—I could hardly use it afterwards.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-92" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-92" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-92" type="surname" value="DAMPER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-92" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN DAMPER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police✗man E</hi> 274). I was on duty in the Gray's Inn Road on the morning of the 22 nd January—I heard cries of "Policce," ran up and saw the prosecutor struggling with the prisoner—he had got hold of the prisoner, and said he had his watch, and the prisoner gave it up to him in my presence—this is it—there were several other roughs</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020022"/>
<p>with him, and as soon as they saw me going towards the prisoner they ran away.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner in his defence stated that he saw the prosecutor was drunk, and stopped to look on, when he seized hold of him, and being a cripple they fell to the ground together.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-254-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-254-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-254-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">He then</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to a conviction of felony in July, 1882.—
<rs id="t18850202-254-punishment-14" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-254-punishment-14" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-254-punishment-14" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-254-18850202 t18850202-254-punishment-14"/>Eighteen Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-255">
<interp inst="t18850202-255" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-255" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-255-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-255-18850202 t18850202-255-offence-1 t18850202-255-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-255-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-255-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-255-18850202" type="age" value="31"/>
<interp inst="def1-255-18850202" type="surname" value="HUDSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-255-18850202" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES HUDSON</hi> (31)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-255-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-255-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-255-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing five gallons of whisky and a jar, the goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-94" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-94" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-94" type="surname" value="BAXENDALE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-94" type="given" value="EDWARD HORNBY"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-255-offence-1 t18850202-name-94"/>Edward Hornby Baxendale</persName> and others.
<hi rend="italic">Second Count,</hi> receiving the same.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WILMOTT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-95" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-95" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-95" type="surname" value="HARVEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-95" type="given" value="HARRY"/>HARRY HARVEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 267). I was on duty on the 13th of January, about 12.55, in Greystoke Place, Fetter Lane—the prisoner and another man, Bennett, who is now doing three months' imprisonment, hurriedly passed me—Bennett was carrying this five gallon jar of whisky—I followed and called out—they dropped the jar and ran away—Bennett was caught, and after the case against him was disposed of at the police-court I went round to the prisoner's house, called him outside, and told him he would be charged with stealing a five gallon jar of whisky out of a van in Holborn—he said "You have made a mistake"—I said "I have made no mistake"—he said "Did he tell you I stole it?"—I said "No"—after he was charged at the police-court he said "You have made a mistake; I am innocent of this; I can tell you where I was that day, I was in the country doing a job for Mr. Broadway"—he said afterwards "Now I remember where I was that day, I was walking about looking for work, and was at home from 3 to 5"—he stated afterwards that he was in bed from 3 in the afternoon, and got up at 5, and came out with some mates to the corner of Catford Street—he also said "Take me and let the other man see me, and if he says I am the man, I will admit it is me"—I have no doubt about the prisoner, I had full view of his face twice when I met him and when he turned round, and I have not the slightest doubt it is he.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> You did not say that you were with Mr.Broadway concerning work; you said you were doing work for him—I said to the best of my opinion you wore light coloured trousers.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-96" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-96" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-96" type="surname" value="NEWMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-96" type="given" value="FRANK GEORGE"/>FRANK GEORGE NEWMAN.</persName> </hi> I am a carman in Pickford's service—on the 13th of January I was with my van getting whisky from Anderson's distillery, Holborn—my van was standing in Holborn, a few yards from Fetter Lane—I had taken a jar from the distillery, and put it in the front of the van—I went to fetch another, and when I came out my jar was gone—this is it—the value is 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I did not notice the prisoner there, nor anybody hanging about.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witnesses for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-97" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-97" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-97" type="surname" value="HUDSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-97" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM HUDSON</persName> </hi>. The night before this was committed you were at work, and you were in bed on the day itself to within a few minutes before 4, and then you got up and went to work, but came back and said the regular man was back, and you did not wish to take his place.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The witness produced papers giving the prisoner a good character, and his discharge from the Army.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I am the prisoner's brother—he lives with me and our parents at 28, Cock Hill—I was at work on this day—I went to work at 6 o'clock—I came home at a quarter past six with my</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020023"/>
<p>brother to breakfast—my brother went to bed; I saw him at home at dinner, he was snoring—he went to work with me because the washer had stopped away, and our foreman asked me to find him one—I first heard that the prisoner was apprehended when I went home to tea on the Wednesday and saw Broadway and my mother crying, and they told me—Broadway does not live in the country—I cannot say if my brother has done a job in the country for him—he is a superintendent at the East India Dock Company's warehouse—I believe the police had sent to him to know if my brother had worked for him—I am positive about this day, because 77 barrels had come that day, and my brother was unloading it, and the foreman said the old washer had turned up—my brother has not worked there before—he worked all night and stopped in bed during the day—he has not worked at night before—he has done a little for Parneil, in Bishopsgate Street—he had no regular employment.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CHAMBERS.</hi> I saw you on the Tuesday that this happened—on Monday the 11th you asked me to wash a shirt by the next day, and the next day your mother called me up and asked me if I had done it—I saw you in bed; your bed was facing the door—I said it was drying, and between 3 and half-past your mother called me up again—I took the shirt up and I saw you in bed then—you were in bed and asleep at 3.30.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I live opposite—I go across and do his mother's errands and washing, as she cannot go out—I have known the prisoner since he came from the war—they live at the top of the house, and when the mother called me I went up there—I have not talked the case over with his brother—I noticed it because a man in our house quarrelled with a policeman on the Monday and got seven days, and this happened on the Tuesday, and I said I knew where he was because I took up the shirt—I do not know Bennett—the prisoner's mother asked me to come here—she said "You know what time he was in bed and what time you came up"—I said "Yes"—I knew the time because of getting my father's dinner ready—I put it on at 11, and he comes home to tea at 4—I first went to the prisoner's house at 11—he was then in bed, and his eyes were shut.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I am innocent; I know nothing about it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-255-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-255-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-255-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-256">
<interp inst="t18850202-256" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-256" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-256-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-256-18850202 t18850202-256-offence-1 t18850202-256-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-256-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-256-18850202 t18850202-256-offence-1 t18850202-256-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-256-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-256-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-256-18850202" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-256-18850202" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-256-18850202" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN SMITH</hi> (18)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-256-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-256-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-256-18850202" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def2-256-18850202" type="surname" value="WOODS"/>
<interp inst="def2-256-18850202" type="given" value="HARRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HARRY WOODS</hi> (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-256-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-256-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-256-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery with violence on
<persName id="t18850202-name-100" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-100" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-100" type="surname" value="THORPE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-100" type="given" value="JESSIE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-256-offence-1 t18850202-name-100"/>Jessie Thorpe</persName>, and stealing a bag, a purse, a pair of gloves, and 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., her property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WILMOTT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-101" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-101" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-101" type="surname" value="THORP"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-101" type="given" value="JESSIE"/>JESSIE THORP.</persName> </hi> I live with my husband at 55, Theobald's Road—on the 16th of January I was walking down Wardour Street about 7 p.m., carrying a little handbag—Woods ran up against me and tried to take it—I struggled with him for some time, and at last I began to let go, and I was kicked down by some one and thrown ilto the middle of the road, and seriously hurt—I am under the doctor now—I can't say who kicked me—I caught hold of one of their waistcoats when down—Woods certainly took my bag, I can speak to no one else—about 20 minutes afterwards I went to 49, Rupert Street, where I saw my bag and the two prisoners—the bag was open, its contents were untouched.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Smith.</hi> I did not see you at all.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020024"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Woods.</hi> The more I see of you the more certain I am it was you.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-102" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-102" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-102" type="surname" value="BREWER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-102" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED BREWER.</persName> </hi> I am an engraver, of 6, Frith Street, Soho—I was running down Wardour Street about 7 on this evening, when I heard screams, and saw the last witness just rising off the ground—I asked her what was the matter; she said something about being robbed—I ran in the direction she indicated down Rupert Street—I saw some people collected at the door of 49—I stopped and saw the prisoners and the two witnesses Horwood on the threshold of the door; they asked me if I would go and search—I went inside, closed the door behind me, and then the younger Horwood picked up a bag just at my feet at the top of the kitchen stairs—we went downstairs, but saw no one—Horwood the landlord requested me to go upstairs—I asked whether either of the prisoners resided in the house—I went for a constable, and when I came back with one, he said to Woods "I believe you are the man"—Woods took his hat off and said "Don't put an innocent man away"—the constable took the charge against Wood and I fetched the lady; when I came back the other prisoner was in custody in the passage.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Wood.</hi> You, I, and the son went downstairs together.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-103" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-103" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-103" type="surname" value="AMEY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-103" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN AMEY.</persName> </hi> I am an estate agent of Hornsey Rise—on this evening I was at the corner of Richmond and Wardour Streets and saw the prose
<lb/>cutrix struggling with Smith on the pavement—Mrs. Thorpe was thrown into the middle of the road; I saw one man running away very near the end of Richmond Street when I got up—I ran after Smith—when he had thrown the lady down he ran away in the same direction as the other man—I did not see him go into a house—I saw him brought out of 49, Rupert Street, by a policeman—I lost sight of him; he started some distance before me.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Smith.</hi> I saw you push the lady down; I can't say how it was done, because she was between you and me—she had no bag then—I was walking along talking to a friend; it was a few minutes to 7 o'clock.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Wood.</hi> I saw a man running away; I could not recognise him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-104" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-104" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-104" type="surname" value="HORWOOD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-104" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK HORWOOD.</persName> </hi> I am a porter, and live with my father at 49, Rupert Street—on this evening, a little after 7 o'clock, I was in the parlour, and heard a disturbance outside, and when I went out I saw Brewer with a crowd collected—he told me some one was in the passage—the door was shut—at the end of the stairs I picked up the bag and gave it to the constable when he came—as I came back with the bag I saw Wood standing by my father at the foot of the stairs—I saw my father go upstairs, he brought down Smith—the two prisoners had no business in our house, they do not live there, and know no men upstairs; I don't know how they got into the house.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-105" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-105" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-105" type="surname" value="HORWOOD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-105" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK HORWOOD.</persName> </hi> I am the last witness's father, and am a cook—I was in my parlour a little after 7 o'clock; I heard a disturbance, went to see what was the matter, and there was a crowd of 30 people—some one said "A lady has been knocked down and robbed, and the thieves have got into you house"—I got a light, went upstairs, and on the second floor found Smith looking down, at me as I approached—I told him to come down, I wanted him—he followed me down without making</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020025"/>
<p>any remark; when we got down into the passage a constable who was there took the two prisoners away—I had never seen them before; they had no business in my house.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Smith.</hi> You were not with my son in the passage.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-106" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-106" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-106" type="surname" value="MAN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-106" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES MAN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman CR</hi> 27). I was on duty in Wardour Street—I saw the prosecutrix in Richmond Street, surrounded by a crowd, and from what she said I went to Rupert Street—the door of 49 was shut when I arrived—Horwood, the son, admitted me, and I found Wood standing in the passage and Brewer just behind the door—I asked Wood if he lived there—he said "No, I have been looking for the thief"—I detained him till Horwood came downstairs with Smith—I asked him if he lived in the house—he said "No, I have been looking for the thief"—I detained him in the passage till the prosecutrix came, and she iden
<lb/>tified Wood—Horwood picked up the bag from where we were standing.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">HUTCHINGS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman CR</hi> 22). I was in Rupert Street about 7 o'clock—I went to 49, knocked, went inside, and saw both prisoners, and Brewer and Horwood—I took Wood and charged him with being con
<lb/>cerned in robbing a lady of a bag—he said "It would be a d—d shame if you put me away"—I saw the bag in the other constable's hands—at the station neither of the prisoners made any answer to the charge.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Smith, in his defence, stated that he saw a crowd in Rupert Street, and hearing that a lady had had her bag stolen, he pushed his way through and entered the passage. Wood stated that seeing the crowd, and hearing the state
<lb/>ment, he went into the passage, and then the lady came in and charged him, and he asserted his innocence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-256-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-256-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-256-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SMITH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">then</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY* </hi>
<hi rend="italic">to a conviction of felony in January, 1882, in the name of John Bryant.—
<rs id="t18850202-256-punishment-15" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-256-punishment-15" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-256-punishment-15" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-256-18850202 t18850202-256-punishment-15"/>Two Years' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WOODS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-256-punishment-16" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-256-punishment-16" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-256-punishment-16" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-256-18850202 t18850202-256-punishment-16"/>Twelve Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-257">
<interp inst="t18850202-257" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-257" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-257-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-257-18850202 t18850202-257-offence-1 t18850202-257-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-257-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-257-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-257-18850202" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-257-18850202" type="surname" value="FERGUSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-257-18850202" type="given" value="ARCHIBALD"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ARCHIBALD FERGUSON</hi> (18)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-257-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-257-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-257-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing a horse-roller, the goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-108" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-108" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-108" type="surname" value="FIELD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-108" type="given" value="COLONEL"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-257-offence-1 t18850202-name-108"/>Colonel Field</persName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WILMOTT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-109" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-109" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-109" type="surname" value="BULL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-109" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS BULL.</persName> </hi> I am a private in the 15th Hussars and servant to Colonel Field—on the afternoon of the 17th, in consequence of something the stable-boy told me I went to the stable—I missed a horse-roller, Colonel Field's property—I had seen the prisoner in the morning in the barracks—I gave information to the police, who went in search of the prisoner——we met him on the road coming back—the constable told him to undo his coat, and this roller of Colonel Field's fell down—he said nothing—I had last seen it safe about 2.20—we did not see it until he unbuttoned his coat.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-110" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-110" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-110" type="surname" value="PALMER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-110" type="given" value="DANIEL"/>DANIEL PALMER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Inspector T</hi>). About 3.30 p.m., in consequence of information, I drove in a cab to the Isleworth Station, Bull following roe on foot—I overtook the prisoner walking towards Brentford, carrying a parcel in his hand—I asked him what he had got in his hand, I did not then know what had been stolen, he said "Books"—I asked him where he got them, he said off a stall at Brentford—I said "Come back with me"—we got to Bull two minutes afterwards; I asked him what he had lost, he said "A horse-roller"—I undid the prisoner's coat and saw the roller—I said "You will be charged with stealing this from the barracks"—he said "I have not been to the barracks, I gave a shilling for it."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> After you were remanded you said that if I inquired of Palmer he would say he had seen a man give it to you—I</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020026"/>
<p>have a letter from Palmer saying you did not ask him about it—the boy is here.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-111" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-111" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-111" type="surname" value="BUNKIN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-111" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BUNKIN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Not examined in chief). Cross-examined.</hi> I saw you take this roller from the stable; I saw the end of it—I was close to the stable door—I did not give you the roller to take to Isleworth Station—I did not give you a shilling.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-257-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-257-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-257-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">He then</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to a conviction of felony in January, 1883.—
<rs id="t18850202-257-punishment-17" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-257-punishment-17" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-257-punishment-17" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-257-18850202 t18850202-257-punishment-17"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">There was another indictment against the prisoner.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-258">
<interp inst="t18850202-258" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-258" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-258-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-258-18850202 t18850202-258-offence-1 t18850202-258-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-258-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-258-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-258-18850202" type="age" value="62"/>
<interp inst="def1-258-18850202" type="surname" value="AZZI"/>
<interp inst="def1-258-18850202" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN AZZI</hi> (62)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-258-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-258-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-258-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-258-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-258-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-258-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi> to stealing an umbrella, the goods of the
<persName id="t18850202-name-113" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-113" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-258-offence-1 t18850202-name-113"/>Civil Service Supply Association</persName>, after a conviction of felony in September, 1880, in the name of Daly Horcarti.—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-258-punishment-18" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-258-punishment-18" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-258-punishment-18" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-258-18850202 t18850202-258-punishment-18"/>Two Years' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-259">
<interp inst="t18850202-259" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-259" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-259-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-259-18850202 t18850202-259-offence-1 t18850202-259-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-259-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-259-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-259-18850202" type="age" value="45"/>
<interp inst="def1-259-18850202" type="surname" value="YALLOP"/>
<interp inst="def1-259-18850202" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES YALLOP</hi> (45)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-259-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-259-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-259-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="perjury"/> to wilful and corrupt perjury at
<placeName id="t18850202-geo-3">
<interp inst="t18850202-geo-3" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-259-offence-1 t18850202-geo-3"/>Bow County Court</placeName>.—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-259-punishment-19" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-259-punishment-19" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-259-punishment-19" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-259-18850202 t18850202-259-punishment-19"/>Eighteen Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-259-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-259-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-259-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]</rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-260">
<interp inst="t18850202-260" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-260" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-260-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-260-18850202 t18850202-260-offence-1 t18850202-260-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-260-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-260-18850202 t18850202-260-offence-1 t18850202-260-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-260-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-260-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-260-18850202" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-260-18850202" type="surname" value="TWYDELL"/>
<interp inst="def1-260-18850202" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSEPH TWYDELL</hi> (32)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-260-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-260-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-260-18850202" type="age" value="40"/>
<interp inst="def2-260-18850202" type="surname" value="MILNE"/>
<interp inst="def2-260-18850202" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES MILNE</hi> (40)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-260-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-260-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-260-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/> to stealing and receiving six dozen steel files and eight dozen keys, the goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-117" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-117" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-117" type="surname" value="HUGHES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-117" type="given" value="RICHARD"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-260-offence-1 t18850202-name-117"/>Richard Hughes</persName> and another, the masters of Twydell.</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-260-punishment-20" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-260-punishment-20" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-260-punishment-20" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-260-18850202 t18850202-260-punishment-20"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-260-18850202 t18850202-260-punishment-20"/>Eighteen Months' Hard Labour each.</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-260-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-260-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-260-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]</rs> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-261">
<interp inst="t18850202-261" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-261" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-261-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-261-18850202 t18850202-261-offence-1 t18850202-261-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-261-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-261-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-261-18850202" type="age" value="62"/>
<interp inst="def1-261-18850202" type="surname" value="LAWRENCE"/>
<interp inst="def1-261-18850202" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM LAWRENCE</hi> (62)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-261-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-261-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-261-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/> to stealing a flannel shirt, the goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-119" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-119" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-119" type="surname" value="DICKENSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-119" type="given" value="BENJAMIN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-261-offence-1 t18850202-name-119"/>Benjamin Dickenson</persName>; also to stealing two trowels and a line and pins and other goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-120" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-120" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-120" type="surname" value="PAYNE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-120" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-261-offence-1 t18850202-name-120"/>James Payne</persName>, and two trowels and a hammer, the goods of
<persName id="t18850202-name-121" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-121" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-121" type="surname" value="COOK"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-121" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-261-offence-1 t18850202-name-121"/>Alfred Cook</persName>, having been convicted of felony in April, 1884, at Newington.—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-261-punishment-21" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-261-punishment-21" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-261-punishment-21" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-261-18850202 t18850202-261-punishment-21"/>Eighteen Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-261-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-261-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-261-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: See original trial image.]</rs> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, February</hi> 4
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Baron Huddleston.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-262">
<interp inst="t18850202-262" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-262-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-262-18850202 t18850202-262-offence-1 t18850202-262-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-262-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-262-18850202 t18850202-262-offence-2 t18850202-262-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-262-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-262-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-262-18850202" type="age" value="46"/>
<interp inst="def1-262-18850202" type="surname" value="WALTON"/>
<interp inst="def1-262-18850202" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS WALTON</hi> (46)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-262-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-262-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="wounding"/>, Feloniously discharging at
<persName id="t18850202-name-123" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-123" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-123" type="surname" value="GENTRY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-123" type="given" value="SOLOMON"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-262-offence-1 t18850202-name-123"/>Solomon Gentry</persName> a pistol loaded with gunpowder and a certain destructive material, with intent to do grievous bodily harm.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. RIBTON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-124" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-124" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-124" type="surname" value="GENTRY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-124" type="given" value="SOLOMON"/>SOLOMON GENTRY.</persName> </hi> I am a fruiterer and greengrocer, of Uxbridge Road, Notting Hill—I have known the prisoner about 16 years, but have not seen him for some years—on the night of 15th January he came into my shop and said "Hallo, Mr.Gentry, I have not seen you for a long time"—I said "Possibly not"—he said "How are things looking, all right?"—I said "As far as I know"—that was all I said to him—he went out and I closed the door—I was about closing the shop when I observed the door opening—I went and pulled it open a trifle, and just as I put my face to look out there was a crack and a flash close to my face, like a percussion cap going off—I then opened the door and saw the prisoner walking away from the door—he came back in a minute or two and stopped quite opposite to me, within about a yard, and there was another report, as if from a percussion cap, and a flash—he held it like at my body—I could not see what it was, it was in the dark, but I saw the flash and heard the report—I became rather alarmed and closed the door—I looked out in a few minutes; he was still there, and I sent for a policeman—about 16 years ago the prisoner was sentenced to four months' imprisonment at the Middlesex Sessions for an indecent assault upon a child of mine—I prosecuted him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-125" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-125" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-125" type="surname" value="BRADFORD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-125" type="given" value="DANIEL"/>DANIEL BRADFORD</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Sergeant X</hi> 20). I was called to Mr. Gen
<lb/>try's shop and took the prisoner into custody—I said "What have you</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020027"/>
<p>been doing?"—he said "That is best known to Mr. Gentry"—I took him to the station, and found this single-barrelled pistol upon him—I examined it; it was loaded with powder and a piece of wadding—I drew the charge; there was no bullet—I also found on him 15 percussion caps and a large piece of wadding.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-126" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-126" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-126" type="surname" value="HUDDLESTON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-126" type="given" value="BARON"/>MR. BARON HUDDLESTON</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">was of opinion that the pistol bring only loaded with gunpowder and wadding did not come within the description of a destruc
<lb/>tive material as alleged in the indictment.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-262-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-262-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-262-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-262-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="assault"/>There was another indictment for a common assault upon the prosecutor</rs>, and upon the same evidence the Jury found the prisoner</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-262-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-262-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-262-punishment-22" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-262-punishment-22" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-262-punishment-22" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-262-18850202 t18850202-262-punishment-22"/>Six Months' without Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-263">
<interp inst="t18850202-263" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-263" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-263-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-263-18850202 t18850202-263-offence-1 t18850202-263-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-263-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-263-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-263-18850202" type="age" value="16"/>
<interp inst="def1-263-18850202" type="surname" value="LEACH"/>
<interp inst="def1-263-18850202" type="given" value="MONTAGUE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MONTAGUE LEACH</hi> (16)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-263-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-263-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-263-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="wounding"/>, Feloniously shooting at
<persName id="t18850202-name-128" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-128" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-128" type="surname" value="NELSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-128" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-263-offence-1 t18850202-name-128"/>George Nelson</persName> with intent to murder.
<hi rend="italic">Second Count,</hi> with intent to do grievous bodily harm.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-129" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-129" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-129" type="surname" value="NELSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-129" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE NELSON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman N</hi> 100). On Saturday, 17th January, about three in the afternoon, I was called to the premises of Mr. Randall Perry at 4, Lea Bridge Common, Clapton—there is a front shop and a room behind—there is a doorway in the passage from the shop to the room behind, but no door—the room is 18 feet by 8 feet 6 inches, and the height 11 feet—I was called there with reference to a charge against the prisoner of stealing—there was a box on the counter—the prisoner unlocked it and I opened it—I called his attention to what I was about to do, that he was to see that I did it fairly—as I was taking out the articles the prisoner was standing at the far end of the box—I had only taken out a few articles when I heard a shot fired—I had taken out a purse, and was just handing it to Mr.Perry; it was afterwards found to contain some pawn-tickets for articles which Mr. Ferry claimed—on hearing the shot I turned sharp round and saw smoke coming out of the revolver in my face; it was about two yards from my head; the prisoner was standing about three yards from me, with his hand out straight at my head—I dodged my head down, thinking a second shot was coming, and went towards him, and as I was doing so the manager rushed in from the other shop and struck his arm; the second shot was fired and the bullet struck the wall on the left-hand side of the room—the pistol was pointed at me; I could see up the barrel—I took the prisoner by the throat and pushed him back into a corner; the manager wrenched his arm behind him and pulled the revolver away from him; it dropped at my feet, and I picked it up—the prisoner did not speak—I held him there and sent Mr.Perry after another policeman—I afterwards searched him and found this packet of bullets in his breast pocket; there were six large and eight small ball cartridges in a purse—the large ones fit the big revolver which I took from him, and the small ones fit the little one, which is a pin-fire; that was in his breast pocket; that was fully loaded; it is a six-chamber revolver—on the way to the station the prisoner said "I did not mean to shoot you when I pointed the revolver at your head; I was re-cocking it to shoot again; if I had had the little one it would have been all right; the big one kicked"—I could have counted 20 or 30 between the first and second shots—he asked me to post this letter—the inspector afterwards picked up two other bullets.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020028"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> I found the bullets in your breast pocket; you did not hand them to me out of your trousers pocket.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-130" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-130" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-130" type="surname" value="PERRY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-130" type="given" value="RANDALL"/>RANDALL PERRY</persName> </hi>. The prisoner was in my service—on this Saturday afternoon I was in the room behind the shop, when the prisoner's box was put on the counter and unlocked—I had sent for a policeman in consequence of suspecting the prisoner of robbing me—I accused him of stealing 13
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. and two pawn tickets, and he denied it—when the constable came the prisoner immediately said "I own to having done it, will you forgive me?"—I refused, and ordered his box to be searched—we were proceeding to do it when I heard a movement and a shot fired; the bullet came whizzing over my head, and seemed to strike two or three places—Nelson was between me and the prisoner at that time—on looking round I saw the prisoner standing, deliberately pointing the pistol at the constable—as we were making towards him my foreman sprang forward and threw up the prisoner's arm, and the second shot was thrown up on the wall—he was laid hold of, and the pistol fell on the floor—he put his hand in his pocket and said "I have another one for you," and it was taken from his pocket—I found three of the barrels loaded, and two had been discharged—the small one was fully loaded with ball cartridges, which I extracted—the prisoner has no sight in his right eye—he has a glass eye, which I was kind enough to subscribe towards getting him, to improve his appearance.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-131" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-131" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-131" type="surname" value="REVELLY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-131" type="given" value="DANIEL JAMES"/>DANIEL JAMES REVELLY.</persName> </hi> I am foreman to Mr. Perry—I was in the back room with him and the prisoner—I was called into the shop to attend to a customer, and whilst there I heard a shot—I returned to the parlour; the prisoner was standing in the doorway with his back towards me, with his arm out and a pistol pointed in the direction of the constable—just as I got to him he fired; I struck his elbow and the ball went up in the wall; if I had not struck his elbow I think the shot would have struck the constable—I took the large revolver from him and threw it on the ground—I told the constable to take charge of him—he then said "Revelly, old man, I have another, and he took the small one from his breast pocket and gave it up.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-132" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-132" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-132" type="surname" value="HUDSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-132" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH HUDSON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Inspector N</hi>). The prisoner was brought to the Hackney Station—I read the charge to him; it was for robbing his employer of 13
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., and also shooting at the constable with intent to prevent his lawful apprehension—in reply to the second charge he said "That I deny; I intended to commit suicide; I have hurt my head"—I sent for Dr.White, the assistant-surgeon of the division, and he found his hair slightly singed on the right side of his head—I afterwards went to the room behind tho shop, and found a bullet divided in two pieces in a cardboard box—I found two bullets on the Saturday, and one on the Sunday—I saw a mark on the wall on the left hand side, the plaster was torn away, and I found this bullet in the fender opposite the wall, covered with plaster—there were several marks of bullets all round the room, as if they had been flying about.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner in his defence stated that he had no intention of shooting the constable, his object was to shoot himself.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-263-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-263-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-263-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-263-punishment-23" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-263-punishment-23" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-263-punishment-23" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-263-18850202 t18850202-263-punishment-23"/>Fifteen Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020029"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, February</hi> 4
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Recorder.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-264">
<interp inst="t18850202-264" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-264" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-264-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-264-18850202 t18850202-264-offence-1 t18850202-264-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-264-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-264-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-264-18850202" type="age" value="48"/>
<interp inst="def1-264-18850202" type="surname" value="GIBBS"/>
<interp inst="def1-264-18850202" type="given" value="WILLIAM HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM HENRY GIBBS</hi> (48)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-264-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-264-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-264-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing a jacket, the property of
<persName id="t18850202-name-134" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-134" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-134" type="surname" value="HAYES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-134" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-264-offence-1 t18850202-name-134"/>George Hayes</persName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GRAIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-135" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-135" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-135" type="surname" value="COLLINS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-135" type="given" value="MATTHEW"/>MATTHEW COLLINS.</persName> </hi> I am a porter at the Queen's Hotel, St. Martin's-le-Grand—on the 7th January, about 1.45, a parcel which I had made up by instructions was in a chair in the hall; it contained an old porter's jacket and a few other things—I was watching, and saw the prisoner come in and go to the billiard room, and then to the coffee room, where he read the newspapers for three or four minutes, and came out into the hall, took up the parcel quite carelessly, put it under his arm, and went out—I followed him through Gresham Street, and took a constable with me, who stopped him—I told the constable that he had stolen the parcel from the hotel—he took him back and confronted him with Mr. Best—he was not staying in the hotel.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I did not see him enter the hotel—a number of commercial travellers stop there—he said that he had seen somebody at a refreshment place, who asked him to fetch the parcel.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-136" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-136" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-136" type="surname" value="HORNBY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-136" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH HORNBY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi>). Collins spoke to me, and I stopped the prisoner with a parcel under his arm; he said it was his own—I took him back to the hotel and then to the station, where I found on him some duplicates relating to bags—he said that he met a gentleman, that they went to the hotel together to have some refreshment; and the gentleman asked him to take the parcel to some place for him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I found some letters in his hand, they were given up to him at Guildhall—he said that he had been a surveyor for some years.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner received a good character.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-264-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-264-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-264-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-264-punishment-24" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-264-punishment-24" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-264-punishment-24" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-264-18850202 t18850202-264-punishment-24"/>Three Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-265">
<interp inst="t18850202-265" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-265" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-265-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-265-18850202 t18850202-265-offence-1 t18850202-265-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-265-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-265-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-265-18850202" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def1-265-18850202" type="surname" value="AYERS"/>
<interp inst="def1-265-18850202" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS AYERS</hi> (23)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-265-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-265-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-265-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing four pieces of merino, the property of
<persName id="t18850202-name-138" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-138" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-138" type="surname" value="COOK"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-138" type="given" value="FRANCIS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-265-offence-1 t18850202-name-138"/>Francis Cook</persName> and others.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.BURNIE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. PURCELL</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-139" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-139" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-139" type="surname" value="NICHOLL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-139" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN NICHOLL.</persName> </hi> I am warehouseman at Messrs. Cook, Sons, and Co.'s, of 22, St.Paul's Churchyard—on 6th November, about 12.45, I saw the prisoner coming out from the gangway of the merino department in his shirt sleeves—I lost sight of him—on the 13th, about 1 o'clock I saw him again coming from the merino department in his shirt sleeves and carry
<lb/>ing a black canvas bag which appeared to be full—he went to the hosiery department, which adjoins the merino departmemt on the same floor, and dropped the bag in one of the recesses and left the house immediately—I followed him to the door in Carter Lane and saw him off the premises—I then went back and looked at the bag and found in it these four pieces of merino, value 30
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., which are the property of the firm, they came from the place where I saw the prisoner on the 6th; I gave information—on December 22nd I saw him again in the print department between 1 and 2 o'clock in his shirt sleeves—he went out at the door into Carter Lane and turned iuto Sermon Lane, where he joined a man holding a coat; I did not wait to see if he put the coat on, but went back and got assistance and sent Hooper to watch him—I then went out with Holdford, who seized him in Knight Eider Street, and he was given in custody.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020030"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I was examined twice at the Mansion House, but I never mentioned the prisoner being there on the 6th till last Session, when he was tried before the Common Serjeant, and the Jury disagreed—there are a great number of persons in the warehouse without their coats—when he crossed over the bridge to Carter Lane I was a few yards from him and recognised him as the man I had seen on the 6th—I did not call out "Stop thief" I was under the impression that no one could be convicted of theft while he remained on the premises—men have been convicted of loitering on our premises—on 22nd December Henry Cox was taken in custody—that was about a quarter of an hour before I saw the prisoner that day—I was 20 or 30 yards from the prisoner; I followed him—he did not go downstairs, he left by the lift, and I saw him two or three minutes afterwards in Sermon Lane—I then went back for assist
<lb/>ance, met Hooper, and left him to watch him, and saw him in custody three or four minutes afterwards.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-140" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-140" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-140" type="surname" value="HOOPER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-140" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED HOOPER.</persName> </hi> I am a warehouseman at Messrs. Cook's—on 6th November, between 12 and 1 o'clock, I saw the prisoner in the gang
<lb/>way of the merino department in his shirt sleeves—the gangway is a passage between stacks of merino and a fixture—he began writing on a piece of paper—I watched him and saw him leave—I saw him again on November 12th going through the merino department into the woollen room in his shirt sleeves—that is up two floors—I followed him into the reserve woollen room upstairs and through the cambric handkerchief de
<lb/>partment and then downstairs out of the house; he went down a different staircase to the one he had come up, he did not speak to any one in any of the various departments—on December 22nd Nicholl called me, and I went out into Sermon Lane and saw the prisoner and recognised him, he had no coat on—I watched him; he went towards a man who was holding a coat, which he took and put on, and they walked together into Knight Rider Street—I got Policeman Hodson and followed him, and Hatfield met them and stopped them.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He was not under my view many minutes on Novem
<lb/>ber 6th—I followed him on November 12th the bottom of the stairs and recognised him as the man I had seen on the 6th—on the 22nd I went out by the Knightrider Street exit and saw the prisoner standing about the middle of Sermon Lane, I was on a level with him on the opposite side of the street—I went to get a policeman, and when I came back he was still there—I followed him into Knightrider Street, and he went down Old Change, I had him in my view till he was taken.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-141" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-141" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-141" type="surname" value="HATFIELD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-141" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY HATFIELD.</persName> </hi> I am a packer in Messrs. Cook's employ—on the 22nd December, between 1 and 2 o'clock, Nicholl sent for me, and I saw the prisoner and another man in Sermon Lane; the other man walked sharp for a few yards, and then ran away as hard as he could—the prisoner had his coat on then—Head and Hooper came up, and the prisoner was given into my custody—I had seen him before, a dozen times or more, loitering about outside the warehouse with the man who ran away—I have been in the employ a number of years—four pieces of merino like this could be carried in this black bag—I carried them in it to the Mansion House without difficulty.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have seen him outside, and had several glances of him passing in and out—there are a number of workmen about who take parcels—he attracted my attention by the suspicious way in which he</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020031"/>
<p>loitered about—I did not seize him because I did not see him with any
<lb/>thing—I laid hold of him first and said "I want you, young man, back at Cook and Co.'s"—he coloured up and said "What for?"—I said "You shall see when you get there," and the man in uniform came up.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-142" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-142" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-142" type="surname" value="GEORGE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-142" type="given" value="EDWARD BOWDEN"/>EDWARD BOWDEN GEORGE</persName> </hi>. I am a warehouseman to the prosecutors—on November 12th, between 1 and 2 p.m., I saw the prisoner in the fancy woollen department in his shirt sleeves; he went into the cambric hand
<lb/>kerchief department, and I lost sight of him—on the 22nd December I saw him again about the same time in the fancy woollen department; he had his coat on then—a man named Cox was with him, who has since been convicted of loitering on the prosecutors' premises; Cox had no coat on—both went to the reserve woollen department, into a gangway between two rows of goods—I followed and stopped Cox, and he was given into custody; the prisoner walked off by himself sharply—I picked up this black bag (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) in the gangway.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I think it was rather before 1.30 on the 22nd that I saw him—I did not see him again till he was at the station—he was not placed with the others.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-143" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-143" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-143" type="surname" value="NICHOLL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-143" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN NICHOLL</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined</hi>). The black bag the prisoner was carry
<lb/>ing on the 13th was similar to this.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I never saw a bag used for this purpose; they gene
<lb/>rally carry bales on their shoulders.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-144" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-144" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-144" type="surname" value="BLIGHT"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-144" type="given" value="MALACHI"/>MALACHI BLIGHT</persName> </hi>. I am a warehouseman at Messrs.Cook's—on November 12th, between 1 and 2, I saw the prisoner, in his shirtsleeves, coming from the fancy woollen department—he ran into the cambric handkerchief department and went downstairs—I have seen him on the premises several times, and once with somebody else, who has been convicted since of stealing silk; that was not Cox.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I don't know that man's name—I went to the station with the other witnesses and saw the prisoner—he was not placed with others—I did not see him taken in custody.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-145" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-145" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-145" type="surname" value="HOTSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-145" type="given" value="WALTER"/>WALTER HOTSON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 192). On the 22nd December, about 2 o'clock, I was in Carter Lane—I received information, and found the prisoner detained by Hatfield in Knightrider Street—I told him he would be taken in custody—he said "I don't know what you have got me for"—I took him to Cook's warehouse, and he was identified as having been there—when the charge was read over to him at the station he said "I know nothing whatever about it"—15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. was found on him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I never saw workmen carrying parcels in bags like this.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witnesses for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-146" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-146" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-146" type="surname" value="AYRES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-146" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS AYRES</persName> </hi>. I am a chair and couch manufacturer, of 21, Wick
<lb/>hampton Street, Shoreditch—the prisoner is my son; he has worked for me ever since he came from Liverpool in August—I keep a book in which I enter the wages which are paid to him—this is it—I am able to say by looking at it that he was working for me on November 6th—it contains the money I pay him on Saturday afternoons, and on November 6th he took 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—he did not work full time for me that week, because he worked at a job in Holborn; but I am able to say he worked on my premises on November 6th—he takes his midday meal with us between 1 and 2 o'clock—I have nothing but the book to fix my recollection as to whether he took his midday meal with me that day, but he did so daily,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020032"/>
<p>and I can say that of the whole of November—he works in the workshop where I am, and takes his dinner in the kitchen with us—last Session was the first time I heard November 6th mentioned—on 12th November my wife and I and my son and one or two friends were at the next door neighbour, Mrs. Pike's, at a birthday party, till 12.30 p.m.—I am able to recollect from that that my son was at home on the morning of the 12th; he took his dinner with me as usual that day—as to November 13th, when it is said that he was at Cook's warehouse between 1 and 2 o'clock, I am able to say that he was at home at that time; I can bring two customers of mine, one of whom is downstairs now—just after 12 o'clock on the 13th Mr.Platt, of 223, Curtain Road, came to me about making some seats for a music hall, and we went back into the workshop, and the prisoner drew a sketch on a board of how the seats were to be planned—Mr.Platt went away, and Mr.Bircham, who is here, came in at the workshop; my son was there, he had just done his dinner—two or three other persons came, and one was Mr.Williams, who we were making six chairs for, and he had them home on November 15th—I was at work in my shop on 13th November till 8.30 at night, and left my son there; he took his dinner with me, and his tea too—it is a good half-hour's walk from Wickhampton Street to St.Paul's Churchyard—since the last hearing I found the prisoner's time-book in his jacket pocket in his bedroom; his wages are so much per hour, which he enters here, and I keep check against the time on a board in the shop, and at the end of the week they bring their time-papers in for so many hours—he has entered on November 13th, that would be Thursday; he puts the day of the week at the beginning; he started on the Thursday at 10 and worked till 11—I have found this book since the last trial—here are daily entries in it of the hours he worked on November 6th, 12th and 13th—on 22nd December, the day he was taken, I saw him about 9.30 a.m. till about 11.15; he was not going to stop at home then—I had just taken an order to make four chairs, and everything was cut except four pieces, and when he was having his breakfast I told him to get those four pieces cut; he then went out to buy a hat, and I never saw him again till the constable came.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross examined.</hi> His dinner-time does not count—he has an hour for dinner and half an hour for tea—he has never gone away at his dinner-hour—Mr. Platt is not here—Mr. Bircham was not here on the last occasion, I did not think it necessary—going to a birthday party on the night of the 12th helps me to remember the 13th—I do not know that he said on December 22nd that he was going to buy a hat at Hope's in Cheapside; I said at Hope's on tho last occasion, but I did not say "Cheapside"—I did not hear observations on the last occasion about Hope's in Cheapside being a good deal short of Knightrider Street, nor is that the reason that I hate not mentioned Cheapside to-day; I thought you knew where Hope's was.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I recollect the day the customers called, because it was the day after the birthday party—you kept talking about Hope Brothers of Cheapside on the last trial, but I do not know whether my son and told me which shop he was going to.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-147" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-147" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-147" type="surname" value="TUCKER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-147" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY TUCKER</persName> </hi>. I am a carver, of 44, Long Street, Hackney, in Mr. Ayers's employ at his workshop—I was carving six chairs there for Mr. George Williams on 13th and 15th November—the prisoner was</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020033"/>
<p>working there with me—he was at work when I left at 1 o'clock for my dinner, and was at work when I came back at 2 o'clock.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-148" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-148" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-148" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-148" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE WILLIAMS</persName> </hi>. I am a wood turner, of 68, Pearson Street, Shoreditch—I work out of doors for Mr.Ayers—he was making six chairs for me, which were delivered on 15th November—I called there on Thursday, November 15th, about 1.20—I fix the time because I go to dinner at 1 o'clock, and I went in my dinner-hour and saw Mr.Ayers and the prisoner—I remained about five or ten minutes, leaving the prisoner in the workshop about 1.30.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I go there occasionally—I have been there more than once about these chairs, not always at dinner-time, but when I went at dinner-time I mostly saw the prisoner.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> On this occasion, instead of my doing work for Mr. Ayers, he was making chairs for me—I remember it was midday on the 15th because it was the Saturday after Lord Mayor's Day.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-149" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-149" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-149" type="surname" value="BIRCHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-149" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES BIRCHAM</persName> </hi>. I am an upholsterer, of 48, Paul Street, Finsbury—I was at Mr.Ayers's on 10th, 11th, and 13th November, and I will not say whether I was there on the 14th—I was there on November 13th between 1 and 2 o'clock, and also about 8 p.m.—I saw the prisoner in the workshop between 1 and 2 o'clock—I remember the time because I received an order from a customer for a suite of chairs on the Monday, and I went to Mr. Ayers's to order it—this is the order (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) which enables me to fix the date—it is my customer's writing—the date is to it—I remember in consequence of a conversation with the lad who brought a lady's chair.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I generally saw the prisoner there when I went, and his father too—I am quite positive I went there at dinner-time on the 13th.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I am positive because the lad brought the lady's chair on Tuesday, and told me the small chairs would be in about 1 o'clock, and I said to my wife, "As soon as I have had my dinner I will go down and see about it"—that is why I fix it at the dinner-hour.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-150" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-150" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-150" type="surname" value="PILE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-150" type="given" value="SARAH"/>SARAH PILE</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of John Pile—we live next door to Mr. Ayers, but ours is No. 10a and theirs No. 21—November 12th was my birthday—I had a few friends in in the evening, and among them the prisoner and his father—I heard the prisoner singing in the workshop next morning, and saw him going into the workshop at the end of the yard about 2 o'clock, from the house, and asked him if the children were at home—he said that they had gone to school—they go when the bell rings.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-151" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-151" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-151" type="surname" value="AYERS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-151" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH AYERS</persName> </hi>. I am the prisoner's mother—on 12th November I was at Mrs. Pile's birthday party—on the day after that my son took his dinner with me as usual between 1 and 2 o'clock—he always dines at home.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-152" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-152" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-152" type="surname" value="NICHOLL"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-152" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN NICHOLL</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined</hi>). Cox was taken in custody on 22nd December, and about a quarter of an hour before that I saw the prisoner on the premises.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-265-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-265-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-265-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-265-punishment-25" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-265-punishment-25" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-265-punishment-25" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-265-18850202 t18850202-265-punishment-25"/>Eighteen Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-266">
<interp inst="t18850202-266" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-266" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-266-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-266-18850202 t18850202-266-offence-1 t18850202-266-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-266-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-266-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-266-18850202" type="age" value="33"/>
<interp inst="def1-266-18850202" type="surname" value="MONK"/>
<interp inst="def1-266-18850202" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE MONK</hi> (33)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-266-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-266-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-266-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/>, Stealing the sums of 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and 4
<hi rend="italic">s.;</hi> also 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and 7
<hi rend="italic">s.;</hi> also 4
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 11
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., of Herbert George Lousada and another, his masters;
<hi rend="italic">also</hi> unlawfully obtaining by false pretences 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. from his said masters,
<hi rend="italic">upon which</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.M.WILLIAMS</hi>, </rs>
<hi rend="italic">for the prosecution, offered no evidence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-266-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-266-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-266-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="noEvidence"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020034"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THIRD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, February</hi> 4
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr.Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-267">
<interp inst="t18850202-267" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-267" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-267-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-267-18850202 t18850202-267-offence-1 t18850202-267-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-267-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-267-18850202 t18850202-267-offence-1 t18850202-267-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-267-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-267-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-267-18850202" type="age" value="20"/>
<interp inst="def1-267-18850202" type="surname" value="TOMPKINS"/>
<interp inst="def1-267-18850202" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN TOMPKINS</hi> (20)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-267-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-267-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-267-18850202" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def2-267-18850202" type="surname" value="PINNOCK"/>
<interp inst="def2-267-18850202" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ALFRED PINNOCK</hi> (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-267-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-267-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-267-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Rob
<lb/>bery with violence on
<persName id="t18850202-name-156" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-156" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-156" type="surname" value="PEACH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-156" type="given" value="HENRY LOTT"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-267-offence-1 t18850202-name-156"/>Henry Lott Peach</persName>, and stealing his cap, stick, and 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., his property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-157" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-157" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-157" type="surname" value="FRITH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-157" type="given" value="KEITH"/>MR. KEITH FRITH</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted:</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WARBURTON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">defended Tompkins.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-158" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-158" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-158" type="surname" value="PEACH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-158" type="given" value="HENRY LOTT"/>HENRY LOTT PEACH</persName> </hi>. I am an oil and colour warehouseman, of 3, Wentworth Road, Mile End—about 12.15 a.m. on 12th January I was outside the Plough, Mile End Road—Tompkins came up and wanted me to fight—I said I did not understand fighting, I was going home—he then struck me on my face and knocked me down—I got up and at
<lb/>tempted to strike him with my stick, but another person, who I cannot identify, threw me, and I fell on my face—I immediately rose again and told him I did not wish to fight, I was going home—Pinnock came behind me, put his right arm round my neck, and threw me to the ground—I turned round and was thrown on my right side; Pinnock laid somehow on my face, and Tompkins laid across my feet, and two other persons with them held my arms straight out across the pavement for some minutes—I was struck in the face—I got up and saw Pinnock running away, and Tompkins struck me in the chest and knocked me down again—I called out "Police; stop thief"—a constable came up; I made a statement to him; he gave chase to the prisoners—they were both per
<lb/>fect strangers to me—I was sober—I am quite sure they are two of the four men who assaulted me—after they had gone I missed my watch and chain—I always carry them loose in a pocket inside my waistcoat, the button of which was torn off; the waistcoat was torn open—the chain was not visible from the outside—I lost my cap and cane and 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., which had been loose in my right-hand trousers pocket—soon after the robbery I saw the prisoners in custody in British Street, about 250 yards off—I looked on the ground afterwards, but saw nothing there of anything I had lost.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR.WARBURTON</hi>. I had been at Stratford for an hour—I left off work at 8, and walked back—I had only been in one public-house since 8 o'clock, about 10; I was in one at 6—at 10 o'clock I had one glass of ale; I was not fogged—it is dark in that street—this took place just outside a public-house; it was in a main road—there was not a soul to be seen then—I did not notice that Tompkins seemed to be in liquor when he wanted to fight—I was walking at a pretty good speed, and had done nothing to quarrel with him—he said "Halloa, you will have a fight with me, won't you?"—I had not pushed against him—there were not people coming out of the public-house then—there is an
<lb/>other public-house 150 yards off, round the bend—the chain was on the watch, but loose inside my pocket; I never carry it fastened to a button—I had last looked at my watch at 12.5—it was a P. and O. cap and a bamboo cane.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-159" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-159" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-159" type="surname" value="FOREMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-159" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM FOREMAN</persName> </hi>. I am a provision merchant, of 13, Union Street, Malmesbury Road, Bow—a few minutes after midnight on 12th January I was in the Mile End Road, about to get off a tramcar, when I saw the scuffle; I was about 40 or 50 yards off before I got off the car—I turned back—when I got up Peach was on the ground and Tompkins was lying full length on the top of him, with his hands working
<hi rend="italic">here,</hi> as if he was</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020035"/>
<hi rend="italic">sponging</hi> him—I could not make it out for a few minutes—Pinnock was in a half-stooping position over him, but he turned as soon as I got up, and said "I have hurt my wrist; he has struck me with a stick; he has broken it; take this stick away from him"—I turned and ran down Coburn Road—not finding a policeman, I crossed the road, and was turning back when I heard the cry of "Stop thief," and recognised Tompkins running by me and the police after him—I gave chase, and a constable caught him within a few yards from me—as the constable was taking Tompkins to the station Pinnock came up and said "I have been insulted, I have been struck; I will give a man in charge"—Peach was not there at the time; he came up and I said directly "That is one of the men; take him"—the constable held him—I followed to the station afterwards, and gave my name and address.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WARBURTON</hi>. I did not know Peach or the pri
<lb/>soners—this is a main street; there were plenty of people about, but not where this took place—the light is very bad; it is very dull.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-160" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-160" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-160" type="surname" value="JARVIS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-160" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS JARVIS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman K</hi> 568). I was on duty in Mcklin Street, Mile End, heard cries of "Police" three times, went towards Mile End Road, and saw Tompkins knock Mr.Peach down outside the public-house—Tompkins ran away; I pursued him for 300 or 400 yards—I blew my whistle, and Lake 584 caught him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-161" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-161" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-161" type="surname" value="LAKE"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-161" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY LAKE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman K</hi> 584). On 12th January, about 12.30 p.m., I heard a constable's whistle, went towards Mile End Road, and saw several men running—Tompkins was in front—I caught him in British Street after running 300 or 400 yards—I took him back to Peach, who stated that he had been robbed of a watch and money, and had lost his hat and cane, and described what had been done to him—Tompkins heard that, but made no reply.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-162" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-162" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-162" type="surname" value="ORME"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-162" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE ORME</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman K</hi> 226). I was on duty in the Mile End Road, and heard a policeman's whistle—I went a little way and saw Pinnock running—I chased him about 120 yards, caught and detained him—he was by himself—Peach came up and said, "I shall give him into custody for being one of the men that assaulted and robbed me"—Pinnock said, "I will give him in custody for assaulting me"—Pinnock was taken to the station and charged.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by Pinnock.</hi> I chased you from the corner of Macklin Street to British Street.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Tompkins's Statement before the Magistrate.</hi> "I don't know any of the other young men. I was talking to a woman, and the prosecutor struck me with a stick."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-163" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-163" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-163" type="surname" value="JARVIS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-163" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS JARVIS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined</hi>). On Pinnock was found 9
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. in gold, 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. silver, 8 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. bronze, a cent piece in a purse, a gold watch and a silver chain, which have not been identified, a gun licence, a knife, a bunch of keys, a pipe, key, neckerchief, and this stick—nothing was found on Tompkins.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoners received good characters.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">Pinnock in his defence stated that Tompkins was a perfect stranger to him, that he was coming along the Bow Road when he saw the prosecutor flourish
<lb/>ing a stick about that he spoke to him, when the prosecutor drew back the stick to hit him, and that he put up his arm, to save his head and the stick woke his wrist, and that then the prosecutor knocked him down; that he</hi> </p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020036"/>
<hi rend="italic">afterwards met the prosecutor outside the King's Head and wanted to give him into custody, but was charged himself.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PINNOCK</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-267-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-267-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-267-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs>. </hi>
<hi rend="largeCaps">TOMPKINS</hi>
<rs id="t18850202-267-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-267-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-267-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">of assault with attempt to rob. Recommended to mercy by the Jury.</hi> </rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-267-punishment-26" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-267-punishment-26" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-267-punishment-26" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-267-18850202 t18850202-267-punishment-26"/>Six Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-268">
<interp inst="t18850202-268" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-268" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-268-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-268-18850202 t18850202-268-offence-1 t18850202-268-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-268-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-268-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-268-18850202" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-268-18850202" type="surname" value="FURBY"/>
<interp inst="def1-268-18850202" type="given" value="AUGUSTUS FREDERICK"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">AUGUSTUS FREDERICK FURBY</hi> (32)</persName>
<rs id="t18850202-268-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-268-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-268-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, Feloniously altering an order for the payment of 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. so as to make it appear to be an order for the payment of 305
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., with intent to defraud.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts for uttering</hi> and for forging and uttering.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">HORACE AVORY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted</hi>;
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSES. GEOGHEGAN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CLUER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GEOGHEGAN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">submitted that under Section 12 of the Married Women's Property Act, 1882 (45 and 46 Vict., c. 75), which was relied upon by the prosecution as the authority for calling the wife as a witness against her husband in this case, the wife could not give evidence against her husband except upon a charge of larceny, as the words "wrongfully taken" applied only to such a charge, and had no reference to forgery or uttering a forged valuable security, and he argued that the wording of Sections 10 and 17 supported this view.</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">contended that the words "wrongfully taken" applied equally to larceny, false pretences, and forgery, and could not be limited to larceny; that the Legislature would have inserted the words "steal, take, and carry away" if they had intended such a limitation as Mr.Geoghegan argued for, and that Sections 10 and 17 were merely assisting sections with regard to the restitution and possession of property, and had nothing to do with taking property at the time of desertion. The</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COMMON SERJEANT</hi>,
<hi rend="italic">having consulted</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR BARON HUDDLESTON</hi>,
<hi rend="italic">ruled that the words "wrongfully taken" could not be limited to a case of larceny, but were sufficiently large to include a forgery, and that therefore the wife's evidence was admissible.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-165" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-165" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-165" type="surname" value="FURBY"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-165" type="given" value="ALICE MARGARET"/>ALICE MARGARET FURBY</persName> </hi>. I am the prisoner's wife—we were married on 11th October last—prior to that time I had carried on business in partnership with my sister as a greengrocer at 20, High Street, South Norwood, and when I married I had an account at the Croydon branch of the London and County Bank, with a balance of 245
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. standing to my credit—after the marriage I did not continue to carry on the business—my husband induced me to go to the bank and have the account transferred to our joint names on the day we were married, after the wedding—a few days before the marriage I had advanced him 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. to buy clothes with to get married in—I asked him why it was to be placed in our joint names—he said it would be much safer and botter for the business accounts in going to the market and if anything happened to me—we lived together up to 6th November at 4, Campdell Terrace, Tufnell Park—on 3rd November the account was transferred to the King's Cross branch of the same bank—he said nothing to me at any time about altering the account to his own name, or that he was going to the bank to do so, I did not know he had been—on 6th November he brought me this cheque (he kept the cheque-book), with which he said he wanted to pay the gas deposit, 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—there was nothing on it except the figure "6," which was where the "5" is now—he said the gas deposit was 6
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I said no, it was 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and I altered the 6 to a 5, and then I signed a cheque and gave it back to him—there was</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020037"/>
<p>then nothing on it but the 5 and my signature—he said he was going to pay the gas deposit and would soon be back, he went out with the cheque and never returned—the next morning at 4 o'clock I gave information to the police and went to the gas company and then to the bank, where I found that the cheque had been altered to to 305
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I then took a warrant out—I did not see or hear from him again till he was in custody, nor did I know where he had gone to—we were going into a new business in the same line after we were married—he told me after the marriage as we came to the house that the shop was prepared, and he took me to an empty house—we never started the business—I know his writing, this signature to the cheque is his and this "Pay self and wife," and the words "Three hundred and five" are his writing, all but the 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. is his—after the marriage I paid into the bank the money I had for dissolving partnership with my sister—no money was paid into the bank after our marriage except mine—I gave the prisoner no authority to alter this amount from 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. to 305
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Cheques were signed by both my husband and myself, and I had no power to draw out money by myself, it would require his signature as well as mine.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I gave him no authority to draw a larger amount than the 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. for the gas—I had this letter in my husband's writing after he was in custody.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. CLUER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">submitted, under S. 6 of the Married Women's Properly Act, 1882 (45 and 46 Vict., c. 75), that by the act of transferring money belong
<lb/>ing before marriage to a wife into the joint names of herself and her husband after marriage, her husband and she became the joint beneficial owners of that property, and therefore such joint property could not be "her own separate property," in respect of which a married woman had a right to institute criminal proceedings against her husband under S. 12 of the Married Women's Property Act,</hi> 1882.
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">relied on S. 2 of the Act, which provided that a married woman shall hold as "her separate property" "all real and personal property which belonged to her at her marriage," and that the facts in the case would raise the question for the Jury whether by fraud the husband obtained the wife's assent to the transfer; and, if by fraud, her con
<lb/>sent to the transfer would be void, and she would retain the property as "her own separate property." The</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COMMON SERJEANT</hi>,
<hi rend="italic">having consulted with</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BARON HUDDLESTON</hi>,
<hi rend="italic">ruled that if the transfer were made in further and of a subsequent forgery the property would remain the wife's separate property, and that it was a question for the Jury whether the transfer was so made.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-166" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-166" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-166" type="surname" value="WATERS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-166" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES WATERS</persName> </hi>. I am manager of the King's Cross branch of the London and County Bank—on 4th November an account of Alice Margaret Furby and Augustus Furby was transferred from Croydon branch of our bank—the amount was 375
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 17
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—on 5th November one of our clerks, Mr.Judd, came to me to get directions, and I said something to him about the account, he is here—on 6th November the account was operated on by this cheque withdrawing 305
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I can't say if that was cashed over the counter, it was a Croydon branch cheque, the Croydon was struck out and King's Cross written in—on the 4th 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. had been withdrawn, nothing was paid in while the account was at King's Cross.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-167" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-167" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-167" type="surname" value="JUDD"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-167" type="given" value="WILLIAM GEORGE"/>WILLIAM GEORGE JUDD</persName> </hi>. I am chief clerk at the King's Cross branch of the London and County Bank—on 5th November the prisoner came</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020038"/>
<p>in and said he wished to transfer the account into his own name, as it would be more convenient for him when in the market—I referred to the manager, and in consequence of what he told me I told the prisoner it would be necessary to have both signatures for the account to be trans
<lb/>ferred to his name—he then went away—the transfer of the account did not take place.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-168" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-168" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-168" type="surname" value="SMYTH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-168" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK SMYTH</persName> </hi>. I am manager to Mr. Lavington, a builder of 1A, Woodberry Terrace,—I let a house in Huntingdon Terrace, Green Lanes, Wood Green, to the prisoner under this agreement, dated 13th January this year, and signed by the prisoner in the name of Frederick Roberts—I afterwards saw the prisoner in the premises, and a woman whom he introduced as Mrs. Roberts, or his wife; she was not the prose
<lb/>cutrix—he paid 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. deposit on the 9th and 20
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. on 13th January for fitting up a shop—I first saw him with reference to this matter a few days before January 9th.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-169" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-169" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-169" type="surname" value="ROBINSON"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-169" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN ROBINSON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective G</hi>). I first received a warrant for the prisoner's apprehension about 17th or 18th November—I found him on 22nd January at 15, Huntingdon Terrace, Green Lanes, Wood Green, Tottenham, where I saw him leave the house—I said "I will charge you with forging a cheque for 305
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. on 6th November last"—he said "Who took out the warrant, the old woman or the bank people?"—I said "The old woman"—he said "I can make it all right with her; I have just taken a business down here, I will turn the woman out that I am living with and take her on"—he also said "I did not forge the cheque, I only placed another figure on"—I took him to the station, he was charged—I searched him at the station and found on him nine 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. notes, two silver watches, 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. in gold, and sixpence in silver, a gold albert chain, and other articles—I afterwards went to Huntingdon Terrace and saw a quantity of new furniture there and also a woman who answered to the name of Mrs. Roberts—some fresh furniture came in while I was waiting there.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-268-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-268-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-268-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-268-punishment-27" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-268-punishment-27" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-268-punishment-27" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-268-18850202 t18850202-268-punishment-27"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-269">
<interp inst="t18850202-269" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-269" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-269-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-269-18850202 t18850202-269-offence-1 t18850202-269-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-269-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-269-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-269-18850202" type="surname" value="WILSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-269-18850202" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SAMUEL WILSON</hi> </persName>
<rs id="t18850202-269-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-269-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-269-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="fraud"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-269-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-269-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-269-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi> to obtaining by false pre
<lb/>tences from William Stubberfield, on behalf of the City Bank, 42
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., with intent to defraud. (
<hi rend="italic">There were two other indictments against the pri
<lb/>soner for forgery. He received a good character</hi>).—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-269-punishment-28" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-269-punishment-28" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-269-punishment-28" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="hardLabour"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-269-18850202 t18850202-269-punishment-28"/>Twelve Months' Hard Labour.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Thursday, February</hi> 5
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Baron Huddleston.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-270">
<interp inst="t18850202-270" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-270-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-270-18850202 t18850202-270-offence-1 t18850202-270-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-270-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-270-18850202 t18850202-270-offence-2 t18850202-270-verdict-2"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-270-charge-3" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-270-18850202 t18850202-270-offence-3 t18850202-270-verdict-3"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-270-charge-4" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-270-18850202 t18850202-270-offence-3 t18850202-270-verdict-3"/>
<persName id="def1-270-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-270-18850202" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-270-18850202" type="age" value="48"/>
<interp inst="def1-270-18850202" type="surname" value="PHILLIPS"/>
<interp inst="def1-270-18850202" type="given" value="KATE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">KATE PHILLIPS</hi> (48)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18850202-270-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="illegalAbortion"/> for feloniously using a certain instrument upon
<persName id="t18850202-name-172" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-172" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-172" type="surname" value="LYNCH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-172" type="given" value="FANNY"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-270-offence-1 t18850202-name-172"/>Fanny Lynch</persName>, with intent to procure her miscarriage,</rs> and
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="def2-270-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-270-18850202" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def2-270-18850202" type="surname" value="CALEY"/>
<interp inst="def2-270-18850202" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH CALEY</persName> </hi>
<rs id="t18850202-270-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="illegalAbortion"/>for feloniously inciting her to commit the said offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MONTAGU WILLIAMS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FULTON</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">appeared for Phillips, and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GEOGHEGAN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">for Caley.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PHILLIPS</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-270-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-270-punishment-29" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-punishment-29" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-punishment-29" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-270-18850202 t18850202-270-punishment-29"/>Fifteen Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CALEY</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-270-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>. (
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18850202-270-offence-3" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-3" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-offence-3" type="offenceSubcategory" value="illegalAbortion"/>There was another indictment against the prisoners for a like offence upon Elizabeth Windram</rs>, upon which no evidence was offered against Caley.</hi>)—</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-270-verdict-3" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-3" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-270-verdict-3" type="verdictSubcategory" value="noEvidence"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020039"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Thursday, February</hi> 5
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Recorder.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-271">
<interp inst="t18850202-271" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-271" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-271-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-271-18850202 t18850202-271-offence-1 t18850202-271-verdict-2"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-271-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-271-18850202 t18850202-271-offence-2 t18850202-271-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-271-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-271-18850202" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-271-18850202" type="surname" value="MASON"/>
<interp inst="def1-271-18850202" type="given" value="THOMAS ROBERT"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS ROBERT MASON</hi> </persName>, Unlawfully
<rs id="t18850202-271-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-271-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-271-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="conspiracy"/> conspiring with
<persName id="t18850202-name-175" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-175" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-175" type="surname" value="TURNER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-175" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-271-offence-1 t18850202-name-175"/>Henry Turner</persName> to induce
<persName id="t18850202-name-176">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-176" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-176" type="surname" value="HOLBOROUGH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-176" type="given" value="WALTER GEORGE"/>Walter George Holborough</persName> to take Turner into his employment as barman. </rs>
<rs id="t18850202-271-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-271-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-271-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="conspiracy"/>
<hi rend="italic">Second Count,</hi> inducing him to take Turner into his employ by false pretences.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts</hi> for conspiring to steal the moneys of W.G. Holborough.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner, by the advice of his Counsel, refused to plead to the Second Count, and pleaded</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">NOT GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to the other Counts, and the</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">RECORDER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">directed a plea of</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-271-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-271-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-271-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="directed"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">to be entered upon the Second Count.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BLACKWELL</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">HOPKINS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-177" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-177" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-177" type="surname" value="HOLBOROUGH"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-177" type="given" value="WALTER GEORGE"/>WALTER GEORGE HOLBOROUGH</persName> </hi>. I keep the Golden Anchor, Park Street, Southwark—on August 11th I was in want of a barman, and a man called for the situation who gave his name Henry Owen—I asked him for his references, and in consequence of what he said I went on 11th August to see Mr. Mason, of the King and Queen, Shadwell—on alighting at Shadwell Station I saw Owen, who walked with me to the King and Queen—there are three compartments—I went in at one, Owen at another, and there was a compartment between—he stood about three yards from me, but the conversation was not loud enough for him to hear—I said to Mason "I have been referred to you by Henry Owen, who gives you as a reference as barman; he says he has been with you some months"—he said "He has been with me eight or ten months; he tho
<lb/>roughly understands his business; I discharged him because I was coming into the business myself, and did not require his services" said "Have you any doubt about his honesty?"—he said "No; cer
<lb/>tainly not," and turned to his wife, who said that she had none—he said "He has been away from here a month"—we spoke about business, and it came out that the prisoner had been a clerk at some docks ten years, or some such time—it did not occur to me to say "He is in the house now"—the prisoner did not mention him by any other name than Owen—he came into my service on Wednesday evening, August 13th, and remained till midday on the Monday, when I told him I had heard that he had been convicted, and had a bad character generally, and told him to pack up his boxes and be off—I keep a daily takings book, and while he was with me the takings fell off, but after he left they resumed the same standard as before—I have not seen him since—I did not go back and see Mason; I placed the matter in the hands of the Society.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I am not prosecuting; I did not charge Owen—it was the week following Bank-holiday week that he was with me—customers would be more flush of cash the following week—Owen did not mention at what house he had been barman with Mr.Mason; he did not say "Mr.Mason, of the King and Queen, Tite Street, will give me a refer
<lb/>ence"—he did not say when we got to Mason's that Mr.Mason would give him a character—I did not know that there was a Mrs. Mason, but the barmaid fetched her, and I may have told her I came to get a reference for Owen—I did not see any potman; I did not see any man there till Mr. Mason came—I was there under half an hour—I did not know that before marrying Mr. Mason, Mrs. Mason was a Mrs. Pusey, and that Owen had been some time in her service, but I have found it out since—I do not know that she kept the Surrey Light Horse public-house, or that</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020040"/>
<p>Owen was in her husband's employ, but I have heard since that during her late husband's illness he managed the place for two years—I did not mention the falling off to Owen.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> On the Friday on which Owen was with me I first heard Turner's name mentioned by a customer in connection with Owen—some weeks after I turned Owen away I made a communication at Shadwell Police-station; it was in October—I received a letter from the Secretary to the Society during the week Owen was with me—when I asked for Mr. Mason, Mrs. Mason came forward, and I had a conversation with her about Owen, but did not apply to her for the reference—she said nothing about having been Mr. Pusey's widow; I heard that from somebody who knew her—I knew nothing about Owen being at Mr.Pusey's.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-178" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-178" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-178" type="surname" value="STUART"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-178" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE STUART</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Inspector II</hi>). It is part of my duty to attend to matters relating to licences in the district where the King and Queen is situated—Henry Owen was the previous tenant; the licenco was trans
<lb/>ferred to him on January 12. 1884—the previous tenant was George Jar
<lb/>bom—he continued uuder that licence up to the annual licensing meeting, when his application was adjourned in consequence of my serving him with a notice of opposition—I had had him identified by an officer who knew him—the Magistrates heard it through, and directed him to with
<lb/>draw his application for a licence, and the house was closed, and remained closed till May 5—I may have allowed him to continue for a few days—when Mason applied the usual inquiries were made by me—I saw him on the evening of transfer day, May 5, when the licence was confirmed, and said "I have been deceived by Mr. Owen, and he will deceive you, or any one else if he can"—the grant was made under Sec. 14—I spoke to him about Owen; he is in the licence as Owen, not as Turner—on May 16 Owen was charged with being drunk and riotous in the street, and the defendant bailed him out—I said "I am surprised, Mr.Mason, that you should bail that man out, after what I said to you some time since"—he said he would do it for any one in trouble, he did it with the best intention—he was in the name of Henry Owen, barber, of Rotherhithe—Owen was only employed at the King and Queen, where he was the master, and had the licence; he was not a servant there.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He might not bo employed casually without my know
<lb/>ing it—an excellent character was given to Mason; he was nine years in one employment—he is still the holder of the King and Queen; there is no charge against him—Owen's conviction was in 1878, in this Court; he was also convicted at Rotherhithe—his licence was taken away by the Commissioners in consequence of his conviction.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> Owen has also been charged with an assault.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18850202-271-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-271-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-271-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THIRD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Thursday, February</hi> 5
<hi rend="italic">th, and</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Friday, February</hi> 6
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1885.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18850202-272">
<interp inst="t18850202-272" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18850202"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-272" type="date" value="18850202"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18850202-272-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-272-18850202 t18850202-272-offence-1 t18850202-272-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-272-18850202" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-272-18850202" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-272-18850202" type="surname" value="POWNEY"/>
<interp inst="def1-272-18850202" type="given" value="MARY ANN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MARY ANN POWNEY</hi> </persName>,
<rs id="t18850202-272-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18850202-272-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-272-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="perjury"/>Wilful and corrupt perjury at
<placeName id="t18850202-geo-4">
<interp inst="t18850202-geo-4" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18850202-272-offence-1 t18850202-geo-4"/>Hammorsmith Police-court</placeName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GOODRICH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Prosecuted;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WILLES</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Defended.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-180" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-180" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-180" type="surname" value="GUNNER"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-180" type="given" value="JAMES JOSEPH"/>JAMES JOSEPH GUNNER</persName> </hi>. I am Chief Clerk at the Hammersmith Police-court—on 25th September Mrs.Elizabeth Bailey Dollar was charged be
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020041"/>
<p>fore Mr. Paget with by force and fraud taking away a male child, Charles George Dollar, under 13 years old, from the possession of Margaret Powney, his guardian—these are the original depositions—Elizabeth Bailey Dellar, of 118, Elthorne Road, Hornsey, was charged on this war
<lb/>rant, dated 22nd September—she was remanded till 2nd October, and then till 9th October, when she was committed—on 25th September the prisoner, Mary Powney, was examined, and the depositions were taken down by Mr. Halle, the second clerk—on the second occasion I acted as clerk, and took the evidence—on the 9th she was brought up again, and the evidence she had given on 25th September and 2nd October was read to her, and she said "My evidence now read to me is all true," and she signed both depositions—on 9th October she gave further evidence, which was read to her; she signed it—on that day three witnesses. Adelaide Butler, Simmonds, and Saltwell, called for her, were produced to her—Mrs. Dellar was kept in custody for about a fortnight, and on the 9th a woman named Lovelock, who had assisted in taking the child away, was charged, and they were both committed to this Court on a charge of felony. (
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner's deposition was then read. The portions upon which the perjury was assigned were that she had never received anything for taking charge of the child, that she took it and provided for it on her own account, that she was in the habit of writing her own letters, and never got any one else to write letters for her, and that she had expressed no intention of giving the child up, nor said she did not wish to keep it, and that she never told Hunter, or Sim
<lb/>monds, or Saltwell that she received 5s. a week for the keep of the child.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Mr. Paget gave no reason why he remanded Mrs. Dellar in custody—on 2nd October he asked from the niece Lovelock's address, the warrant was not executed against her, and then he asked for her address—Mrs. Dellar consulted her solicitor then, I think—I can't say if she refused to give the address, nor whether that was the reason she was remanded in custody—as far as I remember he said that he would remand her till the other prisoner could be charged with her.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-181" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-181" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-181" type="surname" value="FORBES"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-181" type="given" value="MAYO"/>MAYO FORBES</persName> </hi>. I am a solicitor of 97, Cannon Street—I acted as solicitor to Elizabeth Bailey Dellar and her husbaud—before taking away the child in September she had consulted me as to getting posses
<lb/>sion of the child—I advised her, and as her solicitor wrote various letters to the prisoner with a view of getting the child, and then Mrs. Dellar, assisted by a niece, took the child—I appeared before the Magistrate on 2nd and 9th October, and, acting on Mrs. Dellar's instructions, cross-examined Mrs. Powney—I showed the two letters of November l5th, 1882, and March, 1883, and stated the substance of them; she looked at them—the denial that she wrote the letters, or that she got anybody to write letters for her, is with regard to those two letters, and so the Magistrate refused to allow me to use them—I could not trace them to the prisoner at that time—Mrs. Dellar was committed for trial here—I got bail for her, and in November, before the long vacation ended, applied to Mr. Justice Chitty for a writ of
<hi rend="italic">habeas corpus</hi> to have the child delivered up to my client—that was before the next Session of the Central Criminal Court—Mr. Justice Chitty made the order, and the child was delivered up to us—the Grand Jury throw out the bill against Dellar and Lovelock and I reported the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions—I was acting as Mrs. Dellar's solicitor in April, 1884, when she summoned the prisoner at Clerkenwell for taking away her child in March, 1883—that</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020042"/>
<p>summons was dismissed, as the defendant put up what she considered a claim, but Mr. Hosack said he agreed with the judgment of the Master of the Rolls in the Queen v. Nash which I quoted, that the relations on the mother's side should have the care of a child although illegitimate.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Mr. Hosack said that was the law, but that it was not the point now before him, and the summons was dismissed.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18850202-name-182" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-182" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-182" type="surname" value="STOCKS"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-182" type="given" value="LOUISA"/>LOUISA STOCKS</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Alfred Stocks, of 8, Ladbrook Terrace, Vicars Road, Upper Teddington—I know Mrs. Dellar as coming to Mrs. Powney's at 38, Helmer Street, Kensington—I remember Mrs. Dellar's daughter coming there in November, 1881, going to the hospital for her confinement, and Mrs. Powney having the child after that—I have seen Mrs. Dellar going to Mrs. Powney's since then—I lived at No. 31—I remember Mrs. Powney asking me to write some letters for her, she can write—I wrote this of 15th November, 1882, for her on the day it bears date—she asked me to, and I wrote what she told me, and I signed it for her—she gave as a reason for my doing it that she was busy—I directed it, I did not post it—I wrote this of March, 1883; she asked me to and told me what to say, and I wrote it—I signed her name for her, she was very busy at the time—I have not seen her write, I know she can—I directed it—those are the only two I wrote for her.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The letter of 15th November, 1882, from the prisoner, stated that she must have the child back again, that if Mrs. Dellar could not bring him she would fetch him, and that he must stay for the winter, and in the spring he would better understand going away; that she did not wish to keep him from Mrs. Dellar, but thought it better for him, and that she wanted nothing for keeping him if Mrs. Dellar would find his clothes.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">The letter of March, 1883, stated that the weather was too cold for the child to go to-morrow, but that as soon as it permitted he should come, and contained the passages "You can have him, I don't want to keep him, and you ought to have had him two years back; but... when there is any work to do you are ill, I am very sorry I ever had him.</hi>")</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I was living opposite to Mrs. Powney's when the young girl came there—I knew she came to be confined; I saw Dr. Collinson Morley there, he attended her—I did not hear that the doctor advised her to be taken to the hospital on account of fits she had—I used to take the child out when it came; I can't say when it was vaccinated—I can't say how soon after the child's birth I saw Mr. and Mrs. Dellar—I knew them as Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, I did not know them to speak to—I dare say it was about two months after the birth that I saw them first—I used to go across to the house sometimes—Mrs. Powney took charge of the girl Blake, she has no father or mother and lives with the prisoner—the prisoner nursed the infant from its birth, she was in the house all the time—Sarah Blake would know all about the child, she used to nurse it—Emily Butcher is my sister and used to live in the same house as I did, she used to go across to nurse the child some
<lb/>times—Louisa Priest is a friend of the prisoner and continually in the house.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> They are all friends of the prisoner—Blake is not a relation, but a little orphan girl.</p>
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<persName id="t18850202-name-183" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18850202-name-183" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-183" type="surname" value="DELLAR"/>
<interp inst="t18850202-name-183" type="given" value="ELIZABETH BAILEY"/>ELIZABETH BAILEY DELLAR</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Thomas Bailey Dellar—in 1880 I was living with him at 118, Elthorne Road, Upper Holloway—</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020043"/>
<p>he is a tailor—we then had a daughter, Amelia Jane, unmarried, aged 17—in November, 1880, I was aware she was pregnant, and she and we were desirous that she should leave our house and be confined elsewhere, and we arranged that she should go to the prisoner's house, 34, Helmer Street, Kensington—I had known the prisoner for some years, and my daughter went in November and remained there till 4th December, when she was removed to St. George's Hospital—while at the prisoner's I had visited her on two or three occasions to take her things—we were on friendly terms, I had not ejected her from our house—I was fetched to the hospital by the prisoner, and my husband came in the evening, and that same Saturday evening my daughter was confined of a boy, who was named George Bailey Dellar—I remained at the hospital till about 5 o'clock on Monday evening, when my daughter died—she did not speak to me or the prisoner, she was incapable of doing so while I attended to her—after the child's birth I took charge of it during the Sunday and Monday at the hospital—I think the prisoner was not there—on the Monday evening when my daughter died I, my husband, and the prisoner were at the hospital together—as we left together I asked the prisoner "Will you take charge of the baby for a little while, till I can take it?"—she said she would—afterwards when I went to see her she said that she could not have taken it but that having two little girls with her she could—I handed her the baby on leaving the hospital, she took it to Kensington, and I and my husband went home—before that I bought a feeding-bottle, which I gave to the prisoner, and my husband bought a little brandy for us—I next saw the prisoner about a fortnight afterwards; I then said "Will 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week satisfy you for taking care of the baby?"—she said "Yes"—I saw the baby and paid her half a sovereign I think, and then I paid her every time I went down—I went once a week or once a fort
<lb/>night after that without a break—there was never an interval of three weeks between my visits—during that time I regularly paid the prisoner 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week—if I went after a fortnight I paid her 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—if it went over the fortnight I would pay up on the next Saturday—I always paid either in advance or afterwards, I never failed for a week—that went on for about a year and nine months, and then the prisoner suggested taking 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week off—I did not wish to do so, but I agreed, and paid her after that 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week instead of 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—that continued for about three months, up to the first week in November, 1882, when I fetched the baby home myself from the prisoner's house—she gave it up willingly to me without objection—in addition to the money every week I provided nine frocks, six petticoats, four or five flannel petticoats, four pairs of socks, and six or seven shirts and nightgowns—in fact I provided clothing during those two years, and sent it by the Parcels Delivery Com
<lb/>pany—I proposed to give the clothes, she did not ask me to find them—my husband accompanied me on several visits on Sundays, and sometimes on Saturday evenings he has gone—I have paid the prisoner money in his presence—after I had taken the child to my house I received this letter dated 34, Helmer Street, 15th November, 1882, and this of 15th March, 1883—the child had been well cared for when I took it—it stayed with me about five weeks till a week before Christmas, and then I went to see the prisoner, taking the baby with me; the prisoner then asked permission to keep the baby for a fortnight—I assented, she kept it three weeks, and then in January I and my husband</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020044"/>
<p>fetched it—we went to 34, Helmer Street, and said to the prisoner we had come for the child, and offered her 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. for the three weeks—she said she would not take more than 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—we gave her 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. and came away—I think about the end of January or beginning of February the prisoner came and I went out with her and took the child—I carried it some way and then she carried it some way, and when she got it in her arms she kept it, and would not let me have it—I followed, she got into a tram and she took the child home with her, and said if I would come next day she would let me have it—I went next day, she would not give the child up—I went again on Palm Sunday with my husband—that was before 28th March; it was some time in March—I then got the child, she gave it up willingly and I brought it home—this letter dated March I had got just before Palm Sunday—on 28th March the prisoner came through my niece's shop into the parlour without speaking—I and my husband live with our niece Mrs. Crook at her confectioner's shop; we have rooms behind—when I got into the parlour she was sitting down with the child on her lap—she said she was going to take the child home with her—I said no, I could not spare it, I could not let him go—I went to take him out of her arms, she pushed me back and opened the door in the passage and ran out of the private door at the side which opens into the street—I followed her—when she got a little way she stopped and unpinned her dress and brought out a shawl and hat from underneath her shawl and put them on the child—she got into a tram; I asked a constable to make her give the child up; he would not do it, and I went home again—after that I went several times to her house to ask for the child; she refused to give it up—this letter of 18th January, 1884, was the last I received—the Sunday after that I and my husband went to see the prisoner at Helmer Street; he asked her to put the child's things on and we would take it home—she said she would do no such thing and refused to allow it to go; we did not take it—I had not been paying her money after she stole the child—I communicated with our solicitors, and in consequence of their advice took out a summons at the Clerkenwell Police-court, charging the prisoner with abducting the child from our care—the Magistrate dismissed the summons on the ground that it was not within his jurisdiction to deter
<lb/>mine it—I went afterwards and made repeated claims for the child, she always refused to give it up; sometimes she would not let me see him at all, but shut the door in my face—on the 13th September I went to Helmer Street with my niece Lovelock and took the child up, and my niece drove it to our house in a cab, and I returned by railway—I did did not see the prisoner on that day—on 25th September I was arrested on a warrant and kept in custody for a fortnight till Lovelock was taken up—I refused to give the child up and preferred to remain in custody—the child was given up while I was in prison—I was committed for trial by Mr. Paget and then admitted to bail—my solicitors applied to Mr. Justice Chitty for a writ of
<hi rend="italic">habeas corpus</hi> to bring up the child, and the child was given to me and I have had it ever since—the Grand Jury ignored the bill against me here and I was not called on to take my trial—Mrs. Crook, my other niece and landlady, has been with me to see the prisoner more than once—she has been alone—Caroline Simmons and Adelaide Hunter were lodgers with the prisoner—Mary Ann Salter and Sarah Butler lives opposite the prisoner.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020045"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have known the prisoner for 20 years, I care say, intimately; she is a respectable woman—I don't know much about her, more than she was a neighbour of my husband's father—my husband is a journeyman tailor; he gives me 25
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week, I can't say how much he earns—the prisoner is a widow—I saw her husband once or twice; I don't know if he was a sergeant in the Guards, I don't know what he was—the prisoner was not present at my marriage—I don't know who was the father of my daughter's child; she did not tell me; I made no in
<lb/>quiry—the prisoner came to my place and offered to let my daughter go to her place, and I agreed—I had no other children living at that time, there was only myself, my husband, and daughter; my husband was not particularly angry—he did not threaten to turn her out of doors—it was her wish to go to the prisoner's to be confined, and the prisoner agreed to it—I told her I would pay her whatever she wished—my daughter was there a month and two days—I offered to pay the prisoner and she pushed me out of the door; that was the last time I was down there—I offered to pay her before, and she said it was not money she wanted; whatever she wished I was willing to pay—I offered to pay for the board and lodging many times, and she would never tell me what she wanted—my daughter was attended by a doctor, and it was settled I was to pay him, but he never charged anything, because she went to the hospital—the prisoner has never mentioned that she paid it; I have not inquired if she did; she would have told me if she had—the prisoner took a cab for my daughter to go to the hospital; I gave my husband a half-sovereign to pay the prisoner for that cab; I wanted to pay her the same evening, and she would not have it—the arrangement that I was to pay 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. to her for talking the child was after I went down to Helmer Street—no arrange
<lb/>ment was come to at the hospital; I only said "If you take the child till I can take it, I will pay you whatever you ask," and I said, when going to the railway, "Shall I pay you anything to-night?" and she said "Don't give me anything"—I could not take the child, because I was not at all well at the time; I was unable to do anything for a long time, and we wanted to remove too; I could not say exactly when we removed—my husband registered the child's name—the prisoner said she had it christened in the name of Thomas George—my husband gave the prisoner the paper to have it vaccinated, and she said she had taken it to the public vaccinator, and did not pay anything—the arrangement of 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week was made a fortnight after she had the child, and remained till I had it home—I should have had it home before, but she made excuses till it had got another tooth through—the child first came to my place the first week in November, 1882, when it was getting on for two years old—it was not then intended that the child was only to go home for a visit of a week—I took part of the child's clothing and things—I found all the clothes myself—I did not see the child wearing any clothes which I had not provided, ex
<lb/>cept a little bit of lace which the prisoner had put on—Mrs. Ashford was not friends with the prisoner at that time—the prisoner wanted to claim the child; she alleged that my daughter had asked her to look after it—my daughter did no such thing—the prisoner did not tell me this till after she stole the child, in March, 1883—she did not say my daughter had told other people that she wanted the prisoner to have the child—the child came to me in November, 1882, and stayed till a week before Christmas,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="188502020046"/>
<p>then I took it back to tho prisoner—I next had it at Holloway a fortnight after Christmas, 1883, for a week and a day, then the prisoner took it away out of my arms—I asked her to give it up, and visited her regularly, but took no legal steps till March, 1884, and then I consulted my solicitor—she took the child away twice before March, 1883—I paid nothing after I paid the 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. down in January, 1883, when I claimed the child—prisoner kept it from January, 1883, to November, 1884, for nothing—I provided clothes, boots and socks, and other things—I went to the house continually—I didnot take tea with the prisoner after she stole it—I accepted no hos
<lb/>pitality in her house—we were not so friendly after 1883 as before—I did not once send out for something stronger than tea—the summons I took out in April, 1884, was dismissed, and the prisoner took the child back again—after that I went inside the prisoner's house and asked for the child—I am positive I did not see her then on friendly terms, and take tea with her; I never had anything there; neither I nor my husband had any
<lb/>thing in her company anywhere—I took no legal steps from March to September, 1884, when I went with my niece to Kensington—I was ar
<lb/>rested for stealing the child—I don't think I was asked before Mr. Paget to give my niece's address.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> After I tried to get the child back, and could not, I paid no more money for its keep—after the failure of the summons I acted under my solicitor's advice, and carried off the child—my niece who was taken into custody is about 31 years old—I asked her to assist me.</p>
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