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<hi rend="largeCaps">CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CARDEN, MAYOR. TENTH SESSION</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">A star</hi> (*)
<hi rend="italic">denotes that prisoners have been previously in custody—two stars</hi> (**)
<hi rend="italic">that they have been more than once in custody—An obelisk</hi> (†)
<hi rend="italic">that they are known to be the associates of bad characters—the figures after the name in the indictment denote the prisoner's age.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">LONDON AND MIDDLESEX CASES</hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, August</hi> 16
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1858.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PRESENT</hi>—The Right Hon. the
<hi rend="largeCaps">LORD MAYOR</hi>; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-1" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-1" type="surname" value="MARSHALL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-1" type="given" value="CHAPMAN"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CHAPMAN MARSHALL</hi> </persName>, Knt., Ald.; Mr. Ald.
<hi rend="smallCaps">FARNCOMB</hi>; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-2" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-2" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-2" type="surname" value="MOON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-2" type="given" value="FRANCIS GRAHAM"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">FRANCIS GRAHAM MOON</hi> </persName>, Bart., Ald.; and Mr.
<hi rend="smallCaps">COMMON SERJEANT</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant and the First Jury.</hi> </p>
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<persName id="def1-726-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-726-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-726-18580816" type="age" value="29"/>
<interp inst="def1-726-18580816" type="surname" value="BORROMEO"/>
<interp inst="def1-726-18580816" type="given" value="ALEXANDER CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ALEXANDER CHARLES BORROMEO</hi> (29)</persName>, was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-726-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-726-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="sexual"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-726-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="bigamy"/> for Bigamy.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-4" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-4" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-4" type="surname" value="SADLER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-4" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES SADLER</persName> </hi>. I live at No. 3, Churton Street, Pimlico, and am a teacher. In the year 1842 I knew the prisoner—he was paying his addresses to my sister for three or four months; I was in the habit of seeing him constantly. On 30th October, 1842, I was present at the pariah church of Upper Chelsea, Middlesex, when he was married to my sister, Mary Ann Sadler—after the marriage, my sister and he lived together. I was fre
<lb/>quently in the habit of seeing them—he removed from our place for about a week, and took apartments, and then he removed back to my mother's house and lived with us. I was in the habit of seeing him for about four years after the marriage—I have no doubt whatever about the prisoner being the man that was married to my sister; he ceased to live with her about 1846.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> Will you swear distinctly that I am the party that married your sister?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I have done so already. I cannot tell what age you were then—I did say you were from 19 to 20, as far as I could judge from yourappearance—I have never seen you since 1846—I cannot say whether my sister has—I have not heard that she has—I was not at home at the time—my sister is not here.</p>
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<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> When did you last see your sister alive?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> This morning.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-5" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-5" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-5" type="surname" value="MILLS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-5" type="given" value="CORDELIA"/>CORDELIA MILLS</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of George Mills, and reside at Cathron, in Surrey—I was at the church in 1842, when my sister Mary Ann was married—the prisoner is the person to whom she was married—I had seen him three or four months previously to the marriage, and I saw him for about four years after the marriage—I have not the least doubt he is the person.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> When did your sister see me last?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I think you called three years after you left her—you left her about 1846, and it was three years after that that you called, but she never spoke to you; she only saw you for a few moments—I saw you on that occasion; you called to see her, but she would not see you—I have never seen you since—you are the man that married my sister in 1842—I went to the church with you—it was Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea. I cannot say exactly what age you appeared to be at that time; I should imagine 19 or 20, or perhaps more.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Where did he live with your sister after the marriage?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> In my mother's house; I was at home then, in the same house, living under the same roof—he neverprovided a house for my sister—we were very much deceived indeed.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> Have you not stated that I was a relative of the Earl of Harrowby's?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No, I never stated that a sister of yours was an aunt or a relative of his—I heard that you had a brother-in-law, a canon of Lichfield, but I know nothing of it, except what I heard from yourself—you brought a gentleman to our house, who you said was the Rev. Canon Rider.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-6" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-6" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-6" type="surname" value="MILLS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-6" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE MILLS</persName> </hi>. I am the husband of the last witness—I was not present at the marriage—shortly after the marriage I saw the prisoner and my wife's sister living as man and wife, at her mother's house—I was married to the last witness in 1844, and from '44 to '46 I know them living together as man and wife. I have no doubt whatever of his being the husband of my wife's sister.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> You have heard me ask your wife whether I was a relative of the Earl of Harrowby's?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, I know nothing whatever about it—I never saw the gentleman called the Rev. Canon Rider—I cannot tell what age you were at that period; I should say you were about 19—I mean in 1844.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you see him at all between 1846, and the time when he was in custody on this charge?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Not at all—I lost sight of him entirely.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-7" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-7" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-7" type="surname" value="FROGGATT"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-7" type="given" value="ANNA MARIA"/>ANNA MARIA FROGGATT</persName> </hi>. I am now living at my father's house at Sheffield—I became acquainted with the prisoner in 1847 at Preston, where I was on a visit to some friends. In November that year I accompanied him to Gretna Green—he had previously made a proposal of marriage to me. I had not the least idea that he was a married man—we were married at Gretna hall by the Rev. Mr. Linton, by special licence—the marriage ceremony was read by the Rev. Mr. Linton, as it is in a church,—the prisoner declared himself a single man—I don't remember distinctly what was said on the occasion, but we were legally married—we declared ourselves single persons, and Mr. Linton declared us to be husband and wife.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Was any question asked of either of you, as to whether you wished to be married?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, he asked if we were willing to be married.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did he ask each of you if you were willing to be married?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, and we answered, yes—we agreed to be husband and wife, and the ceremony was then gone through; and after the ceremony was gone through, Mr. Linton declared us to be man and wife. We were legally</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160003"/>
<p>married according to the laws of Scotland, which laws are recognised by the laws of England. When Mr. Linton asked us if we were willing to be married, we consented—I said, "I take you to be my husband," and the prisoner consented to take me to be his wife—he said so distinctly—we afterwards lived together as man and wife, and continued to do so till 1851. I had one little girl by that marriage; she is about 9 years of age. In 1851, the prisoner deserted me in Liverpool—I never saw him since, until he was in custody. At the time he married me, he passed by the name of Marco Emile de St. Hiliare. I have my marriage certificate here (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>)—this is the prisoner's signature, "Marco Emile de St. Hiliare,"—I saw him sign this—this, "Anna Maria Froggatt," is my writing—this was signed by him at Gretna hall. The Rev. Mr. Linton gave me this certificate—(
<hi rend="italic"> Read:</hi> "Kingdom of Scotland, county of Dumfries, parish of Gretna. These are to certify, to all to whom these presents may come, that Marco Emile de St. Hiliare, of the parish of Montmorenci, in the county or department of the Seine, France, and Anna Maria Froggatt, of the parish of St. Philip, Sheffield, Yorkshire, being now here present, and having declared themselves single persons, were this day married, agreeable to the law of Scotland; as witness our hands at Gretna hall, this 15th day of November, 1847, Marco Emile de St. Hiliare, Anna Maria Froggatt; wit
<lb/>nessed by John Young, John Linton, and Jane Linton.") There was also a notice of the marriage in the newspapers.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> What age was I in 1847?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I do not know—you stated yourself to be 24 years of age—I thought you appeared to be about 30. I knew you about six weeks before our marriage—the last time I saw you was on 18th November, 1851. I made enquiries as to the legality of the marriage—I enquired of several parties; I cannot tell of whom, a long time has expired—I have letters that I received from Mr. Linton, assuring me that it was a legal marriage. Mr. Linton and his sister were present at the marriage—I did not know Mr. Linton before.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> What did the prisoner himself say to you about being married at Gretna Green; did he tell you it was a legal marriage?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, he said he had made every inquiry, and the marriage would be perfectly legal and binding.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-8" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-8" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-8" type="surname" value="ALLEN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-8" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY ALLEN</persName> </hi>. I am the prosecuting officer to the Associate Institution for the enforcing of the laws for the protection of women. I went to Scotland two or three months ago, and obtained this paper from Gretna Green (
<hi rend="italic">producing one.</hi>) I compared it with the original register kept there, and it is a true copy—it was given me by a Mrs. Linton—Mr. Linton who performed the marriage, is dead—I also went to Trinity Church, Chelsea, and obtained a copy of the marriage register there; I compared it with the original, and it is a true copy.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> Who directed you to commence this prosecution against me?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Mr. Shane, of the firm of Shane and Roscoe, Bedford Row; they were instructed by the Associate Institution, of which I am the officer—I do not know who the person was who originally directed the Society to prosecute you; they did not give me the directions; the directions came through the committee of the Society, and Mr. Shane. I have not seen any of the members of the Society in Court to-day.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-9" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-9" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-9" type="surname" value="STUART,"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-9" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT STUART, ESQ</persName> </hi>. I am a member of the Scottish and English bar—I practise in Scotland, and am conversant with Scottish law—I have heard Miss Froggatt examined here to-day—I have heard her describe what took place at Gretna hall between her and the prisoner—I have no</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160004"/>
<p>hesitation in saying that that would constitute a valid marriage in Scotland.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Does it not depend upon whether the intention of the parties went with the words that were spoken and the acts that were done?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes; the intention of the parties is material certainly; they must intend that what is said and done should issue in a marriage, and that they should be man and wife in consequence of it; they must really deliberately intend and consent to take each other as man and wife. I should mention that this constitutes what is called an irregular marriage—a regular marriage is, as it is here, by the publication of banns—but this is a perfectly good marriage with regard to all the rights of the parties—the substance of a contract in marriage, as in everything else, is the intention of the parties; it does not depend upon the intention of the man—if the prisoner and Miss Froggatt went through a form of marriage, the meaning of which was that they took each other as man and wife, and if there was good faith on the part of Miss Froggatt, and she intended to take him for her husband, and he went through a form supporting her in that intention and belief, and the facts were such as she has spoken to, that would be, although an irregular, a perfectly valid marriage. I do not think his in
<lb/>tention is so material, under the circumstances of the case; it has been decided in Scotland that where there is what is called a
<hi rend="italic">mid impediment</hi>—that is, where the man has refrained from acknowledging the woman, and, in the meantime, married another person in the regular way, and then the second wife died, and he afterwards married the person with whom he con
<lb/>tracted the irregular connexion, her good faith alone had the effect of legitimizing the offspring.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner, in a very long defence, entered into the circumstances of a previous prosecution for an offence of which he was convicted, and asserted that that, case, as well as the present, was the result of a conspiracy against him on the part of Mr. Baxter Langley, and other members of an Italian confede
<lb/>ration, whose enmity he had, aroused by denouncing their schemes of assassination. He denied that he was the party that married Miss Sadler, and stated that he was in Paris at the time, which he could have proved if time had been allowed him—he also denied that he had ever seen Miss Froggatt before he saw her at Bow Street.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner, to</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MISS FROGGATT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> How came you to come from Sheffield to London?—who informed you that I was a prisoner here in London?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I received a letter from Mr. Shane, the solicitor—I have not got it with me. I was brought up as a witness—I was alone when I came to the prison—I went to Coldbath-fields with Mr. Langley.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-726-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-726-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-726-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
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<interp inst="t18580816-727" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-727" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-727-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-727-18580816 t18580816-727-offence-1 t18580816-727-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-727-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-727-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-727-18580816" type="age" value="29"/>
<interp inst="def1-727-18580816" type="surname" value="BORROMEO"/>
<interp inst="def1-727-18580816" type="given" value="ALEXANDER CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ALEXANDER CHARLES BORROMEO</hi> </persName> was
<hi rend="italic">again</hi> indicted
<rs id="t18580816-727-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-727-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="sexual"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-727-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="bigamy"/> for a like offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-11" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-11" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-11" type="surname" value="SADLER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-11" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES SADLER</persName> </hi>. I was present in 1842 when my sister was married to the prisoner at the parish church, Chelsea—I saw the marriage ceremony performed—my sister is still alive.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-12" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-12" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-12" type="surname" value="MURRAY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-12" type="given" value="MARGARET"/>MARGARET MURRAY</persName> </hi>. I became acquainted with the prisoner at Sligo, in Ireland, in 1853—I knew him for about ten or twelve months before I married him—he was living in Sligo during the whole of that time—he was practising as a doctor, and lecturing—he was passing by the name of Dr. Tucker. He married me at the parish church of St. John, Sligo, on 5th March, 1853, by a clergyman in the usual way—he represented himself to me as a single man—he lived with me for almost three years after he</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160005"/>
<p>married me—the result of that marriage was a child, who it still alive. He left me with my own consent—he returned, but only stayed one day—he left because he said he could not earn money in Dublin, but he could elsewhere.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I admit the truth of her evidence.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-13" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-13" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-13" type="surname" value="ALLEN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-13" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY ALLEN</persName> </hi>. I went to the parish church of Sligo, in Ireland, and obtained a copy of the marriage register there—I compared it with the original; it is a true copy. (
<hi rend="italic">This certified a marriage between Alessandro Borromeo and Margaret Murray, by licence.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> Although I was practising under the name of Dr. Tucker, Miss Murray and every one in the town knew me by the name of Borromeo.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MISS MURRAY</hi>. I married him in the name of Borromeo; he was known by the name of Tucker—we were married by licence. I was entitled to 250
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. which the prisoner had from me.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-727-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-727-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-727-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-727-punishment-1" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-727-punishment-1" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-727-punishment-1" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-727-18580816 t18580816-727-punishment-1"/>Four years penal servitude.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MISS MURRAY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">stated that the prisoner had ill-used her after their marriage, and
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi> stated that the prisoner had also married another lady, whom he had ill-used and deserted.</hi>)</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-728">
<interp inst="t18580816-728" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-728" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-728-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-728-18580816 t18580816-728-offence-1 t18580816-728-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-728-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-728-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-728-18580816" type="age" value="34"/>
<interp inst="def1-728-18580816" type="surname" value="JOHNSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-728-18580816" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY JOHNSON</hi> (34)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-728-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-728-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-728-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/>, Stealing a gas bracket, value 7
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-15" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-15" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-15" type="surname" value="CHAPLIN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-15" type="given" value="WILLIAM JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-728-offence-1 t18580816-name-15"/>William James Chaplin</persName> and others, fixed to a building, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-728-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-728-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-728-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.*—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-728-punishment-2" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-728-punishment-2" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-728-punishment-2" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-728-18580816 t18580816-728-punishment-2"/>Confined Fifteen Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-729">
<interp inst="t18580816-729" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-729" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-729-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-729-18580816 t18580816-729-offence-1 t18580816-729-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-729-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-729-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-729-18580816" type="age" value="36"/>
<interp inst="def1-729-18580816" type="surname" value="DEW"/>
<interp inst="def1-729-18580816" type="given" value="JOSEPH JENNINGS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSEPH JENNINGS DEW</hi> (36)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-729-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-729-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-729-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/>, Embezzling the sums of 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., and other monies, which he had received on account of
<persName id="t18580816-name-17" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-17" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-17" type="surname" value="COWDERY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-17" type="given" value="GEORGE THOMAS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-729-offence-1 t18580816-name-17"/>George Thomas Cowdery</persName>, his master, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-729-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-729-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-729-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>. (
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner received a good character.)—
<rs id="t18580816-729-punishment-3" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-729-punishment-3" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-729-punishment-3" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-729-18580816 t18580816-729-punishment-3"/>Confined Twelve</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">Months.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-730">
<interp inst="t18580816-730" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-730" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-730-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-730-18580816 t18580816-730-offence-1 t18580816-730-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-730-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-730-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-730-18580816" type="age" value="62"/>
<interp inst="def1-730-18580816" type="surname" value="CHAMPION"/>
<interp inst="def1-730-18580816" type="given" value="ISAAC"/>
<interp inst="def1-730-18580816" type="occupation" value="sunday watchman at warehouse"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ISAAC CHAMPION</hi> (62)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-730-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-730-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-730-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/>, Feloniously breaking and entering the warehouse of
<persName id="t18580816-name-19" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-19" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-19" type="surname" value="HARDING"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-19" type="given" value="AUGUSTUS DREW"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-19" type="occupation" value="wharfinger"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-730-offence-1 t18580816-name-19"/>Augustus Drew Harding</persName>, his master, and stealing 6lbs. of flour, value 18
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., his property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-20" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-20" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-20" type="surname" value="PUTNEY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-20" type="given" value="JOHN GEORGE"/>JOHN GEORGE PUTNEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 496). On Sunday, 11th July, a little after 2 in the afternoon, I was on duty in Queenhithe, and saw the prisoner coming from one of Mr. Drew's warehouses on the wharf; he was in the act of closing the door—I knew he was the Sunday watchman there. I saw him stoop as though he was placing something on the ground; I could not see what he was doing—I was about twelve or fourteen yards from him—there was a van in front of the door at the same time. I saw a female standing in Queenhithe, about twelve yards from the warehouse door—it was the prisoner's daughter—I afterwards took her into custody about 200 yards off, and found about 6lbs. of flour in her possession, tied up in a bag, and an old handkerchief or duster—the prisoner remained on the wharf.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. RIBTON</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you weigh the flour?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes. I cannot tell how many warehouses there are on the wharf—I was sent on duty there by my Inspector. I swear I saw the prisoner come out of the warehouse; it is a tin and copper warehouse, but there were some bags of flour there.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-21" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-21" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-21" type="surname" value="NORMINGTON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-21" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM NORMINGTON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 486). I was with Putney. I saw the prisoner come out of the warehouse, turn round, and close the door after him—I walked away with Putney, and he took the daughter into custody. I afterwards went back and took the prisoner into custody—I told him he must go to the station with me, and asked where he got the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160006"/>
<p>flour from that he gave to his daughter; he said he had bought it, and he had bought bread of the same person on a Sunday morning. I asked what he was doing in the warehouse—he said he was not in the warehouse. I asked where he bought the flour—he said he bought it of a man, but he could not tell me who he was; he said he should not know him if he saw him again.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> When you first saw him, was he not at the threshold of the door?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> He was not; I saw him come right out of the warehouse, and close the door.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-22" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-22" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-22" type="surname" value="ROBINSON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-22" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>EDWARD ROBINSON</persName> </hi>. I am foreman to Augustus Drew Harding, of Bell Wharf, Wharfinger. The prisoner was employed as a watchman on the Sunday—he had no right whatever to be in the warehouse—the keys are kept hanging up in the counting-house—the prisoner could get access to them by opening the window, and getting in—there was flour stored in this particular warehouse—I have examined the flour produced; I believe it formed a portion of the flour in our stock, by the appearance of it—I could not swear to it. I have examined and weighed some of the sacks in the warehouse, and found 3 sacks out of 10 in one consignment deficient to the extent of 9lbs., 7lbs., and 61bs. I saw that the warehouse was locked on the Saturday night, and the keys hung on the usual nail.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> How long was the prisoner in the service?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> He has been there, on and off, ever since I have, which is a year and nine months—he was employed as a labourer during the week, and on Sundays as a watchman—the flour came from Snake, in Suffolk. 2 sacks in another consignment were alao short—sacks never come to us short—I never knew it</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-730-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-730-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-730-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Monday, August</hi> 16
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1858.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PRESENT</hi>—Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-23" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-23" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-23" type="surname" value="LAURIE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-23" type="given" value="PETER"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">PETER LAURIE</hi> </persName>, Knt., Ald.; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-24" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-24" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-24" type="surname" value="MARSHALL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-24" type="given" value="CHAPMAN"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CHAPMAN MARSHALL</hi> </persName>, Knt., Ald.; Mr. Ald.
<hi rend="smallCaps">CUBITT</hi>, M.P.; and
<persName id="t18580816-name-25" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-25" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-25" type="surname" value="PRENDERGAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-25" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MICHAEL PRENDERGAST</hi> </persName>, Esq. Q.C.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before
<persName id="t18580816-name-26" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-26" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-26" type="surname" value="PRENDERGAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-26" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>Michael Frendergast</persName>, Esq. Q.C. and the Fifth Jury.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-731">
<interp inst="t18580816-731" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-731" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-731-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-731-18580816 t18580816-731-offence-1 t18580816-731-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-731-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-731-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-731-18580816" type="age" value="25"/>
<interp inst="def1-731-18580816" type="surname" value="HUNT"/>
<interp inst="def1-731-18580816" type="given" value="WILLIAM HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM HENRY HUNT</hi> (25)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-731-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-731-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-731-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/>, Embezzling the sumsof 58
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., 18
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 19
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., 4
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 11
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. of
<persName id="t18580816-name-28" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-28" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-28" type="surname" value="WHITING"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-28" type="given" value="NOEL"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-731-offence-1 t18580816-name-28"/>Noel Whiting</persName>, his master, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-731-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-731-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-731-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-731-punishment-4" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-731-punishment-4" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-731-punishment-4" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-731-18580816 t18580816-731-punishment-4"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-732">
<interp inst="t18580816-732" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-732" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-732-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-732-18580816 t18580816-732-offence-1 t18580816-732-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-732-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-732-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-732-18580816" type="age" value="27"/>
<interp inst="def1-732-18580816" type="surname" value="GOLDSMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-732-18580816" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES GOLDSMITH</hi> (27)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-732-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-732-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-732-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing 1 watch, value 4
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 0
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-30" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-30" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-30" type="surname" value="FORECAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-30" type="given" value="BENJAMIN"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-732-offence-1 t18580816-name-30"/>Benjamin Forecast</persName>, from his person, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-732-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-732-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-732-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-732-punishment-5" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-732-punishment-5" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-732-punishment-5" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-732-18580816 t18580816-732-punishment-5"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-733">
<interp inst="t18580816-733" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-733" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-733-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-733-18580816 t18580816-733-offence-1 t18580816-733-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-733-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-733-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-733-18580816" type="age" value="15"/>
<interp inst="def1-733-18580816" type="surname" value="RUST"/>
<interp inst="def1-733-18580816" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">THOMAS RUST</hi> (15)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-733-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-733-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-733-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/>, Stealing 14 handkerchiefs, value 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-32" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-32" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-32" type="surname" value="MOORE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-32" type="given" value="HENRY AUGUSTUS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-733-offence-1 t18580816-name-32"/>Henry Augustus Moore</persName>, and others.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-33" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-33" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-33" type="surname" value="PEAD"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-33" type="given" value="THOMAS DURDANT"/>THOMAS DURDANT PEAD</persName> </hi>. I am a Silk Mercer in Friday Street; I have partners. On 31st July, about half past 12 o'clock, I saw the prisoner run out of my door—I followed him, and took him—I brought him back into the warehouse, and found on him 40 handkerchiefs—he tried to put them back on the pile, and they fell on the floor—I took them up, they were worth 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—these are them.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-34" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-34" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-34" type="surname" value="WEBB"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-34" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE WEBB</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 438). The prisoner and these handker
<lb/>chiefs were delivered into my charge.</p>
<rs id="t18580816-733-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-733-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-733-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">*GUILTY</hi> </rs>.—
<rs id="t18580816-733-punishment-6" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-733-punishment-6" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-733-punishment-6" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-733-18580816 t18580816-733-punishment-6"/>
<hi rend="italic">Confined Fourteen Days</hi> </rs>
<rs id="t18580816-733-punishment-7" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-733-punishment-7" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-733-punishment-7" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="otherInstitution"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-733-18580816 t18580816-733-punishment-7"/>
<hi rend="italic">, and sent to a Reformatory for Three Years.</hi> </rs> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-734">
<interp inst="t18580816-734" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-734" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-734-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-734-18580816 t18580816-734-offence-1 t18580816-734-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160007"/>
<persName id="def1-734-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-734-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-734-18580816" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-734-18580816" type="surname" value="JACOBS"/>
<interp inst="def1-734-18580816" type="given" value="ISAAC"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ISAAC JACOBS</hi> (32)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-734-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-734-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-734-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="fraud"/>, Unlawfully and corruptly taking from
<persName id="t18580816-name-36" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-36" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-36" type="surname" value="WILLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-36" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-36" type="occupation" value="outfitter"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-734-offence-1 t18580816-name-36"/>John Willey</persName> 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., under the pretence of aiding him to recover a watch stolen from him by a person unknown, he not having caused the said person to be apprehended.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. HOBBY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-37" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-37" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-37" type="surname" value="WILLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-37" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN WILLEY</persName> </hi>. I am an outfitter, and live at Leeds. On Thursday night, 8th July, I was at the Crown Tavern, in Cranbourn Passage about half past 10 o'clock—I was rather affected by drink. I lost a gold watch—I don't know how I lost it—I am certain I had it when I went into the public house—I saw it about ten minutes before I missed it; it was in my waistcoat pocket—it had an Albert chain attached to the watch, and the chain was, through the button-hole of the waistcoat—when I missed the watch, the chain was gone with it, and my waistcoat was open. On the following morning, I went to the same tavern, and spoke to the landlord about it—there were several parties in the room—I offered the publican a reward of a sovereign first, and there were persons present who could hear me. I believe I saw the prisoner there—he came in while I was speaking about the watch—he sat down for a short time when he came in—the landlord spoke to him; he told him about the affair altogether, he said, "This fellow lost a watch here last night, do you think it can be got back again?"—the prisoner said he would go out and see for it—the landlord asked him how much he thought it could be got back for—the prisoner went out to look for it; he came back when he had been absent about ten minutes; he said it could be got back for 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. I said, "That is too much money, you must say 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>." I at last agreed to give 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., and I went out with the prisoner to Mr. Walker's, in St. Martin's Lane—I there got change for a 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. note, and gave the prisoner 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>—when I gave him the 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., he said, "The watch will be at Massey's in about ten minutes"—he did not say how it was to come back, nor who was to bring it. I went to the house about 2 o'clock, the barmaid made a communication to me. I received from her this parcel, containing my watch—this is my watch which I lost. I saw the prisoner about ten minutes after I had the parcel delivered to me. I showed him the watch, and said, "It is come back again,"—he said, "I told you it would come back in a short time"—the chain was not with the watch; I had got the chain from a friend who was with me, and who seized the man who stole the watch.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you not say that you had lost this watch?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes—I had been out all that evening—I had been to a public house or two. I went to the police station about the watch—I did not give Mr. Pollick in custody on a charge of stealing it, nor any person—I did not tell the Inspector that I did not believe it had been stolen at all, but that I thought I had lost it; nothing of the kind—I told the Magistrate I had lost it—it was the next morning when I went to the public house and saw the prisoner. I changed the 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. note at Mr. Walker's—no one was present when I gave the 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. to the prisoner; I gave it him in St. Martin's Court.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-38" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-38" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-38" type="surname" value="POLLICK"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-38" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM POLLICK</persName> </hi>. I am a carver and gilder; the prosecutor is a friend of mine. On the 8th of July I was with him at the Crown public house—he was very much intoxicated—he seemed to be asleep. I saw a man in the room go up to him and stand over him—I saw that man had a guard in his hand, and I said, "You are robbing the man." I laid hold of him, and took the guard from him and gave it to Mr. Massey—I collared the man, and others interfered, and he got away; but I took the guard out of his hand.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160008"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. T. SALTER</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Had you been to a number of houses with the prosecutor that night?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: to three or four other houses besides Massey's—we went out in the morning, and had been drinking in various houses—this might have been about 12 o'clock. I won't swear that I saw the man drawing the watch away—I saw the guard in his hand, and I took it from him. I should think seven or eight persons were present—this was at Mr. Massey's in Cranbourn Alley—the prosecutor was on the floor at the further side of the room. I was charged with stealing the watch by several persons in the room—when the prosecutor heard of it he gave me in custody. I woke him up, and several parties said to me, "You have robbed your friend yourself"—I told the prosecutor what I had seen, and yet he insisted on giving me in charge. I was taken to the station by my own wish as well.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. HORRY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Was it after these persons said that you had stolen the watch, that the prosecutor gave you in custody?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: I did not notice that the man who took the watch guard was in company with any of the other persons in the room.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-39" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-39" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-39" type="surname" value="MILSTEAD"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-39" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE MILSTEAD</persName> </hi>. On Friday morning, the 9th of July, I was at Mr. Walker's public house, in St. Martin's Lane—I am barman there. I saw the prosecutor come in with the prisoner, between 1 and 2 o'clock—the prosecutor asked for Mr. Walker—he was up stairs, and I called him. I don't know what took place afterwards.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> This was between 1 and 2 o'clock on the Friday?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes. Mr. Willey came in; I had seen him before—I did not take particular notice of him—he went up stairs with my master.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-40" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-40" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-40" type="surname" value="GLASS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-40" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM GLASS</persName> </hi>, (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman C</hi> 83.) I took the prisoner in custody—I told him he was charged with receiving 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 10
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. for the purpose of restoring a watch—he said, "I know nothing about the watch, neither have I received any money;" but afterwards he said, "Massey asked me in the morning to see what I could do about getting that man's watch back, and so I have got myself into this trouble." I searched him, and found 8 sovereigns, and one half-sovereign—I took him about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, on Friday the 9th of July.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-734-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-734-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-734-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-734-punishment-8" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-734-punishment-8" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-734-punishment-8" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-734-18580816 t18580816-734-punishment-8"/>Confined Six Monts</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-735">
<interp inst="t18580816-735" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-735" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-735-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-735-18580816 t18580816-735-offence-1 t18580816-735-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-735-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-735-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-735-18580816" type="age" value="19"/>
<interp inst="def1-735-18580816" type="surname" value="BUCHANAN"/>
<interp inst="def1-735-18580816" type="given" value="GEORGE JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GEORGE JAMES BUCHANAN</hi>,(19)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-735-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-735-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-735-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="fraud"/>, Unlawfully obtaining 36 yards of silk, value 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.; also attempting to obtain 66 yards of silk, value 15
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-42" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-42" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-42" type="surname" value="COOK"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-42" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-735-offence-1 t18580816-name-42"/>William Cook</persName>, and others, to which he </rs>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-735-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-735-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-735-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner received a good character.)—
<rs id="t18580816-735-punishment-9" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-735-punishment-9" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-735-punishment-9" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-735-18580816 t18580816-735-punishment-9"/>Confined Twelve Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-736">
<interp inst="t18580816-736" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-736" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-736-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-736-18580816 t18580816-736-offence-1 t18580816-736-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-736-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-736-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-736-18580816" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-736-18580816" type="surname" value="TAPPING"/>
<interp inst="def1-736-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN TAPPING</hi>,(18)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-736-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-736-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-736-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing 1 watch, value 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. of
<persName id="t18580816-name-44" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-44" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-44" type="surname" value="CAPPELL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-44" type="given" value="FRANCIS HENRY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-44" type="occupation" value="merchant's clerk"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-736-offence-1 t18580816-name-44"/>Francis Henry Cappell</persName>, from his person.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COOPER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-45" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-45" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-45" type="surname" value="CAPPELL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-45" type="given" value="FRANCIS HENRY"/>FRANCIS HENRY CAPPELL</persName> </hi>. I live at No. 28, Northampton Square, and am a merchant's clerk. On 30th July, about 6 o'clock, I was going down Goswell Street—I saw some persons looking in at a public house, I looked in too, and I saw the prisoner next to me—I saw that he was watching me, and on a sudden I missed my watch—I saw the prisoner close by me, and I seized him; he said, "I have not got your watch." I saw him hand the watch to a lad in the company—I detained the prisoner.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. PHILIPPS</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> What were you looking at?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> At a Camelion—I charged the prisoner with stealing my watch, and he said, "I have not got your watch"—my watch was in my right hand waistcoat pocket. I was not in the middle of the crowd, I was outside—the guard of my watch was hanging down—the crowd was on the left side of me—I had hold of the prisoner when he handed the watch over—I know it was</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160009"/>
<p>the watch, because I saw it I did not feel anything at my pocket. I saw a watch in the prisoner's hand—I could not say it was my watch.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COOPER</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> When had you seen your watch?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Just before I went into the crowd.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-46" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-46" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-46" type="surname" value="SHEPHERD"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-46" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES SHEPHERD</persName> </hi>. I am errand boy to the last witness, I was with him, and saw him catch the prisoner—I saw the prisoner pass something to somebody in the crowd.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-736-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-736-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-736-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.— —
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-736-punishment-10" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-736-punishment-10" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-736-punishment-10" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-736-18580816 t18580816-736-punishment-10"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-737">
<interp inst="t18580816-737" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-737" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-737-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-737-18580816 t18580816-737-offence-1 t18580816-737-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-737-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-737-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-737-18580816" type="age" value="26"/>
<interp inst="def1-737-18580816" type="surname" value="HALE"/>
<interp inst="def1-737-18580816" type="given" value="JONATHAN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JONATHAN HALE</hi> (26)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-737-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-737-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-737-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="fraud"/>, Unlawfully obtaining 16 bracelets, value 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-48" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-48" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-48" type="surname" value="GEBHARDT"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-48" type="given" value="EBENEZER HENRY"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-737-offence-1 t18580816-name-48"/>Ebenezer Henry Gebhardt</persName>, and others to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-737-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-737-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-737-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>. (
<hi rend="italic">Recommended to mercy by the prosecutor.)—
<rs id="t18580816-737-punishment-11" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-737-punishment-11" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-737-punishment-11" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-737-18580816 t18580816-737-punishment-11"/>Confined</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">Four Months.</hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, August</hi>, 17
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1858.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PRESENT</hi>—Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-49" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-49" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-49" type="surname" value="MARSHALL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-49" type="given" value="CHAPMAN"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CHAPMAN MARSHALL</hi> </persName>, Knt., Ald.; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-50" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-50" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-50" type="surname" value="MOON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-50" type="given" value="FRANCIS GRAHAM"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">FRANCIS GRAHAM MOON</hi> </persName>, Bart., Ald.; Mr. Ald.
<hi rend="smallCaps">CUBBIT</hi>, M.P.; and Mr.
<hi rend="smallCaps">COMMON SERJEANT</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Common Serjeant and the Second Jury.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-738">
<interp inst="t18580816-738" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-738" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-738-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-738-18580816 t18580816-738-offence-1 t18580816-738-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-738-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-738-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-738-18580816" type="age" value="16"/>
<interp inst="def1-738-18580816" type="surname" value="HARRIS"/>
<interp inst="def1-738-18580816" type="given" value="EDMUND THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EDMUND THOMAS HARRIS</hi> (16)</persName>, was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-738-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-738-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-738-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/> for embezzling 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 19
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. which he had received on account of
<persName id="t18580816-name-52" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-52" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-52" type="surname" value="CHAPLIN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-52" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-738-offence-1 t18580816-name-52"/>William Chaplin</persName>, and another, his master, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-738-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-738-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-738-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-738-punishment-12" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-738-punishment-12" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-738-punishment-12" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-738-18580816 t18580816-738-punishment-12"/>Confined Four Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-739">
<interp inst="t18580816-739" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-739" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-739-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-739-18580816 t18580816-739-offence-1 t18580816-739-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-739-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-739-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-739-18580816" type="age" value="19"/>
<interp inst="def1-739-18580816" type="surname" value="MURRAY"/>
<interp inst="def1-739-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN MURRAY</hi> (19)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-739-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-739-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-739-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing a handkerchief value 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-54" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-54" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-54" type="surname" value="ATTCOCK"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-54" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-739-offence-1 t18580816-name-54"/>George Attcock</persName>, from his person, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-739-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-739-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-739-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.**—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-739-punishment-13" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-739-punishment-13" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-739-punishment-13" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-739-18580816 t18580816-739-punishment-13"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-740">
<interp inst="t18580816-740" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-740-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-740-18580816 t18580816-740-offence-1 t18580816-740-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-740-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-740-18580816 t18580816-740-offence-1 t18580816-740-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-740-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-740-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-740-18580816" type="age" value="26"/>
<interp inst="def1-740-18580816" type="surname" value="WILLIAMS"/>
<interp inst="def1-740-18580816" type="given" value="MARY ANN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MARY ANN WILLIAMS</hi> (26)</persName>, and
<persName id="def2-740-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-740-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def2-740-18580816" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def2-740-18580816" type="surname" value="GROOM"/>
<interp inst="def2-740-18580816" type="given" value="SOPHIA"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SOPHIA GROOM</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-740-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-740-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="shoplifting"/>, Stealing 28 yards of printed cotton, value 11
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-57" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-57" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-57" type="surname" value="WOOLMER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-57" type="given" value="JOHN HOLDER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-57" type="occupation" value="draper"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-740-offence-1 t18580816-name-57"/>John Holder Woolmer</persName>, and another, to which </rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAMS</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-740-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-740-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.*—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-740-punishment-14" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-740-punishment-14" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740-punishment-14" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-740-18580816 t18580816-740-punishment-14"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COOPER</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-58" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-58" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-58" type="surname" value="RICH"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-58" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH RICH</persName> </hi>. I am a lithographic printer, of 21, Albion Buildings. On the evening of 21st July, about half-past 8, I was passing along Aldersgate Street, and saw the two prisoners at the corner of Mr. Woolmer's shop—a man was with them—Groom and the man were standing by the side of a pile of goods, forming a sort of corner—Williams was behind them. I saw her put her hand from behind them and take a piece of goods—Groom and the man then walked arm-in-arm a short distance down Aldersgate Street, Williams followed them. I spoke to Hancock, the policeman, and saw him take the women into custody.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. HORRY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Had Williams a child with her?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No, they were all three close together, they touched one another—they had got as far as Jewin Street before I spoke to the policeman—when they got to Jewin Street, the man and Groom separated, and Williams and Groom spoke to each other. I saw nothing done with the print.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-59" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-59" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-59" type="surname" value="HANCOCK"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-59" type="given" value="EDWARD THOMAS FREDERICK"/>EDWARD THOMAS FREDERICK HANCOCK</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 229,) On the evening of 21st July, I saw the prisoner and a man in Jewin Street; I had been following them for some yards, when the last witness came and spoke to me—I saw that Williams had something under her shawl; the man said something to the women, and they turned into Wells Street; and I saw Williams take this piece of print from under her shawl and hand it to</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160010"/>
<p>Groom: the man walked about two doors farther up towards Red Cross Street, and stood still. Groom turned her back to me and stooped, as if in the act of hiding the print. I then ran across and took hold of them both by the arm—Groom slipped her shawl in my hand, and wrenched herself away from me, and the print dropped from underneath her clothes; she ran away—I kept hold of Williams—I saw no moro of the man—Williams was stopped in Red Cross Street, and I took her into custody there.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-60" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-60" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-60" type="surname" value="WOOLMER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-60" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN WOOLMER</persName> </hi>. I am a draper at 73, Aldersgate Street, in partnership with my father; this piece of print is ours; it was taken from a pile at the door on the 21st—I had seen it safe within five or ten minutes before it was taken—the pile was secured by an iron chain passed in and out of the pile to a post at the back—I can swear to this by our mark on it.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GROOM</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-740-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-740-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">of receiving—
<rs id="t18580816-740-punishment-15" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-740-punishment-15" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-740-punishment-15" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-740-18580816 t18580816-740-punishment-15"/>Confined Four Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-741">
<interp inst="t18580816-741" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-741" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-741-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-741-18580816 t18580816-741-offence-1 t18580816-741-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-741-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-741-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-741-18580816" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def1-741-18580816" type="surname" value="SHIRE"/>
<interp inst="def1-741-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<interp inst="def1-741-18580816" type="occupation" value="employed by tailor"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN SHIRE</hi> (32)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-741-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-741-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-741-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. in money, of
<persName id="t18580816-name-62" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-62" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-62" type="surname" value="PEERS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-62" type="given" value="GEORGE JAMES"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-62" type="occupation" value="foreman to tailor"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-741-offence-1 t18580816-name-62"/>George James Peers</persName>, from his person.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-63" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-63" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-63" type="surname" value="PEERS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-63" type="given" value="GEORGE JAMES"/>GEORGE JAMES PEERS</persName> </hi>. I reside at 58, York Road, Lambeth—I was foreman to Mr. Lyons, a tailor, of 101, Fleet Street, till Thursday evening last—I have known the prisoner for some years; he had been in the same employment with me. On Wednesday, 28th July, about 12 or 1 o'clock in the day, I saw him in Bride Lane—I told the boy to run across and tell him I wanted to speak to him; he came—we had some conversation, and went round the corner to the Red Lion; I had about 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. in money about me; it was loose in a small cash pocket in my trousers—these are the trousers I had on at the time, this is the pocket; there is a flap over it and a button: in order to get at the money I have to unbutton the flap—we had two glasses of ale a-piece at the Red Lion—the prisoner paid for it. I should say we were there about a quarter of an hour—we then went back to the shop together—we stayed there about half an hour. I was perfectly sober at the time I went to the Red Lion, I had had nothing to drink that morning previously to that; after being about half an hour at the shop we went to the Bell, in Fleet Street; we stayed there about a quarter of an hour—I had either one or two glasses of ale, and a glass of gin and bitten—I paid for it. I took the money to pay for it out of this pocket—I took out sixpence—I did not take out the money loose—I only paid for the last we had, the prisoner paid for some—at the time I paid the sixpence I am sure that my money was safe in my pocket—while we there we ordered dinner for two, to be ready at 2 o'clock; we then left—as we were coming down the passage he said to me, "Will you have a pinch of snuff?" I took a pinch, and we both went across the street to the shop door; and at the shop door he left me—he offered me the snuff out of a piece of paper—I took the pinch and was taking it as we were coming across the road—he left me directly we got to the shop door—as soon as I got to the shop door I lost all consciousness; the last thing I remember was being at the shop door—I do not remember anything more until I was woke up—I do not remember how I got into the counting-house—I found myself there when I recovered, lying on the floor—Leech the errand-boy, and a man named Grady were there then—I found my waistcoat all unbuttoned and my pocket turned inside out where I had had my money; the money was all gone, except three halfpence that was on the floor. I saw nothing more of the prisoner until he was in custody on the Friday morning—I went to the address he had given me, but I found no such person there. The counting-house</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160011"/>
<p>is about 60 feet from the shop door; it is right through the shop, at the back.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. PEARCE</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> How long have you known the prisoner?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Between four and five years—we were not exactly fellow shopmen—we worked for the same master, but at different shops. I never heard anything very first-rate of his character—since he has left Mr. Lyons I have heard a good deal: he has a bad character for honesty, being con
<lb/>nected with thieves and receivers of stolen goods—I am not aware that he was ever charged—the stolen goods I refer to are watches; it was Mr. Lyons, my employer, who gave me that information—he is not here—he has given me that information several times within the last eleven months—I did not pay much attention to it. I sent the boy over to fetch him because I had known the man so long that I took an interest in him, as he had been out of work so long, and he told me he was going into partnership with a man named Brett—I wanted to know how he was getting on as regards the partnership—I had heard of it some time before, from himself, at the shop. He was not frequently in the habit of coming to the shop. He was about four years in Mr. Henry Lyons' employ—he then left, and went to Mr. Simeon Lyons' in the Borough—I know of the prisoner having brought an action against Simeon Lyons, which was tried in July; he told me that he had recovered 50
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. damages, but I have since been told that he only recovered 42
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.; he told me he had received the money—I expect it was with that money he was going into partnership with Mr. Brett—Mr. Brett's shop is in Fleet Street, nearer Temple Bar than Mr. Lyons'. I live in the York Road—I am a householder; I swear that—I rent the house—I am married; I have been married about five years; I was married at Waterloo Church—I let lodgings to such lodgers as I can get; not to ladies that come there for short periods—some
<lb/>times I have had ladies there—I have rented the house twelve months—before that I lived at 110, Fleet Street—I have three rooms; one is let to Mr. Franklin, the steward of the Oriental Club, and the other to Mr. Clifton, a commercial traveller—they were there last night. Mr. Lyons' shop is about half a dozen doors from the police station. I did not give any infor
<lb/>mation of this robbery to any policeman till the next morning, but information had been previously given by Mr. Lyons—I myself gave information to a policeman on the Thursday morning, at Fleet Street station; that was not to the policeman who took the prisoner into custody—I gave the information to Shelford. It was about 12 o'clock in the day that the prisoner first came over to the shop—it was about ten minutes or a quarter past 2 when I re
<lb/>covered my consciousness. I did not remain at the shop a minute afterwards—I did up my things and ran over to the Bell to ask if he was there at dinner; after that I went home—I had not got a penny about, me with the exception of the three halfpence. I had two pair of old trowsers and a waistcoat at the shon, and I sold them to a Jew, and took a cab and drove over to my sisters—I sold the things to pay for the cab, and went over to my brother-in-law's house in the Waterloo Road—he is a carman. I then went home. I stopped at my brother-in-law's all the afternoon—it was night before I went home—next morning I gave information at Fleet Street station. I do not know how long the prisoner has lived at Apollo Buildings, Walworth—he tells me he is married and has five children—I never visited him but once, and that was when he was at the New Cut, at Mr. Lyons' other shop—I knew him then to be a married man, with a family. The first public house we went into was the Red Lion, in Poppin's Court, Fleet Street—our shop is next door but one to Poppin's Court, and the Red Lion is the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160012"/>
<p>first house in Poppin's Court. I do not know Mr. Wilding, a butcher. There was no person there drinking with me—I swear that—there were several persons in front of the bar—there was no one drinking with me at the Bell. I do not know Mr. Booth. I do not remember as we were coming out of the Bell the prisoner speaking to a person who was going in—I recollect when the glass of gin and bitters was called for, the prisoner going out at the back door and coming in again in about two minutes; that was the only time he left me—I did not see him speak to anybody as he came out. On the previous night, Tuesday, I was at the Bell after business, to smoke a pipe, as I often did—we usually shut up at 9 o'clock—I did not tell the prisoner that I was out the greater part of the previous night—I might have said, "I was over here last night." Our shop is now closed; there was not sufficient business to keep it on—it is a ready made and bespoke shop—we keep an order book and a small cash book, that is here—I paid over to my matter the money I received, either on Saturday night or Monday morning—I had received 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. that week. It is not an unfrequent occurrence for me to be a little intoxicated—I have been so, but always have been able to take care of myself. I am not a snuff-taker—my master has spoken to me several times about being intoxicated—sometimes I have had a little drop too much at the Bell, and sometimes at the Red Lion—I have never been intoxicated in the counting house before that I reoollect—I have been asleep there, not from stupefaction; I have been asleep in the counting house from the effects of drink, in the daytime. It was the barmaid at the Red Lion who served me, and Mr. Hadland the landlord; and at the Bell it was Mrs. Jervis the landlady—I had no money in my waistcoat pocket—I did not ask the landlady to give me credit, nothing of the sort, I swear that; nor did I ask anybody to give me credit—the person who served me did not say, "You had better go home, and do not drink any more till you have had something to eat"—no observation was made at either public house about my being drunk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Is there the slightest pretence for insinuating that you keep a brothel or anything of the kind?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Not that I am aware of; certainly not. It was immediately after taking the pinch of snuff that I became stupefied—I never felt similarly before—it was a different sensation to any I had before experienced.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">JURY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> You say you had collected the 8
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. that week.
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, that was the money I had in my pocket—I spent a portion of the 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—I had about 7
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. in gold—if I had had the dinner I should have had to pay for it out of my master's money.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> What were your wages?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 7
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. a week, and a com
<lb/>mission on all business done—I had the privilege of taking my wages when
<lb/>ever I thought proper. Mr. Lyons was not there much himself.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-64" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-64" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-64" type="surname" value="LEECH"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-64" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES LEECH</persName> </hi>. I was errand-boy to Mr. Lyons in Fleet Street when this matter occurred—I had been employed there ten months. On Wed
<lb/>nesday, July 28th, Mr. Peers told me to go across the road and call the prisoner—I did so—at that time Peers was perfectly sobers—he and the prisoner went over to the public house—afterwards I saw them crossing the street together, coming home. I saw Peers take some snuff—I did not see who gave it him, and I saw him come up to the door—the prisoner was with him—when he got to the door he left him—directly Peers got into the doorway, he became senseless—he went as far as the counter; I helped him from the counter into the counting-house, and there he laid down on the ground, and appeared to be asleep. In about half an hour the prisoner</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160013"/>
<p>came in and asked for Mr. Peers—I said he was not at home (he was, in fact at that time, in the counting-house); he went away, and returned in less than five minutes, and said he wanted to see Mr. Peers about the dinner—I then went into the counting-house to see if I could wake him, and the prisoner went with me; he went into the counting-house—Peers was still on the ground in the same state; I shook him and tried to wake him; the prisoner said it was no use, and I was to let him sleep and go and mind the door—I did not do so—the prisoner stood leaning against the door-post—a man came into the shop and wished to see Mr. Lyons, and I went into the shop to him: I was in the shop talking to him less than five minutes; during that time the prisoner was in the counting-house with Peers—I could not see into the counting-house, while I was talking to the person in the shop—when that person went away, the witness Grady came in with a coat; he put it on the counter and asked me where Mr. Peers was—I said he was in the counting-house with Mr. Shire—Grady went towards the counting-house, and the prisoner came out almost directly: he said as Mr. Peers could not have his dinner, he would go over to the Bell and pay for it, and send it over to me and Grady; he said, "I suppose you will have it?" we said "Yes," and he went out. When Peers came into the shop, his waistcoat was buttoned at usual—I and Grady together roused him up; that was after the prisoner had gone—when I went to rouse him up, his waistcoat was unbuttoned and his pocket turned inside out: I mean the cash pocket (
<hi rend="italic">pointing it out</hi>)—I succeeded in raising him then; I did not leave the premises at all while the prisoner was there, No one besides the prisoner, Grady, and myself went into the counting-house while Peers was there, no one came into the shop—no one could have gone in without my having seen, them.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> When did you leave Mr. Lyons?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I have not left him: I have gone to the other shop—there was no one in the shop at Fleet Street but Peers and I—I did not sell goods: it was very seldom that people came in while Peers was away; if they did, I tried to serve them—I have not sold goods in Peers' absence above once—I saw a coat sold that week—I was not with Peers all the week, because we were without a boy At the other shop, and I had to be backward and forward from one shop to the other. I was there part of the Tuesday—it was on the Monday that I saw the coat sold, that was sold for £1—we had no cash-box or till; Peers kept the money by him—I knew Shire first by being shopman to Mr. Lyons in the New Cut; I do not know how long he was there—I have seen him at the shop in Fleet Street occasionally—I had not seen him there for two months before this Wednesday. It was about 12 o'clock when Peers told me to call the prisoner over, and it was about half-past I that he was in an unconscious state; I am quite sure of that—I have never seen Peers in a state like he was then; not so bad, not like he was then—I have not known him to be asleep in the counting-house, for hours together; I never knew him to be asleep there—he has not been drunk above once or twice; he had never been asleep in the counting-house before—I have seen him there drunk once or twice—I saw him and the prisoner come over from the Bell; I did not see the prisoner go back to the Bell after he came and asked for Peers; I did not see where he went to—I heard Peers tell him that he expected Mr. Lyons there; that was soon after he came over to speak to him, before they went to Poppin's Court—when the prisoner came first to the shop after Peers was in the counting-house, he asked if Peers was at home, and I told him "No;" that was an untruth—Peers did</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160016"/>
<p>not tell me to say that he was not at home, I swear that—I had not before that been into the counting-house and shaken Peers; I did not go in till afterwards—I could see as Peers came across the road that his waistcoat was not unbuttoned: I looked at his dress, if it had been unbuttoned, I should have noticed it—we used not to have any particular dinner hour; we used to get it when we could—Peers used to have his dinner about twelve o'clock; I used to fetch his dinner, and he had it in the shop—I did not tell the prisoner the last time he called that I had been trying to get Peers up, or that I had been pulling him about: nothing of the kind—Grady did not say anything to that effect.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Where is Mr. Lyons' other shop?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> 72, Lower Marsh, Lambeth, that is where I am now—I told the prisoner that Peers was not at home, because I had heard my master say he would not have him in the shop: that was said soon after the prisoner left the service.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">JURY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> When Grady came into the shop, did he go sufficiently near the counting-house to touch Peers?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No, not till I went with him—there was a counter between Peers and Grady—I think Peers must have been nearly three-quarters of an hour on the floor before I roused him—when the prisoner went away, after leaving Peers at the door, he went towards Farringdon Street, not towards the Bell.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-65" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-65" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-65" type="surname" value="GRADY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-65" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS GRADY</persName> </hi>. I live at 19, Dean Street. I am a tailor, and work for Mr. Lyons. On Wednesday afternoon, 28th July, I went to Mr. Lyons' shop with a coat that I had made up—I did not find Peers in the shop; he was in the counting-house—I went to the door of the counting-house—there is a board running across before the door—I met the boy Leech inside the shop door, and asked him where Peers was—he said he was in the counting-house along with Shire—I went to the door and looked in over the counter, and I saw Peers lying on the floor and the prisoner leaning over him, nearly kneeling—I turned back from the door and laid my coat down on the counter—I then saw the prisoner standing at the door of the counting-house—I spoke to him, and he did not seem to answer me—I said "Good day," or something of that kind to him—then I went to speak to Leech, who was standing at the door, and the prisoner came up to us, and said he was going across the way to have his dinner—he said there were two dinners ordered, and if Mr. Peers could not have his, would I and the boy have what was left—we said "Yes"—he said he would order it, and went away; the dinner never came—after the prisoner was gone, Leech and I went to the counting-house to get Peers up—Leech shook him, and he woke up directly; before he shook him, I observed the state of his dress: his waistcoat was unbuttoned and open, and his pocket turned out—when he woke up, I asked him for the price of the coat I had made—he went to put his hand in his pocket, and he could not do it, because it was turned out—I had never seen him drunk before—he did not look like a drunken man usually does—there was blood from his nose when he woke up—he did not look like a man sober, but he did not look like a man drunk: he looked like a man half drunk and half sober; it was a stupid look.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> How long had you worked for Mr. Lyons at that shop?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About a year and a half—I have been in the habit of going there frequently, sometimes three or four times a-day—I had not been there before that day—I was there the day before, to get the coat that I brought home on the Wednesday: Peers was there then, and Leech also. You cannot see quite into the counting-house from the shop, only a part of it—Peers was lying down inside the door, you could see his feet—I think</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160017"/>
<p>the door of the counting-house opens into the counting-house—the door was quite open—Peers' feet were about a yard from the door. I was to have 9
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. for making the coat—I was not always paid when I took the article home, except I wanted the money; I told Leech I wanted the money, and he went into the counting-house—he was not gone half a minute—it was after that that I went in with him and observed Peers' pocket turned out. I followed Leech to the counting-house—that was the same time; we went in together; I only went in once—I only looked in the first time, when I saw the prisoner there. I have known the prisoner a long time. I afterwards went over to the Bell to see if he was there, or if he had had his dinner; that was about an hour afterwards—Peers went over first, and when he returned I went over—I did not see Peers sell any clothes—I only saw one pocket open. I was not paid for the coat then—I was paid by Mr. Lyons in the Cut on the Saturday following.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-66" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-66" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-66" type="surname" value="STANLEY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-66" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>CHARLES STANLEY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, P</hi> 69). I took the prisoner into custody on Thursday night.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> From whom did you receive directions to apprehend him?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> From the prosecutor's wife, in East Street, Walworth, where I was on duty—I took him at 7, Apollo Buildings, Walworth, that is where he lives—it is a respectable house and a respectable neighbourhood. The prosecutor was not present when his wife gave me the directions—she went to the prisoner's house with me, she inquired for him and then called me and gave him into custody; I searched him, and found no snuff or powder of any kind upon him—I had received no information from the Fleet Street station or any other about this.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> You belong to the other side of the water?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes—I did not search the prisoner's house—it was at 10 minutes past 11 at night.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-67" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-67" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-67" type="surname" value="GRAY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-67" type="given" value="CAROLINE"/>CAROLINE GRAY</persName> </hi>. I am cook at the Bell. On 28th July, I saw Mr. Peers at our house—he seemed to me to be sober—his clothes were quite buttoned up when I saw him, his waistcoat was in the ordinary way—I did not see him served with anything.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you see him standing at the bar?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I saw him coming into the house.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-68" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-68" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-68" type="surname" value="COOMBES"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-68" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN COOMBES</persName> </hi>. I am waiter at the Bell. On Wednesday, 28th June, I saw Peel's and the prisoner in front of our bar—I saw them go away together—Peers was sober when he went away. I did not serve him—we have a barmaid—I saw him drinking there—his waistcoat was buttoned up as usual when he went out—he was very often there.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> Did you see thorn served with anything?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No. I do not know what they drank; my duty is to attend to the coffee room. Mrs. Jervis and the barmaid serve in the bar—they are not here.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Whatever he had to drink, was he perfectly sober?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Were you there during the time he was there?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I saw him there as I passed to and fro; he might have been there 5 minutes—I did not speak to him—I did not see him take any money out—I saw him leave, it was about 20 minutes to 2—there were several other customers at the bar, it was nearly full—I saw no one in their company.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>
<hi rend="italic">to</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">G. J. PEERS</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Who suggested that you should dine together at 2 o'olock at the Bell?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> The prisoner asked me where we could get a good dinner, and I said at the Bell, and we went over and asked the land
<lb/>lord what they had for dinner, and what time it would be ready, and he said, "About two;" and we said "We will have our dinners over here."</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner received a good character.</hi>)—
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-741-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-741-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-741-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160018"/>
<p>280</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-742">
<interp inst="t18580816-742" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-742-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-742-18580816 t18580816-742-offence-1 t18580816-742-verdict-2"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-742-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-742-18580816 t18580816-742-offence-1 t18580816-742-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-742-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-742-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-742-18580816" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def1-742-18580816" type="surname" value="WIGLEY"/>
<interp inst="def1-742-18580816" type="given" value="BRIDGET"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">BRIDGET WIGLEY</hi> (24)</persName>, and
<persName id="def2-742-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-742-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-742-18580816" type="age" value="32"/>
<interp inst="def2-742-18580816" type="surname" value="WIGLEY"/>
<interp inst="def2-742-18580816" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM WIGLEY</hi> (32)</persName>, were indicted for
<rs id="t18580816-742-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-742-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="violentTheft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="robbery"/> a robbery on
<persName id="t18580816-name-71" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-71" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-71" type="surname" value="PRENDERVILLE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-71" type="given" value="MARGARET"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-742-offence-1 t18580816-name-71"/>Margaret Prenderville</persName>, and stealing 1 shawl, value 20
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., her property.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. LILLEY</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-72" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-72" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-72" type="surname" value="PRENDERVILLE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-72" type="given" value="MARGARET"/>MARGARET PRENDERVILLE</persName> </hi>. I am single, and live at 36, Wellington Street, Clerkenwell. On the night of 18th July last, about half-past 10, I was going along Victoria Street with my father and sister—my father is a very elderly man, turned 50—my sister and I each had hold of his arm—an elderly man and woman came up to us, the woman poked her head in my father's face, and said something to him; I did not hear what exactly—she said she knew him—I told her she was mistaken, that he was my father, and we were going home—I was immediately attacked by three persons, the prisoners are two of them; the female prisoner commenced beating me very violently about the head—I had my shawl across my arm, and she began to drag at it—she beat me very dreadfully indeed for some time; I could not see what the others were doing, for the two women were beating me at once—I saw the male prisoner knock my father down and kick him—the female prisoner tore my bonnet off my head, and completely destroyed it. I held my shawl until I was beat insensible, and then it was taken from me; when I recovered my senses, my shawl was gone—I saw it again in the policeman's hands on Monday morning; it was worth 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Do you mean to say that these two prisoners are entire strangers to you?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: I had never seen either of them before. My father is not here—he was not examined before the Magistrate; he was very ill on the Monday, and was not called up—I was perfectly sober, and so was my sister—my father had been out all day, and had had a glass or two of liquor—I am not aware that the male prisoner ever lodged with a cousin of mine. This beating and fighting lasted about half-an-hour, as near as I can recollect—it was all on one side, for I had no power to give a blow back, nor had my sister or my father—I do not know whether the prisoners were drunk, they did not appear so—no policeman came up for half-an hour; the fire engine had gone along a little while before that, and that had attracted the policemen's attention, and the street was very lonely—directly I screamed, a policeman came to my assistance. The elderly man and woman came up first; they did not commence the row, they merely spoke, and then we were attacked by these people. The shawl was afterwards found in the ruins. I am quite sure I never heard of these people before—I have no cousin who keeps a lodging house.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> When did you see the policeman?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Soon after I came to my senses, he came up, and I told him what had happened, and he told me to go to the station and make a charge of it—I went with him immediately; the prisoners were not gone when I recovered my senses, they were out in the road attacking my sister—they were not there when the policeman came up.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-73" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-73" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-73" type="surname" value="PRENDERVILLE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-73" type="given" value="ELLEN"/>ELLEN PRENDERVILLE</persName> </hi>. I am single, and live at 21, Wellington Street, Clerkenwell. On the night of 18th July, about half-past 10 o'clock, I was going along Victoria Street, with my father and sister—an old woman came up and spoke to my father; I did not hear what she said. I asked if she knew my father, and she began to use foul language—the two prisoners and some others came up—the female prisoner struck me, and threw me into the road; I screamed for help, and the witness Mr. Chamberlain came to my assistance—I saw the male prisoner strike my father and kick him—I saw my sister struck by a woman not in custody, and also by the female</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160019"/>
<p>prisoner—after she had struck me she dragged my mantle off, and when Mr. Chamberlain came up she threw it at my feet—I saw her and another woman dragging at my sister's shawl, which she had on her arm—I did not see them take it—I went and assisted in lifting my father up.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> How long before the prisoners came up did the old woman come up?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About 3 minutes—no blow was struck by either party before the prisoners came up; there was an old man with her—they went away as these people came up—the female prisoner struck me, and I screamed for help, and the old man and woman were gone then—I did not hear the prisoners ask what was the matter—I did not see my sister drag the female prisoner's shawl off, nor did I do it—I knew nothing of the prisoners before. I had no money about me, nor had my sister; my father had—he was the worse for liquor—he did not strike any one, he was too overpowered to do that; nor did any of us.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-74" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-74" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-74" type="surname" value="CHAMBERLAIN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-74" type="given" value="EDMUND"/>EDMUND CHAMBERLAIN</persName> </hi>. I am a watch jeweller, of 30, Garnault-place, Clerkenwell. On 18th July, about half-past 10, or a little later, I was coming up Victoria-street, and noticed a disturbance on the opposite side of the way—I went across, and saw the female prisoner strike the last witness off the kerb into the road—I caught her, put her back, and went further into the crowd; and the two prisoners were knocking and beating the father and sister about—the father went down, and the male prisoner kicked him. In the scuffle there was a shawl lost, but who took it I know not. I called the police; No. 223, I believe, first came up, he took the female prisoner away; and No. 224 found the scarf.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> I suppose there was a regular row between all these people?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> There was a fight, what you might call a
<hi rend="italic">scrimmage</hi>—the two witnesses were being knocked about—their bonnets were torn off their heads, and their mantles taken from their shoulders—they were not assaulting the other parties—of course they tried to take their own part. I heard nothing particular said, there was too much confusion. I did not see either of the witnesses trying to pull off the female prisoner's shawl.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-75" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-75" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-75" type="surname" value="CANAVAN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-75" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>MICHAEL CANAVAN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 223). On the night in question, I heard the cry of "Police"—I went to the scene of action, and the female prisoner was given into my charge by the prosecutrix. I saw nothing of the occurrence—when we got to the station, the prosecutrix said there was a man outside, who had assisted; she described him—I went out, and took the male prisoner into custody.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> He came up to the station?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes—I told him he was charged with robbing this person—he said he knew nothing of it. I do not think they were in liquor. I had not known them before. I told the female prisoner she was charged with robbery—she denied it.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. LILLEY</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Do you know the ruins in Victoria Street, where the shawl was found?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: that is about 20 perches from the corner of Farringdon Street.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-76" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-76" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-76" type="surname" value="MCWILLIAM"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-76" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES MC WILLIAM</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 224). About half-past 3 in the morning of 19th July, I found this shawl on the ruins in Victoria Street—I showed it to the prosecutrix.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> Where did you find it, in the pathway or the roadway?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Down in the ruins; it was folded up, and hanging over a bar about two feet below the level of the street, in the ruins—I can't say whether it could have fallen there.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Could a person stoop from the pavement and put it there?</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160020"/>
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: it is not probable that it could have fallen there; it was neatly folded, and hanging across.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoners received good characters.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM WIGLEY</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-742-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-742-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-742-punishment-16" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-742-punishment-16" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742-punishment-16" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-742-18580816 t18580816-742-punishment-16"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">BRIDGET WIGLEY</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-742-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-742-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-742-punishment-17" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-742-punishment-17" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-742-punishment-17" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-742-18580816 t18580816-742-punishment-17"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">The jury recommended the prisoners to mercy, on account of their good characters.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-743">
<interp inst="t18580816-743" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-743" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-743-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-743-18580816 t18580816-743-offence-1 t18580816-743-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-743-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-743-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-743-18580816" type="age" value="27"/>
<interp inst="def1-743-18580816" type="surname" value="EAGLETON"/>
<interp inst="def1-743-18580816" type="given" value="JANE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JANE EAGLETON</hi> (27)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-743-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-743-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-743-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing 1 watch, value 16
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-78" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-78" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-78" type="surname" value="GUEST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-78" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-78" type="occupation" value="shipping agent"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-743-offence-1 t18580816-name-78"/>Thomas Guest</persName>, from his person.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-79" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-79" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-79" type="surname" value="GUEST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-79" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS GUEST</persName> </hi>. I am a shipping agent, of 86, Fenchurch Street. On 21st July, between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning, I was in Leadenhall Street, walking along by myself, and met the prisoner in company with another female, named Vining, who is not in custody. One of them, I can't say which, asked me for something to drink—I took them across to the Sussex Tavern, and gave them some ale. Directly after we came out, I felt a jerk at my watch chain—I had a watch in my waistcoat pocket, with two guards attached to it—I immediately missed my watch, and called out to a policeman on the opposite side—the women had not time to get away—the policeman was directly opposite, and he came and seized them. I heard the prisoner throw the watch down an area grating, where it was after
<lb/>wards found—I heard it go down; I did not see it go. I gave both the women in charge. I saw my watch again before the magistrate; it cost 20
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> You knew the other woman, did you not?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: I had seen her before; I have not frequently been with her. I did not see you with my watch in your hand, or see you throw it away. The other woman was not so close to me as you were. I had been drinking; I was not drunk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Were you at all intimate with the other woman?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No; I only knew her by walking up and down Leadenhall Street—I have been in company with her on several occasions, so far as giving her something to drink, and she never offered to take anything from me. The prisoner was a stranger to me, and she was the nearest to me at the time this happened—we were all three on the grating at the time I heard the watch drop—I don't think it could have been dropped by the other woman—she was dis
<lb/>charged before the Magistrate—the prisoner declared that the other knew nothing about it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I said I knew nothing about her.
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> No, you said the other knew nothing about it—that was in the morning, before the Lord Mayor.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-80" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-80" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-80" type="surname" value="MOORE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-80" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES MOORE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 585). I was on duty in Leadenhall Street on the morning of 21st July—I saw the prosecutor, the prisoner, and ano
<lb/>ther woman come out of the Sussex Tavern, and go down Leadenhall Street just before me—when they got to the bottom they all three stood on the area grating. The prosecutor sung out to me, "Policeman, I have lost my watch"—I went across and he said, "This is the young woman that has got my watch," pointing to the prisoner. I got hold of her right hand, and she took it in her left hand and threw it down the area before my face—I said, "There is your watch down the cellar"—I told Turner to go and get it. I took both the women into custody. The prisoner said, "You would not have had the watch if the other one had been as sharp as me."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> Did you see me with the watch in my hand?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, when I laid hold of your right hand.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> It is false—the watch was thrown down the area before the</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160021"/>
<p>policeman came near us.
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> It is not so—before the Lord Mayor she said she was guilty, that she had the watch, and the other one knew no
<lb/>thing about it, and wanted the Lord Mayor to settle it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> Did not you say to the other woman, "
<hi rend="italic">Gipsy</hi>, we have you
<hi rend="italic">to rights</hi> this time;" and did not she say, "Not exactly"?✗
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No, I said nothing of the sort—I knew nothing of her.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-81" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-81" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-81" type="surname" value="TURNER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-81" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN TURNER</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">City policeman</hi>, 554). I received instructions, and went to the house, 73, Leadenhall-street, and on going into the area I found this watch, which the prosecutor identified.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-82" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-82" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-82" type="surname" value="GUEST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-82" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS GUEST</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">re-examined.</hi>) This is my watch.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I have spoken the truth—the other woman has been to me in Newgate, and told me that the prosecutor told her he would not appear against her.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-743-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-743-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-743-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-743-punishment-18" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-743-punishment-18" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-743-punishment-18" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-743-18580816 t18580816-743-punishment-18"/>Confined Three Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-744">
<interp inst="t18580816-744" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-744" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-744-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-744-18580816 t18580816-744-offence-1 t18580816-744-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-744-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-744-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-744-18580816" type="age" value="19"/>
<interp inst="def1-744-18580816" type="surname" value="THOMAS"/>
<interp inst="def1-744-18580816" type="given" value="ALFRED"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ALFRED THOMAS</hi> (19)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-744-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-744-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-744-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="pocketpicking"/>, Stealing a watch, value 26
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-84" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-84" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-84" type="surname" value="VINT"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-84" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-744-offence-1 t18580816-name-84"/>James Vint</persName>, from his person, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-744-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-744-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-744-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-744-punishment-19" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-744-punishment-19" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-744-punishment-19" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-744-18580816 t18580816-744-punishment-19"/>Confined Three Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-745">
<interp inst="t18580816-745" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-745-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-745-18580816 t18580816-745-offence-1 t18580816-745-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-745-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-745-18580816 t18580816-745-offence-1 t18580816-745-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-745-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-745-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-745-18580816" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-745-18580816" type="surname" value="LOVETRUE"/>
<interp inst="def1-745-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN LOVETRUE</hi> (18)</persName>, and
<persName id="def2-745-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-745-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-745-18580816" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def2-745-18580816" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def2-745-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN SMITH</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-745-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-745-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>. Burglary in the dwelling house of
<persName id="t18580816-name-87" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-87" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-87" type="surname" value="JONES"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-87" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-745-offence-1 t18580816-name-87"/>Frederick Jones</persName>, and stealing 1 coat and 1 hand
<lb/>kerchief, value 8
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. of
<persName id="t18580816-name-88" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-88" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-88" type="surname" value="HUDSON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-88" type="given" value="FRANCIS"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-745-offence-1 t18580816-name-88"/>Francis Hudson</persName>, to which</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">LOVETRUE</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-745-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-745-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-745-punishment-20" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-745-punishment-20" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745-punishment-20" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-745-18580816 t18580816-745-punishment-20"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SMITH</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-745-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-745-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-745-punishment-21" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-745-punishment-21" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-745-punishment-21" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-745-18580816 t18580816-745-punishment-21"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-746">
<interp inst="t18580816-746" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-746" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-746-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-746-18580816 t18580816-746-offence-1 t18580816-746-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-746-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-746-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-746-18580816" type="age" value="17"/>
<interp inst="def1-746-18580816" type="surname" value="GORMAN"/>
<interp inst="def1-746-18580816" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES GORMAN</hi> (17)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-746-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-746-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-746-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/>, Embezzling the sums of 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. and 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 2 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., which he had received on account of
<persName id="t18580816-name-90" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-90" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-90" type="surname" value="SUMMERS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-90" type="given" value="MOSES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-746-offence-1 t18580816-name-90"/>Moses Summers</persName> and another, nis masters, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-746-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-746-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-746-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-746-punishment-22" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-746-punishment-22" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-746-punishment-22" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-746-18580816 t18580816-746-punishment-22"/>Confined Three Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-747">
<interp inst="t18580816-747" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-747" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-747-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-747-18580816 t18580816-747-offence-1 t18580816-747-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-747-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-747-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-747-18580816" type="age" value="36"/>
<interp inst="def1-747-18580816" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="def1-747-18580816" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES SMITH</hi> (36)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-747-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-747-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-747-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="embezzlement"/>, Embezzling the sums of 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 4
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—12
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. and 1
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., of
<persName id="t18580816-name-92" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-92" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-92" type="surname" value="GIBBS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-92" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-747-offence-1 t18580816-name-92"/>George Gibbs</persName> and another, his masters, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-747-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-747-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-747-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-747-punishment-23" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-747-punishment-23" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-747-punishment-23" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-747-18580816 t18580816-747-punishment-23"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<hi rend="largeCaps">NEW COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Tuesday, August</hi> 17
<hi rend="italic">th</hi> 1858.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PRESENT</hi>—Mr. Ald.
<hi rend="smallCaps">CUBITT</hi>, M.P. and
<persName id="t18580816-name-93" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-93" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-93" type="surname" value="PRENDERGAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-93" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MICHAEL PRENDERGAST</hi> </persName>, Esq. Q.C.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before
<persName id="t18580816-name-94" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-94" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-94" type="surname" value="PRENDERGAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-94" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/> Michael Prendergast</persName>, Esq., Q.C. and the Sixth Jury.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-748">
<interp inst="t18580816-748" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-748" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-748-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-748-18580816 t18580816-748-offence-1 t18580816-748-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-748-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-748-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-748-18580816" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def1-748-18580816" type="surname" value="PEACOCK"/>
<interp inst="def1-748-18580816" type="given" value="SAMUEL"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">SAMUEL PEACOCK</hi> (21)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-748-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-748-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-748-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> for unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-748-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-748-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-748-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-748-punishment-24" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-748-punishment-24" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-748-punishment-24" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-748-18580816 t18580816-748-punishment-24"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-749">
<interp inst="t18580816-749" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-749" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-749-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-749-18580816 t18580816-749-offence-1 t18580816-749-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-749-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-749-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-749-18580816" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def1-749-18580816" type="surname" value="CARR"/>
<interp inst="def1-749-18580816" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ELIZABETH CARR</hi> (23)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-749-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-749-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-749-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> for a like offence, which she</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-749-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-749-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-749-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-749-punishment-25" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-749-punishment-25" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-749-punishment-25" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-749-18580816 t18580816-749-punishment-25"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-750">
<interp inst="t18580816-750" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-750" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-750-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-750-18580816 t18580816-750-offence-1 t18580816-750-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-750-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-750-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-750-18580816" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def1-750-18580816" type="surname" value="COOPER"/>
<interp inst="def1-750-18580816" type="given" value="CHARLOTTE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLOTTE COOPER</hi> (22)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-750-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-750-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-750-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> for a like offene.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-98" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-98" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-98" type="surname" value="REEVES"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-98" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN REEVES</persName> </hi>. I am an eating-house keeper in Hertford-terrace, Hag
<lb/>gerstone. On Friday evening, the 20th of July, the prisoner came, about a quarter-past 8 o'clock for a halfpenny worth of pease pudding—she gave me a shilling—I gave her 11 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change, and put the shilling in the till, where there was no other—there were two 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. pieces. In about a quarter</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160022"/>
<p>of an hour she canie again for a quarter of a pound of beef—she gave me a shilling, and I gave her 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change, and she left—I put that shilling in the till along with the other—I had not put any other there—they were both Victorias. After the prisoner had left the second time, Mr. Webb borrowed 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. of me—I went to the till and took the two shillings out—there was no other shilling there, only the two 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. pieces—I gave him one shilling out of my pocket Mr. Webb left the shop, and returned in about 10 mi
<lb/>nutes with two Victoria shillings, and they were bent—I kept them apart from other money—I returned them to Mr. Webb the same evening, and he gave them back to me—I gave them to the policeman.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-99" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-99" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-99" type="surname" value="WEBB"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-99" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBB</persName> </hi>. I am a carpenter, and live in Haggerstone Cottages. I was in Mr. Reeves's shop that evening when the second shilling was given by the prisoner. I afterwards had occasion to borrow 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. of Mr. Reeves—he took two shillings out of the till, and gave me one out of his pocket; the two which he took out of the till were Victorias—I noticed that there was not another shilling in the till—the shilling he took out of his pocket was a George the Fourth—the two shillings were detected as bad in my presence. I returned to him and gave him the two shillings I had received from him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-100" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-100" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-100" type="surname" value="TAYLOR"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-100" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH TAYLOR</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, N</hi> 100). From information I received from Mr. Reeves, I went with him on the Wednesday to the prisoner's house—I found her there, and I said to her, "Mr. Reeves charges you with passing two bad shillings."She said, "Yes, I did; 1 passed them to Mr. Reeves—I got them of Johnson, he is a d—d rogue, and I will tell all about him." I took her in custody—I asked her if Johnson lived there—she said, "No; he used to live with me till about three weeks ago, when I got married." These are the two shillings I got from Mr. Reeves, they were not out of my sight.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-101" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-101" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-101" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-101" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. I am inspector of coin to the Royal Mint—these shillings are both bad, and from the same mould, of Victoria, 1857.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I was not aware that either of them was bad.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-750-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-750-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-750-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-751">
<interp inst="t18580816-751" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-751-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-751-18580816 t18580816-751-offence-1 t18580816-751-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-751-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-751-18580816 t18580816-751-offence-1 t18580816-751-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-751-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-751-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-751-18580816" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def1-751-18580816" type="surname" value="JOHNSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-751-18580816" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM JOHNSON</hi> (21)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-751-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-751-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-751-18580816" type="age" value="20"/>
<interp inst="def2-751-18580816" type="surname" value="PIERS"/>
<interp inst="def2-751-18580816" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">WILLIAM PIERS</hi> (20)</persName> were indicted for
<rs id="t18580816-751-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-751-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> a like offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-104" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-104" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-104" type="surname" value="HAZELL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-104" type="given" value="BENJAMIN"/>BENJAMIN HAZELL</persName> </hi>. I am assistant to Mr. Callaghan, who keeps the Duke of Sussex at Haggerstone Bridge. On 20th July, Johnson came about 9 o'clock in the evening—I served him with a pint of porter—I saw him take it to the door—he paid me with a shilling—I gave him 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change, and put the shilling in the till—there was some small money there, but no other shilling at the time. Johnson left, and in about 2 minutes my master went to the till—no one had been to the till in the meantime—he drew my attention to the only shilling in the till; I looked, and found it was bad—while he was talking to me about it, the two prisoners came in at another door, at the other end of the bar—I went to serve them, and Piers asked for half a quartern of gin—the price was 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—he gave me a shilling, I looked at it, tried it with my teeth, and found it was bad. I called out to my master, "Here is another bad shilling." Mr. Callaghan came to me—I put the shilling in his hand, and told him there was another bad shilling—I pointed to Piers, and said, "That is the person who gave it me." Mr. Callagan asked the prisoners if they knew it was bad, and</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160023"/>
<p>they both turned round and ran out of the place, and left the shilling behind them—they had not drank the gin; it was poured out in a glass, but not drank—they were given in custody shortly afterwards.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson.</hi> I did not give a shilling, I gave a 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. piece. I went in company with a woman—she would not go in, and I asked for the beer and brought it outside for her to drink.
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> I did not see any woman—I was behind the bar at the time.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-105" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-105" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-105" type="surname" value="CALLAGHAN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-105" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM CALLAGHAN</persName> </hi>. I keep the Duke of Sussex. On 20th July, about 9 o'clock in the evening, I was getting my supper. I want to the bar where the last witness was serving—I went to the till and found a bad shilling in it, and no other shilling in the till—I spoke to the last witness about it, and that shilling I took care of. Just after that the two prisoners came in, and the last witness called me, and said, "Here is another bad shilling." The two prisoners were there, and he said in their presence that he took it of Piers—both the prisoners turned round and ran out of the house. I took that shilling up, and put the two shillings together in my waistcoat pocket—I ran after the prisoners—I afterwards gave them to the policeman. I had no other coin in that pocket.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson. Q.</hi> Was 1 in the public house when you said to Piers "This is a bad shilling?"
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, you were. I did not say, "This is four bad shillings," I said "Two bad shillings"—I did not say when the policeman took you, "This is four bad shillings."</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-106" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-106" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-106" type="surname" value="SMITH"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-106" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>THOMAS SMITH</persName> </hi>. I reside at Kingsland. On 20th July, about 9 o'clock in the evening, I was by the Duke of Sussex. I saw both the prisoners against the public house; they were talking together and looking in at the door of the public house—Johnson then went into the house, and Piers remained at the door—in a short time, Johnson came to the door with a pot and some beer in it; Piers drank with him—Johnson returned to the public house, and in a short time he came out and joined Piers—they talked a few minutes, and they both went into the house at another door. In about a minute, I saw them about ten yards from the house, running away—I followed them, and assisted the constable in taking them.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson. Q.</hi> Did you see me and Piers run together?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, down Haggerstone toward Stoneham Common. When the constable took Piers you were following—I saw you, and pointed you out to the constables.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson.</hi> It is quite false, I crossed the road, and they said a man had given a bad shilling—I came back and saw Piers in the hands of the police, and Piers said, "That is the man that was with me."
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> I followed Piers, and caught him—the policeman came and I gave him to him. I was returning and met Johnson—I said, "This is the other one"—Johnson made use of very bad language and resisted.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-107" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-107" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-107" type="surname" value="TAYLOR"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-107" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH TAYLOR</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, N</hi> 100). On the evening of 20th July, I was in Haggerstone Lane about half-past 8 o'clock. I saw the two prisoners in company together about 150 yards from the Duke of Sussex—Charlotte Cooper, the last prisoner who was tried, was with them. After that, about 9 o'clock, I was near Haggeretone Bridge, and Mr. Callaghan came to me and pointed out the two prisoners, who were running down Haggerstone Lane, towards the church—I followed them—I took Piers in Kingsland Road. In coming back, accompanied by Smith, I found Johnson—I took them both hack to the Duke of Sussex. I received these two shillings from Mr. Callaghan. Johnson said he had never been in the house before—Piers said he was running away because his mate had passed a bad shilling, and he was not going to be locked up for it.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160024"/>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson. Q.</hi> Did you see me running away with Piers?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, I had got Piers, and was coming back, and he said, "That is my mate," and I took you.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-108" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-108" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-108" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-108" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. These shillings are both bad, and from the same mould; and they are from the same mould as the two shillings which were produced in the last case.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Johnson's Defence.</hi> I paid Piers that night a shilling that I owed him. It is false that I was in his company at half-past 8. I was with a woman who had a basket of cresses—she had part of the beer and I had part of it—Piers was not in my company before I drank the beer. I paid a 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. piece for it.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Piers' Defence.</hi> I was coming over the bridge and met this man—I said to him, "Have you got the shilling you owe me?"—he said, "I will give it you." We went in and had half a quartern of gin, and the shilling was bad—I can be on my oath, I did not know it was bad—I had a good half crown in my pocket.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Piers received a good character.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHNSON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-751-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-751-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>Guilty</rs>.—
<rs id="t18580816-751-punishment-26" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-751-punishment-26" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751-punishment-26" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-751-18580816 t18580816-751-punishment-26"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PIERS</hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-751-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-751-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>Guilty</rs>
<rs id="t18580816-751-punishment-27" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-751-punishment-27" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-751-punishment-27" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-751-18580816 t18580816-751-punishment-27"/>Confined Three Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-752">
<interp inst="t18580816-752" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-752" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-752-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-752-18580816 t18580816-752-offence-1 t18580816-752-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-752-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-752-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-752-18580816" type="age" value="25"/>
<interp inst="def1-752-18580816" type="surname" value="RILEY"/>
<interp inst="def1-752-18580816" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">ROBERT RILEY</hi> (25)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-752-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-752-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-752-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> for feloniously uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-110" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-110" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-110" type="surname" value="MORRIS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-110" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN MORRIS</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, P</hi> 86). I produce a copy of the prisoner's former conviction—(
<hi rend="italic">Read: At the Central Criminal Court, March, 1857, Robert Riley was convicted of tittering counterfeit com, and was sentenced to be Confined One Year.</hi>) I was present—the prisoner is the person—I had him in my custody, and I picked him out of twenty others.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I never was here before—I have been in the Militia, and was at that time.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-111" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-111" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-111" type="surname" value="JONAS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-111" type="given" value="EDMUND JAKES"/>EDMUND JAKES JONAS</persName> </hi>. I know the prisoner very well—he was in this prison ten or twelve days, and went to Wandsworth.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-112" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-112" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-112" type="surname" value="HEADING"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-112" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM HEADING</persName> </hi>. I keep the Royal Oak, at Brentford. On Monday the 2d of August, the prisoner came there—he was served with a pint of beer—I did not see him pay for that—he then called for another pint—I served him, and he laid a bad shilling on the counter—my wife said to me, "William, is this a good shilling?"—I looked at it, and found it was bad; I bent it up with my teeth—it had not been out of my sight. I said to the prisoner, "Have you any more of this sort, old fellow?"—he said, "No, I have just taken it at the public house, at the corner of the street"—he said, "I will go and get it changed, I can't afford to lose it." I gave it him, and he went away. There was another person with him, but the prisoner gave me the shilling. It was about 10 o'clock in the evening.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> I am satisfied he is the man—I saw him again on the Tuesday, and again the Saturday.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I never saw the man at all</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> How long was it from the time you first saw him till his going out?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About 5 minutes perhaps.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-113" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-113" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-113" type="surname" value="PIPER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-113" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH PIPER</persName> </hi>. My husband keeps the Feathers public house at Brentford; it is about 10 minutes walk from the Royal Oak. On Monday evening, 2d August, the prisoner came to the bar about 9 o'clock; he called for a pint of beer—I served him—he gave me a bad shilling—I said, "This won't do, it is bad,"—he gave me a good 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and I gave him change. I put the shilling on a little shelf, and said I should not give it him again—he said it was no use to him as it was bad I went to the door and said, "If</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160025"/>
<p>I can see a policeman I will give you in charge"—I did not see one, and he went away. I put the shilling by itself, and as soon as I saw a policeman I gave information and gave him the shilling the next morning—I am sure the prisoner is the man—I saw him again on the Saturday at the Town Hall; he was then in custody.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I gave her the shilling—I did not know it was bad.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-114" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-114" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-114" type="surname" value="LOADER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-114" type="given" value="ELIZABETH"/>ELIZABETH LOADER</persName> </hi>. My husband, Charles Loader, keeps the Red Lion at Old Brentford. On Monday night, 2d August, the prisoner came about 11 o'clock—I served him a pint of beer, and he gave me a shilling—I gave him 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change—I did not take much notice of the shilling; I put it in the till—I don't know whether it was bad or not. The prisoner was after
<lb/>wards served with another pint of beer—he gave me another shilling—I gave him 10
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change and put that shilling in the till; I did not notice that. The prisoner afterwards called for another pint of beer, and he gave me another shilling—that roused my suspicion, and I put that shilling into a separate till, and gave him change, and he went away soon after, as it was time to shut up. After he was gone a policeman came in—I then examined the last shilling, and it was bad. I gave it to the policeman. I had changed away all the money that was in the till, so that I don't know whether there was any bad money amongst it or not The policeman brought the prisoner to my house the game night, about half-past 12 o'clock—I recognized him—he had some struggle with the constable.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner.</hi> I was working at harvest work—I was at the house about half-past 10 o'clock with another man, and we had 4 or 5 pints of beer.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> He was with another man—the other man had one pint of beer, and he paid me in coppers.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-115" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-115" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-115" type="surname" value="MCKAY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-115" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN MC KAY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, T</hi> 220). I was on duty at Brentford on Monday night, 2d August. I received information, and about half-past 12 o'clock I went to a lodging house—I found the prisoner sitting on the step outside with another man—the other man was accusing the prisoner of having enticed him down to Brentford, saying there was plenty of work, and he was passing bad money—I asked where he had passed bad money, and he pointed to the Red Liou, and said, "He has passed three there,"—I said, "Where has he passed any more 9"—he said, "He has passed one in the public house on the other side, the new building;" that is the Feathers kept by Mr. Piper. I asked if he had passed any more—he said, "Yes, at a corner house up the lane," which might have been the Royal Oak. The prisoner said nothing—I took him in custody, and took him to the Red Lion; and the landlady gave me a bad shilling, and gave the prisoner in custody. He struck the other man who had informed against him, and I went to part them and he got my finger in his mouth and bit it—I took him to the station. This is the shilling I got from Mrs. Loader, and this one from Mrs. Piper. I found on him three good sixpences and a 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. piece, and 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. all in copper—I found no bad money on him. The other man told me he kept bad money in the dog-kennel at the lodging house—I went there, and found this bent shilling there; that was at the house where I had found him sitting.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-116" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-116" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-116" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-116" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. This shilling given to Mrs. Piper is bad; this one given to Mrs. Loader is bad; and this one found in the dog-kennel is bad, and from the same mould as the one passed to Mrs. Piper.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I am quite innocent of the charge. I was dis
<lb/>embodied from the Militia in June last.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-752-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-752-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-752-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-752-punishment-28" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-752-punishment-28" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-752-punishment-28" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-752-18580816 t18580816-752-punishment-28"/>Four Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-753">
<interp inst="t18580816-753" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-753" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-753-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-753-18580816 t18580816-753-offence-1 t18580816-753-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160026"/>
<persName id="def1-753-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-753-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def1-753-18580816" type="age" value="24"/>
<interp inst="def1-753-18580816" type="surname" value="FARNWOOD"/>
<interp inst="def1-753-18580816" type="given" value="EMMA"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EMMA FARNWOOD</hi> (24)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-753-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-753-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-753-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/>, Feloniously having in her possession a mould for a half crown.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-118" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-118" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-118" type="surname" value="REILLY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-118" type="given" value="FRANCIS"/>FRANCIS REILLY</persName> </hi>. I am a costermonger, and live in Bennett's Court Drury Lane. On Wednesday, 28th July, I went to a public house in Holborn with a friend—we had something to drink. While there the prisoner came in; she drank with us—she had a basket with her; this is it. After that I went with her to No. 11, George Street, St. Giles'—I undreseed and went to bed—she was partly undressed. I was not sober; I had been drinking. About 4 o'clock in the morning there was an alarm, when the prisoner was getting over the landing. The man of the house went out for the policeman himself. When I heard the alarm, I ran and looked at my trousers, and I missed from them 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. The prisoner was gone from the room. I had given her a shilling. I went down stairs—a constable came, and I wished the prisoner to give me the money and I would have nothing to do with her—she said all the money she had was half a crown and a few halfpence in her hand—I said I would give her in charge, and I did so. I over-slept myself the next morning, and I did not appear against her. I did not see what was in the basket on the night before when I was in the room—but she showed me a shilling and one of these moulds—that was in the room—I am not sure whether the mould was in the basket or not—the shilling was in her hand—she showed it to me; I looked and saw it was a shilling—I could not say whether it was good or bad—she said, "Look at this."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> What time was it you left her?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About 4 o'clock—it was daylight. I did not know the prisoner before. I am in no one's employ—I was in the Land Fencibles in the Crimea for a short time—I and my mother keep a room in Bennett's Court. I was in liquor; I can't say whether the prisoner was—if I were sober myself I should know the difference between a person being drunk and sober—I knew what I was about—the prisoner could not be very drunk; she might be in liquor, but I could not swear it. I paid for what we had. She showed me the mould; I could not say where she took it from; I saw it in her hand—I examined the shilling and gave it her back again—I dare say she put it in the basket—I never took particular notice. I mentioned about this at the Court House. I heard part of my examination read over—I did not hear it read about her showing me the shilling and the mould—I signed my examination—the words I said were read over to the Magistrate, not to me—I told the Magistrate about her having shown me the mould.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you find whether it was down or not?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I did not take notice, but I know what I said. When I was at the police office the prisoner was not charged with robbing me—the Magistrate said he was not trying on that—the charge was having these moulds in her possession—I knew that. This is my statement (
<hi rend="italic">This statement contained no mention of the shilling and the mould.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-119" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-119" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-119" type="surname" value="REARDON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-119" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>MICHAEL REARDON</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, E</hi> 72). I was on duty in George Street, St. Giles', on 28th July, about 4 in the morning—I was called to the house No. 11, George Street, and the prisoner was given into my custody by the last witness on a charge of robbing him. Both the prisoner and the witness were in liquor when the charge was given. I said to the prisoner, "Do you know what you are charged with?—stealing 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. out of Reilly's pocket—she said, "All the money I have is this half crown, and 4 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., in coppers; and this half crown he gave me." She had this basket in her hand, and as</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160027"/>
<p>we came out of the house, she said, "Will you let me go? if you do, I will feel much obliged to you"—I said, "I can't do that"—she kept the basket in her hand—all through I demanded it of her in going to the station, and she refused to give it me—she said she would not. I took her into the station, and the charge was pressed against her by the prosecutor, stating he had lost the 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—the prisoner denied all the way through that she had any more money than the half-crown and 4 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. I called Mrs. Reed, the female searcher, and demanded the basket again of the prisoner—she laid she would give it to Mrs. Reed, not to me. After they had retired, I went to her lodging to see if she had thrown any money away—I searched up and down with the lamp, but I could not find any—Mrs. Reed and the prisoner came in again, and Mrs. Reed placed this basket on the desk—she said she could not open it—I opened it, and found in it these four moulds and some old fragments of moulds which had been broken, and six half-crowns and seven shillings, all in this piece of paper.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> The prisoner was very drunk?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Not very drunk—she was a little the worse for liquor, not exactly stupid altogether. There was something of an old rag and two keys in the basket—the articles are here now which were in it when I took it from her. I made the search where the prisoner lodges—she gave her address; I went and found the address correct. She denied altogether that the basket belonged to her—she told the Magistrate that she did not know how the moulds came there—she said she met some young man who gave her something to drink, and who put the things in the basket she did not know.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BODKIN</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Are you quite sure that she denied that the basket was hers?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, she said, "That basket was given to me and the contents that are in it;" that was at the time I took her into the station.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-120" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-120" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-120" type="surname" value="REED"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-120" type="given" value="PHILLIS"/>PHILLIS REED</persName> </hi>. I am the wife of William Reed; I am female searcher at the station. On that Wednesday, I received directions to search the prisoner—she had this basket with her—I asked her to give it to the constable; she said no, she would take it with her and give it to me—I tried to open it; the lid was pressed down so tightly I did not think there was anything in it—I gave it to the officer, and he opened it. I bad before that searched the prisoner, and found a 5
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. piece in her bosom, and three half-crowns and one shilling dropped on the floor in untying her petticoat—one half-crown and 4 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. was in her hand—one of the half-crowns was bad, but I can't say which it was—she was not charged with bad money. I gave the money to the constable—there was some hesitation, and he brought it back and gave it to me.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-121" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-121" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-121" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-121" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. There are two perfect moulds for half-crowns, one is of William the Fourth, and the other George the fourth; here are some fragments of moulds for sixpences and shillings—these half-crowns found in the basket are all bad—one of them is in an unfinished state, and appears to be from this mould of William the Fourth; the others are all finished—here are four counterfeit half-crowns of Victoria, 1847—this half-crown found in the prisoner's hand is bad, it is Victoria 1840.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The Prisoner's statement before the Magistrate was here read as follow:</hi>—; "I had not a bad half-crown in my possession at all—I do not know how I came by the moulds or the bad money in the basket—there was a
<hi rend="italic">row</hi> in Holborn, and a young man said to me, "Take hold of this," giving me a small parcel which I suppose I put in my basket—he asked me to hold it while he got another young man out of the
<hi rend="italic">row.</hi> I was drunk.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-753-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-753-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-753-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-753-punishment-29" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-753-punishment-29" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-753-punishment-29" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-753-18580816 t18580816-753-punishment-29"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-754">
<interp inst="t18580816-754" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-754" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-754-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-754-18580816 t18580816-754-offence-1 t18580816-754-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-754-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-754-18580816 t18580816-754-offence-1 t18580816-754-verdict-2"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160028"/>
<persName id="def1-754-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-754-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-754-18580816" type="age" value="18"/>
<interp inst="def1-754-18580816" type="surname" value="BUTLER"/>
<interp inst="def1-754-18580816" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">MICHAEL BUTLER</hi> (18)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-754-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-754-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def2-754-18580816" type="age" value="27"/>
<interp inst="def2-754-18580816" type="surname" value="GODFREY"/>
<interp inst="def2-754-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN GODFREY</hi> (27)</persName> were indicted for
<rs id="t18580816-754-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-754-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-754-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-124" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-124" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-124" type="surname" value="WINDER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-124" type="given" value="SARAH"/>SARAH WINDER</persName> </hi>. I am barmaid at Exeter-hall Hotel in the Strand. On Thursday, 8th July, Butler came about half-past 3 o'clock in the afternoon—I served him with a pint of beer which came to 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. and he gave me in payment a shilling—I gave him change—he drank part of the beer and left. I put the shilling in the till—there was no other shilling there, I am quite sure—just as he went out, Mr. Hall came in and spoke to me, in consequence of which I looked at the shilling. I found it was bad—I gave it to Mr. Hall—he bent it, and left the house with it. I saw Butler again the same day; I am sure he is the man—I did not have the shilling lack—I did not see Godfrey.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-125" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-125" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-125" type="surname" value="HALL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-125" type="given" value="ROBERT COLEMAN"/>ROBERT COLEMAN HALL</persName> </hi>. I am a grocer, and live in Wardour-street. About 12 o'clock, on 8th July, I saw Godfrey standing in front of my shop. I afterwards went out at a qurter before 3 o'clock—I went through the Strand, and saw Godfrey again standing in front of the Adelphi Theatre. While he was standing there Butler joined him, and they walked as far as the Exeter-hall Hotel—Butler went in there, and Godfrey went up Exeter-street—I went into the hotel and asked some questions—when I came out I saw Godfrey standing at the corner of Burleigh-street, waiting there—I then returned to the hotel, and the last witness gave me this shilling from the till—I bit it, and took it out and gave it to the policeman—I then went after the prisoner—I saw Butler join Godfrey at the corner of Burleigh-street—they walked up to Exeter-street. I met a policeman, and made a communication to him—I gave the prisoners in custody for passing bad money—Butler's conduct was very riotous, he tried to throw the policeman—Godfrey was very quiet indeed; we left him—he might have walked away.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. PHILIPPS</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> How long did the scuffle last?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Some few minutes—Burleigh-street comes into the Strand—the Exeter-hall Hotel is at the corner of Exeter-street in the Strand, about 100 yards from the corner of Burleigh-street.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">COURT</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Is it out of sight?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No—the prisoners first joined by the Adelphi Theatre—they joined again at Burleigh-street—they went as far as Exeter-hall Hotel together—Butler went in, and Godfrey went up the street</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-126" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-126" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-126" type="surname" value="MACGLOIN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-126" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>EDWARD MACGLOIN</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, F</hi> 40.) I was in Wellington-street—the last witness spoke to me. I went up Burleigh-street into Exeter-street—I saw the two prisoners together—Mr. Hall came up, and the prisoners were given into my custody for passing bad money. I took hold of them—Butler struck me, kicked me on the leg, and bit me—I was obliged to get another officer—they were taken to the station.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Butler.</hi> I never touched the constable till he struck me</p>
<hi rend="italic">Witness.</hi> I never struck him, I took hold of him.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-127" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-127" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-127" type="surname" value="ROSE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-127" type="given" value="MARK"/>MARK ROSE</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman F</hi> 106). I saw this struggle, and I went to the assistance of the last witness—we succeeded in securing both the prisoners, and they were taken to the station. I found on Butler 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 6
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in silver, and 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in copper, good money, and on Godfrey, ten sixpences, four 4
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. pieces, four 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. pieces, 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 3 1/2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in copper, a counterfeit shilling, 2 1/2 lbs. of beef steass, some sausages, 15 postage stamps in three separate lots, and a 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. loaf. This is the bad shilling I found on Butler, and this is the shilling that Mr. Hall gave me. The prisoner gave addresses, but they were all false—Godfrey gave</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160029"/>
<p>his address, No. 7, White-row, Whitechapel—I went there, and no such person lodged there—I saw a man who told me he was the keeper of the house.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-128" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-128" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-128" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-128" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. These two shillings are bad.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Godfrey's statement before the Magistrate was read as follows.</hi>—"There was no shilling amongst the money I handed over to the policeman in the station—the bad shilling must have been put in since."</p>
<hi rend="italic">Butler's Defence.</hi> The shilling I got in change on the Sunday, when I changed a half-sovereign at a coffee shop in Leicester-square—I had received 17
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 8
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. for wages on Saturday night—I did not know the shilling was bad. I don't know this prisoner at all.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">BUTLER</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-754-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-754-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-754-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">GODFREY</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-754-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-754-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-754-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-754-punishment-30" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-754-punishment-30" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-754-punishment-30" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-754-18580816 t18580816-754-punishment-30"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-754-18580816 t18580816-754-punishment-30"/>Confined Nine Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-755">
<interp inst="t18580816-755" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-755" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-755-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-755-18580816 t18580816-755-offence-1 t18580816-755-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-755-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-755-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-755-18580816" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def1-755-18580816" type="surname" value="MILLER"/>
<interp inst="def1-755-18580816" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">CHARLES MILLER</hi> (22)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-755-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-755-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-755-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> for a like offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">POLAND</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-130" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-130" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-130" type="surname" value="ANDREWS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-130" type="given" value="JOSEPH EDWARD"/>JOSEPH EDWARD ANDREWS</persName> </hi>. I keep the Hand-in-fland public-house in Wynyatt-street, Goswell Road. On 9th July, about 12 o'clock, the prisoner came to my house, and I served him with a pint of ale—he gave me a bad half-crown—I put down the change—I took np the half-crown, and bent it nearly double—I am sure it was bad; I told the prisoner so—he said it was no such thing—I bounced it on the bar table—I came round, and he took up the half-crown and put it into his pocket—he gave me 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., and went out—I followed him and gave him in charge—there was another man with him, but the prisoner was the man who gave me the money, and asked for the ale.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> What did I give you?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Half-a-crown, and I gave you two shillings and three penny pieces,—you said if I would give you the half
<lb/>crown back, you would give me other money, and I bounced it on the table—you took the change away with you—you took the half-crown—the other man gave me the 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>.—it was an old half-crown, not a Victoria—I followed you closely when you went out, and my firm opinion is, that you ate the half
<lb/>crown—you began eating a piece of bread as soon as you got out. I followed you and never lost sight of you—I did not see you throw any
<lb/>thing away—I saw you till you were taken in charge.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-131" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-131" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-131" type="surname" value="CRAMP"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-131" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES CRAMP</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, G</hi> 240). On that day, the prisoner and another man were given into my custody, charged with uttering a counterfeit half
<lb/>crown—the prisoner said he neither knew the prosecutor nor yet the house.—I searched him at the station and found on him a good half-crown, one shilling, two sixpences, and 3
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in coppers—the half-crown was not bent at all. I took the two men before the magistrate—they were remanded till Monday, and discharged, this being the only case against them. The prisoner gave the name of Charles Elliott.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-132" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-132" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-132" type="surname" value="WILKS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-132" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WILKS</persName> </hi>. I keep an eating house in St. Pancras Road. On 17th July, the prisoner came and bought a penny pie; he gave me a half-crown—I laid it on the counter—my servant gave him two smooth shillings; one was of George the Third, the other was William the Fourth, or George the Fourth; they were worn shillings. I put them down, and 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. in coppers—the moment the prisoner saw it, he said, "I have got a penny, I thought it was a 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. pie—I would rather have the money back, and not change." I took up the penny which he gave me, and I gave him back the half-crown; he put down the 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 5
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. change—the moment I took up the two shillings, I saw that one was bad—I took them up, and followed him; he had hastened out of the shop. I am able to say that one of those shillings was not one</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160030"/>
<p>which I had given him—I did not give him the Victoria shilling which I bent. I did not see him take up the two shillings to my knowledge—I had stooped to pick up the penny which he had thrown over the counter; the two shillings were right before me—when I got up, I gave him the half
<lb/>crown, and began to take up the two shillings, and I found one was bad—he left the moment I gave him the half-crown—I followed him twenty or thirty yards from my shop, he was eating his pie, and walking rather fast—I said to him, "Here is a bad shilling, I will thank you to change it"—he said, "I never gave it you." I collared him, and took him back to the shop—he said he had no other money. A constable was sent for—I gave him, the prisoner, into custody, and gave him the bad shilling.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner. Q.</hi> What did I ask for?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> You asked for Dothing; you took the pie out of the window, and threw down a half-crown, which was good I believe—I did not put it in the till, but by the side of the till—I did not try it—my servant gave me the two shillings, and I laid them before you—I took notice that they were both worn shillings, and one was of the reign of George the Third; the other I did not take notice of the reign of—they were not Victoria's—the one you gave me back was George the Third's, and the bad one—the one of George the Third, I parted with afterwards on the same day; the Queen's one I gave to the policeman I did not see you take the money from the counter; I did not say that I could not say whether it was a Queen's shilling or not—you might be 20 or 30 yards from the shop when I took you. I did not see you with any one before I took you—I touched you and said, "I beg your pardon, this is a bad shilling."—I afterwards took you by the collar, and brought you baok; you did not run away. I can't say how long you waited before the policeman came. I did not hold you while you was waiting; I stood by the door, that you did not go out—the chair was standing opposite the counter.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-133" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-133" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-133" type="surname" value="REEVES"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-133" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE REEVES</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, S</hi> 394) I was called to Mr. Wilks's shop, and the prisoner was given into my custody on the charge of putting down a bad shilling instead of a good one—the prisoner said he did not do it—I took him to the station—I found on him a good half-crown—this is the bad shilling that Mr. Wilks gave me.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-134" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-134" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-134" type="surname" value="WEBSTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-134" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM WEBSTER</persName> </hi>. This is a bad shilling of the date 1856.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Prisoner's Defence.</hi> I deny it altogether—I passed the shop and saw some pies—I went in and asked for one—I gave him a half-crown—he took it up and put it in the till—I am positive he took two shillings out of the till himself and placed them on the counter—I then saw him count five pence—I said, "I thought they were 2
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>., I have a penny"—I put a penny on the counter; it bounced down, and he stooped and picked it up and gave me the half-crown—I had not got above twelve yards from the shop when he came out and took me back—he did not tell me what for till he got to the shop—he then said I had given him a bad shilling—I said I had done no such thing—he went to the office and gave an account, and he did not know what reign the shilling was—I had been left in the shop with an open door; I could have run away—I was taken and searched, and was remanded—I can only say I am not guilty—I did not make any resistance.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-755-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-755-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-755-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-755-punishment-31" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-755-punishment-31" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-755-punishment-31" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-755-18580816 t18580816-755-punishment-31"/>Confined Six Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160031"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">OLD COURT</hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Wednesday, August</hi> 18
<hi rend="italic">th</hi>, 1858.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">PRESENT</hi>—The Right Hon. the
<hi rend="largeCaps">LORD MAYOR</hi>; Mr. Justice
<hi rend="smallCaps">WIL
<lb/>LIAMS</hi>; Mr. Justice
<hi rend="smallCaps">WILLES</hi>; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-135" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-135" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-135" type="surname" value="MARSHALL"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-135" type="given" value="CHAPMAN"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">CHAPMAN MARSHALL</hi> </persName>, Knt., Ald.; Sir
<persName id="t18580816-name-136" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-136" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-136" type="surname" value="MOON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-136" type="given" value="FRANCIS GRAHAM"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">FRANCIS GRAHAM MOON</hi> </persName>, Bart., Ald.; Mr.
<hi rend="smallCaps">A.W. CUBITT</hi>, M.P.; and
<persName id="t18580816-name-137" type="judiciaryName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-137" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-137" type="surname" value="PRENDERGAST"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-137" type="given" value="MICHAEL"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MICHAEL PRENDERGAST</hi> </persName>, Esq., Q.C.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Before Mr. Justice Williams and the Third Jury.</hi> </p>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-756">
<interp inst="t18580816-756" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-756" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-756-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-756-18580816 t18580816-756-offence-1 t18580816-756-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-756-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-756-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-756-18580816" type="age" value="23"/>
<interp inst="def1-756-18580816" type="surname" value="QUIN"/>
<interp inst="def1-756-18580816" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES QUIN</hi> (23)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-756-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-756-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-756-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/> for stealing, whilst employed in the Post Office, a post letter containing money, the property of
<persName id="t18580816-name-139" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-139" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-756-offence-1 t18580816-name-139"/>Her Ma
<lb/>jesty's Postmaster General</persName>, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-756-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-756-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-756-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-756-punishment-32" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-756-punishment-32" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-756-punishment-32" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-756-18580816 t18580816-756-punishment-32"/>Six Years Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-757">
<interp inst="t18580816-757" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-757" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-757-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-757-18580816 t18580816-757-offence-1 t18580816-757-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-757-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-757-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-757-18580816" type="age" value="22"/>
<interp inst="def1-757-18580816" type="surname" value="MORETTI"/>
<interp inst="def1-757-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN CHARLES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN CHARLES MORETTI</hi> (22)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-757-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-757-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-757-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/> for a like offence, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-757-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-757-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-757-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-757-punishment-33" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-757-punishment-33" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-757-punishment-33" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-757-18580816 t18580816-757-punishment-33"/>Six Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-758">
<interp inst="t18580816-758" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-758" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-758-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-758-18580816 t18580816-758-offence-1 t18580816-758-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-758-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-758-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-758-18580816" type="age" value="20"/>
<interp inst="def1-758-18580816" type="surname" value="LAWRENCE"/>
<interp inst="def1-758-18580816" type="given" value="EDWARD THOMAS"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EDWARD THOMAS LAWRENCE</hi> (20)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-758-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-758-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-758-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/> for a like offence, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-758-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-758-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-758-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-758-punishment-34" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-758-punishment-34" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-758-punishment-34" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-758-18580816 t18580816-758-punishment-34"/>Four Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-759">
<interp inst="t18580816-759" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-759" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-759-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-759-18580816 t18580816-759-offence-1 t18580816-759-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-759-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-759-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-759-18580816" type="age" value="37"/>
<interp inst="def1-759-18580816" type="surname" value="HORLOCK"/>
<interp inst="def1-759-18580816" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JAMES HORLOCK</hi> (37)</persName> was indicted
<rs id="t18580816-759-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-759-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-759-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/> for a like offence.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">ROBINSON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-143" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-143" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-143" type="surname" value="CLARE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-143" type="given" value="WILLIS"/>WILLIS CLARE</persName> </hi>. I am one of the inspectors of letter carriers at the Gene
<lb/>ral Post Office—in consequence of directions I received on 28th July, I made up a letter and enclosed in it a sovereign, a sixpence, and six postage stamps—I marked them all, and put them in a card which I put with the letter in an envelope—I did not direct it myself—(
<hi rend="italic">looking at some frag
<lb/>ments of papery</hi>), I recognise these as parts of the letter and envetope—the letter was directed to Mr. George Fielding, Nottingham-mews, High-street, Marylebone, London—that was a fictitious address—here are portions of the cards—I put two stamps on the envelope; I put them a little apart and in a slanting direction—I put the letter into the letter box at the chief office, between 1 and 2 in the day—I afterwards went inside the office and saw the letter taken out of the letter box—I kept it in my pos
<lb/>session until about 10 minutes before 6 next morning—I then gave it to Green with certain instructions—the letters are sorted into districts in the Inland office; they are then sent upstairs to another office to the letter carriers' seats or districts—they are sent up by a machine in trays—about 10 minutes after 6 I went up and saw the prisoner at the tray in the letter carriers' office—he was a letter carrier for the Hyde-park-square walk—it would be his duty to be at the tray where I saw him, to collect the letters to clear them away—I saw him bring the letters for his own walk, and also another bundle of letters in his hand—he took them from the sorting box to his own seat—I saw him take one bundle of letters and run through them; he came to a letter with two stamps on it, which I imme
<lb/>diately recognised as the one I had made up—he felt it in his fingers and shook it—he appeared to satisfy himself that it contained coin, and he put it amongst his other letters—it had been in the other bundle which belonged to Shuter, the letter carrier of the Nottingham Place district—he then put that bundle of letters on Shuter's seat, returned to his own seat, took his own letters down again, and selected the one I had seen him take from</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160032"/>
<p>Shuter's bundle, feel it, and then put it amongst his own letters—he had no business at all with Shuter's letters he left the Post Office about 7 o'clock to deliver his letters—Shuter left about the same time—I stopped Shuter, and looked over his letters—in the ordinary course the letter in question would have been with Shuter's letters—I did not find it there—I after
<lb/>wards went to Hyde-park-square, accompanied by the police constables, Bingham and Smee—I saw the prisoner go to the receiving house in Sussex-place; I was in a cab waiting near—it would be his duty to go to that receiving house after he had finished his delivery, to get a card signed of the time he had finished—that is done with every letter-carrier—another letter-carrier passed close by us and went into the receiving house—I then saw the prisoner come out and run across the road very fast, and round the corner—I went into the Victoria public house and there I found him—I had not seen him go in—I spoke to the potman, and I saw the prisoner coming from the water-closet, he was about ten or twelve yards from it—I told him I wanted him—I went out and saw Bingham, and desired him to search the closet, and he shortly afterwards brought me these papers.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. COOPER</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> How long has the prisoner been in the Post-office?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Five years, I think—I was three or four yards off from where he was sorting the letters—I could not be seen: I placed my
<lb/>self in a position on purpose to watch the prisoner, so that he could not see me—the carriers very frequently assist each other, when their walks happen to be near each other—I followed the prisoner from the receiving house in
<lb/>stantly in the cab, as quick as the horse could go—after seeing him at the Victoria, I walked with him to the end of the street to meet the constable, and then back again to the Victoria—that would be about 300 or 400 yards; I then went to the receiving house, leaving him with Bingham—he knew me as his superior officer.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-144" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-144" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-144" type="surname" value="GREEN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-144" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE GREEN</persName> </hi>. I am employed in the Post-office as a superintendent of sorters. On the morning of 29th July, I received a letter from Mr. Clare—in consequence of his instructions, I placed it amongst the Notting
<lb/>ham-place district letters—I saw the tray containing those letters sent up by the machine to the letter-carriers' office—I noticed the name on it—it was Mr. George Fielding—this is a part of the envelope.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-145" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-145" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-145" type="surname" value="SHUTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-145" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>JOSEPH SHUTER</persName> </hi>. I am a letter-carrier in the General Post-office—my district is the Nottingham-place district. I was stopped by Mr. Clare on the morning of 29th July: he examined my letters—there was no letter amongst them directed to Mr. Fielding—I did not ask the prisoner that day to deliver any letter for me to Mr. Fielding—we generally go out about the same time—I had no conversation with him at all that morning.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> When your letters were examined, did you examine them all at the same time, or did you give them to Mr. Clare to examine?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Mr. Clare examined the bundle and then gave it to me—my attention was called to this again the same day by Mr. Clare.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BODKIN</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Did you yourself see that there was no such letter there as Mr. Clare was looking for?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I did; I looked through the letters myself—I delivered all the letters I had.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160033"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-146" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-146" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-146" type="surname" value="MERRINGTON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-146" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>WILLIAM MERRINGTON</persName> </hi>. I am potman at the Victoria public house in Sussex-place. On the morning of 29th July, about half-past 8, the prisoner came to our house—I knew him before, by coming to deliver letters—he asked me to open the water-closet door for him—I did so—it was fastened by two bolts—no person had been there that morning—I unfastened it, and he went in: the door that I unfastened opens into a little yard, and the water-closet is there. Whilst he was there Mr. Clare came in: he asked me some question, which I answered—soon after that, the prisoner came out of the closet, and met Mr. Clare at the street door—I had fastened the door leading to the water-closet at half-past 12 the night before, after the house was closed.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> It was the yard door he wanted you to open?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes—any person could open that from the outside, but it is in a very dark place—nobody would know how to open it, unless they knew the place.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-147" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-147" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-147" type="surname" value="BINGHAM"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-147" type="given" value="HENRY"/>HENRY BINGHAM</persName> </hi>. I am an officer attached to the Post-office. On the morning in question, I accompanied Mr. Clare to the neighbourhood of Hyde-park-square—we went there in a cab—we stopped about 100 yards from the receiving house in Sussex-place, in sight of the receiving house—while we were there, a letter-carrier came and delivered letters close roundus, us, on both sides of the cab—he had the opportunity of seeing us—he then went into the receiving house; the prisoner immediately came out of the receiving house, and ran across the road very fast towards the public house—the door of the public house was not in sight from where we were; he ran round the corner, and I lost sight of him—I jumped out of the cab and ran after him—I ran past the public house, up the street—I had not seen him go into the public house—I went about 200 yards and then re
<lb/>turned—I saw Mr. Clare come with the prisoner from the public house—I went towards them: they turned back and I met them at the door—in consequence of directions from Mr. Clare, I went into the Victoria and searched the water-closet, and there found these fragments of a letter and two pieces of card, which I have produced—they were in the pipe at the bottom of the pan of the closet—there was no trap: they were swimming in a little water.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> This receiving house, I suppose, is the place to which all the letter-carriers go.
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> A certain portion allotted to that district go there to sign the card. I saw three or four go in, besides the prisoner; they should not go in until they have delivered all their letters—I am not aware that they sometimes do so.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-759-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-759-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-759-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-759-punishment-35" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-759-punishment-35" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-759-punishment-35" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-759-18580816 t18580816-759-punishment-35"/>Six years' penal servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-760">
<interp inst="t18580816-760" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-760" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-760-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-760-18580816 t18580816-760-offence-1 t18580816-760-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-760-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-760-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-760-18580816" type="age" value="51"/>
<interp inst="def1-760-18580816" type="surname" value="STEVENS"/>
<interp inst="def1-760-18580816" type="given" value="FRANCIS WORRALL"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FRANCIS WORRALL STEVENS</hi> (51)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-760-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-760-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-760-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="fraud"/>, Fraudulently and feloni
<lb/>ously converting to his own use a sum of 4,700
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., entrusted to him as bailee.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">for the Prosecution, offered no evidence.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-760-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-760-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-760-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="noEvidence"/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-761">
<interp inst="t18580816-761" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-761" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-761-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-761-18580816 t18580816-761-offence-1 t18580816-761-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-761-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-761-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-761-18580816" type="age" value="21"/>
<interp inst="def1-761-18580816" type="surname" value="RICHMOND"/>
<interp inst="def1-761-18580816" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<interp inst="def1-761-18580816" type="occupation" value="letter carrier"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOHN RICHMOND</hi>, junior (21)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-761-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-761-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-761-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="mail"/>, Stealing, whilst employed in the Post-office, a post letter containing money, the property of
<persName id="t18580816-name-150" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-150" type="gender" value="indeterminate"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-761-offence-1 t18580816-name-150"/>Her Majesty's Postmaster General</persName>.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. BODKIN</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">ROBINSON</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-151" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-151" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-151" type="surname" value="CLARE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-151" type="given" value="WILLIS"/>WILLIS CLARE</persName> </hi>. I am an inspector of letter-carriers at the General Post
<lb/>office. In consequence of something which had occurred, I made up a letter on 10th July, this is it (
<hi rend="italic">produced</hi>); it is in the same state now as when I made it up—I put inside a half-sovereign and a sixpence in a piece of card, (
<hi rend="italic">the witness here opened the letter</hi>,) here is the half-sovereign and sixpence, this is just the state in which it was when I sealed it up—it is addressed "Mrs. Johnson, 4, Pink-row, John Vrow, St. Luke's, London." I put it into the letter box between 1 and 2 in the day—I then went inside and obtained it again from the person who had taken it from the letter box, and locked it up till the next morning—I then gave it to Green, the sorter, to place with the letters for Bartholomew Square, that was about 10 minutes</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160034"/>
<p>to 6—the prisoner was one of the letter-carriers for the Bartholomew-square district; Tilson is the principal of the walk, and Carter is the third. In the ordinary course, this letter would have been amongst those which Tilson had to deliver—Tilson went out with his letters about 10 minutes after 7—I stopped him and searched his bundle, but found no such letter there—shortly after the letter-carriers had left, I sent Green after the prisoner, and he was brought back to my office—I asked him if he had seen a letter addressed to Fink-row, John's-row, St. Luke's—he said "I don't deliver Pink Row, but I have a letter for it," and he pulled this letter out of his coat pocket, and said, "Is this it?"—it was still sealed, but the address had been erased, and it was re-directed to Gee-street—the prisoner does deliver in Gee Street—I asked him how far he had delivered his letters when he was fetched back by Green—he said he had delivered Gee-street, Willow-street or Willow-row, and Noble-street—I am quite sure he said Gee-street—I asked him who re-directed the letter—he said, "I do not know, it came to me the last thing."—I have a memorandum here of the words that passed, which I made at the time; the prisoner saw me write it—what he said was, "I do not deliver Pink-row, but I have a letter for it—it is re-directed—I do not know who re-directed it—I had finished Gee-street, Willow-row, and Noble-street, before Mr. Green told me I was wanted." I then gave him into custody—he was searched—a letter was found on him that did not belong to him; it belonged to the Aldersgate-street walk.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined by</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SLEIGH</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> This letter directed to Pink-row I suppose had a fictitious address?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes—the prisoner has been in the Post-office upwards of 2 years, and bis father for nearly 30 years. I have not charged him with stealing any letters but this, but there was another found in his pocket which did not belong to him, and that contained a 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. note when it was delivered—I have not preferred any charge against him in respect to that letter; it is a rule if a letter-carrier discovers that he has in error taken out a letter belonging to another district, that he should go with it to the proper address immediately after he has finished his own delivery—supposing this letter, re-directed to Gee-street, came into his delivery for Pink-row, it would be his duty to deliver it in Gee-street—I am not aware that there is such a person as Mrs. Johnson at 15, Gee-street—if he ascertained there was no such person, it would be his duty to put it in his pocket and bring it back to the Post-office. He told me he did not deliver Gee-street, but it came to him the last thing—that means as they were just going out—sometimes when the letter-carriers are going out letters keep coming to them up to the very last minute, after they have got their main bundle; they are perhaps letters that have been overlooked in the sorting—the prisoner did not tell me that he had been to 15, and found no such person there—he did not tell me that there was a letter-box at 15, and that he was in the habit, when he delivered there, of putting the letters through the letter-box in the inner door—I don't remember his saying so in my presence—it might have been said in my presence, but I don't remember its being said in answer to any question that I put.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-152" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-152" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-152" type="surname" value="GREEN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-152" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE GREEN</persName> </hi>. I am superintendant of the sorters at tho General Post Office. On the morning of 12th July, Mr. Clare gave me a letter—this is it. At that time there was no erasure on the envelope; there was no "Gee-street" on it—in consequence of Mr. Clare's instructions, I put that letter into the tray containing the letters for the Bartholomew-square district. I saw the tray placed on the machine, and drawn up into the letter-carrier's office—I immediately went up into the letter-carrier's office,</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160035"/>
<p>and gave some instructions to Mr. Roberts, who was the inspector on duty there; that was about 3 or 4 minutes past 6—a little before 8, in consequence of directions, I went after the prisoner—I found him in his district—his ordinary course was to go to Gee-street first, then to Willow-row, Pear-tree-street, and so on. I found him in Pear-tree-street; I brought him back to Mr. Clare; I saw him take this letter from his coat pocket—I then saw the address had been altered.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> Was it at the Post-office that he took the letter out of his pocket, and handed it to Mr. Clare?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes: I told him he was wanted, and he went back with me immediately—I did not ask him whether he had delivered in Gee-street; I merely said he was required at the office.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-153" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-153" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-153" type="surname" value="ROBERTS"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-153" type="given" value="GEORGE"/>GEORGE ROBERTS</persName> </hi>. I am an inspector of letter-carriers—on the morning of 12th July, shortly before 6, a communication was made to me by Mr. Green; I was at that time in the letter-carriers' office. In consequence of that communication, I paid particular attention to the prisoner's movements; after a short time, I observed him go to Tilaon's seat, and divide the letters into three parts; the letters were lying on Tilson's seat—I had seen the letters placed there by a letter-carrier named Jones, when they came up by the machine—it was the prisoner's duty to divide them. Tilson not being there—I saw him divide them into three bundles. I had previously been shown this letter—whilst the prisoner was dividing the letters I saw this letter; I saw the prisoner place it amongst his own letters, instead of placing it amongst Tilson's—before that, I saw him, as he had got it in his hand, turn it over and feel it—no one was assisting him in dividing the letters; he was occupied at it for about a quarter of an hour—he then took the letters belonging to his own walk to his own seat, this letter being amongst them—I then saw him writing; I could not see what he wrote; he was writing long enough to have re-directed two or three letters; he then tied up the letters, and went out for delivery. I was in the solicitor's room, when he was brought back; I believe I asked him if he had delivered letters at 15, Gee-street; he said he had, he thought three; he delivered them by knocking at the door, and placing them in a box, in an inner door—he saw no one. I saw Tilson come in and go to his seat before the prisoner went out.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> How far were you from where the prisoner was sorting the letters?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About five yards. I was in a gallery where you have a good view of all the letter-carriers—I had a perfect view of all that was going on—I did not keep my eye upon him wholly—there is a passage underneath where the letters are occasionally sorted, and he went there to fetch some; with that exception, I had my eye upon him the whole time—I have mentioned before to-day, that I saw him feel the letter and turn it over—I mentioned it to the solicitor; I did not mention it before the magistrate—this was a test letter.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-154" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-154" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-154" type="surname" value="TILSON"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-154" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT TILSON</persName> </hi>. I am the principal of the three letter-carriers of the Bartholomew-square district—on 12th July, my letters were all sorted when I went up—before I went out with my letters, Mr. Clare looked over them to find a letter addressed to Mrs. Johnson—there was no such letter in my parcel—a letter for Pink-row ought to have been in my bundle—I believe the writing on this envelope to be the prisoner's, it is a sort of disguised hand; I have seen him write, dozens of times—he has been in my department for two years, backwards and forwards—from my knowledge of the character of his handwriting I believe this to be his.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160036"/>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> Do I understand you to swear positively to it?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> I could not do that—I do not recollect ever sorting a letter into my own bundle belonging to another district—I never took out one wrong since I have been in the Post-office—I have known it done by others in mistake; their duty then would be to deliver it after finishing their own walk—I was absent that morning doing other duty, and the prisoner sorted the letters—his father is still in the Post-office.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. BODKIN</hi>.
<hi rend="italic">Q.</hi> Is it the practice after the letters have been sorted into several walks, for each man when he takes the letters to his own walk to arrange them in the order of delivery before he leaves the office?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> Yes, he has then the opportunity of seeing again every letter which he has to deliver—I have been employed there three years.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-155" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-155" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-155" type="surname" value="CARTER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-155" type="given" value="EDMUND"/>EDMUND CARTER</persName> </hi>. I am the second assistant letter-carrier in the Bartholomew-square district—I did not assist in dividing the letters on the morning in question—I did not see this letter—I have seen the prisoner's writing—I cannot say whether this is his; there is certainly a similarity, but I can't say positively—I think it is his.</p>
<hi rend="italic">Cross-examined. Q.</hi> About how many persons are there engaged in the same room in sorting letters at that time in the morning?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> About forty getting ready for delivery—I cannot swear to this being the prisoner's writing.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-761-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-761-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-761-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="withRecommendation"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Strongly recommended to mercy by the Jury on account of his youth.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-761-punishment-36" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-761-punishment-36" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-761-punishment-36" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-761-18580816 t18580816-761-punishment-36"/>Four Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-762">
<interp inst="t18580816-762" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-762" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-762-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-762-18580816 t18580816-762-offence-1 t18580816-762-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-762-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-762-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-762-18580816" type="age" value=" (36)"/>
<interp inst="def1-762-18580816" type="surname" value="THOMPSON"/>
<interp inst="def1-762-18580816" type="given" value="HENRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HENRY THOMPSON</hi>,
<hi rend="italic">alias
<rs id="t18580816-alias-1" type="alias">
<join result="nameAlias" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-762-18580816 t18580816-alias-1"/> Stanborough</rs> </hi> (36)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-762-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-762-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-762-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, Feloniously and knowingly uttering a forged note for 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. with intent to defraud.</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MESSRS. GIFFARD</hi>
<hi rend="italic">and</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">ORRIDGE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-157" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-157" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-157" type="surname" value="BLACKBURN"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-157" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN BLACKBURN</persName> </hi>. I am a hosier, living at 221, High Holborn—on Monday, 26th July, the prisoner came to my shop somewhere about 3 o'clock—he asked to look at some shirts—I showed him some—he asked for a better quality, which were 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. the half dozen, and said he would have four of them—he then asked to look at some kid gloves, and selected two pairs, at 3
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. 9
<hi rend="italic">d</hi>. a pair, and then selected a black silk handkerchief which was to be hemmed—the things amounted to 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 1
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>. or 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 2
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>.—he pulled out his purse to pay me, but I saw that there was little or nothing in it—he then said, "I will send for them, if you will get the handkerchief ready"—he gave the name of Williams—between 4 and 5 o'clock, the witness Lynch came with a letter; this is it—it contained this 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. note—(
<hi rend="italic">letter read:</hi> "Monday, 26th July, 1858. Sir,—I enclose 10
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and shall feel obliged by your giving the bearer the shirts, handkerchief and gloves, I purchased this noon, and please enclose the change in parcel. R. Williams. To Mr. Blackburn, corner of Little Queen-street, Holborn—wait an answer.") I had the goods made up ready, I did not send them; I made up a bundle of cuttings, and sent by him—I next saw the prisoner at the station in custody.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-158" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-158" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-158" type="surname" value="LYNCH"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-158" type="given" value="CORNELIUS"/>CORNELIUS LYNCH</persName> </hi>. I am a ticket-porter at Lincoln's-inn—on the afternoon of 26th July, about half-past 4, the prisoner came to me in New-square, took a letter out of his pocket, and asked me to take it; I cannot write, or read writing, but this looks like it—he told me to take it to Mr. Blackburn's, at the corner of Little Queen-street, Holborn, and wait for an answer, and bring it to 2, Adelphi-terrace—I asked what name I should ask for, he said Williams.</p>
<hi rend="italic">The prisoner here stated that he would plead Guilty, but the Jury being charged, they were directed to find their verdict.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-762-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-762-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-762-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-762-punishment-37" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-762-punishment-37" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-762-punishment-37" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-762-18580816 t18580816-762-punishment-37"/>Three Year's Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-763">
<interp inst="t18580816-763" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-763" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-763-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-763-18580816 t18580816-763-offence-1 t18580816-763-verdict-1"/>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160037"/>
<persName id="def1-763-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-763-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-763-18580816" type="age" value="38"/>
<interp inst="def1-763-18580816" type="surname" value="BUNBURY"/>
<interp inst="def1-763-18580816" type="given" value="HARRY"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HARRY BUNBURY</hi> (38)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-763-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-763-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="deception"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-763-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="forgery"/>, Feloniously forging and uttering an acceptance to a bill of exchange for 40
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. with intent to defraud;
<hi rend="italic">also</hi> for feloniously forging and uttering acceptances to 2 other bills for 50
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and 100
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>., to all of which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-763-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-763-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-763-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">Strongly recommended to mercy by the Prosecutor.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-763-punishment-38" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-763-punishment-38" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-763-punishment-38" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-763-18580816 t18580816-763-punishment-38"/>Four Year's Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-764">
<interp inst="t18580816-764" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-764" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-764-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-764-18580816 t18580816-764-offence-1 t18580816-764-verdict-1"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-764-charge-2" targOrder="Y" targets="def2-764-18580816 t18580816-764-offence-1 t18580816-764-verdict-2"/>
<persName id="def1-764-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-764-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-764-18580816" type="age" value="31"/>
<interp inst="def1-764-18580816" type="surname" value="JONES"/>
<interp inst="def1-764-18580816" type="given" value="EDWARD"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">EDWARD JONES</hi> (31)</persName> and
<persName id="def2-764-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def2-764-18580816" type="gender" value="female"/>
<interp inst="def2-764-18580816" type="age" value="26"/>
<interp inst="def2-764-18580816" type="surname" value="HAYES"/>
<interp inst="def2-764-18580816" type="given" value="JANE"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JANE HAYES</hi> (26)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-764-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-764-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-764-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>, Burglary in the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18580816-name-162" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-162" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-162" type="surname" value="SHERRY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-162" type="given" value="JAMES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-764-offence-1 t18580816-name-162"/>James Sherry</persName>, and stealing 70 lbs. of tea and other articles, his property; in a second count Hayes was charged with receiving, and also as an accessary alter the fact; to which</rs> </p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JONES</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-764-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-764-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-764-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-764-punishment-39" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-764-punishment-39" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-764-punishment-39" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="penalServitude"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-764-18580816 t18580816-764-punishment-39"/>Four Years' Penal Servitude.</rs> </hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">MR. SHARPE</hi>
<hi rend="italic">conducted the Prosecution.</hi> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-163" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-163" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-163" type="surname" value="COOK"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-163" type="given" value="JOHN"/>JOHN COOK</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, S</hi> 198). On Sunday, 11th July, in consequence of information, I went to a coffee-shop at 2, Smith field-bars—I there found a basket of tea; it was three parts full, the tea was loose in the basket—I made inquiries, and on 21st July, 1 went to 20, Tottenham-place, Totten
<lb/>ham-court-road, and there found the two prisoners in bed together—I told them they were charged with committing a burglary on 11th June, at 193, Sloane-street, Chelsea, and they must get up and go along with me—Jones said, "What
<hi rend="italic">slant</hi> have you got for us now?"—I took them to the station—I produce the tea.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-164" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-164" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-164" type="surname" value="WAY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-164" type="given" value="ROBERT JOHN"/>ROBERT JOHN WAY</persName> </hi>. I keep a coffee-house at 2, Smithfield-bars. On 12th June, about 8 in the morning, the prisoner Jones and another man brought this tea loose in the basket to my house; it was covered over with paper, and a coat was thrown on the top of it—I had seen the other man once before; they asked me to purchase it; Hayes was not there—I gave 5
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. for it—I did not weigh it at that time because I did not pay the whole of the money then; I paid 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. and was to pay the other afterwards—the men went away and in about an hour returned with Hayes, and Jones said, "We shall not be likely to call ourselves for the remainder of the money, pay this woman, she is my wife,"—she came on the Tuesday, Wednes
<lb/>day, Thursday, and Friday—I gave her altogether 2
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. 15
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., and the other man, Album, received the rest of the 3
<hi rend="italic">l</hi>. on the Monday—on each occasion that Hayes came for money I made her sign her name to the bill; here it is (
<hi rend="italic">produced.</hi>)</p>
<hi rend="italic">Hayes. Q.</hi> Was anything said in my presence about how they came by the tea?
<hi rend="italic">A.</hi> No, I am not aware that the tea was mentioned in your presence, or what the money was to be paid for, only that it was due—you could see by the bill what it was for; it was made out by Album, who is dead.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-165" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-165" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-165" type="surname" value="SHERBY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-165" type="given" value="JAMES"/>JAMES SHERBY</persName> </hi>. I am a tea-dealer at 193, Sloane-street, Chelsea—on Friday night, 11th June, my house was fastened up at half-past 10 o'clock—next morning at 7 o'clock, in consequence of information, I went down and found several of my tea canisters empty—I missed altogether about 70 lbs. of tea—a sky-light at the back of the shop was broken and was propped up with a long stick, that was shut the night before—I missed two coats, a pair of silver scissors, a pair of shoes, and two bottles of whiskey—I can speak to this tea positively, for, about a fortnight before the robbery, in the hurry of business I threw a little black pepper into one of the canisters, and to prevent its being sold to the public I wrote on a piece of paper the word "pepper," and put it in the canister, and that paper I found amongst the tea in this basket—the basket is also mine.</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="185808160038"/>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-166" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-166" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-166" type="surname" value="PRATT"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-166" type="given" value="BENJAMIN"/>BENJAMIN PRATT</persName> </hi>. I am an apprentice to Mr. Sherry—I was down first on the morning of 12th June—I found a dozen canisters on the floor and empty, and a great deal of tea about the floor, the front door was unbolted—I missed a basket and one of my aprons, which was afterwards found at the bottom of this basket.</p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<persName id="t18580816-name-167" type="witnessName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-167" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-167" type="surname" value="HUDDY"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-167" type="given" value="ALEXANDER"/>ALEXANDER HUDDY</persName> </hi> (
<hi rend="italic">Policeman, B</hi> 199). I went with Mr. Sherry on 19th July, to Mr. Way's, and received from him this basket—amongst the tea I found this piece of paper and this apron.</p>
<hi rend="largeCaps">HAYES</hi>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-764-verdict-2" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-764-verdict-2" type="verdictCategory" value="notGuilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-764-verdict-2" type="verdictSubcategory" value=""/>NOT GUILTY</rs> </hi>.</p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-765">
<interp inst="t18580816-765" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-765" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-765-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-765-18580816 t18580816-765-offence-1 t18580816-765-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-765-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-765-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-765-18580816" type="age" value="25"/>
<interp inst="def1-765-18580816" type="surname" value="SHAW"/>
<interp inst="def1-765-18580816" type="given" value="FREDERICK"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">FREDERICK SHAW</hi> (25)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-765-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-765-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-765-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="burglary"/>, Burglary in the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18580816-name-169" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-169" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-169" type="surname" value="WHITE"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-169" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-765-offence-1 t18580816-name-169"/>Charles White</persName>, and stealing 1 basket, 8 bagatelle balls, and 1 lb. of tobacco value 25
<hi rend="italic">s</hi>., his goods, having been before convicted, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-765-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-765-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-765-verdict-1" type="verdictSubcategory" value="pleadedGuilty"/>PLEADED GUILTY</rs> </hi>.—
<hi rend="italic">
<rs id="t18580816-765-punishment-40" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-765-punishment-40" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-765-punishment-40" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="no_subcategory"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-765-18580816 t18580816-765-punishment-40"/>Confined Eighteen Months</rs>.</hi> </p> </div1>
<div1 type="trialAccount" id="t18580816-766">
<interp inst="t18580816-766" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/18580816"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-766" type="date" value="18580816"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18580816-766-charge-1" targOrder="Y" targets="def1-766-18580816 t18580816-766-offence-1 t18580816-766-verdict-1"/>
<persName id="def1-766-18580816" type="defendantName">
<interp inst="def1-766-18580816" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="def1-766-18580816" type="age" value="40"/>
<interp inst="def1-766-18580816" type="surname" value="LAKE"/>
<interp inst="def1-766-18580816" type="given" value="JOSHUA"/>
<hi rend="largeCaps">JOSHUA LAKE</hi> (40)</persName>
<rs id="t18580816-766-offence-1" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-766-offence-1" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-766-offence-1" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/>, Stealing in the dwelling-house of
<persName id="t18580816-name-171" type="victimName">
<interp inst="t18580816-name-171" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-171" type="surname" value="SKINNER"/>
<interp inst="t18580816-name-171" type="given" value="WILLIAM"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18580816-766-offence-1 t18580816-name-171"/>William Skinner</persName>; having been before convicted, to which he</rs> </p>
<hi rend="smallCaps">
<rs id="t18580816-766-verdict-1" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18580816-766-verdict-1" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/>