John Read, Miscellaneous > returning from transportation, 30th June 1770.

Reference Number: t17700630-50
Offence: Miscellaneous > returning from transportation
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death

401. (M.) John Read , otherwise David Miller, otherwise John Miller , was indicted for returning from transportation before the expiration of his time , May 14 . *

The evidences were examined apart, at the request of the prisoner.

The record of his trial and conviction was read in court, where it appeared he was tried for stealing a silver mounted sword, value forty shillings, the property of Robert Lee Doughty , Esq; in Feb. sessions, 1768, and cast for transportation for the same. See No. 207, in Mr. Alderman Harley's Mayoralty.

Justice Fellows. The prisoner was tried in February session, 1768, by the name of David Miller , for stealing a sword, the property of Mr. Robert Lee Doughty. He was cast for transportation. I was an evidence on that trial.

Q. Did you hear him receive sentence of transportation?

Mr. Fellows. No; I was not in court then. I know him well by a very great cut on his jaw; and when he came to speak I knew him by his voice, when he was before Sir John Fielding .

John Heley . I know the prisoner to be the man that was tried here for stealing a sword. I had seen him about a quarter of an hour before he committed the fact. I have known him five years.

Q. What name was he tried by?

Heley. By the name of David Miller , otherwise John.

Q. Did you ever know him go by the name of Read?

Heley. No, never till now.

Nicholas Bond . I have known the prisoner some years; I saw him when before Sir John Fielding before his trial, but I was not in court when he was tried. I apprehended him in Denmark-court, on the 14th of this instant May, about ten at night; there was another man with him. They were looking down an area. I said, What are you looking there for? He muttered; I do not know what he said, I repeated it again: then he held up his face: then I said, Is it you, David Miller ? you can be about no good here; what business have you here? He said his name was not David Miller, it was John Read : then I said, John Read , you shall go along with me. As I was bringing him along the court he said, What is your name? I said my name is Bond. I put my hand down, and felt something in his pockets then I took out this pocket-pistol, (producing one ).

Prisoner's Defence.

I never was transported in my life, to my knowledge. I was born upon the sea. I said my name is not Miller; he said, You are very much like him. As we were going along, he was trying to put this pistol into my pocket.

Guilty . Death .

See him tried by the name of John Miller , No. 11, in Sir William Stevenson 's, and by the name of David Miller , No. 130, in Mr. Alderman Nelson's Mayoralty.

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