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<p>Sessions Paper.</p>
<persName id="t18760918-name-1">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-1" type="surname" value="BUCKLER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-1" type="given" value="ALEXANDER"/>ALEXANDER BUCKLER</persName>,</p>
<p>Short-hand Writers to the Court,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180002"/>
<p>On the Queen's Commission of</p>
<p>The City of London,</p>
<p>OF THE</p>
<p>Held on Monday, September 18th, 1876, and following days,</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">BEFORE THE RIGHT HON</hi>.
<hi rend="largeCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-2" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-2" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-2" type="surname" value="COTTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-2" type="given" value="WILLIAM JAMES RICHMOND"/>WILLIAM JAMES RICHMOND COTTON</persName> </hi>, M.P.,
<hi rend="largeCaps">LORD MAYOR</hi> of the City of London; The Hon. Sir
<hi rend="smallCaps">WILLIAM VENTRIS FIELD</hi>, Knt., one of the Justices of Her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench; The Hon. Sir
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-3" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-3" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-3" type="surname" value="LINDLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-3" type="given" value="NATHANIEL"/>NATHANIEL LINDLEY</persName> </hi>, Knt., one of the Justices of Her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas;
<hi rend="smallCaps">THOMAS QUESTED FINNIS</hi>, Esq.,
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-4" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-4" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-4" type="surname" value="LAWRENCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-4" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM LAWRENCE</persName> </hi>, Esq., Sir
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-5" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-5" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-5" type="surname" value="DAKIN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-5" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS DAKIN</persName> </hi>, Knt., and Sir
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-6" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-6" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-6" type="surname" value="LUSK"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-6" type="given" value="ANDREW"/>ANDREW LUSK</persName> </hi>, Bart., M.P., Aldermen of the said City; The Right Hon.
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-7" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-7" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-7" type="surname" value="GURNEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-7" type="given" value="RUSSELL"/>RUSSELL GURNEY</persName> </hi>, Q.C., M.P., Recorder of the said City;
<hi rend="smallCaps">JOHN WHITTAKER ELLIS</hi>, Esq., and
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-8" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-8" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-8" type="surname" value="HADLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-8" type="given" value="SIMEON CHARLES"/>SIMEON CHARLES HADLEY</persName> </hi>, Esq., others of the Aldermen of the said City; and Sir
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-9" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-9" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-9" type="surname" value="CHAMBERS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-9" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS CHAMBERS</persName> </hi>, Knt., Q.C., M.P., Common Ser
<lb/>jeant of the said City; Her Majesty's Justices of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery of Newgate, holden for the said City, and Judges of the Central Criminal Court.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-10" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-10" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-10" type="surname" value="KNIGHT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-10" type="given" value="HENRY EDMUND"/>HENRY EDMUND KNIGHT</persName> </hi>, Esq., Alderman.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">EDGAR BREFFIT</hi>, Esq.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Sheriffs.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-11" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-11" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-11" type="surname" value="BAYLIS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-11" type="given" value="EDGAR ALEXANDER"/>EDGAR ALEXANDER BAYLIS</persName> </hi>, Esq.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">HENRY HOMEWOOD CRAWFORD</hi>, Esq.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Under-Sheriffs.</hi> </p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180003"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">COTTON, MAYOR. ELEVENTH SESSION</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">A star</hi> (*)
<hi rend="italic">denotes that prisoners have been previously in custody—two stars</hi> (**)
<hi rend="italic">that they have been more than once in custody—an obelisk</hi> (†)
<hi rend="italic">that they are known to be the associates of bad characters—the figures after the name in the indictment denote the prisoner's age.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">LONDON AND MIDDLESEX CASES</hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, September</hi> 18
<hi rend="italic">th.</hi> 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Recorder.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">The following prisoners</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>:</p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-382">
<interp inst="t18760918-382" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-382" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-382-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-382-18760918 t18760918-382-offence-1 t18760918-382-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-382-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-382-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-382-18760918" type="age" value="60"/>
<interp inst="def1-382-18760918" type="surname" value="GRAYSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-382-18760918" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES GRAYSON</hi> (60)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-382-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-382-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-382-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="libel"/>, to unlawfully publishing a libel upon
<persName id="t18760918-name-13" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-13" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-13" type="surname" value="LEVY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-13" type="given" value="EDWARD LAURENCE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-382-offence-1 t18760918-name-13"/>Edward Laurence Levy</persName> </rs>
<rs id="t18760918-382-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-382-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-382-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-382-punishment-1" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-382-punishment-1" type="punishmentCategory" value="miscPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-382-punishment-1" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sureties"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-382-18760918 t18760918-382-punishment-1"/>
<hi rend="italic">To enter into his own recognisance in</hi> 100
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">to appear and receive judgment when called upon.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-383">
<interp inst="t18760918-383" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-383" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-383-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-383-18760918 t18760918-383-offence-1 t18760918-383-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-383-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-383-18760918 t18760918-383-offence-2 t18760918-383-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-383-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-383-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-383-18760918" type="age" value="42"/>
<interp inst="def1-383-18760918" type="surname" value="DAWKINS"/>
<interp inst="def1-383-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM DAWKINS</hi> (42)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-383-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-383-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-383-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/>, to stealing whilst employed under the Post Office two post letters, containing bills of exchange;</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-383-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-383-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-383-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>also to forging and uttering' endorsements to the said bills</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-383-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-383-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-383-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-383-punishment-2" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-383-punishment-2" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-383-punishment-2" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-383-18760918 t18760918-383-punishment-2"/>
<hi rend="italic">Eight Years' Penal Servitude.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-384">
<interp inst="t18760918-384" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-384" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-384-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-384-18760918 t18760918-384-offence-1 t18760918-384-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-384-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-384-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-384-18760918" type="age" value="56"/>
<interp inst="def1-384-18760918" type="surname" value="GUAZZARONI"/>
<interp inst="def1-384-18760918" type="given" value="ALEXANDER"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ALEXANDER GUAZZARONI</hi> (56)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-384-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-384-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-384-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/>, to. stealing a quantity of letters, the property of
<persName id="t18760918-name-16" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-16" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-384-offence-1 t18760918-name-16"/>the Postmaster-General</persName>*</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-384-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-384-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-384-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-384-punishment-3" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-384-punishment-3" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-384-punishment-3" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-384-18760918 t18760918-384-punishment-3"/>
<hi rend="italic">Eighteen Months' Im
<lb/>prisonment.</hi> </rs> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-385">
<interp inst="t18760918-385" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-385" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-385-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-385-18760918 t18760918-385-offence-1 t18760918-385-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-385-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-385-18760918 t18760918-385-offence-2 t18760918-385-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-385-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-385-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-385-18760918" type="age" value="28"/>
<interp inst="def1-385-18760918" type="surname" value="WHITAKER"/>
<interp inst="def1-385-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM WHITAKER</hi> (28)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-385-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-385-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-385-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, to feloniously forg
<lb/>ing and uttering a bill of exchange for 250
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.,</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-385-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-385-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-385-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/>also to stealing 250
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. of
<persName id="t18760918-name-18" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-18" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-18" type="surname" value="NUTT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-18" type="given" value="JAMES TEED"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-385-offence-2 t18760918-name-18"/>James. Teed Nutt</persName> and another, his masters—</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-385-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-385-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-385-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-385-punishment-4" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-385-punishment-4" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-385-punishment-4" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-385-18760918 t18760918-385-punishment-4"/>
<hi rend="italic">Five Years' Penal Servitude.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-386">
<interp inst="t18760918-386" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-386-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-386-18760918 t18760918-386-offence-1 t18760918-386-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-386-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-386-18760918 t18760918-386-offence-2 t18760918-386-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-386-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-386-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-386-18760918" type="age" value="34"/>
<interp inst="def1-386-18760918" type="surname" value="HOPKINS"/>
<interp inst="def1-386-18760918" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS HOPKINS</hi> (34)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def2-386-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-386-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-386-18760918" type="age" value="34"/>
<interp inst="def2-386-18760918" type="surname" value="STROUD"/>
<interp inst="def2-386-18760918" type="given" value="STEPHEN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">STEPHEN STROUD</hi> (34)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-386-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-386-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/>, stealing a dead fish of
<persName id="t18760918-name-21" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-21" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-21" type="surname" value="BENJAMIN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-21" type="given" value="MOSS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-386-offence-1 t18760918-name-21"/>Moss Benjamin</persName> and others, their masters.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. F.H. LEWIS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. STRAIGHT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">appeared for Hopkins, and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WARNER SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">for Stroud.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-22" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-22" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-22" type="surname" value="OSBORN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-22" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM OSBORN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi> 711). On 13th July, I was in company with Kenniston, another officer, watching the prosecutors' premises—about 1.15 I saw Hopkins standing at Mr. Benjamin's shop door—Stroud went up and spoke to him—they both went into the warehouse for about two or three minutes, when Hopkins returned to the door alone, he looked up and down the street, then turned round sideways and Stroud passed him, and came out with a salmon in his right hand; he was carrying it by the head, openly exposed—Hopkins looked after him as he went up the street, and then looked up and down—Stroud crossed the street, bought a mat basket and put the salmon in—he was at that time followed by Kenniston, I was in front—Stroud came towards me and passed me, I went after him and stopped him—I said "Where did you get this salmon from"—he said "Harry Marshall, Stevenson's"—I said "Where?"—he said "Down here"—pointing in the direction from whence he had come—I said "Mr. Steven-son has no premises there, and Harry Marshall has no power to give you salmon"—he said "Come down here"—I said "No, you will go to the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180004"/>
<p>police-station"—he then said "Well, I got it from
<hi rend="italic">Tom</hi> Hopkins"—I took him to Seething Lane Station, and then fetched Mr. Benjamin who said to him "You have been into my warehouse, I am told"—he said "Yes, sir"—Mr. Benjamin said "You brought that salmon out"—he said "Yes, sir"—he said "How did you get it"—he said "
<hi rend="italic">Tom</hi> gave it to me"—I accompanied Mr. Benjamin to the warehouse, and there saw Hopkins—Mr. Benjamin said to him "When did you see Pegg's man last"—(Stroud is foreman to Pegg)—he said "Five or six hours ago"—I said "That is wrong
<hi rend="italic">Tom</hi>, for you let him out here, about a quarter of an hour ago, and he had a salmon"—he said "Oh, he came here to see
<hi rend="italic">Dick"</hi>—something occurred outside then, and from what Mr. Benjamin said I left the warehouse, and I returned in about quarter of an hour, I said "
<hi rend="italic">Tom</hi>, Stroud is in custody for stealing a salmon, and I am going to take you into custody for being concerned with him; he says he had the salmon from you"—Hopkins said "All right, let me have a wash"—I then handed him over to another officer, he was taken to the station, the charge was read over to him—he said he knew nothing about it—the salmon weighed 12 3/4 lbs.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. STRAIGHT</hi>. I was about 30 yards from the door when I saw Hopkins come and stand at it; I was moving to and fro, it is a large warehouse, not a shop for the display of fish; there is only one entrance to the warehouse, there is a side door leading upstairs to the office—a person called
<hi rend="italic">Dick</hi> is employed there by Mr. Harris.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>. Stroud knew me perfectly well, and knew I was a detective—I found some money in his pocket; I don't know how much, Mr. Pegg said it was his, and it was given up to him with. Stroud's consent—I have known the prisoners about six years—I was employed by Mr. Benjamin to watch this warehouse door—Mr. Pegg gives Stroud a good character—his present employer is Mr. Dearsley, a son of Mr. Dearsley, of the Court of Common Council, who was bail for him—I don't consider that he answered me readily or straightforward; I asked him three times where he got the salmon, before he answered me, and he first said Marshall gave it him, and then Hopkins.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-23" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-23" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-23" type="surname" value="MARSHALL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-23" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY MARSHALL</persName> </hi>. I am head salmon warehouseman, to Mr. George Stevenson, of Billingsgate—I did not on 13th July directly or indirectly authorise Stroud to get for me, or on my account or credit, a salmon from Messrs. Myers & Co.—he did not speak to me about it—I never gave him any salmon, or any order for it—I did not see him that morning, I was at home.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>. I have known him a good many years—he used to work under me a few years ago—I have not been in the habit of sending to Moss Benjamin's for salmon on my own account—I have not on previous occasions sent there for salmon to give to Stroud—I said at the police-court that I gave him one three years ago—I did not say "I have got salmon from Myers and others to give to Stroud and paid for them"—I said "My master would—not always sell me a single salmon, except at the retail shop"—Stroud had not been assisting me shortly before this, I might have seen him a day or two before—I have asked Mr. Benjamin to let me have three or four salmon, and paid for them before I took them away; perhaps I have done so once or twice a year—I don't believe I sent to him for a salmon on 8th July last, I can't remember, but I am pretty well sure I did not—Mr. Benjamin always refuses to let you have it unless you pay the money first.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180005"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-24" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-24" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-24" type="surname" value="BENJAMIN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-24" type="given" value="MOSS"/>MOSS BENJAMIN</persName> </hi>. I am a fish factor at 80, Lower Thames Street—Hop
<lb/>kins has been in our employ about tea years, his wages were 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. a week—Osborn made a communication to me and I went back to Hopkins—there is a person calling himself
<hi rend="italic">Dick</hi> employed by Mr. Harris, a salesman, who has part of my warehouse—it is a very large warehouse, the entrance is nearly as large the Jury box; Mr. Harris does not sell salmon.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. STRAIGHT</hi>. Mr. Harris has the back part of the warehouse, he uses it for empty packages—Hopkins was my foreman, there would be two other men in the warehouse with him; they were not there at that time—I superintend the business myself—most of the fish had come in that morning, some of the salmon comes in boxes and some we buy from other salesmen—a record is kept of what is bought—the boxes contain so many, the number is not marked outside, there are invoices telling us how many there are.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>. I have known Stroud some time and believed him to be a respectable man—some two years ago Mr. Marshall was in the habit of getting small quantities of fish at our place; he had to obtain my express permission—when he did have it, it was weighed and booked to him—if he had sent for it unknown to me I should not have allowed it—he sent for a salmon on the Saturday previous to this, and I refused t, let him have it; his son came for it—I can't say whether Hopkins was on the premises at that time—we only buy and consign wholesale, we very seldom sell a single salmon—Stroud was very frequently in the habit of coming to our warehouse, when he had to carry fish, or when he came to
<hi rend="italic">Dick;</hi> there was nothing unusual in his coming.</p>
<hi rend="italic">By</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE JURY</hi>. I should not have been able to miss the salmon—we have invoices with them, but we send them away again on commission—we are always a lot short.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Stroud received an excellent character.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HOPKINS</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-386-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-386-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-386-punishment-5" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-386-punishment-5" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386-punishment-5" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-386-18760918 t18760918-386-punishment-5"/>Six Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">STROUD</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-386-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-386-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-386-punishment-6" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-386-punishment-6" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-386-punishment-6" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-386-18760918 t18760918-386-punishment-6"/>Four Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-387">
<interp inst="t18760918-387" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-387" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-387-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-387-18760918 t18760918-387-offence-1 t18760918-387-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-387-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-387-18760918 t18760918-387-offence-1 t18760918-387-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-387-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-387-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-387-18760918" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def1-387-18760918" type="surname" value="ANDERSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-387-18760918" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS ANDERSON</hi> (22)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def2-387-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-387-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-387-18760918" type="age" value="44"/>
<interp inst="def2-387-18760918" type="surname" value="MACK"/>
<interp inst="def2-387-18760918" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN MACK</hi> (44)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-387-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-387-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-387-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/>, Stealing three pairs of braces of
<persName id="t18760918-name-27" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-27" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-387-offence-1 t18760918-name-27"/>the General Steam Navigation Company</persName> in a vessel on the
<placeName id="t18760918-geo-1">
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-387-offence-1 t18760918-geo-1"/>Thames</placeName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ANDERSON</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-387-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-387-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-387-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-28" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-28" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-28" type="surname" value="PAT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-28" type="given" value="JOHN WILLIAM"/>JOHN WILLIAM PAT</persName> </hi>. I am mate on board the Libra, a vessel belonging to the General Steam Navigation Company, she was lying by Irongate Wharf in the Thames—on 12th August I saw Anderson come from the hold of the ship, he had something with him—in consequence of that I followed him to Tower Hill—I there saw the two prisoners walking together, convers
<lb/>ing for about two minutes—Anderson then went back to the ship and Mack went over the hill—I saw something pass from Anderson to Mack which appeared to me to be braces; Mack placed it in his left hand coat pocket—I followed Mack to the George public-house in Prescott Street—I asked him what he had concealed in his breast—he said "Nothing"—I put my hand towards his pocket and he then pulled out these three pair of braces—I took him to the station—afterwards, on getting to Scotland, I examined the cargo and found a case of braces consigned to Mr. Nicholson, of Glasgow, and there were three empty boxes and one with one pair of braces in it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-29" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-29" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-29" type="surname" value="SUTTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-29" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE SUTTON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman II</hi> 147). I was present when Mack was</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180006"/>
<p>charged at the station—he said that he was sitting down on Tower Hill and Anderson came along and pitched the braces into his lap, at the same time he did not know where he got them from.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MACK</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-387-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-387-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-387-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-387-punishment-7" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-387-punishment-7" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-387-punishment-7" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-387-18760918 t18760918-387-punishment-7"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-387-18760918 t18760918-387-punishment-7"/>Four Months' Imprisonment each</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-388">
<interp inst="t18760918-388" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-388" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-388-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-388-18760918 t18760918-388-offence-1 t18760918-388-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-388-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-388-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-388-18760918" type="age" value="58"/>
<interp inst="def1-388-18760918" type="surname" value="GARCIA"/>
<interp inst="def1-388-18760918" type="given" value="SOLOMON"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SOLOMON GARCIA</hi> (58)</persName>, was indicted
<rs id="t18760918-388-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-388-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-388-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="libel"/>for unlawfully publishing a libel upon
<persName id="t18760918-name-31" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-31" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-31" type="surname" value="HAGGER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-31" type="given" value="ELLEN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-388-offence-1 t18760918-name-31"/>Ellen Hagger. The</persName> prisoner pleaded justification, to which there was a replication.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. C. MATHEWS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. MONTAGU WILLIAMS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-32" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-32" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-32" type="surname" value="WRIGHT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-32" type="given" value="GEORGE JAMES"/>GEORGE JAMES WRIGHT</persName> </hi>. I am a boot and shoemaker of 286, Hackney Road—I have known Mrs. Hagger and her husband for ten years—about two or three months back they came to lodge with me—at that time they had the Green Man public-house in Price's Street, Blackfriars—on 22nd June I received this letter dated 20th June, I cannot swear to the writing.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-33" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-33" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-33" type="surname" value="HAGGER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-33" type="given" value="ELLEN"/>ELLEN HAGGER</persName> </hi>. I know the prisoner's writing, I have seen him write—the signature to that letter is his writing, the body of it is also his—the signature to this other document is also his.
<hi rend="italic">The letter (which was the alleged libel) was read as follows:</hi> "Dear sir,—My wife informs me that she called on you respecting the disreputable things who has taken your apart
<lb/>ments. As a married man and have been so to that lady whom you saw for thirty-three years, I feel disgusted to confess that she has not told you a hundredth part of her infamy; with respect to the document her man showed you. I pronounce it a forgery, so well she knows—should you desire to have proof I will pay all your expenses and take you to certain houses where she has committed herself. They were compelled to leave their den of infamy called the Green Man, Price's Street, Blackfriars, in consequence of giving barmen false characters, the truth of which you can ascertain by reading Tuesday's paper, where you will find one convicted and sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment. They were likewise turned from a house in Brick Lane, in consequence of her disgraceful conduct, the truth of which you can ascertain from inquiries in the neighbourhood. Dear sir, should they continue in your house your place would be a scene of riot every day. Yours respectfully, S. Garcia. P.S.—A fellow living with them is a married man who has deserted his wife and lives by defrauding the public") (
<hi rend="italic">The document referred to in the letter was signed S. Garcia, and was a withdrawal of all imputations upon the character of the prosecutrix and an undertaking not to molest her in future.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-34" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-34" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-34" type="surname" value="WRIGHT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-34" type="given" value="GEORGE JAMES"/>GEORGE JAMES WRIGHT</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">continued</hi>). I took that letter to refer to Mr. and Mrs. Hagger—shortly before I received it Mrs. Garcia had called upon me—I had some conversation with her several times, I believe she came three times, and on each occasion I had some conversation with her—the Haggers were lodging with me at that time at 152, Bethnal Green Road—since the taking out of the summons I saw the prisoner once or twice; I have not had much conversation with him—after the summons was issued he called to see me—I told him I thought it was rather foolish to have sent a letter to me, especially putting his signature to it, he might have sent it without the signature, and it would have had a better effect—I did not show the letter to him at that time—his reply was that he did not think he had put anything in it to criminate himself in any shape or form, he could satisfy me that what he put in the letter was quite true.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I know a man named Lamb, he was called as a witness</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180007"/>
<p>for the prosecution at the police-court—I did not take him as a lodger, he has stayed there with the Haggers—I believe I saw something in the paper last week, something referring to his being in custody for swindling—I do not know Hodges, I never saw him there—the Haggers occupied three rooms on the first floor—I don't think I was present at any disturbance while they were there—they left because they took a beer-house—they had only been in my house a few days; they were weekly tenants—they went from me to the Nursery Arms in the Ford Road—I should have given them notice to quit if I had been satisfied they were the persons described in the letter.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-35" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-35" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-35" type="surname" value="HAGGER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-35" type="given" value="ELLEN"/>ELLEN HAGGER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). In June I was living with my husband and family at 152, Bethnal Green Road, in the house kept by Mr. Wright—my husband is a publican, but in June he was out of business; prior to that he bad kept the Green Man, in Price's Street, Blackfriars Road, I lived there with him—he sold that business and we then moved to 152, Bethnal Green Road—I have known the prisoner five years—he was in the habit of coming to the Green Man—in October last year he assaulted me and I obtained a summons against him and he was bound over; he had been summoned before that, more than once, he was continually creating a disturbance, and in October he signed this document—the Green Man was never a den of infamy to my knowledge—I have never given barmenfalse characters—we were never turned out of a house in Brick Lane in consequence of my disgraceful conduct—we did keep the Turk and Slave in Brick Lane, we sold that honse—there are not, to my knowledge, houses to which the defendant could take anyone where I had committed myself—I was present when Mr. Wright handed the letter to my husband.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I never gave barmen a character, nor has my hus
<lb/>band more than once—my husband is here, he was not examined before the Magistrate—I dont know a barman named Croft—my husband was proprie
<lb/>tor and landlord of the Green Man; the licence was not in his name, it was in Mr. Holmes—my husband was the landlord, he paid the rent and taxes and gas—we had a house called the Prince Albert in Cooper's Row—I know Bell the officer, he has not been called over and over again to the Green man on account of the disgraceful scenes going on there—I took part in the business there, if there were any disturbance and my husband could not quiet it, he always sent for a constable—it was not a notoriously bad house—Lamb did not live with us at Mr. Wright's, he—slept there one or two nights—he was called as a witness for us before the Magistrate—I can't say where he is, he may be in custody, I don't know, I have heard of it—he was not in our employment at that time, he was with us at the Green Man and he did not go away directly we left, he had not exactly left us when we were before the Magistrate—I saw him last Friday at our house, he slept there on Thursday—I heard that he was taken in custody on the Friday—I first knew the prisoner at the Prince Albert, he has lent my husband money and he has lent him money, and I have paid it back at times.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-36" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-36" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-36" type="surname" value="HAGGER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-36" type="given" value="AUTHUR WILLIAM"/>AUTHUR WILLIAM HAGGER</persName> </hi>. I lived with my wife at 152, Bethnal Green Road, in June last as tenant to Mr. Wright—he handed me this letter, the document alluded to in the letter was written by Mr. Lewis and the prisoner signed it—I was in the office at the time it was written—I had not shown it to Mr. Wright before he showed me the letter—it was placed in the cash-box with our business papers—I have had several public-houses—the first licenced house I had the management of was the Prince Albert in Cooper's</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180008"/>
<p>Row, I have had many beer-houses previously—I was the paid manager of the Prince Albert, I was accountable for all goods received and sold—Mr. Estall of the Artillery Brewery was the owner—after that I took the Turk and Slave, in Brick Lane, it is now called the Jolly Butchers—it was a fully licenced house, I had the management of it, I was the proprietor, the licence was in my own name—from the Turk and Slave I went to the Green Man, a licenced house, I rented the premises of Mr. Holmes, he had the licence—I paid 30
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week, or 75
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. a year, rent—I afterwards took the Nursery Arms, Old Ford—that licence is not yet transferred, it is virtually mine until the transfer day—I have never shown this document which the prisoner calls a forgery, to Mr. Wright—I was not compelled to leave the Green Man in consequence of giving a false character to barmen—the Green Man was not a den of infamy during the time I was there—I was not turned from a house in Brick Lane in consequence of my wife's disgraceful conduct—I am told Lamb is in custody, he was in my employ at the Green Man, he left my employ a day or two after I left it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have not been to see him since he has been in custody, I saw him last Thursday night—I do not know what he was taken for—I believe he was a witness before the Magistrate, I was not, I was there, but was not called—I have borrowed money of the prisoner and he of me, 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. at a time, he has not paid me the last 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., that was for money lent last Derby Day—I don't owe him money—I know Monger, the detective, he was a neighbour of mine—I am not aware of his having been sent for on account of misconduct at the Turk and Slave, or of Bell being sent for to the Green Man in consequence of the disgraceful way in which it was conducted—all my houses have been conducted respectably as far as my abilities went—I was fined 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. at the Turk and Slave; it was a birthday party that my wife gave and we were getting the customers out as quickly as we could; I had an enemy in the neighbourhood and he brought a mob and I got fined by Mr. Hannay or Mr. Bushby for having people in the house after hours.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> Mr. Monger was a customer of ours, in fact we looked on him more as a friend than anything else—I don't know Bell—to my know
<lb/>ledge neither of them have been called in to quell any disturbances in my houses.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witness for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-37" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-37" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-37" type="surname" value="BELL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-37" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT BELL</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Sergeant M</hi>). I know Mr. Hagger, I knew him when be kept the Green Man—I have had my attention called to the house a number of times; it was conducted in a very disgraceful manner, it was used by a number of coiners and utterers of base coin, several of them have been transported from this Court—the man Lamb has been arrested for obtaining goods by false pretences, and Hagger was concerned with him in obtaining a case of cigars.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I knew nothing of this case till I came here this morn
<lb/>ing—I have visited the house on many occasions—I have not called Hag-ger's attention to it—it was a thoroughly misconducted house.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">A.W. HAGGER</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I now keep the Nursery Arms beer-house—I do not carry on any other business—this card (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) has not my name, it is spelt "Agger"—the address, 152, Bethnal Green Road, is my address; it is a mistake of the printer's—I am not a dealer in works of art—when I am out of business if I see anything I can make a shilling by I may do it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-388-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-388-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-388-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-388-punishment-8" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-388-punishment-8" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-388-punishment-8" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-388-18760918 t18760918-388-punishment-8"/>Six Months' Imprisonment</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-388-punishment-9" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-388-punishment-9" type="punishmentCategory" value="miscPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-388-punishment-9" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sureties"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-388-18760918 t18760918-388-punishment-9"/>and to find sureties for Twelve Months.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-389">
<interp inst="t18760918-389" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-389" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-389-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-389-18760918 t18760918-389-offence-1 t18760918-389-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180009"/>
<persName id="def1-389-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-389-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-389-18760918" type="age" value="26"/>
<interp inst="def1-389-18760918" type="surname" value="DYSART"/>
<interp inst="def1-389-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE DENMAN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE DENMAN DYSART</hi> (26)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-389-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-389-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-389-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/>, Stealing a watch, a ring, a pendant, and chain, and other articles, of
<persName id="t18760918-name-39" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-39" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-39" type="surname" value="WALTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-39" type="given" value="CHRISTOPHER"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-389-offence-1 t18760918-name-39"/>Christopher Walton</persName>, his master. </rs>He
<rs id="t18760918-389-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-389-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-389-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedPartGuilty"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi> to stealing all but the chain, watch, and pendant.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-40" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-40" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-40" type="surname" value="AVORY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-40" type="given" value="HORACE"/>MR. HORACE AVORY</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-41" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-41" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-41" type="surname" value="WALTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-41" type="given" value="CHRISTOPHER"/>CHRISTOPHER WALTON</persName> </hi>. I am a jeweller and goldsmith, of Ludgate Hill—on 24th July the prisoner was in my employment as literary copying clerk nothing to do with the business—to go to the room where he was employed he had to go by the end of the shop and if nobody was there he could run behind the counter and come out again—I kept articles of jewellery left for repair in a box, which Mr. Fisk missed—I do not know the whole of the contents.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-42" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-42" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-42" type="surname" value="FISK"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-42" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM FISK</persName> </hi>. I am manager to Mr. Walton—on 24th July, about 5.45, I saw this box of jewellery safe—the prisoner passed through the shop a quarter of an hour afterwards and I missed it the same evening—he could reach the box as he passed through the lobby—I know nearly all the con
<lb/>tents, there was a gold watch, the number of which I know, and there was also an amethyst pendant with the other articles—the watch and pendant have not been found.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> A boy was discharged for dishonesty, I do not know how many days previously—you gave Mr. Walton a list of the things you had taken——I had not missed some of them.</p>
<hi rend="italic">By</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE COURT</hi>. I cannot tell you when I last saw the watch and pendant safe in the box, goods were taken in and out every day and delivered to people who came for them—the prisoner left on 24th July; I cannot say. whether I had seen the watch and pendant safe five days or ten days before that.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I should have missed the watch if it had been absent and I did not miss it, I had certainly seen it within a fortnight—some of the articles had been there thirty years—I found the box next morning in the back cellar—the prisoner went upstairs in a minute or two, came down, and said "Can I post a letter, sir?"—I said "If it is for Mr. Walton"—he said "No, for myself"—I said "Certainly," and he never returned; that was three minutes after be came down—he could empty the contents into his pocket and throw the box into the back cellar.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-43" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-43" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-43" type="surname" value="POTTS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-43" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM POTTS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 497). I met the prisoner on 2nd August, and asked him if his name was George Denman Dysart, he said "No"—I told him I was a detective officer and should take him in charge for robbing his employer, Mr. Walton, of Ludgate Hill—he asked if I had got a list of the property stolen, I said "Yes," and showed him the list, and he made a tick to those he had taken and a cross to those he did not take, and among the crosses was the watch, the chain, and the pendant—he said that he had not taken them, and if he had a little time he would collect his thoughts together and give the prosecutor every information, and that he should like to see me at Newgate—he asked me to furnish him with a 'list of the books and everything the prosecutor had missed—he said that he had put the articles in his pocket and pawned them, but knew nothing about the watch and chain—the watch and chain being in a case would be of large bulk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-44" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-44" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-44" type="surname" value="WALTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-44" type="given" value="CHRISTOPHER"/>CHRISTOPHER WALTON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). The boy was discharged on 3rd or 4th July—this letter is in the prisoner's writing—I received it from him. (
<hi rend="italic">This stated that he was guilty of stealing the other articles as he often found himself without a dinner, but that he could not give any information about the watch and chain if they were in the box, unless they fell out of his pocket.</hi> </p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180010"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">NOT GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">of stealing the watch, chain and pendant. He was further charged with a previous conviction at Maidstone, in</hi> 1874,
<hi rend="italic">to which he</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-389-punishment-10" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-389-punishment-10" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-389-punishment-10" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-389-18760918 t18760918-389-punishment-10"/>Eighteen Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, September</hi> 18
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-390">
<interp inst="t18760918-390" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-390" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-390-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-390-18760918 t18760918-390-offence-1 t18760918-390-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-390-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-390-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-390-18760918" type="age" value="67"/>
<interp inst="def1-390-18760918" type="surname" value="BLAKE"/>
<interp inst="def1-390-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE BLAKE</hi> (67)</persName>,
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-390-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-390-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-390-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18760918-390-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-390-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-390-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>to unlawfully having counterfeit coin in his possession with intent to utter it, having been pre
<lb/>viously convicted of feloniously uttering and sentenced to seven years' penal servitude—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-390-punishment-11" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-390-punishment-11" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-390-punishment-11" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-390-18760918 t18760918-390-punishment-11"/>Eight Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-391">
<interp inst="t18760918-391" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-391" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-391-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-391-18760918 t18760918-391-offence-1 t18760918-391-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-391-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-391-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-391-18760918" type="age" value="36"/>
<interp inst="def1-391-18760918" type="surname" value="BURT"/>
<interp inst="def1-391-18760918" type="given" value="JOHN UTBER"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN UTBER BURT</hi>(36,)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-391-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-391-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-391-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/> to feloniously forging a bill of exchange for 48
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. with intent to defraud.</rs>
<hi rend="italic">He received a good character—
<rs id="t18760918-391-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-391-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-391-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-391-punishment-12" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-391-punishment-12" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-391-punishment-12" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-391-18760918 t18760918-391-punishment-12"/>Twelve Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-392">
<interp inst="t18760918-392" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-392" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-392-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-392-18760918 t18760918-392-offence-1 t18760918-392-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-392-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-392-18760918 t18760918-392-offence-1 t18760918-392-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-392-charge-3" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-392-18760918 t18760918-392-offence-1 t18760918-392-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-392-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-392-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-392-18760918" type="age" value="16"/>
<interp inst="def1-392-18760918" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="def1-392-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE BROWN</hi> (16)</persName>,
<persName id="def2-392-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-392-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-392-18760918" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def2-392-18760918" type="surname" value="GOFFEE"/>
<interp inst="def2-392-18760918" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSEPH GOFFEE</hi>* (18)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def3-392-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def3-392-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def3-392-18760918" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def3-392-18760918" type="surname" value="JORDAN"/>
<interp inst="def3-392-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM JORDAN</hi>** (18)</persName>,
<rs id="t18760918-392-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-392-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-392-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>to burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18760918-name-50" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-50" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-50" type="surname" value="SKINNER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-50" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-392-offence-1 t18760918-name-50"/>Charles Skinner</persName>, and stealing therein a coat and other articles, his pro
<lb/>perty; Jordan having been before convicted</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-392-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-392-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-392-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<hi rend="italic">Brown and Goffer
<rs id="t18760918-392-punishment-13" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-392-punishment-13" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-392-punishment-13" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-392-18760918 t18760918-392-punishment-13"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-392-18760918 t18760918-392-punishment-13"/>Four Months' Imprisonment each</rs>. Jordon
<rs id="t18760918-392-punishment-14" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-392-punishment-14" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-392-punishment-14" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-392-18760918 t18760918-392-punishment-14"/>Seven Years' Penal Servitude</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-393">
<interp inst="t18760918-393" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-393" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-393-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-393-18760918 t18760918-393-offence-1 t18760918-393-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-393-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-393-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-393-18760918" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def1-393-18760918" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-393-18760918" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS SMITH</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-393-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-393-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-393-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Unlawfully having counterfeit coin in his possession with intent to utter it.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. CRAUFURD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">LLOYD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-52" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-52" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-52" type="surname" value="WORLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-52" type="given" value="CECILIA"/>CECILIA WORLEY</persName> </hi>. My husband keeps the' Crown and Anchor, Cross Street, Islington—on 5th September I served the prisoner with half-pint of stout—he laid a shilling on the counter—I did not like the look of it, and threw it into the farthings, in the till where there was no other silver—I gave him 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and 4 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., he drank the beer and left—as he went out my husband came in—I showed him the shilling, he found it was bad, marked it and laid it on the shelf by itself—it was afterwards given to the policeman—the prisoner came again next day and tendered a good shilling—I said to my husband, "This is the man who gave me the bad shilling yesterday"—the prisoner said that he was not there, but afterwards he said that he was—I reminded him of a conversation we had, and he said "Yes"—I sent for a policeman, and the prisoner tried to escape at the back, but the policeman prevented him—the shilling was handed to the policeman.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-53" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-53" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-53" type="surname" value="CLEGG"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-53" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN CLEGG</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman N</hi> 486). The prisoner was given into my custody; he attempted to escape at the back door, but I prevented him—I found on him at the station four bad florins, separately wrapped in blue paper, but no other money—he at first denied being in the house, but afterwards admitted it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-54" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-54" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-54" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-54" type="given" value="WILLIAM JOHN"/>WILLIAM JOHN WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. These four florins are bad and from the same mould—this shilling is bad.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> The florins were put into my pocket at. the police-station. '</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-393-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-393-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-393-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">He was further charged with having been convicted of felony in September</hi>, 1875,
<hi rend="italic">to which he</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-393-punishment-15" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-393-punishment-15" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-393-punishment-15" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-393-18760918 t18760918-393-punishment-15"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-394">
<interp inst="t18760918-394" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-394" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-394-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-394-18760918 t18760918-394-offence-1 t18760918-394-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-394-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-394-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-394-18760918" type="age" value="68"/>
<interp inst="def1-394-18760918" type="surname" value="GRAY"/>
<interp inst="def1-394-18760918" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY GRAY</hi> (68)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-394-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-394-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-394-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. CRAUFURD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">LLOYD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-56" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-56" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-56" type="surname" value="GAMMAGE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-56" type="given" value="ALICE"/>ALICE GAMMAGE</persName> </hi>. I am barmaid at the Walford Arms, Stoke Newington Road—on September 7th, about 6.30 I served the prisoner with a half-pint of four-half and 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. worth of gin, which came to 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—he put 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. on the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180011"/>
<p>counter, pushed one towards me and said "I thought I had a sixpence"—I took the shilling he pushed towards me, put it in the till and gave him the change—there was only a sixpence and some coppers in the till—he sat down and drank the beer—my brother spoke to me, I took the shilling out of the till, and my brother went after the prisoner—I had taken no shilling in the mean time.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I gave him the change and then he sat down and drank the beer as if there was nothing wrong.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-57" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-57" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-57" type="surname" value="GAMMAGE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-57" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES GAMMAGE</persName> </hi>. I manage the Walford Arms—on 7th September I saw the prisoner leaving the bar—I spoke to my sister, and in consequence of what she said I looked in the till and found a bad shilling and a few coppers, no other silver—I went after the prisoner and found him standing in the street next door—I showed him the shilling and said "Do you know anything about this?" and he said "No, nothing"—I proceeded to take him to the station, and had my left hand on his right arm—he took a coin out of his waistcoat pocket at the corner of Gordon Road and put it into his mouth—I am not sure whether it was a shilling or a florin—I struggled with him and caught him by the throat and tried to get it from him—he fell, I left go of him and some person picked him up—on the way to the station he put another coin in his mouth—I asked him what he was doing, he said "Nothing, there is no occasion to swallow this". putting a good half a crown out between his teeth—I afterwards saw it, and it was good, there was blood on it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> Nearly 6
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. was found on him at the station and every piece was good—he made no resistance—I took him by the throat when he put something to his mouth and tried to press his throat so that he could not swallow, but he did swallow it, because it was not in his mouth when he got up and it was not on the ground—I cannot swear that he did not put the first piece between his teeth to try it—I got him by the throat I did not hold him down on the ground with my other hand—he had one hand in a sling—I did not put my band to his throat when he had the second coin in his mouth—I saw him in the house, there was one person in the bar besides him—I had cleared the till ten minutes before.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> No coin was taken from the time he gave it to the time he went out—I lost my hold of him when he fell but he did not get out of my grasp.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-58" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-58" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-58" type="surname" value="WATKINS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-58" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY WATKINS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman N</hi> 308). On 7th September, I took the prisoner to the Stoke Newington station and asked him if he knew anything of the bad shilling, he said "No"—I found on him five sovereigns, ten shillings, a half-crown, four sixpences, and six pence all good—Gammage put down this shilling and I took it up—the prisoner put this half-crown there was blood on it—his mouth was bleeding but I did not look at his throat—he gave me his name but not his address.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-59" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-59" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-59" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-59" type="given" value="WILLIAM JOHN"/>WILLIAM JOHN WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. This' shilling is bad.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-394-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-394-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-394-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, September</hi> 19
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Recorder.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-395">
<interp inst="t18760918-395" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-395" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-395-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-395-18760918 t18760918-395-offence-1 t18760918-395-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-395-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-395-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-395-18760918" type="age" value="30"/>
<interp inst="def1-395-18760918" type="surname" value="HAWKINS"/>
<interp inst="def1-395-18760918" type="given" value="CATHERINE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CATHERINE HAWKINS</hi> (30)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-395-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-395-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-395-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="wounding"/>, feloniously wounding
<persName id="t18760918-name-61" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-61" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-61" type="surname" value="WILLIS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-61" type="given" value="MARY"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-395-offence-1 t18760918-name-61"/>Mary Willis</persName> with intent to do grievous bodily harm.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-62" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-62" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-62" type="surname" value="WILLIS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-62" type="given" value="MARY"/>MARY WILLIS</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Thomas Willis, and live at 16, Short's</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180012"/>
<p>Gardeus—on Friday, 21st July, about 1.15 a.m., the prisoner said she meant to pay me for tearing her cloak—I said "I did not tear your cloak," and laughed—she said a second time "I mean to pay you"—I said she was not able, and walked away—she said "What do you say?" and immediately stabbed me in the eye with a penknife; I felt a very sharp pain in the eye, and I felt that I was blind directly—I saw the prisoner put her hand in her pocket and take out the penknife; it was open—after striking me, she said "Now take it out of me!"—I held her two hands for nearly ten minutes, till a policeman came up—my eye bled very much—they said at the station it was only a slight cut, but when I wiped my eye, some of the eye-ball came out on my handkerchief—I was taken to the hospital; I have not been able to see out of that eye since, and the other eye is affected—I can't say how long I was in the hospital—I discharged myself on account of my mother being without a home—I went before the Magistrate the morning after I came out of the hospital.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> I did not tear your jacket or cut your nose—about twelve months ago I was sent to a home for a similar offence that you are now charged with—I ran away from the home; I was not there five minutes—my husband begged me not to go in, and I went away on that account—I have not threatened you, or said I would do ten years for you.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-63" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-63" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-63" type="surname" value="HEMSLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-63" type="given" value="FREDERICK JOHN"/>FREDERICK JOHN HEMSLEY</persName> </hi>, M.D. and M.R.C.S. at Kensington. On the morning of 21st July, I was called to Vine Street station, and examined the prosecutrix—I found an incised wound in the eye-ball and a cut over the forehead—the cut across the eye-ball was about one-eighth of an inch in extent—some sharp instrument must have been used, a penknife would do it—the wound has subsequently healed, but the sight has gone—the other eye is suffering from sympathy, but I think it is rather better than when I last saw her"; the danger would be from inflammation.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-64" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-64" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-64" type="surname" value="SHEPPARD"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-64" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES SHEPPARD</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman C</hi>). I was on duty at Vine Street station when the prisoner was brought in—I took the charge against her—after Mr. Hemsley had seen the prosecutrix, I went to the prisoner and said "Hawkins, the doctor says the girl will lose the sight of her eye, and I am going to send her to St. George's Hospital"—she said "I am b——glad to hear it; I hope I shall live to see her stone blind, walking about the streets of London with a dog leading her"—she had had a little drink, but was not drank by any means.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-65" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-65" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-65" type="surname" value="PAGE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-65" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE PAGE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman C</hi> 214). The prisoner was given into my charge by the prosecutrix for striking her in the eye, she was bleeding very much from the eye—the prisoner said she was sorry she did not give her worse.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> She said nothing about a knife at that time—she simply charged you with striking her—no knife was found on her.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> She cut my nose and tore my jacket in the morning. I forgave her that; at night, when I met her, she commenced to quarrel again; she called me names and struck me; I struck her, I admit; I had some flowers in my hand bound round with sticks and wood and wire, but I had nothing else in my hand.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">DR. HEMSLEY</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I do not think this injury could have been done in that way——I think a sharp instrument must have been used, there was a sharp cut in the eye.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-395-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-395-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-395-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>**—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-395-punishment-16" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-395-punishment-16" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-395-punishment-16" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-395-18760918 t18760918-395-punishment-16"/>Five Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-396">
<interp inst="t18760918-396" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-396" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-396-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-396-18760918 t18760918-396-offence-1 t18760918-396-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180013"/>
<persName id="def1-396-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-396-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-396-18760918" type="age" value="35"/>
<interp inst="def1-396-18760918" type="surname" value="POPE"/>
<interp inst="def1-396-18760918" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES POPE</hi> (35)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-396-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-396-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-396-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery with violence on
<persName id="t18760918-name-67" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-67" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-67" type="surname" value="BARLTROP"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-67" type="given" value="AARON"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-396-offence-1 t18760918-name-67"/>Aaron Barltrop</persName>, and stealing 3 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. LILLET</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-68" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-68" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-68" type="surname" value="BARLTROP"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-68" type="given" value="AARON"/>AARON BARLTROP</persName> </hi>. I am a farrier—on 9th August, I lived at Hodden's lodging-house, in Pimlico Road—between 3 and 4 o'clock that afternoon I was taking my tea—the prisoner was lodging there at the time, and was sitting in the kitchen at a table opposite me—he jumped up and began handling me very violently—I thought he was joking at first—he thrust his knuckles into my throat, it caused me very great pain, and made me cry excessively—I said "I never said a word to you"—he seized me by the throat, and kept doing so ten or twenty different times—he then pushed his hand down the side of my trousers, and said he would have my money—he felt some money—he then dragged me by the collar into the back kitchen; he then thrust his hand down again, and pulled the pocket of my trousers out with violence—this is the pocket—he then went into the kitchen, and said "I have got his money, and now I will go and spend it; I believe he has got more, and I will have that"—he gave me the pocket—I took it from him because I was apprehensive of further violence; I went to the station and gave information, and he was taken (into custody—there was 3 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in the pocket—I had a little money in my other pocket, but he did not find that.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-69" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-69" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-69" type="surname" value="WHITE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-69" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH WHITE</persName> </hi>. On 9th August, I was living at Hodden's lodging house—I saw the prisoner catch hold of the prosecutor by the collar of his coat and drag him into the back kitchen—I did not see the money taken; he was not dragged out with violence, he walked (
<hi rend="italic">fat</hi> quietly—the prisoner said "Come in here"—I thought he was larking or I would have tried to stop it—he did not appear to be drunk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-70" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-70" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-70" type="surname" value="STONEMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-70" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN STONEMAN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman BR</hi> 24). I took the prisoner into custody, I told him the charge—he said "All right, don't handle me, I will go quietly"—he had something to drink, but knew what he was about.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> It is decidedly untrue as to my using any violence—
<hi rend="italic">he</hi> is in the habit of going about the streets almost in a state of mania, saying that he has been robbed of hundreds of pounds and gets his living by extorting money from benevolent persons.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-71" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-71" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-71" type="surname" value="BARLTROP"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-71" type="given" value="AARON"/>AARON BARLTROP</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I have been ill a long time from debility of the system; I am entitled to some property and my solicitor advances me money when I want it; I am not able to do any heavy work.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-396-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-396-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-396-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-396-punishment-17" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-396-punishment-17" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-396-punishment-17" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-396-18760918 t18760918-396-punishment-17"/>Two Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-397">
<interp inst="t18760918-397" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-397" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-397-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-397-18760918 t18760918-397-offence-1 t18760918-397-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-397-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-397-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-397-18760918" type="age" value="25"/>
<interp inst="def1-397-18760918" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="def1-397-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE WILLIAMS</hi> (25)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-397-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-397-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-397-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery on
<persName id="t18760918-name-73" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-73" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-73" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-73" type="given" value="THOMAS JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-397-offence-1 t18760918-name-73"/>Thomas James Smith</persName>, and stealing a purse, and 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FRITH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. MONTAGU WILLIAMS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-74" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-74" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-74" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-74" type="given" value="THOMAS JAMES"/>THOMAS JAMES SMITH</persName> </hi>. I am a carman, and live at 1, Queen's Place, Whitechapel—on the night of 13th August, about 11.40 I went into a urinal in High Street, Whitechapel—two men came in, a short man on my left and the prisoner on my right—the other one seized me violently by the throat, and the prisoner took my purse out of my pocket and away they went—I saw the prisoner's features by the light of the lamp that stood in the centre of the place; I am positive he is the man—I gave a description of him to two policemen—on 1st September, I went to the station and picked out the prisoner from a number of others.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180014"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I had never seen the man before to my knowledge—I could not describe the other man; I never saw his features—I distinctly saw the prisoner's.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-75" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-75" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-75" type="surname" value="MARRIOTT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-75" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH MARRIOTT</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective</hi>). In consequence of a description I received from the prosecutor, I arrested the prisoner on 31st August—I charged him with robbing the prosecutor on 13th August—he made no reply at first—when the charge was read over to him he said "I know nothing of it"—he was placed with fourteen others, and the prisoner directly went in and put his hand on his shoulder, and said "That is the man."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-397-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-397-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-397-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-398">
<interp inst="t18760918-398" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-398" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-398-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-398-18760918 t18760918-398-offence-1 t18760918-398-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-398-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-398-18760918 t18760918-398-offence-1 t18760918-398-verdict-2"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-398-charge-3" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-398-18760918 t18760918-398-offence-1 t18760918-398-verdict-2"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-398-charge-4" targOrder="Y" targets="def4-398-18760918 t18760918-398-offence-1 t18760918-398-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-398-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-398-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-398-18760918" type="age" value="17"/>
<interp inst="def1-398-18760918" type="surname" value="DANCE"/>
<interp inst="def1-398-18760918" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSEPH DANCE</hi> (17)</persName>,
<persName id="def2-398-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-398-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-398-18760918" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def2-398-18760918" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="def2-398-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM WILLIAMS</hi> (23)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def3-398-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def3-398-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def3-398-18760918" type="age" value="35"/>
<interp inst="def3-398-18760918" type="surname" value="CHARLES"/>
<interp inst="def3-398-18760918" type="given" value=""/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES BARKER</hi> (35)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-398-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-398-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-398-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/>, Stealing ten pieces of lawn, and 150 yards of lining, of
<persName id="t18760918-name-79" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-79" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-79" type="surname" value="BUMPUS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-79" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-398-offence-1 t18760918-name-79"/>John Bumpus</persName>, the master of Dance.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">DANCE</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-398-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-398-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-398-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. STRAIGHT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FRITH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">appeared, for Williams, and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. WARNER SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">for Barker.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-80" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-80" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-80" type="surname" value="DOWNES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-80" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK DOWNES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). I was engaged with Marony, another officer, to watch the premises of Mr. Bumpus, 13 and 14, Milk Street—on Friday, 18th August, about 1 o'clock, I was in Milk Street, opposite the warehouse—Dance was employed there—I saw Williams and Barker, and a man named Toby waiting at the end of Clements Court, opposite the ware-house—Dance came from No. 13 and 14, and the two prisoners and Toby crossed the road, and they had a conversation together for a minute or two—Dance then went back to the warehouse alone, followed shortly after
<lb/>wards by Toby—Williams and Barker remained outside, in about five minutes Dance came out followed by Toby, who appeared to be very bulky in the chest—they went down Aldermanbury together, till they came to Fountain Court—they simply looked in the direction of Williams and Barker, and passed on—Toby left Dance and went through. Fountain Court along Basinghall Street, and they met again in Milton Street—about half
<lb/>way down Milton Street, Toby turned round, looked in our direction and ran away through a court; I have never seen him since—I followed Dance to his lodging, 6, Lambs Passage, Chiswell Street—he went round White-cross Street, and met us—we went up and searched his room and found some pieces of linen, not any of these pieces of lawn—I took him back to the warehouse, about 2.30 I found Williams and Barker standing in the passage—Barker had got this piece of canvas over his arm—Dance said "Those are the two men I spoke to you about"—Williams said "We don't know you, we have just run in here out of the wet"—it was not raining and had not been for sometime—I took the three prisoners up into the warehouse and waited until Mr. Bumpus came, in half or three quarters of an hour, and Dance said in their presence "I will tell you all about it"—he stated it first in private to me and Mr. Bumpus; I said it reflected upon the other two, and they must come in and hear it, and they did come in and Dance in their presence made this statement to Mr. Bumpus, which I took down. (
<hi rend="italic">Read:</hi> "About a week after coming to you I met these two men, and two men not in custody, in the City Road; they asked me where I was working, I told them that I was working in Milk Street, and that I sometimes had the keys of the place; they said 'You ought to let me have samples of those keys." I said 'Who is
<hi rend="italic">they,"</hi> he pointed to the two prisoners and continued: "I said I don't know about that; they said well, can you get us any stuff; he said you can come up and see; the four of them came, and I gave them a quantity of stuff; they came the next day,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180015"/>
<p>and I gave them some more; they came another day and I gave them some more, and that was all the transactions that I had with Williams up to the present, but Barker and the other two men have been a number of times, and I have given them stuff on each occasion. Last Wednesday Barker came up and I gave him a quantity of muslins; I had nothing for the first transaction.") I forget the sums he mentioned as having received afterwards—he said "On Wednesday night I met Barker at Islington, and I waited out
<lb/>side a street near Albert Terrace, and he brought me 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>."—Mr. Bumpus said "How did they know I was not at home"—Dance said "I used to write on a piece of paper like this 'Come up and take,' and take it down to them, and that signified that Mr. Bumpus was out"—he said "I don't remember that I have got anything more to say now"—I then said to Barker "You have heard what he has said with regard to you"—Barker laughed and said it was all wrong—I then said to Williams "You have heard what he has said with regard to you"—Williams said "Yes, let me ask him a question. Did I ever take any stuff?"—Dance said "No, but you used to come up with Barker, and he used to take it and you bad a share of the money"—he said "Coming up and having share of the money is nothing; did I ever-take any stuff?"—Dance said "No"—we then took them to the station; nothing was found on them; they gave addresses, but I could learn nothing of them there.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FRITH</hi>. It had been raining before 1 o'clock, the ground was quite wet, but at the time I saw the prisoners standing in the passage there was no rain that I noticed—I did not state before the Magistrate that I had ascertained Dance had been discharged from his last situation and had associated with bad characters—I found a quantity of brass in his room which had been stolen.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>. Barker listened very unconcernedly to what Dance stated; he laughed and said it was wrong.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-81" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-81" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-81" type="surname" value="BUMPUS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-81" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BUMPUS</persName> </hi>. I am an agent and Manchester warehouseman, at 13 and 14, Milk Street—Dance had been in my employ about a month, at 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week—his duty were to take out goods and open bales on arriving—I was examined at the Mansion House on Saturday, 19th August—about a fort
<lb/>night before that I missed two parcels of Victoria lawn, value 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—on the 18th, on coming back to the warehouse, I found Dance and the other two prisoners there—I took down a statement which Dance made to me in my counting-house, I have it here, it was afterwards repeated in the pre
<lb/>sence of the other prisoners. (
<hi rend="italic">This was the same in substance as stated by the last witness.</hi>) I have gone through my stock and have missed roll linings, muslins, and other goods.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FRITH</hi>. I believe these robberies had been going on ever since Dance came to me, his own statement to me is so—he was in the custody of the detective when he made this statement.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-82" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-82" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-82" type="surname" value="DANCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-82" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH DANCE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">the prisoner</hi>). I was seventeen last January—I was about a month in the prosecutor's service, I am guilty of stealing his property—when I was working at a Mr. Barnard's I was with a young
<hi rend="italic">chap</hi> named Allen and he used to pick up anything he saw lying about the warehouse; he let me have the bundle of brass things that were found in my room—I came to know the two prisoners about a fortnight after I was in Mr. Bumpus' service—I was not introduced to them, I found them myself, in the City Road, I was asking for a young
<hi rend="italic">chap</hi> I knew, I did not know his name—I asked Barker whether he had seen a young
<hi rend="italic">chap</hi> called
<hi rend="italic">Curly Jem;</hi> he said</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180016"/>
<p>no, he did not know him; he went to some other parties and came back and said the person I was looking for was not there; I believe Toby was there at the time, but I am not certain, nothing else took place with Barker then—I think I saw him next morning in Wood Street, alone; I think I spoke to him first, I asked how he was getting on and he asked me where I was working, I told him at Mr. Bumpus'in Milk Street—he asked if there was any chance of doing anything there; I said I did not know but I would see, when the governor was out of the way, I had the keys of the place sometimes—he asked whether I could not let him have the keys; I said I did not know—he said again "Is there any chance of doing anything there?"—I said "Come and see"—he went with me to Sterne and Evans' where I took a parcel—he said "If you ever see anything lying about in the warehouses where you are going, you ought to put it under your coat"—I told him he had better go there himself and take the goods, he said no, he did not think that—he then came along with me to our warehouse, there were two bales from Manchester in the passage, Mr. Bumpus told me to open them, I did so, and Barker said "If you leave one bale there for an hour I can get a truck and take it away—I said "No, I shan't stand to that;" I went up into the warehouse with two parcels, and when I came back I found two parcels gone, containing ten pieces of Victoria lawn, and Barker was also gone—I saw him again about 3 o'clock the same afternoon, he was with a party of his
<hi rend="italic">pals</hi> where I had found him the night before, at the Britannia, in the City Road—Toby was not with him, nor Williams—Barker came to me and said "They are no good, if I come down can you give me anything better?"—I said "You must come and see"—he went away and came back with Williams and Toby and another
<hi rend="italic">chap</hi> they call
<hi rend="italic">Sweet Stuff—</hi>—we went and had a pot of
<hi rend="italic">four-half;</hi> we remained talking at the bar for about ten minutes, Williams was talking about something one of his
<hi rend="italic">pals</hi> had taken that morning; it had nothing to do with the Victoria lawn—we then all came down to the warehouse together—I went up to my work, Mr. Ellis was there, I asked him to go away for half an hour—the other four were outside waiting; they separated, one was opposite the Swan with Two Necks, one in Clement's Street, and the other two were just at the bottom of the warehouse—I had told them to wait there because they had asked me if there was any more stuff, and I said I would see—I remained in the warehouse till Mr. Ellis went out; I found some cambrics and put them against the door, I looked out of the window, Williams and Toby were there—I called them, Toby came up first and Williams followed, I told him to go down, which he did, and the stuff was taken—I saw Barker the same night, he had told me to meet him by the Britannia Music Hall—he said he had not sold them yet—I think he came the same day—I told him he should not have any more till he gave me some money, and he gave me 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—on 18th August I saw him in St. Paul's Churchyard, he had told me the day before that he would come—he was in company with Toby every time I saw him—when I came out of the warehouse Williams and Toby were opposite—Williams had not been with Barker for a week before that.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. W. SLEIGH</hi>. I had been in the service of Mr. Barnard of Playhouse Yard, White Cross Street, before this—I left because I was suspected of taking some statements, I did not do it—
<hi rend="italic">Curly Jim</hi> worked there when I was working with Allen, he was one of his
<hi rend="italic">pals</hi>—I went to see
<hi rend="italic">Curly Jim</hi> when I was working for Mr. Bumpus because</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180017"/>
<p>I thought I was going to do something for myself with him, I mean, taking some of Mr. Bumpus' property—I had not done anything with
<hi rend="italic">Curly Jim</hi> before then, I knew he was a convicted thief—I went to seek for him as an accomplice in my thefts.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-398-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-398-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-398-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-399">
<interp inst="t18760918-399" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-399-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-399-18760918 t18760918-399-offence-1 t18760918-399-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-399-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-399-18760918 t18760918-399-offence-1 t18760918-399-verdict-3"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-399-charge-3" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-399-18760918 t18760918-399-offence-1 t18760918-399-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-399-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-399-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-399-18760918" type="surname" value="DANCE"/>
<interp inst="def1-399-18760918" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSEPH DANCE</hi> </persName>,
<persName id="def2-399-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-399-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-399-18760918" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="def2-399-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM WILLIAMS</hi> </persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def3-399-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def3-399-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def3-399-18760918" type="surname" value="BARKER"/>
<interp inst="def3-399-18760918" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES BARKER</hi> </persName> were
<hi rend="italic">again</hi> indicted for
<rs id="t18760918-399-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="stealingFromMaster"/> stealing a quilt, 80 yards of lining, and 100 yards of muslin, of
<persName id="t18760918-name-86" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-86" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-86" type="surname" value="BUMPUS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-86" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-399-offence-1 t18760918-name-86"/>John Bumpus</persName>, the master of Dance.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">DANCE</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-399-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. STRAIGHT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-87" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-87" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-87" type="surname" value="DANCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-87" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH DANCE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">the Prisoner</hi>). About a fortnight before I was taken into custody I met Williams and Barker—it was the day after the two parcels were taken out of the bale—Barker was downstairs on the look out—Williams and Toby came up the stairs—Toby had the bundles of cambric; Williams went away with them—I saw Williams the same night at the Britannia with Barker, Toby, and
<hi rend="italic">Sweet Stuff</hi>—Barker said they had the money and spent it—I saw Williams the next night and asked him for what was due to me, the same as the rest—he said he had nothing to do with the money whatever.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. FRITH</hi>. I did not give Williams. any of the muslin; he came up to take it, but I sent him down—I think I saw him at our place about three times, he came with the others, he did not come up to the warehouse, he was outside—I have not been told by the detective that it would be a good thing for me to give evidence against the others; I will not pledge my oath that he did not.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-88" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-88" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-88" type="surname" value="BUMPUS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-88" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BUMPUS</persName> </hi>. I have gone through my stock and missed fifty-one pieces of muslin, worth about 30
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.; they fold into a small compass.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-89" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-89" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-89" type="surname" value="DOWNES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-89" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK DOWNES</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">repeated his former evidence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">BARKER</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-399-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAMS</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-399-verdict-3" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-3" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-verdict-3" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">He also</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>**
<hi rend="italic">to a former conviction at Guildhall police-court, in December</hi>, 1873—
<rs id="t18760918-399-punishment-18" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-punishment-18" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-punishment-18" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-399-18760918 t18760918-399-punishment-18"/>
<hi rend="italic">Eighteen Months' Imprison
<lb/>ment.</hi> </rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">DANCE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-399-punishment-19" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-399-punishment-19" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-399-punishment-19" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-399-18760918 t18760918-399-punishment-19"/>Nine Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-400">
<interp inst="t18760918-400" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-400-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-400-18760918 t18760918-400-offence-1 t18760918-400-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-400-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-400-18760918 t18760918-400-offence-1 t18760918-400-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-400-charge-3" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-400-18760918 t18760918-400-offence-1 t18760918-400-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-400-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-400-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-400-18760918" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def1-400-18760918" type="surname" value="HEENAN"/>
<interp inst="def1-400-18760918" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS HEENAN</hi> (22)</persName>,
<persName id="def2-400-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-400-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-400-18760918" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def2-400-18760918" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def2-400-18760918" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES SMITH</hi> (22)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def3-400-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def3-400-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def3-400-18760918" type="age" value="17"/>
<interp inst="def3-400-18760918" type="surname" value="CAIN"/>
<interp inst="def3-400-18760918" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN CAIN</hi> (17)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-400-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-400-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing 8
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. of
<persName id="t18760918-name-93" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-93" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-93" type="surname" value="BLUES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-93" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-400-offence-1 t18760918-name-93"/>John Blues</persName> from his person.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. H. GIFFARD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-94" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-94" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-94" type="surname" value="BLUES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-94" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BLUES</persName> </hi>. I am a clerk, and live at 365, East India Road—on the afternoon of 21st August, about 2.30, I was in a crowd on Tower Hill—I felt a pressure on my right side and saw Smith there—I put my hand into my pocket and missed about 8
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., which I had seen safe a short time before—I went over the road after Smith, collared him, and said "You have stolen my money out of my pocket"—he said "I have not your money, don't give me into custody, feel my pockets"—I gave him into custody—I saw Cain at my right side before I ran after Smith.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-95" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-95" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-95" type="surname" value="INWARD"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-95" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM INWARD</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). On the afternoon of the 21st August I saw the three prisoners together on Tower Hill, pushing in against a crowd where a man was selling rings—I watched them for a quarter of an hour—I saw Smith place himself by the side of several gentlemen, covered by the other prisoners—Cain was on the right of the gentlemen, pushing against them, and Heenan closed up behind to cover what Smith was doing—after, repeating that to several persons they went to the prosecutor—Smith placed himself on his right side, Cain on his left, and Heenan was pushing against</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180018"/>
<p>him behind—I saw Smith put his right hand under his left elbow to the prosecutor's pocket, it appeared that the prosecutor noticed him and he dropped his hand and turned round and pushed past Heenan and went out of the crowd—almost directly afterwards the prosecutor came out of the crowd and went towards Smith; Heenan and Cain followed him, and just by the door of the George public-house the prosecutor accused Smith of steal
<lb/>ing his money—a uniform constable took him into custody—Heenan and Cain went into the George, and as they came out I and another constable took them—I searched them at the station; on Cain I found 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and on Heenan 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in silver, I found nothing on Smith—they said they knew nothing about it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-96" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-96" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-96" type="surname" value="JONES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-96" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN JONES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). I was on Tower Hill with Inward and saw the prisoners together, pushing about in the crowd—I saw Smith place him
<lb/>self on the right of the prosecutor and put his hand into his pocket—Heenan was close behind, and Cain on his left—I saw him take something out of the prosecutor's pocket and put his hand down as though he passed it to the other prisoners, one after the other—Smith then walked away, followed by the prosecutor—I and Inward followed them—Smith was given into custody to a metropolitan constable, and we apprehended the other two—Cain said "I have done nothing, I am quite innocent."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-97" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-97" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-97" type="surname" value="HOLMES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-97" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN HOLMES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman</hi>). Smith was given into my custody—he said he had no money and knew nothing of it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-400-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-400-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cain also</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to a previous conviction, in September</hi>, 1874,
<hi rend="italic">and several previous convictions were proved against Heenan.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HEENAN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-400-punishment-20" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-20" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-20" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-400-18760918 t18760918-400-punishment-20"/>Seven Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CAIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-400-punishment-21" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-21" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-21" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def3-400-18760918 t18760918-400-punishment-21"/>Eighteen Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SMITH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-400-punishment-22" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-22" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-400-punishment-22" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-400-18760918 t18760918-400-punishment-22"/>Nine Months' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-401">
<interp inst="t18760918-401" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-401-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-401-18760918 t18760918-401-offence-1 t18760918-401-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-401-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-401-18760918 t18760918-401-offence-2 t18760918-401-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-401-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-401-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-401-18760918" type="age" value="20"/>
<interp inst="def1-401-18760918" type="surname" value="MOORE"/>
<interp inst="def1-401-18760918" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES MOORE</hi> (20)</persName>,
<rs id="t18760918-401-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-401-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi> </rs>
<rs id="t18760918-401-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-401-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>to three indictments for forging and uttering orders for the payment of money</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-401-punishment-23" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-401-punishment-23" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401-punishment-23" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-401-18760918 t18760918-401-punishment-23"/>
<hi rend="italic">Eighteen Months' Imprisonment.</hi> </rs>
<persName id="def2-401-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-401-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-401-18760918" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def2-401-18760918" type="surname" value="HAYWARD"/>
<interp inst="def2-401-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE HAYWARD</hi> (18)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-401-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-401-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, was charged with Moore on one of the indictments,</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-401-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-401-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-401-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="noEvidence"/>but no evidence being offered against him he was acquitted.</rs> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-402">
<interp inst="t18760918-402" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-402" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-402-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-402-18760918 t18760918-402-offence-1 t18760918-402-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-402-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-402-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-402-18760918" type="age" value="33"/>
<interp inst="def1-402-18760918" type="surname" value="NORGATE"/>
<interp inst="def1-402-18760918" type="given" value="MARTHA"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MARTHA NORGATE</hi> (33)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-402-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-402-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="miscellaneous"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-402-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="concealingABirth"/>, to unlawfully endeavour
<lb/>ing to conceal the dead body of her child—</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-402-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-402-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-402-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty: see original image]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-402-punishment-24" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-402-punishment-24" type="punishmentCategory" value="noPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-402-punishment-24" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sentenceRespited"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-402-18760918 t18760918-402-punishment-24"/>
<hi rend="italic">Judgment Respited.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-403">
<interp inst="t18760918-403" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-403" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-403-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-403-18760918 t18760918-403-offence-1 t18760918-403-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-403-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-403-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-403-18760918" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-403-18760918" type="surname" value="BURKE"/>
<interp inst="def1-403-18760918" type="given" value="THOMAS HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS HENRY BURKE</hi> (32)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-403-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-403-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-403-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/>, Embezzling the sums of 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., received on account of
<persName id="t18760918-name-102" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-102" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-102" type="surname" value="CASTRA"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-102" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-403-offence-1 t18760918-name-102"/>George Castra,</persName> his master.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-103" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-103" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-103" type="surname" value="GEE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-103" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED GEE</persName> </hi>. I cany on business with Mr. Castra, at Stourbridge, Staf
<lb/>fordshire—on 7th February I entered into this agreement with the prisoner. (
<hi rend="italic">By this agreement the witness undertook to carry on the business formerly the prisoner's, paying him as manager</hi>, 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">a week.</hi>) Mr. Ching was employed by the firm as our London agent at 85, London Wall—some sums received by the prisoner were to be sent direct to us, and some to Mr. Ching—if cheques were received to his order as "Henry & Co.," the name in which the busi
<lb/>ness was carried on, it would be necessary for him to endorse them—he used to send to us what few cheques there were—he had no authority to with
<lb/>hold any cheques or monies—his 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. a week was allowed in each week's sheet; I have the sheets here—we were not in arrear in paying him—he has never paid to me 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. received from Mr. Cole on 13th June, or a cheque for 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. from Mr. Howe on 8th July, or 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. on 11th July from Mr. Chafis—I was not aware that he had received them until he was in custody.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> You were constantly receiving cash; it</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180019"/>
<p>was your duty to account for it every week—you had to pay various accounts out of the money you received and to carry forward the balance, if any, but everything was to be included in the weekly account.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-104" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-104" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-104" type="surname" value="COLE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-104" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY COLE</persName> </hi>. I am a licensed victualler, of 13, Silver Street—on 30th June last I paid the prisoner 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and received this receipt from him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-105" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-105" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-105" type="surname" value="HOWE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-105" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM HOWE</persName> </hi>. I keep the Clarence public-house, London Road—on 8th July I paid the prisoner this cheque for 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and he gave me this. receipt.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-106" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-106" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-106" type="surname" value="CHAFIS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-106" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY CHAFIS</persName> </hi>. I live in Great Windmill Street—on 11th July I paid the prisoner this cheque for 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and took his receipt.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-107" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-107" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-107" type="surname" value="CHING"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-107" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>SAMUEL CHING</persName> </hi>. To the best of my belief the endorsement on this cheque of Mr. Chafis' is in the handwriting of the prisoner—he has never accounted to me for that cheque, or for the 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. cheque of Mr. Howe, or for 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. from Mr. Cole—I have the sheets of those particular weeks, and they are not included in them—I have had no communication with himiu respect of those three sum:, he did not attend, according to his agreement, to furnish the sheets, and that was the cause of the investigation taking place.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I drew 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. of you to pay some small accounts, which I have receipts for—I can't remember that the cheque for 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. was part of it—there was also 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. on account for some glass that was used in. the business—you have not lent me money on a Saturday night to go home with—your wife did not lend me 30
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> The books are in Court—I have gone through the sheets up to the end of July, which was the last time they were furnished—I have made out a list of the sums not accounted for, and there are thirty-two cases, amounting to 142
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. not any of which have been paid to me—I—know they have been received, by the receipts that have been produced.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-108" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-108" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-108" type="surname" value="GEE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-108" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED GEE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). Assuming that the prisoner has put down everything received and expended, the balance against him would not be above 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. on the sheets alone; that is giving him credit for the 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. a week—I have not received any of the monies in the list of thirty-two cases, and as to the 21
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. he promised me that when I was last in London, he said he had not received it, but would go and get it and meet me in the morning at Paddington, but he never came.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-109" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-109" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-109" type="surname" value="SHRIVES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-109" type="given" value="PHILIP"/>PHILIP SHRIVES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Detective</hi>). I took the prisoner into custody—I told him he would be charged with embezzling 19
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. which he had received from the Cafe Nicol in Regent Street—he said he had received a part of it, that he had spent and part of it he had paid over—I found 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. odd on him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoners' Defence.</hi> I cannot say anything, all ray papers are in their possession—I have spent a great deal of money for goods purchased that I have not been able to account for.I have tried all I could to make it a large business, but the expences have been very great; they are well aware that what they have charged me with is not embezzlement.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-403-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-403-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-403-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">There was another indictment against the prisoner, for which see Fourth Court, Thursday.</hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, September</hi> 19
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-404">
<interp inst="t18760918-404" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-404" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-404-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-404-18760918 t18760918-404-offence-1 t18760918-404-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-404-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-404-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-404-18760918" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-404-18760918" type="surname" value="SUTTON"/>
<interp inst="def1-404-18760918" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES SUTTON</hi> (18)</persName>,
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-404-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-404-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-404-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<rs id="t18760918-404-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-404-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-404-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>to burglariously break
<lb/>ing and entering the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18760918-name-111" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-111" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-111" type="surname" value="BARNARD"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-111" type="given" value="ANGELINA"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-404-offence-1 t18760918-name-111"/>Angelina Barnard</persName>, with intent, to steal, having been before convicted—</rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-404-punishment-25" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-404-punishment-25" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-404-punishment-25" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-404-18760918 t18760918-404-punishment-25"/>Seven Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-405">
<interp inst="t18760918-405" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-405" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-405-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-405-18760918 t18760918-405-offence-1 t18760918-405-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180020"/>
<persName id="def1-405-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-405-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-405-18760918" type="age" value="17"/>
<interp inst="def1-405-18760918" type="surname" value="CONNOR"/>
<interp inst="def1-405-18760918" type="given" value="BARTHOLOMEW"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">BARTHOLOMEW CONNOR</hi> (17)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-405-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-405-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-405-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="receiving"/>, to feloniously receiving certain goods burglariously stolen by the said
<persName id="t18760918-name-113" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-113" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-113" type="surname" value="SUTTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-113" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-405-offence-1 t18760918-name-113"/>Charles Sutton</persName> from the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18760918-name-114" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-114" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-114" type="surname" value="WILLS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-114" type="given" value="MARY ANN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-405-offence-1 t18760918-name-114"/>Mary Ann Wills</persName></rs>
<rs id="t18760918-405-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-405-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-405-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-405-punishment-26" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-405-punishment-26" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-405-punishment-26" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-405-18760918 t18760918-405-punishment-26"/>
<hi rend="italic">One Month's Imprisonment.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-406">
<interp inst="t18760918-406" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-406" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-406-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-406-18760918 t18760918-406-offence-1 t18760918-406-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-406-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-406-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-406-18760918" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def1-406-18760918" type="surname" value="WELL"/>
<interp inst="def1-406-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM TRUSS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM TRUSS WELL</hi> (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-406-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-406-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-406-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, to three indictments for forging and uttering requests for the payment of 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., with intent to defraud</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-406-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-406-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-406-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-406-punishment-27" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-406-punishment-27" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-406-punishment-27" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-406-18760918 t18760918-406-punishment-27"/>
<hi rend="italic">Twelve Months' Im
<lb/>prisonment.</hi> </rs> And</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-407">
<interp inst="t18760918-407" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-407" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-407-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-407-18760918 t18760918-407-offence-1 t18760918-407-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-407-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-407-18760918 t18760918-407-offence-1 t18760918-407-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-407-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-407-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-407-18760918" type="age" value="28"/>
<interp inst="def1-407-18760918" type="surname" value="ABBOTT"/>
<interp inst="def1-407-18760918" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ELIZABETH ABBOTT</hi> (28)</persName>,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<persName id="def2-407-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-407-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def2-407-18760918" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def2-407-18760918" type="surname" value="CASTON"/>
<interp inst="def2-407-18760918" type="given" value="MARIA JANE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MARIA JANE CASTON</hi> (23)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-407-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-407-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-407-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, to three indictments for forging and uttering three orders for 20
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. each, with intent to defraud.</rs>
<rs id="t18760918-407-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-407-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-407-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>[Pleaded guilty. See original trial image.]</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ABBOTT</hi>*—
<rs id="t18760918-407-punishment-28" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-407-punishment-28" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-407-punishment-28" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-407-18760918 t18760918-407-punishment-28"/>
<hi rend="italic">Eighteen Months' Im
<lb/>prisonment.</hi> </rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CASTON</hi>
<rs id="t18760918-407-punishment-29" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-407-punishment-29" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-407-punishment-29" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-407-18760918 t18760918-407-punishment-29"/>
<hi rend="italic">Six Months' Imprisonment.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-408">
<interp inst="t18760918-408" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-408" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-408-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-408-18760918 t18760918-408-offence-1 t18760918-408-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-408-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-408-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-408-18760918" type="age" value="26"/>
<interp inst="def1-408-18760918" type="surname" value="BRIDGES"/>
<interp inst="def1-408-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM BRIDGES</hi> (26)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-408-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-408-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-408-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/>, Robbery on
<persName id="t18760918-name-119" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-119" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-119" type="surname" value="POULTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-119" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-408-offence-1 t18760918-name-119"/>Elizabeth Poulter</persName>, and stealing from her person one knife and 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., her property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BRINDLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COLE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-120" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-120" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-120" type="surname" value="POULTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-120" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH POULTER</persName> </hi>. I live at Shepperton—on 4th September, about 9.15 p.m., I was going home, and saw three men near Doomsday Stile—the prisoner was one of them, he had a straw hat, the others had black hats—I went over the stile into the meadow, and when I had gone about 200 yards the prisoner passed me about 4 yards, and then turned round and hit me a blow on my forehead with his fist, and I fell on my back—I struggled to get up, but he took a stick from my little grandson and com
<lb/>menced beating me over my head and arms—I was knocked down again twice, and was very much hurt, you can see the bruises now—I screamed "Murder!" and put up my arms to save my head, and received the blows on my arms—I begged him to leave me alone—I got up in a stooping position, and he struck me a blow on the back of my head and knocked me down again—I lost my senses, and when I recovered, I went to the Cricketers—I found the stick and gave it to my little boy—it was a large withy stick—I had a basket with a candle in it, and a clasp-knife and 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—a coachman found the basket next morning, but I have never seen the money or the knife since—a doctor attended me till last Saturday, he is not here—this was on a Monday night, and on the Wednesday I was sent for to the station and saw ten men standing together—the prisoner is one of them, and I identified him as the man who robbed me, he was wear
<lb/>ing a straw hat—my grandson was with me all the time—there are several gaps in the fence which runs by the pathway in the field.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I started about 6 o'clock, and went to the fields to get some mushrooms—I then went to the shops, which are about a mile from the bridge, they were closed, and I met a friend or two and we stood talk—Ing—I met Sherwood, the carrier's wife, and walked with her—I went into the Cricketer's public-house—I have been in Chertsey all my life, and am well known there—they call me
<hi rend="italic">Old Mother Doggett—we</hi> live at Doggett—I have a large family, and have brought them up—I do not know that I am known there as a person of ill-fame—I am a prudent married woman—I do not know what people say, but I have been very much respected—I stopped at the Cricketers about ten minutes—I did not drink there, I went in for a candle, and had to wait while the landlord's little boy fetched one—I also went into Crispin Payne's house, I have know him for years; I had nothing to drink there, but I had a glass of ale at Mr. Tulford's—I left Payne's about 8.30—I did not go down the steps of Chertsey Bridge with Blisset, a labourer; and I do not remember going down the steps—I believe I went down the middle of the road—I said before the Magistrate that I saw Blisset that evening, I could not recollect where—I saw no one near</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180021"/>
<p>the stile but the three men—we were about three or four minutes going the 200 yards from the stile, we walked very gently—I do not know how many policeman took me into the station yard on Wednesday—my basket was returned to me the next morning.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-121" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-121" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-121" type="surname" value="POULTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-121" type="given" value="FRANK"/>FRANK POULTER</persName> </hi>. I live with ray grandmother—I went over the stile with her into the meadow about 9.15—she picked up a stick as thick as my wrist on the way and gave it to me—the prisoner and two other men were at the stile, the prisoner was wearing a dirty straw hat; he came up to us about 200 yards from the stile and knocked
<hi rend="italic">Granny</hi> down and I then struck him three blows with the stick, he took it from me and thrashed my grand
<lb/>mother—she was knocked down three or four times—he struck her on the head and on the wrist and back, she cried out and I ran away to find some
<lb/>one, leaving her on the ground—I saw the prisoner kick her—I did not see a man named Blissest, no man of that name spoke to her.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> She was attacked about four minutes after we left the stile—I was before the Magistrate the second time she was examined and heard her say that we had gone about 200 yards across the meadow—I hit the prisoner on the head several times with the stick as hard as I could.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-122" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-122" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-122" type="surname" value="WICKS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-122" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES WICKS</persName> </hi>. I am a mason's labourer—on 4th September I was with the prisoner, we went over Cherstsey Bridge, and as far as Doomsday Stile, it was then a little after 9 o'clock—he had had a little drop too much drink, he was wearing a straw hat—I had a black hat and so had Sanders who was with us—I saw the old
<hi rend="italic">lady</hi> and her grandchild go over the stile into the meadow—a man named Tickner went over the stile before them and went down the Shepperton Road, and in two or three minutes I started the prisoner down the road towards Shepperton—that road runs in a line with the footpath in the meadow, but it widens a little from it—I do not know whether there are any gaps in the hedge—I then went back with the other man over Chertsey Bridge.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have known the prisoner eleven or twelve years—he is a shoemaker and bears a very excellent character—I have heard that a great number of respectable people have raised a subscription to defend him—the prosecutrix is well-known in the neighbourhood as
<hi rend="italic">Old Mother Dockett</hi>—I was about quarter of an hour at the stile chatting with Sanders and the prisoner, and we persuaded the prisoner to go home because he was drunk—he had some leather with him and I put it inside his trousers and buckled it round for him so that he could not lose it—Sanders is not here—I saw the woman and the boy at the foot of the bridge before they came to the stile—it was getting dark, but the moon was just rising—it was dark at the ime she passed the stile—I stopped about a minute after I persuaded the prisoner to go home—we walked quick across the bridge—it is lonely and open there.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-123" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-123" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-123" type="surname" value="ALLISON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-123" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT ALLISON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Police Sergeant</hi>). I am stationed at Staines—I received information and went to the prosecutrix's house, and from what she said Pook and I took the prisoner on Wednesday morning at 5.45—I told him I should take him in custody for violently assaulting Mrs. Poulter and taking from her 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and a pocket knife—he made no reply at first, and then he said "I never saw any woman that night, I was in company with Sanders and Wicks and parted with them at the bridge"—I took him to the station—he was placed with ten other men in working clothes, eight of whom, besides himself, had. straw hats on, and directly Mrs. Poulter saw him she identified him—he said that she was mistaken—she said that she was not,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180022"/>
<p>she was quite confident he was the man—he said that he had parted with Sanders at the stile, but did not say where he went—I went with Mrs. Poulter and her grandson to the place where the assault was committed and measured the distance from the stile to that spot; it was 190 yards and the footpath at that point is 13 yards from the road—there is a quick fence with gaps at certain parts by which anybody could readily get into the meadow—Mrs. Poulter's head was very much swollen and she complained of being bruised on her back and her head.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> After a certain distance, the further you get on the highway the further you get from the foothpath which verges towards the Thames—the people I placed in the yard were from the neighbourhood and the prisoner was at the left centre of them—another sergeant and another constable were with me—I did not know the prosecutrix before.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POULTER</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). The knife and money were in my hands.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner received a good character.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-408-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-408-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-408-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-409">
<interp inst="t18760918-409" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-409" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-409-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-409-18760918 t18760918-409-offence-1 t18760918-409-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-409-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-409-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-409-18760918" type="surname" value="BRIDGES"/>
<interp inst="def1-409-18760918" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM BRIDGES</hi> </persName> was
<hi rend="italic">again</hi> indicted
<rs id="t18760918-409-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-409-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-409-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="assault"/>for unlawfully assaulting
<persName id="t18760918-name-125" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-125" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-125" type="surname" value="POULTER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-125" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-409-offence-1 t18760918-name-125"/>Elizabeth Poulter</persName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BRINDLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">offered no evidence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-409-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-409-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-409-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="noEvidence"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-410">
<interp inst="t18760918-410" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-410" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-410-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-410-18760918 t18760918-410-offence-1 t18760918-410-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-410-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-410-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-410-18760918" type="age" value="29"/>
<interp inst="def1-410-18760918" type="surname" value="JACKSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-410-18760918" type="given" value="JULIA"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JULIA JACKSON</hi> (29)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-410-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-410-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-410-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="simpleLarceny"/>, Stealing one sovereign, the money of
<persName id="t18760918-name-127" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-127" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-127" type="surname" value="LOVELL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-127" type="given" value="LABAN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-410-offence-1 t18760918-name-127"/>Laban Lovell</persName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. DIXON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-128" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-128" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-128" type="surname" value="LOVELL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-128" type="given" value="LABAN"/>LABAN LOVELL</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Policeman</hi> 714). On Saturday night, 19th August, I was in the George, Trinity Square, and tendered a sovereign for something I had—the landlord dropped it and it went into another compartment which I could not see into—I afterwards found a bonnet in that compartment—the landlord told me something and I went into the other compartment and spoke to a woman who was there—I received information and went to 11, Dales Place, Fleur-de-Lys Street, the same morning, knocked at the door, and a man opened it—I said "Is your wife at home?"—he said "No"—I watched till 2.30 a.m., when the prisoner came up the court—I said "Do you live here?"—she said "No, sir"—I said "What brings you here then?"—she said "I am going to the w.c."—I said "How do you know there is one here?"—she said "I have been many a time before"—I said "Where do you live?"—she said "12, George Yard"—I turned to the man who had opened the door and said "Do you known this woman?"—he said "No"—a constable then came up and said, in her presence "This is the woman that wears that shawl"—I said "Take her in charge"—going to the station she strongly denied being the person—the other woman said "This is the woman that picked up your sovereign, but don't say that I said so, or else I shall get killed—the prisoner said nothing then, but at the station she said, "I did not steal the man's sovereign, I only stooped down, I did not pick up any
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-129" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-129" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-129" type="surname" value="TUCKER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-129" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN TUCKER</persName> </hi>. I keep the George in Trinity Square—on 19th August, about 12.15 in the night, I saw Lovell hand a sovereign to my wife, it slipped from her hand on the counter and rolled on the ground on the other side where the prisoner and her companion were sitting—they were the only persons in the compartment, and the prisoner said "I will pick it up,
<hi rend="italic">Missus</hi>, don't you trouble;" she picked it up, and immediately bolted out at the door with it—I actually saw her pick it up and am quite sure she is the woman.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I did not stop you because you were too quick.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-130" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-130" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-130" type="surname" value="SECKER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-130" type="given" value="EVANS"/>EVANS SECKER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman H</hi> 177). I took the prisoner—she said she knew nothing about the sovereign.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180023"/>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I was minding a woman's child; we got into an argument and got fighting, and when the policeman tapped me on the shoulder I thought it was for fighting. He said where is the sovereign you stole? I said "I have not stolen any sovereign."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-410-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-410-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-410-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-410-punishment-30" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-410-punishment-30" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-410-punishment-30" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-410-18760918 t18760918-410-punishment-30"/>One Month's Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-411">
<interp inst="t18760918-411" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-411" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-411-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-411-18760918 t18760918-411-offence-1 t18760918-411-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-411-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-411-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-411-18760918" type="age" value="54"/>
<interp inst="def1-411-18760918" type="surname" value="CRAYDON"/>
<interp inst="def1-411-18760918" type="given" value="JOHN HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN HENRY CRAYDON</hi> (54)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-411-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-411-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="sexual"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-411-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="bigamy"/>, Feloniously marrying
<persName id="t18760918-name-132" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-132" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-132" type="surname" value="VALIANCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-132" type="given" value="ELIZA"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-411-offence-1 t18760918-name-132"/>Eliza Valiance</persName>-during the lifetime of his wife.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-133" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-133" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-133" type="surname" value="MICHELB"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-133" type="given" value="DE"/>MR. DE MICHELB</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-134" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-134" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-134" type="surname" value="WHITEMAY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-134" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE WHITEMAY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman B</hi> 412). On 12th August Eliza Vallance gave the prisoner into my charge and showed me these two certificates. (
<hi rend="italic">The first certified a marriage on December</hi> 5
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1848,
<hi rend="italic">at St. George's, Hanover Square, between John Henry Craydon, bachelor, and Marion Wilde, spinster; and the second a marriage at St. Jude's, Chelsea, between John Henry Craydon, widower, and Eliza Valiance, widow.</hi>) I have verified those copies—the prisoner was present—Eliza Vallance said I will not give him in custody if he will leave my house quietly; he made no answer; she said his wife was downstairs—I went down and saw a woman there, the prisoner followed me down and I saw them all together—the wife said,
<hi rend="italic">Jack</hi>, you know I am your lawful wife, you married me in 1848—he said I will go quietly—he was given in charge.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-135" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-135" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-135" type="surname" value="RYAN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-135" type="given" value="FRANCES"/>FRANCES RYAN</persName> </hi>. I live at 34, High Street, Chelsea, and am a widow—I have known the prisoner twenty-eight years, and knew his wife, her name was Marion Wilde—I recollect when she was married to the prisoner, because Mary Griffiths, who went as a witness, stood godmother to my child—they were living together as man and wife' within seven years of 1872, because when Sir Charles Dilke put up for Chelsea the prisoner was employed in canvassing for him, that was in 1867 or 1868—I saw his wife last week.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by the Prisoner.</hi> I knew you in 1848, and was introduced to you in Lowndes Square by Mary Griffiths—you did not lead a happy life and you left each other.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-136" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-136" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-136" type="surname" value="VALLANCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-136" type="given" value="ELIZA"/>ELIZA VALLANCE</persName> </hi>. I am a widow and live at 6, Lambeth Place, Brompton Road—I went through the ceremony of marriage with the prisoner on 19th August, 1872, at St. Jude's, Chelsea—he represented himself as a widower, he was in my house for a long time as a single man.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> You did odd jobs for me—I did not say "If you don't carry me to church some one else shall"—you would have lived with me without marriage, but I would not; but if you would take me to church I was willing—you told me you could not because you had no clothes and no money, but you did not say you were a married man—I bought you a coat to go to the wedding, and have bought you other clothes since—your sister begged me not to take proceedings against you, because you had had a bad wife, when I heard of this I did not press you to leave my house, but you became a lodger only—you behaved well to me.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I was seldom at home, only three months in a year, but whenever I did go home I found everything pawned, and at last we separated, my wife having split my head open with a jug; she had two months and I had one month; when we came out of prison we never came together again. I tried to keep out of the second marriage, but I was over
<lb/>come. I have been a respectable servant all my life.</p>
<rs id="t18760918-411-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-411-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-411-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GUILTY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Recommended to mercy by the Jury.</hi> </rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-411-punishment-31" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-411-punishment-31" type="punishmentCategory" value="miscPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-411-punishment-31" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sureties"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-411-18760918 t18760918-411-punishment-31"/>To enter into recognizances to appear and receive judgment if called upon.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180024"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, September</hi> 20
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Justice Lindley.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-412">
<interp inst="t18760918-412" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-412" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-412-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-412-18760918 t18760918-412-offence-1 t18760918-412-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-412-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-412-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-412-18760918" type="age" value="31"/>
<interp inst="def1-412-18760918" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-412-18760918" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ROBERT SMITH</hi> (31)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-412-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-412-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="kill"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-412-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="manslaughter"/>, Feloniously killing and slaying
<persName id="t18760918-name-138" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-138" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-138" type="surname" value="HUTLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-138" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-412-offence-1 t18760918-name-138"/>Thomas Hutley</persName>. He was also charged on the Coroner's Inquisition with the like offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. RINGWOOD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. RIBTON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">REES</hi>. I am house-surgeon at the London Hospital—on 15th August, about 3 o'clock, the deceased was brought in insensible; we rallied him somewhat, but he relapsed into a state of coma, and died ten hours after his admission from fracture of the base of the skull and laceration of and hæmorrhage of the brain—that must be caused by a fall or a blow on the back of the head; falling with the whole weight of the body on the back of the head would do it, but a direct blow would not.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> He appeared a healthy, middle aged man.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-139" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-139" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-139" type="surname" value="DONOVAN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-139" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>MICHAEL DONOVAN</persName> </hi>. I am a butcher, of the Commercial Road—the deceased was a licensed messenger at Leadenhall Market—I had known him some time—the prisoner is a flower hawker—on 15th August, I saw the prisoner in the market with a pot of ale in his hand and a glass offering the deceased some drink—he refused, and said that he had had enough, and the prisoner threw the ale on Hutley, between his shirt and trousers—Hutley said nothing—the prisoner filled the glass again and threw it over him—the deceased then went to the prisoner's basket, took up a plant in a pot, and threw it down—I do not know whether it went on to the ground or into the basket again—the prisoner then struck Hutley on his mouth, and he fell down in the road on his head—he was insensible—the prisoner assisted me to pick him up, and we sat him on the kerb—the prisoner told me to hold him while he went to fetch some water, but he never returned—the deceased was taken to the hospital.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I believe they were friends—they were in the habit of drinking together—this occurred in the hide market, and the beer was brought out of the Lamb Tavern—the deceased was sitting on a basket with me, and he went over to the prisoner—he did not appear to have been drinking, he appeared to throw the flower pot to break it—he took it with both hands, but did not raise it very high—I will swear that he did not attempt to throw it at the prisoner.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-140" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-140" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-140" type="surname" value="GLIDDON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-140" type="given" value="HANNAH"/>HANNAH GLIDDON</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Frederick Gliddon—I was at my window upstairs, and saw the prisoner and the deceased—Smith asked him to have half a pint of beer, which he refused, saying that he had had enough—Smith left, and came back with a pot and a glass of ale, and offered the deceased a glass, which he refused to take; Smith then upset part of it over him, and then offered it to him again, he refused, and Smith upset the re
<lb/>mainder—Hutley then turned round to Smith's basket, took out a flower pot with a plant in it, and was going to throw it down, but it fell back into Smith's basket—Smith then struck him a blow on the mouth which caused him to fall backwards—I went to my husband in the next room and told him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have known Hutley-between sixteen and seventeen years, he was about thirty-six or thirty-seven—he was not going to throw the flower pot at Smith, because he had not got it in the right position—I thought, he intended to drop it, to break it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-141" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-141" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-141" type="surname" value="GLIDDON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-141" type="given" value="FREDERICK WILLIAM"/>FREDERICK WILLIAM GLIDDON</persName> </hi>. I am the husband of the last witness—</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180025"/>
<p>she spoke to me, and I went out and saw the deceased on the pavement bleeding from his mouth—I saw the prisoner approaching the Lamb Tavern door-way, and was going after him but some persons said that he was going for some water—he was a long time gone, and Hutley was taken to the hospital.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I have known Hutley about nineteen years—he was of drunken habits—he had been bad on his legs for some time, but he did not keep away from his business—before we got him into the cab I saw that his mouth had swollen up very considerably—his month and nose were bleeding.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-142" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-142" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-142" type="surname" value="LANGLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-142" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>FREDERICK LANGLEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City Detective</hi>). I took the prisoner and told him the man was dead; he said that he was extremely sorry and he would go quietly to the station—when the charge was read over he said that he did not strike him, but he pushed him.</p>
<rs id="t18760918-412-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-412-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-412-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Strongly recommended to mercy by the Jury</hi> </rs>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18760918-412-punishment-32" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-412-punishment-32" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-412-punishment-32" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-412-18760918 t18760918-412-punishment-32"/>Fourteen Days' Imprisonment.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-413">
<interp inst="t18760918-413" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-413" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-413-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-413-18760918 t18760918-413-offence-1 t18760918-413-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-413-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-413-18760918" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-413-18760918" type="surname" value="CARR"/>
<interp inst="def1-413-18760918" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ELIZABETH CARR</hi> </persName>
<rs id="t18760918-413-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-413-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="breakingPeace"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-413-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="wounding"/> Feloniously cutting and wounding
<persName id="t18760918-name-144" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-144" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-144" type="surname" value="CARR"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-144" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18760918-413-offence-1 t18760918-name-144"/>Elizabeth Carr</persName>, with intent to main and disable her.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COLE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution; and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BRINDLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-145" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-145" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-145" type="surname" value="GARRETT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-145" type="given" value="ROSINA"/>ROSINA GARRETT</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of Thomas Garrett, of 6, Vernon Place, Fulham, a plumber—the prisoner and her husband lodged with us and occupied the two parlours—on the morning of 29th June, about 9 o'clock, the prisoner called out "Mrs. Garrett are you at home"—I never answered, but was going up to her—she stood at the top of the stairs and said "What shall I do, I have cut my baby's hand off?"—she had the baby in her arms; I took it from her—there was blood all down her dress—I went off to Dr. Spall, who attended to the baby and I took it back—it has died since.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> They came to lodge with me last November—I never saw her otherwise than a kind affectionate mother to her child—she was excited when she called to me—she is subject to fits, she sometimes has them frequently, and sometimes at longer intervals—she goes about and does all sorts of ridiculous things as though she did not know what she was doing—she moves about her room unconsciously—she burnt herself and the child too in one of those fits shortly before—the child is I think six months old—the breakfast things were on their table.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> She had one fit before the baby was born, that was the first I knew of—I have only known her since she has been in the house, since November last—during the whole time she has been in the house, month after month; I have seen her under these fits and then she does not know what she is doing.—</p>
<hi rend="italic">By</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE COURT</hi>. She has not suckled the child since it was born.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-146" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-146" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-146" type="surname" value="SPALL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-146" type="given" value="BARNARD EDWARD"/>BARNARD EDWARD SPALL</persName> </hi>. I am a surgeon, of 47, Hammersmith Road—on the morning of 29th June, between 9 and 10 o'clock, the last witness brought me a female infant, aged about four months—its left hand had been recently cut off—I dressed the wound and told Mrs. Garrett to take it to the hospital as I thought the mother might be taken in custody and that secondary hæmorrhage might come on—if it had not been surgically attended it must have bled to death—it has since died.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I thought it probable that it would recover, but it was weak from loss of blood—I have never seen the mother.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-147" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-147" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-147" type="surname" value="ANGLE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-147" type="given" value="WILLIAM THOMAS"/>WILLIAM THOMAS ANGLE</persName> </hi>. I am house-surgeon at the West London</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180026"/>
<p>Hospital—on 29th June, a child about five months old was brought to me with the left hand severed about an inch above the wrist—I attended to it and it left (he hospital cured on 22nd July.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-148" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-148" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-148" type="surname" value="JONES"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-148" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>MICHAEL JONES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman T</hi> 327). On 29th June, I found the prisoner sitting in her room—she said "Oh, policeman, I have cut my baby's hand off"—I found a baby's hand, a handkerchief saturated with blood, a quantity of blood on the floor, and this table knife which has blood on it now—I asked her how she did it—she said "I was in a fit"—the breakfast things were on the table.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I was here last Session, and on the application of the prosecution the case was adjourned in consequence of the child's death, to await an Inquisition—the prisoner appeared very much distressed.; I took her to the station and she was seen by Dr. Barnes, the divisional surgeon there.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I do not know whether he is in town.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner's Statement before the Magistrate: "</hi> I hope you will not think I was in a clear conscious state when I did it."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witnesses for the Defence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-149" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-149" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-149" type="surname" value="PEARCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-149" type="given" value="ALICE"/>ALICE PEARCE</persName> </hi>. I live at Portland Street, North End, Fulham—I have been employed by the prisoner's husband to look after his wife—I have fre-quently seen her in fits; one every other day, or once a week—a fit some
<lb/>times lasts half an hour, and sometimes considerably less—I have known her three or four months—she goes about her own room in a strange manner when she is in the fits—she is a good kind affectionate mother.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COLE</hi>. She goes about in a very strange manner and does not seem to know what she is about.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-150" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-150" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-150" type="surname" value="MERRION"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-150" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>DR. EDWARD MERRION</persName> </hi>. I am a physician and have been upwards of forty years in practice—I am physician to the Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System, and a great many of these cases come under my notice—I have made notes of 600 or 700 cases—the prisoner came tinder my observation as an out-patient in July, 1871, and I have since seen her occasionally—I have made special notes of her case as being something remarkable; it is very unusual for these acts to be performed during epileptic fits, but is a recognised form of epileptiform disease, they are purely automatic acts, the patient is perfectly unconscious—it is so far complete epilepsy that there is an entire suspension of mind—in this special case, and the greater part are similar, the fit comes on with a perfectly quiescent condition; this poor woman, I understand, has always a livid appearance, and after she has been in such quiescent state a few minutes, she gets up and will occupy herself in household work, putting things away, perhaps, but she does not know it herself, and she eventually comes out. of the fit with a certain, amount of headache and lassitude; symptoms which resemble those of a regular epileptic fit—the first account she gave me was that after a mis-carriage in 1871 she had one of the attacks, and in 1872 she had four attacks, all exactly alike—I made a note of her special case, but I have not got my note-book here—I have not a doubt but that she was absolutely un
<lb/>conscious of what she was doing—I have no doubt but that it was a purely automatic act—she had the child in her hand and was going to cut a piece of bread and butter—I think that is quite consistent—it would not take much force to cut off the hand of so young a child if the knife was applied at the wrist—this is not convulsive epilepsy, we have no name for it in English, but the French call it
<hi rend="italic">vertige epileptique</hi>—the complaint is not</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180027"/>
<p>characteristic of insanity in the slightest way, the patient may be perfectly sane and fall into that condition, there is. neither homicidal or suicidal tendency, out any act which is begun before the fit may be continued—that is from my general knowledge, and also from the prisoner's special case—it is not looked upon by the profession as insanity in any form—I have made it a study.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined.</hi> I knew the prisoner first in July, 1871—I mean to tell you today that epilepsy has nothing to do with insanity—the most con
<lb/>firmed cases of insanity in women do not begin by epilepsy—I have not much to do with insanity.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> There are other medical men here; have you known many cases of. epilepsy which have been the incipient forms of the very worst cases of insanity?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Leading to insanity, yes; but not necessarily—I say that it is purely automatic.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> In the same manner she might have cut her own throat or her husband's?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Very unlikely, simply because she would be engaged in a different act—she cut the child's hand off, but that was a peculiar combina
<lb/>tion of circumstances.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I do not consider that the prisoner is in the slightest degree insane.</p>
<hi rend="italic">By</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE COURT</hi>. I should say that an automatic act and an unconscious act are identically the same; if I might illustrate it, I would give the instance of a simple experiment; you cut off a centipede's head and put the body on the table and the centipede will go on walking automatically, although it will run against anything.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">NOT GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">on the ground of unconsciousness.</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE COURT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">considered that this verdict amounted to one of</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18760918-413-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-413-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-413-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="nonComposMentis"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">on the gound of insanity, but would make a special report to the Home Secretary, in the meantime ordering the prisoner
<rs id="t18760918-413-punishment-33" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-413-punishment-33" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-413-punishment-33" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="insanity"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-413-18760918 t18760918-413-punishment-33"/>to be detained during Her Majesty's pleasure.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THIRD COURT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, September</hi> 20
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1876.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18760918-414">
<interp inst="t18760918-414" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18760918"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-414" type="date" value="18760918"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-414-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-414-18760918 t18760918-414-offence-1 t18760918-414-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18760918-414-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-414-18760918 t18760918-414-offence-2 t18760918-414-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-414-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-414-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-414-18760918" type="age" value="47"/>
<interp inst="def1-414-18760918" type="surname" value="POWLESLAND"/>
<interp inst="def1-414-18760918" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE POWLESLAND</hi> (47)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-414-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-414-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-414-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="bankrupcy"/>, for that he having been adjudged a bankrupt, feloniously did quit England and take with him part of his property; also for not fully discovering to his trustee all his property, also for obtaining goods on credit within four months of his bankruptcy,
<hi rend="italic">and</hi> </rs>
<persName id="def2-414-18760918" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-414-18760918" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-414-18760918" type="age" value="50"/>
<interp inst="def2-414-18760918" type="surname" value="BAYLISS"/>
<interp inst="def2-414-18760918" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY BAYLISS</hi> (50)</persName>
<rs id="t18760918-414-offence-2" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18760918-414-offence-2" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-414-offence-2" type="offenceSubcategory" value="bankrupcy"/>, was charged as an accessary before the act.
<hi rend="italic">Other Counts</hi>—for conspiring to cheat.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">POWLESLAND</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PLEADED GUILTY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to all the counts, except those for con-spiracy.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-153" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-153" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-153" type="surname" value="POLAND"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-153" type="given" value="PARRY,"/>MR. SERJEANT PARRY, MR. POLAND</persName> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. F. H. LEWIS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution;</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. SIMS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MORETON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">appeared for Powlesland, and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BESLEY, STRAIGHT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">GLYNN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">for Bayliss.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-154" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-154" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-154" type="surname" value="ROBINSON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-154" type="given" value="ERNEST"/>ERNEST ROBINSON</persName> </hi>. I produce the bankruptcy proceedings in the matter of Powlesland, who is described as a draper, of High Wycombe—the ad
<lb/>judication is on 20th May, and Mr. Collison is appointed receiver and manager on the 23rd—he has not filed any accounts—there are also two separate orders by the Bankruptcy Court for the prosecution of both defendants—I also produce the bankruptcy proceedings in the matter of Bayliss, dated 23rd October, 1870—he is described as of Haydon Lane, Wimbledon, and late of Battersea, draper—this is the certificate for liqui
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180028"/>
<p>under the proceedings (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>)—I do not see his discharge here—Frederick Henry Collison, of Cheapside, accountant, was trustee.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. I do not know anything about the practice of the Court of Bankruptcy as to orders to prosecute, or whether they are granted as a matter of course upon affidavit—Bayliss' was a petition for liquidation and not originally a composition—I do not see Mr. Collison's costs for investigating the affairs in this matter on the file. (
<hi rend="italic">The resolution for the liquidation of Bayliss's affairs and the appointment of a trustee was read.</hi>) That was registered on 27th January, 1871.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> The amount of debts was 974
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; total assets 278
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-155" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-155" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-155" type="surname" value="COLLISON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-155" type="given" value="FREDERICK HENRY"/>FREDERICK HENRY COLLISON</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the firm of Ladbury, Collison, & Co., of 99, Cheapside—I am trustee under the bankruptcy of Powlesland, and under the liquidation proceedings of Bayliss—the in
<lb/>debtedness of Powlesland, so far as has been ascertained, amounts to 26,972
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and the assets are put down at 2,495
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., of which 850
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. is claimed by the bankers under a bill of sale, showing a deficiency in round figures of 24,400
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 24,500
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—on 18th May I discovered that Pow
<lb/>lesland had absconded—I then communicated with Bayliss, certainly on the 23rd, and I think also on the 19th—I saw him at his premises, Beech Street, Barbican—I told him what my object was, and asked him if he could give me any information with respect to Powlesland, of High Wycombe, or of any of his property—he replied that he had seen Powlesland on the pre
<lb/>vious Tuesday, 16th May, on two occasions—he said "I paid him two sums of money, one of 50
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and one of 95
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I parted with him, and he said he was going to Aldersgate Street Station—he was in great distress of mind, but where he has gone I cannot tell, I know nothing about it"—I asked him to allow me to see what his transactions with Powlesland had been—he said "Yes," and produced a book, from which I took these short particulars (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) of recent transactions—he agreed to my sending a clerk to take further extracts, which he did, and which extended over rather more than twelve months—I have not that account before me—the transactions from February, 1875, to May, 1876, show that the total amount of goods sold by Bayliss, after deducting his commission, was 24,034
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—the commis
<lb/>sion for the latter portion I find was 5 percent.—that was commission on the sales, not interest on the advances—the amount of cash received from Bayliss for the four months preceeding the bankruptcy was 7,624
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—the account does not show the cost of the goods—it is simply an account between Powlesland and Bayliss—the cashier copied it from his books—it does not in any way mention the owners of the goods—it shows the gross amount of goods on one side, and the gross amount of sales on the other—the second interview was with my clerk, who asked him whether he had seen or heard anything further of Powlesland, and he said he had not, and inferred that it was very unlikely that he should—that was on 24th May—the 7,624
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. represents the amount of cash obtained—a large loss was evi
<lb/>dently made by the purchase of the goods between the bankrupt and the sales—I have inspected the books of Powlesland, the bankrupt, as an accountant, and I am trustee of his bankruptcy—these books have not been kept for the last twelve months, and do not disclose the amount of pur
<lb/>chases in the four months—I found invoices 'of his purchases for the last four months amongst his documents—the books and invoices were obtained from High Wycombe, the bankrupt's premises—the examination I have</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180029"/>
<p>made is ray ordinary duty astrustee of the bankrupt's estate—the invoices are here—the amount of them for the four months preceding the bankruptcy, is 17,474
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 11
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. unpaid for—the other sales, what I should call the legi
<lb/>timate business for ready money during that time, was 344
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and 1,080
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 11
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. for credit—that was the whole legitimate business—the sales made by Bayliss were 7,624
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and by Burton 2,584
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and by Young & Lee, 749
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and by other auctioneers, Brown & Son, 1,186
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 17
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—the total sales by auction, legitimate and otherwise, being 13,570
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. for what cost 17,474
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.; in other words, a loss of nearly 4,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I saw Powlesland in Newgate-street, about the 10th July, by his invitation—in answer to my inquiry whether he had any money, he said "I had 95
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and 50
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. from Mr. Bayliss; 30
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. or 35
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., I cannot recollect which, from another auctioneer, and the rest of the money I took from home"—he told me what he did with the money in Spain—when I had the conversation with Bayliss, he evidently knew me, and I him—he is undischarged under his original petition.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. Bayliss furnished me with this account of last transactions which he had with Powlesland—it was not in my mind to mention to him that the reason for my getting the accounts, was to endeavour to get material to proceed against him—very shortly after, I was aware that Powlesland had absconded—I swear I knew of no criminal proceedings against Bayliss—the books I had from Bayliss do not refer to any persons from whom the goods came—I cannot distinctly identify the goods sold at. a loss of 4,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. as the same goods purchased by Powlesland—I arrived at the conclusion by the amount of goods' I found purchased unfortunately and winch were proved for—I found goods in Bayliss' possession at a sub
<lb/>sequent period—I have not taken their value into consideration—I. knew from Bayliss that the goods, with the exception of one parcel of 36 dozen chairs were his; the chairs, would be worth 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a dozen—I know something about an auctioneer's business—the charge of 5 percent, is not unusual when goods are sold at the hammer, they seldom, if ever, realise as much as they do when sold in merchandise—I have known bankrupts' stock sold by auction not to fetch half the cost price—I was trustee under the liquidation proceedings of Bayliss in 1870—when I called on Bayliss again in 1876, in reference to the bankruptcy of Powlesland, I did not refer to Bayliss' liquidation—I don't know that I stopped 900
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. at the bank for the benefit of Bayliss' estate—I had not received the whole of my charges under the liquidation of Bayliss; I applied to my solicitors—a resolution had been passed prior to the liquidation proceedings to accept 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. in the pound—he did not pay the composition—he did not pay 200
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., or anything sufficient for 60
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. to go into my pocket for costs—he paid 125
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and my firm's costs—I believe it was paid by instal
<lb/>ments of 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. a week; it is six years since—33
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. out of that went into my pocket for costs—when I gave notice to attach all this money at the bank about 700
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. remained unpaid, due to the estate—about 600
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. was attached at the bank—I caused the whole of the stock, bed linen, and the bed he was sleeping on to be sold—I had notice that some portion of the property was not his own, but his daughter's; I continued to carry on the sale notwithstanding that—I believe I left him without any article of furniture—about 30/. was realised by the sale—he implored me to leave the goods in the warehouse for a day in order that he might carry on another sale for which he had contracted, but I removed and warehoused them—they were</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180030"/>
<p>worth about 200
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—they were claimed by other persons afterwards—I did not take them because I thought they might not be claimed—the liabilities under the liquidation were 1,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—the statutory statement filed by Bayliss shows 974
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. odd—he did not pay a penny in connection with this liquida
<lb/>tion—the liquidation proceedings were the result of the prior arrangement having broken down—the amount he paid, left 974
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. remaining—he had some book debts—I applied for them personally and by deputy, and realised 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I last applied four or five years since—I have not applied since, because the majority of the persons cannot be found—on my visit to him in May, I believe I said "I suppose you have heard nothing more of Powlesland"—he said "No, and I am not likely to," and that he saw him leave for Aldersgate Street—he said that Bayliss had paid him money and not seen him since or heard from him.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. MORETON</hi>. Powlesland's accounts are in Court—I believe up to the eve of Powlesland's absconding he was paying small amounts on account to his creditors—I don't know that from 1st May to his bankruptcy he paid as much as 1,300
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—he sent goods to four auctioneers, I think, Bayliss, Burton, Young & Lee, and Brown & Son—I caused inquiries to be made.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> Powlesland received during the four months from auction sales, book debts, and every source of receipt, 14,081
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—in May he received for the sale of goods in round numbers about 2,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—I asked Bayliss for an account of his transactions with Powlesland—he produced the books to me as being an account of goods sold for Powlesland and I caused them to be extracted; no name other than Powlesland's appeared, it was a mere cash account—I was not shown any account of where the goods came from and I don't know whether any such account exists—the copies made by my clerk from the books, extended up to 16th May, that does not include these in my hand; these represent sales made on 17th and 18th May, given in detail; they are in Bayliss' writing; they were not entered in the books when I saw them; they were subsequently sent by post, the amount of these is 848
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—the arrangement by Bayliss to pay 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. in the £ to his creditors was a private one and was made six or seven months prior to the liquidation—he paid 125
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.—nothing but the 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. was realised, nor have I been paid—the 600
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. was seized under the liquidation as belonging to Bayliss'estate under the direction of the Court of Bankruptcy—all the steps I have taken under the liquidation have been by the direction of the Court of Bankruptcy—the matter was discussed and litigated in the Court of Bankruptcy, and it decided that I was entitled to that money—I was well known as having had experience in matters connected with the drapery trade—at that time no intention had been formed of prosecuting Bayliss—I don't know when Powlesland arrived from Spain—I identify these letters (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>) as Bayliss' writing—those signed Powlesland and Thomas Morris I believe to be in Powlesland's writing.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-156" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-156" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-156" type="surname" value="LANGSFORD"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-156" type="given" value="JOSEPH MARTIN"/>JOSEPH MARTIN LANGSFORD</persName> </hi>. I am a clerk in the service of Ladbury, Collison, & Co.—the last witness is the trustee—I went with him to Bayliss' premises on 24th May—I there on that and the subsequent day copied from the ledger produced by Bayliss the account relating to the sale of goods for Mr. Powlesland down to 16th May this year—the ledger I had first begun on 18th February, 1876; it showed a balance against Powlesland of 927
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. on 18th February—when I found that I asked for the earlier ledgers and Bayliss said he had not got them there, but would bring them</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180031"/>
<p>the next morning-on the following morning I again went to Baylies' pre
<lb/>mises and saw him; he showed me two earlier ledgers from which I copied out this account relating to Powlesland's goods from 25th February, 1875—the total amount of goods sold for Powlesland from that date to 16th May, 1876, is 24,034
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., and for the four months before the bankruptcy the sales were 7,232
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 19
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 56
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—the accounts do not show the names of the per
<lb/>sons who supplied the goods—the sums I have given you are the sums actually realised by the sales, less commission, 5 percent.-this is the copy (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>).</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. I called on 24th May, Wednesday—I keep a diary of the work done and I referred to it before I came out and found it was Wednesday.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> The ledgers were the only books relating to Bayliss' trans
<lb/>actions—he did not show me any further details of the account sales.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-157" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-157" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-157" type="surname" value="HOOTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-157" type="given" value="RICHARD PAWSON"/>RICHARD PAWSON HOOTON</persName> </hi>. I am a silk salesman in the London Ware-house Company—I sold some articles to Powlesland on 25th April at our warehouse, 100, Wood Street, where he attended and selected black silks to the extent of 85
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. on the usual trade terms, with which I have nothing to do.</p>
<hi rend="italic">By</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">THE COURT</hi>. The terms would appear on the invoice in the ordinary course—the invoices tally with the sale-book (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>), it includes many other things which he purchased on the same day—I know nothing of the packing or sending—I simply sold the goods.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. My firm had considerable dealings with Powlesland—I apprehend he had paid for some goods, or he would have been no longer supplied with them—I am not prepared to say whether my firm took bills—It is. not a portion of my business to inquire—he had had dealings with us for more than a year.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-158" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-158" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-158" type="surname" value="ISAACS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-158" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>ALFRED ISAACS</persName> </hi>. I am a buyer in the crape department of the London Warehouse Company—I know Powlesland—I sold him goods of 25th April to the amount of 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—they are invoiced to him in these three lines.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. We have had dealings with him for some time.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-159" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-159" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-159" type="surname" value="ARCHER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-159" type="given" value="FREDERICK GEORGE"/>FREDERICK GEORGE ARCHER</persName> </hi> I am a buyer in the Scotch and Manchester departments of the London Warehouse Company—I know Powlesland-on 25th April I sold him a lot of goods from my department amounting to 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 14s—they are contained in this invoice.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-160" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-160" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-160" type="surname" value="GEORGE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-160" type="given" value="THOMAS LOVELL"/>THOMAS LOVELL GEORGE</persName> </hi>. I am a buyer and salesman in the merino department of the London Warehouse Company—I sold Powlesland a lot of goods from my department amounting to 75
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.-a portion of them appear in this invoice; I cannot say whether it is the whole—I sent the goods down into the entering-room—they are all here.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-161" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-161" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-161" type="surname" value="REDDOCK"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-161" type="given" value="ALEXANDER"/>ALEXANDER REDDOCK</persName> </hi>. I am a buyer and salesman in the stuffs depart
<lb/>ment of the London Warehouse Company-on 25th April I sold to Powles-knd goods to the amount of 108
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., contained in this invoice.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-162" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-162" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-162" type="surname" value="HARWOOD"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-162" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN HARWOOD</persName> </hi>. I am in the calico department of the London Ware-house Company, and on 25th April, I sold Powlesland good's to the extent of 271
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 13
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in this invoice.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-163" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-163" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-163" type="surname" value="KIMBELL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-163" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM KIMBELL</persName> </hi>. I am in the packing department of the London Warehouse Company-on 25th April, a lot of goods were packed under my instructions for Powlesland, of High Wycombe—the invoice produced</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180032"/>
<p>represents them—the total is 560
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 13
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., it consists of silks, calicoes erinoes, stuffs, and so on—they were directed to G. Powlesland, High Wycombe, by Payne, the carrier—I had before that directed goods to Powlesland in my department; Payne or his carmen would call for them sometimes, not always-Brooks called for these; he was in Payne's employ—It is the practice to send the invoice afterwards by post—the goods were taken away on May 1st-Brooks signed for them.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Gross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. This is the entry made by me:"G. Powlesland, High Wycombe, nine trasses and one box "-several parcels have been packed for Powlesland under my direction—I have not sent any direct to Bayliss' place to my knowledge—I do not know that Bayliss had auction rooms.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">J. W. GRANT</hi>. I was accountant for the company, I did not make out this invoice-my duty is to order packed goods to be sent or stop them—I re
<lb/>member the goods mentioned in this invoice being sent to Mr. Powlesland, of High Wycombe—they were purchased on credit, what we call one clear month and a three months' bill—I spoke to him before he went into the warehouse to make his purchases—he said "I am going into the warehouse to buy "-at the time of his bankruptcy, he owed the London Warehouse Company 2,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. odd—I certainly should not have allowed the goods to go if I had known they were going to Bayliss' to be sold by auction—I have looked over the account rendered by Bayliss of the amount of sales he had made for Powlesland, and I saw some of the goods agreeing in some particu
<lb/>lars with part of the goods sold—I have the invoice before me; I find here six pieces of goods sold in the silk department—they correspond in some particulars with the goods sold on 25th April; 6 1/2 turquoise sold at 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., bought at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 4 3/4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; 96 or 90 of blue green sold at 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., bought at 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; 97 sold at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 11
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., bought at 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 11 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; 97 3/4 sold at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., bought at 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.; 95 1/2 sold at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., bought at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6 3/4; 91 sold at 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., bought at 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1 3/4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I do not recognise the merino—I am not able to recognise any other item—I recognise the silk in three particulars; the number of pieces, the length in yards, and the description—the prices are, of course, very much lower than the cost—I have got in
<hi rend="italic">my</hi> figures the prices at which they were sold to Powlesland, and have got in Mr. Bayliss' account the prices at which they
<hi rend="italic">were</hi> sold at auction, and have therefore been able to give the difference in the prices as sold by us and sold by him these goods were not paid for, and there is over 2,000
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. still owing-we re
<lb/>ceived this letter from Mr. Powlesland. (
<hi rend="italic">Read:</hi> "High Wycombe, April 27th, 1876. My Dear Sir,—In reply to yours just to hand, after I left you on Tuesday, on looking through the different departments, I know that I bought more than I intended to, but the next few weeks I can sell a lot of goods. I am pleased to inform you that my cheque for 116
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. is provided for, and next week you shall have the cash for the May bill, 324
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 18
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and as it is market day, to-morrow, I hope you won't detain the goods. The waggon will leave the Bell Inn at 5 o'clock this day. You are aware I have the whole of the drapery to myself in the High Street, as Webb & Fitch's house is taken by a grocer, and I mean to do the trade, and no mis
<lb/>take. Don't be afraid, my friend, I will pay you, and do all I can. I am, &c., George Powlesland." The May bill was partly paid—the goods were sent on 1st May—the goods named here were purchased in April and sent in May.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi> I am not in the service of the company</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180033"/>
<p>now—I left on 31st July—I received my discharge on the ground, as the chairman told me, of reducing the expenses of the company—the goods agree in some particulars, the number of pieces bought, length in yards, and the description of the goods in this particular department bought on that day—the six pieces of goods only.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. MORETON</hi>. 155
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. of the May bill was paid.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> That related to goods bought four or five months before none of this has ever been paid.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-164" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-164" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-164" type="surname" value="HOOTTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-164" type="given" value="RICHARD PAWSON"/>RICHARD PAWSON HOOTTON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I have heard the last witnesses evidence as to identity—I have looked at Mr. Bayliss' sale account and compared it with my invoice—I sold Powlesland six pieces of silk on April 25th, which agreed wholly with the sale sheet of Mr. Bayliss as regards the length, the description, and the difference in price, between what I sold them at and what they realised, and I believe them to be the same.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-165" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-165" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-165" type="surname" value="BROOKS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-165" type="given" value="FREDERICK FREE"/>FREDERICK FREE BROOKS</persName> </hi>. I am a carman, employed by Mr. Payne, carrier, from London to High Wycombe—he was in the habit of carrying goods for Mr. Powlesland, a draper, of High Wycombe-his name was written in white letters on the off-side of the cart-that was the cart that I invariably took to carry away Mr. Powlesland's goods-my master had a contract with Powlesland for carrying his goods—I don't know from Powles
<lb/>land what the terms were, only by Mr. Payne explaining it to me himself—Mr. Payne's cart stands at the Oxford Arms, Warwick Lane—sometimes, I got the goods from the Bell Inn, in Warwick Lane also—I remember going to the London Warehouse Company on 1st May, and receiving a lot of goods—I see my signature here for nine trusses and one box—I took them direct to Mr. Bayliss, and delivered them to him in Beech Street, Barbican—I believe I saw him; I am not certain—I have been in the habit of delivering goods there before; only for Mr. Powlesland—I used the cart generally in my business.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. I delivered goods to other persons; to Mr. Burton, an auctioneer, and other auctioneers in exactly the same way the goods I delivered to Bayliss were addressed to Powlesland, High Wycombe, I believe—I took them to Bayliss according to his instructions.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-166" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-166" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-166" type="surname" value="WHITE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-166" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>SAMUEL WHITE</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the firm of Spreckley, White, & Co.,. of Cannon Street, warehousemen—I never saw Powlesland before he came on 20th April, when he bought some clothes and cashmeres amounting to 35
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I asked who he was, and was told that he was Mr. Powlesland, of High Wycombe—they were sold in the ordinary course of our business—our usual course is that we give one clear month and allow 2 1/2 per cent., or a three months' bill at the end of the month—I find in this invoice the goods sold—I think Powlesland owed us about 140
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. when he was bankrupt, I cannot say exactly-this was the first transaction with him for severa years, seven or eight at least, and they were unpaid for.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. The money would not be due for the goods at the date of his bankruptcy-we never had any of his money.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-167" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-167" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-167" type="surname" value="BARRON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-167" type="given" value="ROBERT HARRY"/>ROBERT HARRY BARRON</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the firm of Speckley, White, &Co.-on 20th April I sold Powlesland some jackets, capes, and silks for 54
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. on the usual credit—I find the invoice relating to those goods before me—the goods after they are purchased, would go to the entering room in the usual way.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-168" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-168" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-168" type="surname" value="EASTMAN"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-168" type="given" value="HARRY"/>HARRY EASTMAN</persName> </hi>. I am a salesman in the service of Spreckley, White,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180034"/>
<p>& Co.-on 20th April I sold Powlesland some skirts for 4
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. on the ordinary terms—I find the invoice here relating to them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-169" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-169" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-169" type="surname" value="SEDGWICK"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-169" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>SAMUEL SEDGWICK</persName> </hi>. I am manager of the entering department at Spreckley, White, & Co.'s—I saw Powlesland in the warehouse on 20th April—he spoke to me about these goods, and told me Payne the carrier would call for them, and that he would carry them to High Wycombe cheaper than any other—the invoice I have here amounts to 58
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-170" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-170" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-170" type="surname" value="TURNER"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-170" type="given" value="AARON"/>AARON TURNER</persName> </hi>. I am a packer in the service of Spreckley, White, & Co., and on 20th April I packed some goods for G. Powlesland, High Street, High Wycombe, and they were delivered to the carman of the carrier Payne on the 21st—I have my book-Brooks signed for them in this book.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">F. F. BROOKS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). This entry on 21st April in this book is signed by me-two bales and one case—I remember receiving the goods in Mr. Payne's cart—I believe I took those to Bayliss, in Beech Steet, Barbican—I took one lot to Messrs. Burton, but I do not know when.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-171" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-171" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-171" type="surname" value="METCALFE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-171" type="given" value="WALTER"/>WALTER METCALFE</persName> </hi>. I am in the employ of Messrs. Youngs & Co., of Watling Street-on 6th April I sold Powlesland some buttons to the amount of 27
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in the ordinary course of trade.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-172" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-172" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-172" type="surname" value="WEATHERSTON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-172" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY WEATHERSTON</persName> </hi>. I am manager in the counting house of Messrs. Evans & Co.-Powlesland was indebted to our firm in April last for goods sold 55
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. some odd shillings-total indebtedness 155
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 19
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—there were not any paid for.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-173" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-173" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-173" type="surname" value="PRINCE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-173" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY PRINCE</persName> </hi>. I am foreman in the packing room of Messrs. Evans & Co., and in April last I directed—three boxes to G. Powlesland of High Wycombe, which were delivered to him on the 7th—I have my delivery book here-Brooks received them—I also directed three more boxes on 10th May, and delivered them to Brooks.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">F. F. BROOKS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I delivered one of the two lots I received on these two dates to Mr. Bayliss, and one to Messrs. Young & Lee.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-174" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-174" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-174" type="surname" value="HULBERT"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-174" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY HULBERT</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the firm of Beddoe & Hulbert, Wood Street-on 4th May my firm supplied Powlesland with goods to the amount of 16
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I have the invoice before me and a further invoice for the same day of different goods amounting to 23
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 16
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., total 40
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. they were supplied on credit in the ordinary course of trade.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-175" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-175" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-175" type="surname" value="MARSH"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-175" type="given" value="WALTER"/>WALTER MARSH</persName> </hi>.
<hi rend="italic">I</hi> am delivery clerk to Messrs. Beddoe & Hulbert—I delivered the goods mentioned in these invoices to Payne at the Bell Inn; it was one large case—I have got my delivery book, "4th May, G. Powlesland, High Wyoombe, by Payne, Bell Inn, taken by Walter; one case, charge 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—I think the signature is "Wm. D."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">F. F. BROOKS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I expect I received these goods at the Bell Inn on 4th May, but I don't know for certain the date—I delivered the case to Mr. Bayliss.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-176" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-176" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-176" type="surname" value="DOWNE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-176" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM DOWNE</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the firm of Messrs. Morley-on 27th March we received an order by post, which we executed and sent in the regular way—the invoice is with Mr. Lewis, I think—I do not know the amount of it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-177" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-177" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-177" type="surname" value="SHERIFF"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-177" type="given" value="HENRY CHARLES"/>HENRY CHARLES SHERIFF</persName> </hi>. I am in the entering room—I speak to an order received and duly executed for flannels and blankets—the amount I believe is with Messrs. Lewis—the goods were packed by a man named Williams.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. They were first sent to the Bell Inn, which is the receiving house for the line which stops at High Wycombe.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180035"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-178" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-178" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-178" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-178" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WILLIAMS</persName> </hi>. I am a packer in the employ of Messrs. Morley-on 29th March I packed two trusses for Mr. Powlesland—I sent them to High Wycombe—they were ordered to be sent to Mr. Payne.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">F. F. BROOKS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). I had one box on 24th March—I have nothing in my book on the 29th—I should fancy they went to High Wycombe; if they went straight there I should not have them in my book—I delivered one box to Bayliss on the 24th, from Morley, from the Bell Inn, Warwick Lane.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-179" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-179" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-179" type="surname" value="DOWNE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-179" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM DOWNE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). It was 29th March they were sent and the amount was 32
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and they could not therefore have been delivered on the 24th.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-180" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-180" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-180" type="surname" value="DAVIS"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-180" type="given" value="ELIAS"/>ELIAS DAVIS</persName> </hi>. I am a merchant of Cheapside—the amount of these invoices is about 200?. and something-these goods were supplied on the dates of the invoices, no doubt-that is 11th April, 46
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; April 20th, 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; 24th, 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.; they refer to Powlesland, of High Wycombe—I know very little personally—I should think the amount of the indebtedness, speaking in round figures, would be nearly 800
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>—they were no doubt sup
<lb/>plied on credit.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. GLYNN</hi>. The terms would be one clear month and four credit-that would be by bill or 2 1/2 discount.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-181" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-181" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-181" type="surname" value="LAVIGNE"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-181" type="given" value="MORRIS"/>MORRIS LAVIGNE</persName> </hi>. I am a warehouseman in the service of Moses, Son, & Davis—I sold the principal part of the goods in the invoice—If the amount is 500
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. perhaps I sold 400
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. out of it—I believe I sold to Powlesland goods on the 10th, 11th, and 20th amounting to between 400
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and 500
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.; they were—sent to the entering-room to be packed.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>. Powlesland had been dealing with us some few years—I don't know that he was embarrassed at all—I had nothing to do with the counting-house business—I am not able to say what moneys he has paid since 1st January—I received no directions that the goods were not to go—I served him and that is all I had to do.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Re-examined.</hi> I know nothing of his having sold these goods by auction through Mr. Bayliss, or anyone else, but I have heard of persons saying they bought stuff much cheaper than they could get it of us.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-182" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-182" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-182" type="surname" value="MITCHELL"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-182" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES MITCHELL</persName> </hi>. I am entering clerk in the firm of Moses, Son, & Davis—I am not the ledger clerk, I am the giver down, commonly called entering man—I delivered the goods to Payne, the carrier, I believe—I have got my delivery-book here-these goods were delivered to Brooks, I believe, seven trusses-"March 24th, Powlesland, of High Wycombe, seven trusses, paid for booking 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.," it looks like "11th April, three hampers and three trusses"—the first signature does not appear to be Brooks', but the second is positively—I can scarcely decipher it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BESLEY</hi>. I remember these deliveries for the simple reason that the parcels were so large they were in my way and I was glad when he called for them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">F.F. BROOKS</hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined</hi>). The first entry is not mine—I should say it was made by some one at the Bell Inn—they were delivered at the Bell Inn and went to High Wycombe, no doubt—the 11th April refers to those taken to Mr. Bayliss, three hampers and three trusses-when I delivered goods to Bayliss I always delivered them in the cart with High Wycombe on it the same as I received them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18760918-name-183" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18760918-name-183" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-183" type="surname" value="JOHNSON"/>
<interp inst="t18760918-name-183" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM JOHNSON</persName> </hi>. I am salesman in the service of Leaf, Son, & Co., in the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="187609180036"/>
<p>merino department-early in February I sold some merino to Powlesland to the amount of 99
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. odd-this is the amount mentioned in this invoice.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">