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<p>THE Ordinary of NEWGATE HIS ACCOUNT OF The Behaviour, Confessions, and Last Speeches of the Malefactors that were Executed at Tyburn on Monday the 27th of January, 1717/1718.</p>
<p>AT the general Quarter-Sessions held at Justice-hall in the Old-bailey, on Friday the 10th, Saturday the 11th, and Wednesday the 15th of January, 1717/1718; Eleven Persons, viz. Six Men, and Five Women, who were Try'd for, and found Guilty of, several Capital Crimes, did accordingly receive Sentence of Death: But Two of the Women that pleaded their Pregnancy, and were (by the Verdict of 12 Matrons) brought in to be with Quick Child, having their Judgment respited, and the three other Women, with three of the Men, being (by HIS MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY's great Mercy) Repriev'd, together with
<persName id="OA17180127n3-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-1" type="surname" value="HALL"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-1" type="given" value="JOHN"/>John Hall</persName>
<persName id="OA17180127n3-2">
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-2" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-2" type="surname" value="Clark"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n3-2" type="given" value="John"/>alias Clark</persName>, who was also Repriev'd last night, but for 8 days only, (which Mercy I wish they may duly improve) but Two Men are now order'd for Execution.</p>
<p>While they lay under this Condemnation, I constantly visited them, and to that Purpose had them brought up, twice every day, to the Chapel of Newgate, where I pray'd with them, read and expounded the Word of GOD to them; giving them from it such Instructions and Admonitions as I judg'd most suitable to their weak Capacities and deplorable Circumstances, thereby endeavouring to bring them to a State of true Repentance and a happy Change of Life, both here and hereafter.</p>
<p>On the Lord's Day, the 12th instant, I preach'd to them and others there present, both in the Morning and Afternoon, upon part of the Epistle appointed for that Morning-Service, viz. Rom. 12. 1. I beseech you, Brethren, by the Mercies of God, that you present your Bodies a Living Sacrifice, Holy, Acceptable unto God; which is your Reasonable Service.</p>
<p>After a general Explanation of which Words, I shew'd the great Import of them, under these Particulars;</p>
<p>I. The Preface, which is most emphatical, moving, and perswasive. I beseech you, Brethren, by the Mercies of God.</p>
<p>II. The Exhortation to the Performance of this great and comfortable Duty, viz. That you present your Bodies a Living Sacrifice, Holy, Acceptable unto God.</p>
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<p>III. ult. The Argument here us'd by the Apostle, shewing the Reasonableness of this Duty, in these last Words of the Text: It is your Reasonable Service.</p>
<p>Having enlarg'd upon those Points, and drawn such practical Inferences as naturally result from them, I concluded at both times with suitable Admonitions to the Malefactors that were (within a few days thence) to receive Sentence of Death; which accordingly was passed on them the next Wednesday after, viz. the 15th instant. And,</p>
<p>On the Lord's Day, the 19th instant, I did preach to them again (both in the Morning and Afternoon) on part of the Epistle for that Day, viz. Rom. 12. 10. Be kindly affectioned one to another with Brotherly Love.</p>
<p>From which Words, first explain'd in general, I shew'd;</p>
<p>I. How Christian Love is here recommended to our Practice.</p>
<p>II. The Excellency and Usefulness of this Duty.</p>
<p>III. The great Motives we have to it, and the transcendent Advantages accruing from it; which chiefly consist of the Good it procures, and the Evil it prevents, in this World, and in the next.</p>
<p>When I had largely and distinctly discours'd on these Heads, I then (in the Conclusion) directed my Auditory to do these two Things; viz.</p>
<p>1st, To compare their former Practice with the Precept in the Text, of being kindly affected one to another with Brotherly Love. And,</p>
<p>2dly, To rectifie all past Miscarriages, and regulate their future Lives and Actions according to it.</p>
<p>Again, I preach'd Yesterday (both in the Forenoon and Afternoon) the 26th instant, and the Third Sunday after Epiphany, on Isaiah 55. 6, 7. being part of the First Lesson for that Morning-Service, and the Words these: Seek ye the Lord while He may be found: Call ye upon Him while He is near. Let the Wicked forsake his Way, and the Unrighteous Man his Thought; and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have Mercy upon him, and to our God, for He will abundantly Pardon.</p>
<p>In discoursing upon this Text, and for the Illustration and setting forth of the useful Doctrine herein contain'd, I shew'd,</p>
<p>I. That in it we have an Exhortative Command, which is, to Seek the Lord while He may found; and what is imply'd by that Phrase.</p>
<p>II. The Import of this repeated Exhortation and Command, couched in another Synonymous Expression, which immediately follows, viz. this: Call ye upon Him while He is near.</p>
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<p>III. The proper Disposition requisite for our effectual Seeking and Calling upon God; and that is, our Return to Him in Faith and Repentance.</p>
<p>IV. The happy Success we shall have in so doing; for (says the Prophet in the Close of the Text) The Lord will have Mercy, and He will abundantly Pardon.</p>
<p>After I had severally spoke to these, I concluded with pressing Admonitions (chiefly directed) to the Condemn'd to Repent, and make their Peace with GOD, and be reconciled to Him through JESUS CHRIST, the great Lover of Souls, and Saviour of all Penitent Sinners.</p>
<p>The sad Account I am to give of the miserable harden'd Wretches hereafter named, is as follows.</p>
<persName id="OA17180127n27-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n27-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n27-1" type="surname" value="STONE"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n27-1" type="given" value="JOHN"/>John Stone</persName>, convicted of High-Treason, for Counterfeiting the Current Coin of England, by making False Shillings and Half-Crowns, on the 2d of November last. He said, he was 22 Years of age, born in the
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-1" type="type" value="parish"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-1"/>Parish of St. Margaret Westminster</placeName>: That before he had attain'd to 12 Years, his Parents bound him
<rs id="OA17180127-occupation-1" type="occupation">Apprentice to a Vintner</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-occupation-1"/>, who kept the
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-2">
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-2"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-3">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-3" type="type" value="street"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-3"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-4">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-4" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-4"/>Ship-Tavern</placeName> in Princes-street</placeName> near Leicester-fields</placeName>: That when he had liv'd there about 4 Years, his said Master dying, and soon after his Mistress too, he then went to serve (but not as an Apprentice) other Vintners alternately, viz. One, that kept the
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-5">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-5" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-5"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-6">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-6" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-6"/>Kings-head-Tavern</placeName> near Hicks's Hall</placeName>; and another, the
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-7">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-7" type="type" value="street"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-7"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-8">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-8" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-8"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-9">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-9" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-9"/>Tun-Tavern</placeName> near Hungerford-Market</placeName> in the Strand</placeName>: That, after this, he went to
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-10">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-10" type="type" value="parish"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 OA17180127-geo-10"/>Hampstead</placeName>, in the Summer-Season, and liv'd sometimes at Mother Huff's, and at another time in another publick House there; and, That when he was out of Business he went to his Mother, who then maintain'd him as well as she was able. As to his Morals and Religion, he could give but a slender Account thereof, as having liv'd a very vicious Life, which he acknowledg'd in general; yet was so obstinate, as to refuse the Discovery of those things he had most offended in, and even deny'd the plain Fact he was justly condemn'd for. Of this particularly I often endeavour'd to bring him to a Confession, shewing him the Necessity of answering me in a Matter wherein the Publick was so nearly concern'd; but he said (and that with Anger too) That whether he had done any thing in it or no, he would not tell it me. Then said I to him, From this very Answer you give me, I infer that you are guilty: I am sorry to find you so harden'd, and withal so rude; I pray God melt you into true Repentance, and Amendment of Life, before Death (which is now near at hand) remove you into another State, wherein you shall not be able (if you don't take care now) to Repent.</p>
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<persName id="OA17180127n28-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-1" type="surname" value="CHICKLEY"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-1" type="given" value="HENRY"/>Henry Chickley</persName>, condemn'd for assaulting Mr.
<persName id="OA17180127n28-2">
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-2" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-2" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n28-2" type="given" value="CHARLES"/>Charles Brown</persName> on the King's Highway, and taking from him a Silver-Watch, a Pocketbook, and a Bank-Note of 25 l. on the 16th of July last. He said, he was 21 Years of age, born in the
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-11">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-11" type="type" value="parish"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n28-1 OA17180127-geo-11"/>Parish of St. Mary in Warwick</placeName>: That he had
<rs id="OA17180127-occupation-2" type="occupation">serv'd a Tobacconist</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n28-1 OA17180127-occupation-2"/> in that Town for 5 Years together, who imploy'd him in cutting and making-up Tobacco: That when he left his said Master, he came up to
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-12">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-12" type="type" value="urban_centre"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n28-1 OA17180127-geo-12"/>London</placeName>, and follow'd the same Imployment with a Tobacconist here, whom he serv'd two Years: That he had been for three Years in the
<rs id="OA17180127-occupation-3" type="occupation">Sea-Service</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n28-1 OA17180127-occupation-3"/>, viz. two on board the Roebuck, and one in the Torbay, both Men of War. He own'd he had (for the greatest part of his Life) much neglected the Service of GOD, and committed many Sins, such as Lewdness, Debauchery, &c. but never was guilty of Theft or Robbery. And here he positively deny'd his being concern'd in the Fact he stood condemn'd for. But when afterwards I shew'd him how he ought seriously to consider, that if he was guilty of it, and endeavour'd to cover it with a Lye, e should be so far from getting any Advantage by such a Denial, that would but aggravate his Crime, and render him so much the more guilty before GOD. Upon this he said, That if he had done it, he was sorry for it: And that was all I could then get of him.</p>
<p>At the Place of Execution, to which they were this Day carry'd from
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-13">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-13" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n27-1 n28-1 OA17180127-geo-13"/>Newgate</placeName>, viz.
<persName id="OA17180127n29-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n29-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n29-1" type="surname" value="STONE"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n29-1" type="given" value="JOHN"/>John Stone</persName> on a Sledge, and the other in a Cart, I attended them for the last time; and with such pressing Exhortations and Prayers, as I judg'd most proper to use for them, I endeavour'd to work them into a due Sense of their miserable Condition by Sin in this World, and of the infinitely greater Misery (if they died in Impenitence) which they should undergo to all Eternity in the next. Then I ask'd them severally, What they had to say before this their Departure; and, Whether they could still persist in the Denial of their respective Facts? To which they</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="OA171801270005"/>
<p>answer'd, viz.
<persName id="OA17180127n30-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-1" type="surname" value="STONE"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-1" type="given" value="JOHN"/>John Stone</persName>, That He should make no Confession to me, nor to any-body else: And
<persName id="OA17180127n30-2">
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-2" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-2" type="surname" value="Chickley"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n30-2" type="given" value="Henry"/>Henry Chickley</persName>, That he would tell me nothing.</p>
<p>After this, I gave them some further Admonitions, and pray'd again, sung a Penitential Psalm, made them rehearse the Apostles Creed, and wish'd their Souls might be sav'd. Then I retir'd from them, and the Cart drew away, and they were turn'd off; praying for that Mercy which they had so much abus'd, and so often rejected: But I cannot think otherwise than that they came short of it, considering all these things; 1st, That they had been great Offenders, guilty of many ill Facts, and would not particularly own any of them. 2dly, That all the time they were under Condemnation they could not be made sensible of their miserable Condition, nor be perswaded to apply themselves to GOD with all the Powers of their Souls for Help and Mercy; but instead thereof, even when at Prayer in the Chapel, they could not forbear playing with one another, and were ready, upon any Call, to go out to the Chapel-door, and drink there. 3dly, That this very Morning, when I had them in the Chapel, and told them I was now come to meet them for the last time there, and hop'd they had been (and were still) considering how they might obtain GOD's Favour, the Pardon of their Sins, and the Eternal Salvation of their Souls; and that to this purpose I was come to pray with them, &c. they did not seem at all affected; but when I was at Prayer, Stone took out of his Bosom one of those creeping Creatures, with which I suppose he abounded, and put it upon an open Book that lay before Chickley, and said, See how he is galloping over the Prayers.</p>
<p>NB. When they were come to the Tree, just before their being turn'd off, they exclaim'd against me, for not administring the Holy Sacrament of the LORD's Supper to them; which indeed I thought them not in the least fit to receive: But upon my telling the People that were about the Cart, of their wicked and unheard-of Behaviour, I do believe every</p>
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="OA171801270006"/>
<p>Man of Reason and Religion was satisfied, that that Sacred Ordinance ought not to be given to such prophane and impious Wretches as they were.</p>
<p>This is the melancholy Account here to be given of these micked Malefactors, by me,</p>
<persName id="OA17180127n35-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n35-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n35-1" type="surname" value="LORRAIN"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n35-1" type="given" value="PAUL"/>PAUL LORRAIN</persName>,
<rs id="OA17180127-occupation-4" type="occupation">Ordinary</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n35-1 OA17180127-occupation-4"/>.</p>
<p>Monday, Jan. 27. 1717-18.</p>
<p>THis is to give Notice to all Gentlemen, Booksellers, and others, That there is lately publish'd a new Sett of Cuts, adapted to several sizes of Commonprayers, all new Designs, by Mr. Gocree of Amsterdam, engrav'd by P. Vandergucht. Likewise Mr. Sturt's Cuts Sold by
<persName id="OA17180127n38-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n38-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n38-1" type="surname" value="WHITLEDGE"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n38-1" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>ROBERT WHITLEDGE</persName>, at
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-14">
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n38-1 OA17180127-geo-14"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-15">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-15" type="type" value="street"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n38-1 OA17180127-geo-15"/>
<placeName id="OA17180127-geo-16">
<interp inst="OA17180127-geo-16" type="type" value="site"/>
<join result="persNamePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="OA17180127n38-1 OA17180127-geo-16"/>the Bible and Ball</placeName> in Ave-Maria-Lane</placeName>, near Ludgate</placeName>, where may be had all sorts of Bibles, either in Folio, Quarto, Octavo, Twelves, or other sizes; Commonprayers in Folio, for the Use of Churches; Commonprayers in Octavo and Twelves. A New Edition of the Book of Homilies in Folio; and neatly bound The Duty of Man's Works of all sizes Duty of Man in Latin. Latin and Welsh Commonprayers, Tate and Brady's new Version of Psalms, with the new Supplement. Dr. Gibson on the Sacrament. Mr. Clutterbuck on the Liturgy. The Statutes at large in 3 Volumes. Bp Beveridge's Sermons and private Thoughts.</p>
<p>Just Publish'd, a short Account of the Venereal Disease, with Observations on the Nature, Symptoms, and Cure: Also, the bad Consequences that attend by ill Management; with proper Admonitions to such as do, or may labour under this Misfortune. Together with some Hints on the Practical Scheme; his Methods and Medicines expos'd; and the gross Impositions therein detected. To which is added, A short Account of old Gleets, and other Weaknesses; and the Reason why they are so seldom Cured; with the Author's Method of Cure. As also, an Account of Specificks; the Use and Abuse of the Name, and how it covers Ignorance and a Cheat. The Whole design'd for Publick Good.
<persName id="OA17180127n39-1">
<interp inst="OA17180127n39-1" type="gender" value="male"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n39-1" type="surname" value="CAM"/>
<interp inst="OA17180127n39-1" type="given" value="JOSEPH"/>By Joseph Cam</persName>, M. D. Sold by G. Strahan against the Royal Exchange; W. Mears without Templebar, C. King in Westminster-hall, T. Norris on London-bridge, C. Rivington at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, J. Baker against Hatton-Garden in Holborn, and by the Author at the Golden-Ball and Lamp in Bow-Church-yard, Cheapside. Price stitch'd 6 d.</p>
<p>A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any itching Humour, in a few days, without necessity of Purging, or the dangerous Use of Mercury, as will be attested by several Persons of sufficient Credit, pr. 1 s. 6 d. the Bottle. Prepar'd by A. Downing, Chymist, at the Golden-Ball and Crown in Handalley without Bishopsgate. Also a curious Preparation for the Teeth and Gums, which fasten loose Teeth, and cures the Scurvey in them, and prevents their rotting, price 2 s. Moreover, a Remedy for the Tooth ach, the most effectual for that Cure of any yet known; price 1 s. Also a Water and Powder for all Defects of the Teeth and Gums, fastening loose Teeth, and curing the Scurvey in them; price 2 s. Likewise the best Purging and Plain Spirits of Scurvey Grass and Ground-Ivy, at 8 d. the Bottle.</p>
<p>London Printed, and are Sold by J. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall.</p> </div0> </body> </text></TEI.2>

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